Fearless Foxes: Our Story | Leicester City's 2015/16 Premier League Title

The official story of Leicester City Football Club's incredible 2015/16 Premier League title.

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“Football is lost in the tiki-taka way. You can do it with one pass, why take 5?”
Pietas veritas
Pietas veritas:
Vardy deserves a statue when he retires.
First Surname
First Surname:
Every neutral was a fox that season. Incredible fairytale. Will always wish them well 🦊🇬🇧💙
55:14 " A Trophy Earned Not Bought" this is what makes Leicester City story so much better. 💙
Lucario Vikavolt
Lucario Vikavolt:
As a spurs fan still don't know how we finished third in a two horse race but much love to Leicester for what they pulled of that season
serene 00
serene 00:
“ Keep dreaming, keep dreaming
Don’t wake up!”

-Claudio Ranieri
Kaan Alkan
Kaan Alkan:
Greatest fairytale ever told. It was an honor being part of this journey
They laughed when Claudio Ranieri was hired; they wasn't laughing 9 months later!
joshua bettison
joshua bettison:
2016 was the year I was going through my cancer treatment. Seeing this amazing leicester team gave me so much hope and helped me through it, i looked forward to watching these guys at the end of every week after a battering week of treatment. Thank you so much fantastic foxes for helping me through the worst time ❤️
Karthikeya Rao
Karthikeya Rao:
As a neutral I loved it and Vardy deserves a statue
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Leicester City: Avoiding almost certain relegation will be the greatest moment for our club

Destiny: Yes but actually no
Wayne Morton
Wayne Morton:
This is a feat that will never be repeated - A truly amazing achievement. 5000-1 outsiders - Wow. A Lifelong Liverpool fan cannot help but admire this.
That’s my club. I watched all that of it. The memories are something else thank you Leicester and vichai. For the best moments of my life 💙💙💙🦊🦊
saidi omar
saidi omar:
as an algerian
thank you LCFC for discovering mahrez
he gave us a title after 29 years
i will forever be a fox
Perry Houdini
Perry Houdini:
This was a incredible season i glad they won the title... thats the same season my team Chelsea was terrible 😅
Nickey Dempsey
Nickey Dempsey:
As an arsenal fan and we haven't won in 10 years when Leicester won the league I'm happy we didn't win it that year. Heartbreaking to come second but heartwarming to see such a fairytale
web master
web master:
That team helped me get through cancer, and chemo. I did chemo during that whole season. They gave me hope during my battle with cancer... Thank you forever...
Cal Erba
Cal Erba:
Before this even starts I just want to say, I am not a Leicester City supporter. I don't really support any English side. Being stuck inside for the last 3 weeks I try and get my football fix where ever I can.

With that said, this was one of the most inspiring stories I have the pleasure of being alive during the time it happened. It was a breath of fresh air, it was a punch to the chin that stunned the whole Prem hierarchy, it gave every other club the hopes and dreams that they could win it one day, it was amazing. Thank you Leicester City.
reel talk
reel talk:
Won the league by 10 points and only lost 3 games.41 goals between Mahrez (17) and Vardy (24). Nuff said
Felix F
Felix F:
Kante seems to be the assistant in alot of goals, he works his socks of as a midfielder
Andrei Rivera
Andrei Rivera:
It's 2020 and I still dreaming about this hope it happens again anytime in the future 💙🦊💙🦊💙
Spring Water
Spring Water:
55:14 " A Trophy Earned Not Bought" this is what makes Leicester City story so much better. 💙
VictorNene Adounvo
VictorNene Adounvo:
R.I.P. Vichai😭😭😭♥️♥️ you're a true chairman
Adrian González Soler
Adrian González Soler:
I finished the vídeo and I can say:
I’m crying thank you LCFC I love you 💙💙💙💙
Tom McGlone
Tom McGlone:
I find it so funny Kasper has a manc accent. Vinny Kompany's daughters have that as well
Anas Khan
Anas Khan:
As a Man Utd fan, I absolutely respect the determination they showed to clinch the PL title out of the palms of the "Big 6". True fairytale season of football.
FootballFan 533
FootballFan 533:
Poor st mirren getting roasted 2 minutes in 🤣🤣🤣
The reason why anyone would dislike this is beyond me.
Leeroid86 V2
Leeroid86 V2:
I remember this like it was last year. I hope this happens again next season
Phubes Jangsrisert
Phubes Jangsrisert:
It was the season Arsenal finished the highest in 11 years and no one is talking about it lol poor gunners
Luke Harrison
Luke Harrison:
Even as a Liverpool fan, I can’t help but admit how incredible Leicester were that season. So much heart in that team, and they fully deserved the title🙌🏻
Aldo Soto
Aldo Soto:
I am a Liverpool supporter but I admire a lot this Leicester season... It was the beggining of becoming a big team in England these years and nowadays they are top of table again.
Hackz Artist
Hackz Artist:
amazing love story between ranieri and Leicester , im just jealous of whoever put a cheeky bet on them winning the title crazy odds!
I’m proud of OKAZAKI from Japan!🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
P P:
Not even a Leicester fan but the story always brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful story!
Connor Gunn
Connor Gunn:
Even as an Arsenal fan, I'll never forget where I was when Leicester lifted the trophy. Couldn't help but back them to take it once we were out of the picture.
The Algerian
The Algerian:
1:01:40 I'm gonna use this as my alarm clock ringtone.
Angela Coffey
Angela Coffey:
33:25 I’ve officially optioned Joe Hart for the role of Elsa in the next frozen movie
Dark Skrillex
Dark Skrillex:
I miss Claudio Raineri... He Was The Star🌟 of This Show... RESPECT 💪
rasheed romero
rasheed romero:
They seriously couldn't they get the highlights from the battle of stamford bridge? 🤦🏻‍♂️
The Multimedia G
The Multimedia G:
Good doc, but Steve Walsh assistant manager? Who’s bloody done that.
Spring Water
Spring Water:
Every neutral was a fox that season. Incredible fairytale. Will always wish them well 🦊🇬🇧💙
still can't believe it's not just a movie... one of the best stories ever
even though this happened about 4 years ago it deserves all the praise, from a villa van btw. Another reason this is the greatest sport of all time.
Naor Brinder
Naor Brinder:
best story ever told me in football.
Joey Haneine
Joey Haneine:
One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Gave me shivers and the celebration brought tears of joy to my eyes.
Rich Garratt
Rich Garratt:
I’m a Sunderland fan, remember losing that opening day and feeling abit like ‘’4-2....to Leicester, christ’’ with no idea what was to come, what a club, what a story, this was a great watch 🙌🏻
Aanu Oyelade
Aanu Oyelade:
The story give goosebumps everytime
You love to see it
4 years on and it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
Giannis Avgousti
Giannis Avgousti:
The most amazing story ever told. If things like that happen every 5000 years our foxes have given every team 5000 years of hope !
Sohanoor Reza Soash
Sohanoor Reza Soash:
The Most Unbelievable Story In The History Of Premier League ❤
5000 : 1. Always remember.
Whenever i feel demotivated i watch this and get goosebumps everytime , thank you
Noah Jersey
Noah Jersey:
As a spurs fan I have so much respect for Leicester
Charles Peligroso
Charles Peligroso:
Ted Lasso (disguised as ranieri) is the greatest coach of all time. He went to Leicester after Tottenham fired him.
As a Brighton fan I will always cheer for a small club winning
Bitz And Endz
Bitz And Endz:
Claudio Ranieri was bookies first to be sacked.
Ranieri “Am I a joke to you?”
Mohamud Hassan
Mohamud Hassan:
No one believed they will win untill they beat city at the etihad . They were fantastic
I love it when the underdogs win.
Atul Nautiyal
Atul Nautiyal:
The best thing ever happened in the football history ❤
What a glorious year for all of football and all of sport. Thanks for putting this online. We were cheering on the Foxes from Oklahoma.
Rage Against My Hairline
Rage Against My Hairline:
From a Leeds fan, this was my favourite ever season. I loved this so much.
Jonathan Walton
Jonathan Walton:
I'm a Manchester United fan. But Leicester City is by far the greatest team to ever win the premier league. The spirit and heart they showed was incredible!!!
Mehdi Lamrous
Mehdi Lamrous:
Best story ever in football. And the Duo MAHREZ VARDY was .... 🔥
James Barker
James Barker:
Vichai had a dream....and he made it happen, couldn’t be prouder of my club and city, once a blue always a blue!!! Come on you blue boys!!!!
Manuel Alcazar
Manuel Alcazar:
😭 such a beautiful story, brings tears of joy to my eyes. No one will steal this from you, team and people of Leicester.
I just finished watching the movie and I'm crying right now.
Foxes Never Quit!
Ali Zainal Seknun
Ali Zainal Seknun:
The greatest story in football I've ever experienced
Charlie Thew
Charlie Thew:
My team💙
Dante Trovatelli
Dante Trovatelli:
you gave me a dream, thank you!
jens Steiner
jens Steiner:
Kasper Deserves a Statue when he retires !
This is one of the greatest if not the greatest football stories I've ever seen.
God bless.
Portuguese guy here and not that much into football, but i am not ashamed to say, i cried of happiness when Leicester won the league.
Bobs Maginty Official
Bobs Maginty Official:
Makes me cry everytime, one of the very few times the football world came together as one!
I love the underdog winning stories, this was great!
Uzzal Gogoi
Uzzal Gogoi:
Greatest love story of Football and Passion
Watching it as it happened seemed so surreal. Seeing Leicester lifting the Premier League Trophy never truly sunk in for me
Redchester United
Redchester United:
I still have so much respect for this season it was incredible to see.
Ernest Chandra
Ernest Chandra:
Even when my fav team juventus back from relegation then start winning after some years of average season its not as beautiful as leicester city story.
21:30 "Ryhad Marhez for the double, swansea city for the trouble" this guys a shakespeare
David Laurys
David Laurys:
The best, enjoyable and emotional winner of the premiere league history 🏆
adez dez
adez dez:
As a football fans in general, I can only say thank you so much for making this unbelievable moment in the history of football.
David Zenteno López
David Zenteno López:
Unbelievable history! Deserved championship!
Adz Win
Adz Win:
Leicester woo woo ! The one thing im proud about leicester even when im from leicester and a liverpool supporter !
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar:
45:37 vardy's second yellow.. heartbreak moment
Ali Jahdali
Ali Jahdali:
These are true football players, playing for the game and fans instead of money and fame.
best thing to happen in footie since cloughie's '77 Forest.............. Newcastle next ....*cough*.....
Саша Трач
Саша Трач:
Foxes never quit !
That's gunna be a great story forever
Watched this for a second time and it's always exciting, congrats to that city
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe:
Greatest underdog story in premier league history
The beast team in world 💙
wow, from relegation to premier league winners
Hasnain Mahmood
Hasnain Mahmood:
26:15 that kante story:))
Tim Drekalovič
Tim Drekalovič:
I’m a Chelsea fan and this is one of my favorite seasons of football because of you. This makes me miss football so much.
Bernardus Bayu
Bernardus Bayu:
Thank you for the miracle.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
Anyone remember this sublime performance by Leicester during 2020 covid19?
MK 2o5
MK 2o5:
Feels like yesterday since Leicester won the league not 5 years ago
Pakpee Matrat
Pakpee Matrat:
I love leicester city form 🇹🇭🏆
16:57 That guy could be a little something in the future. I can feel it.