FC Barcelona 3-1 Girona: Gavi & Alejandro Balde HAVE SHOWN To Be THE FUTURE Of Barcelona


▶️ Barcelona have taken down Girona 3-1 in their 2nd friendly. Players such as De Jong, Puig, Griezmann, Depay have all featured in this game. Barcelona have not been as convincing but have still gotten the job done. Barcelona will face their 3 friendly match on Saturday against Stuttgart.

🔸 In this video we will be discussing the following:

00:00 - Intro

01:26 - Barcelona’s Collective Performance

03:55 - Barcelona’s Stand Out Performers

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77 komentarze:

Who’s your most anticipated player (Under 24) for the upcoming season? 🔴🔵👇🏽
Depay is playing like he's there for years. I love this guy. Pure Confidence
Balde as a backup at leftback is genuine depth, he's quality
Abdi zinadin
Abdi zinadin:
Gavi (16) Belda (17)& Demir (18) already look like
they're ready for the first-team. We have such an exciting crop of young talents at our disposal, I really hope we give them frequent opportunities, as opposed to signing random 30-year-old free agents...
Tachang Tado
Tachang Tado:
Who else just keeps hearing about Gavi this whole pre-season🤯
Shamar Thompson
Shamar Thompson:
Barcelona young talents are gonna be breaking out this season 💯😉
The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman:
Man griezmann and memphis had good chemistry
Balde is a Gem ❤️
Ravshanbek Mavlonov
Ravshanbek Mavlonov:
We shouldn't rely on Pique and Lenglet in coming season. Their level doesn't match Barça.
Solomon Simbeye
Solomon Simbeye:
Depay will do well at barca.
Donald Chikodi
Donald Chikodi:
Balde should be giving a chance into the first team...that guy impressed me Alot
Allyn Jacob
Allyn Jacob:
Combination between griezmann and memphis was good
EPT Ray:
Can't belive Gavi is only 16
Shameem Mhd
Shameem Mhd:
Gavi was superb 👍👍👍👍
Aavash Lamsal
Aavash Lamsal:
To be honest Gavi looks better than Puig
Puig is also Phenomenal i think Gavi De jong Nico Collado Puig pedri Busi our midfield is stacked
ferry's tale
ferry's tale:
I need an explanation why we ain't using pjanic, he had the best composure last night........ one more thing please don't sell griezmann, his impact in Barcelona is incomparable
Celestial अनहद (Kakashi Hatake)
Celestial अनहद (Kakashi Hatake):
Gavi is an exceptional player, what a gem !!🔥🙌
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj:
Why No one Talking about Ray Manaj 🤔that guy is looking strong and a great positioning striker
Kevin wht do u think of rey minaj . U think koeman will give him chance in 1st team?
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis:
Depay and Griezmann looked as though they've been playing together for years.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Gavi is more physical than riqui
Ramkrishan Sahu
Ramkrishan Sahu:
There is a small problem with your analysis on the Puig mistake. Here the problem was that others ran slower than Puig even without the ball... And hence he had fewer options...
Rohan B
Rohan B:
Hey Kevin... What do u think will be the starting lineup koeman is most likely to use this Season
Jd loms football-world
Jd loms football-world:
Pique should be on the bench , we will need him when we need him . If pique is a starter in our backline this season we won’t win nothing . Btw pique took that penalty to save face a lil bit . Poor penalty .
A11 Media
A11 Media:
What about Collado 🙄
Prem Sagar
Prem Sagar:
I see your videos and I immediately click on them. Appreciate all the content, Kevin :)
joshua gomez
joshua gomez:
You critiqued that Riqui ran too fast with the ball if it was Messi or Pedri, would you have said the same no you would not have. I would actually like to see him do that more often because it increases the chances of a counter attack and it helps the players confidence with the ball and in his ability
Abdi zinadin
Abdi zinadin:
Gavi what a 💎

Gavi is just sublime. The calmness on the ball, the decision making, the final pass - he never fails to blow my mind. Pure footballing genius.
Dalvin Cee
Dalvin Cee:
Their future is now
Bring in Gavi,Collado and Balde to the first team now
There is no better time
They play way better than expected and better than some of the old lazy legs in the first team who are refusing to leave despite their consistent nightmarish performances.
Rajesh Khadka
Rajesh Khadka:
Finally wait is over 🙂
Can anybody confirm me about Messi and the new signings?
Collado, Gavi and Balde should be given their chances. At the moment what barca must do is to let go Lenglet , Umtiti, Pjanic, Braithwaite, Roberto and Coutinho as soon as possible. And sign one strong left foot CB and a midfielder like Sanches. I think we don't need Dembele anymore. We can get better players. For the CF role, I doubt Aguero on his agility. But as long as Koeman believes in him, there's a chance. Rey Manaj can be a good option if given enough chances. Giving Moriba out for a loan should be considered as there are clubs interested in him.
Yagna Nijhawan
Yagna Nijhawan:
I was waiting for this video since hours 🙌🏻❤
I thoought I was the only one afraid Koeman will insist in Piqué, even now he have more options
Emeka Charles
Emeka Charles:
Nice video.

What do you guys think about Nico's performance against Girona?. Do you guys thinks he is capable to feature more in the first team?
Gavi again showed a world class performance
Kumedy With Robert
Kumedy With Robert:
Kevin, in my opinion, Balde is such a quality player but I don't want to risk him to the aggressive plays in the senior team. I want him to develop physically. What do you think?
Dipanjan Das
Dipanjan Das:
Kevin....Nico Gonzalez and lenglet performed bad...lets not talk about them...but do you think the ones who played were better and can help us win the champions league soon....even if we dont have messi?
De jong and Gavi need to be out pivot midfielders with Pedri with a more attacking position in the midfield
French Viking
French Viking:
One match played : FUTURE
John Blessed
John Blessed:
I agree that players like Gavi should be given opportunities but we cannot play mostly talented teenagers and expect to win or compete everything. Do we want Messi to win a few more titles and trophies before he leaves Barça or retires or do we want a total team rebuild with many young players that might not win much? Let me hear...
Ivor Moto
Ivor Moto:
Collado and Balde need to be in the first team.
Sreekanth A.N
Sreekanth A.N:
Gavi can really give Pedri some much needed rest
Ivor Moto
Ivor Moto:
No way Gavi is getting a opportunity in the first team.
10:30 Riqui Puig fans won't love hearing that. His decision making is not up to standard
Motivated Conor
Motivated Conor:
Let's be fair, pjanic had a great game!
Notorious 26
Notorious 26:
Balde is really good omg
Collado was amazing
Mustapha Kozbar
Mustapha Kozbar:
Yusef demir , Gavi & balde deserve playing for 1'st team
MD Fynest og
MD Fynest og:
Depay is good player I love the way him play 🔥🔥
Don Mills
Don Mills:
Pls when will messi renew
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
No Fahti, Pedri, Messi, de Guzman, coutinho, Memphis, Dembele is a B-team. No bad result for a B-team
Miroslav Lesic
Miroslav Lesic:
I saw Balde and Gavi yesterday and personally I would let them play for the first team right away and get read of all those overpaid players like Pjanic, Roberto, Umtiti, Dembele, Coutino, Alba but that will be very hard to do because some idiot gave them crazy high contracts. I really appreciate job Laporta is doing right now if you want more money and don't want to play for Barca go somewhere else like Wijnaldum.
French Viking
French Viking:
Standpunt players Balde, Depay, Griezmann.
Ukesh Tamang
Ukesh Tamang:
The trio between Antonine mephis messi is going to be awesome
If koemen doesn't say to press for the ball then the players wont press because they will follow the instructions of the coach
AS domain
AS domain:
Dude one more talented young mid fielder for Puig to compete, its getting difficult and difficult for him to establish
patpat patrick
patpat patrick:
It's 12:32 am, i was bored, THANK YOUUUUUUUU!
Unrelated to the video, but is Pedri not an academy player?
Sukses slalu Bosku, berkat berlimpah untuk pekerjaan, kesehatan dan juga harapan kedepan, semangat untuk konten2 kerennya.....
Philip Onen
Philip Onen:
Maybe we replace ilaix with Gavi
Kabale Ndaye
Kabale Ndaye:
Is Nico Gonzalez called Gavi?
Tee Bird
Tee Bird:
It’s pretty shitty if you to blame Koeman for a lack of press when the team is 75% B team players. Come on dude.
Aayush Bhattarai
Aayush Bhattarai:
Xavi & Iniesta
Gavi & Pedri
Shiekhibra Mbackeh Darboe
Shiekhibra Mbackeh Darboe:
Koeman don’t trust the youngsters and our youngsters have talent he have to give them their chances ⚽️⚽️⚽️🔥🔥🔥
Slimshady Ince
Slimshady Ince:
Ilaix thinks he's a hot shot now
But because of his behavior Gavi has been given a chance to emerge
And he's arguably a bigger talent
Thanks Ilaix
Rodney Winter
Rodney Winter:
Gavi = Xavi
Wada Ya
Wada Ya:
Pique wont admit that defense is the problem in barca because he is there..he the goat of defense..
French Viking
French Viking:
Piqué is finished
Carlos The Bee
Carlos The Bee:
Piqué has his socks pulled up well above his knees. Sjeezes... so incredibly sissy!
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez:
My front three
Griezmann as false 9
Delay and messi as right and left drifting strikers ….
ab kulubaloo
ab kulubaloo:
shafin ahmed
shafin ahmed:
The first half was not Ronald koman Barcelona that squad was forced by you guys and Barca borad. The second half that squad was the coach preference and that was outstanding. Don't try always neglect coach like that. He knew better what to do better than you guys
Suman Saurav
Suman Saurav:
1st view
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez:
Puig is not the future of Barca he clearly has less talent then a lot of these other players
Baby boss
Baby boss:
Hey hey
Roman Gerber
Roman Gerber:
Cash on Pedri and give time to Gavi. We do have people who are much better than Pedri. Collado, Puegi, Cavi and thet all Barca acadomi player.