Fernandes and Cavani seal Goodison win | Everton 1-3 Manchester United | Highlights | Premier League

See the best of the action as goals from Bruno Fernandes and Edinson Cavani saw the Reds run out 3-1 winners against Everton at Goodison Park in the Premier League.

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DC Dollo
DC Dollo:
Nobody is talking about how well Fred has been
Lewane TV
Lewane TV:
welldone united
Alan Cifuentes
Alan Cifuentes:
Cavani seems like a nice guy, he doesn't get angry/tilts when they dont pass the ball unlike Sanchez
stupid Bejo
stupid Bejo:
play edi more, make a starter and bench martial.
Sky Records
Sky Records:
Mana nih Fans nya MU?
Prinve Dogra
Prinve Dogra:
Man utd is really lucky to have Bruno. It makes me feels bad when his own fanbase questions him sometimes. He really deserves all the praise.
Sankha Suvra Saha
Sankha Suvra Saha:
Ole is a legend...

Somehow, he always manages to avoid the sack at the last possible moment
Thupstan Namjuk Official
Thupstan Namjuk Official:
Who else is pleased for Cavani's first goal for Mc United????
The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel:
Fred and Shaw has been our most underrated players this season and last season🔥🔥👌🔴🔴, i hate it whenever Shaw’s in fantastic form he always gets injured😣😣, get well soon Luke🙏 , time for Alex Telles to step in and show people what he is made of🔥🔥🔥
Matt Fitt
Matt Fitt:
I love it when Fernandes "playing the ball and defenders" until the perfect moment then he passed the ball for Cavani to net the ball like a walk in the park, literally.
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Man to the toel, mantoel bang bruno
Syazwan Zamree
Syazwan Zamree:
0:22 Fred's reaction when United conceded first goal. 💯
Fariz Paulana
Fariz Paulana:
Easy team, we lose.
Strong team, we win.
EPL is so challenging. 🤣
Whenever Mctominay starts we always almost win
Azlen Fendy
Azlen Fendy:
Should’ve subbed Martial early on.
Yaw Osei Tutu
Yaw Osei Tutu:
Fred was immense today. The most underrated player in the squad.
Ayen Azali
Ayen Azali:
"Everton gonna win the league" they said 😂
Rio Alberto
Rio Alberto:
What a performance, Bruno❤️🔥
lukman pelu
lukman pelu:
0:49 u thought it was PES replay
Mu keren
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer
Memphis Osarfo Redeemer:
Seeing Cavani scores and celebrate in the United shirt , gimme joy ❤❤❤
Lizard ML
Lizard ML:
Board Management : This is maybe yr last match...

Ole : Its time to shine
xunuu munuu
xunuu munuu:
Scored his first premier league goal ⚽
Welcome To MU
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva:
Look at Bruno man, so inspirational
Justin Ngwu
Justin Ngwu:
Fernandes passing to Cavani shows how selfless the Portuguese is♥️♥️♥️♥️. GGMU😤
Alex G
Alex G:
Great win today after the last two defeats.. We just need cavani, van de beek and telles to get normal playing time and into the team somehow
Ashville Afonso
Ashville Afonso:
The fact: Manchester United is deadly onbthe counter attack I never see them miss the chance and yeah Bruno wasn't selfhis he gave the ball to cavini to bring him back to the game 👏👏👏
call me pops
call me pops:
Same performance is expected out of Martial he seems like the year of Jose when he felt miserable dont know what excuse he has now he got his number 9 back hes playing every game he needs to be more on target and less on GK almost every shot is either not strong or directly at gk hands
Kelvin Otieno
Kelvin Otieno:
Fred's reaction when we conceded....😂😂🥰
avin shetty
avin shetty:
In 90th min if that was Neymar instead of bruno, thre is no way he would pass the ball to cavani😶
Info Nation
Info Nation:
I love the way Bruno cut to his right and dragged the defenders towards him, so that he can pass the ball to Cavani who is free in the box!! 💯🔥
John Od505
John Od505:
1:03 he called him bruno penandes 😭😂
ahmad hafidz
ahmad hafidz:
Win or lose, we love Manchester United
Some United fans actually questioned Bruno, sometimes I am embarrassed of my own fanbase
Everton's hype lasted only 5 matches
El Fatta
El Fatta:
Sorry, did the highlight of the match only been showing when manchester united win the match?
I would pay to see that smile on Cavani's face every other week.
Patih Maulana
Patih Maulana:
bruno fernandes played really well tonight and also the other players I hope Manchester United can consistently perform great
Iseemtohave Lostmyname
Iseemtohave Lostmyname:
Fernándes is one of the best midfielders we've had in recent years and surely will be one of the clubs greats
Pendosa 7 lapis
Pendosa 7 lapis:
It's always like this when ole job on the line, why can't they do it every week 😅.
Padoru Padoru
Padoru Padoru:
Finally a decent win for Mu out of constant losses. Cheers from Spurs fan :D
Sofia Mi
Sofia Mi:
Walter CoinCoin. Eаrn in this Tе-lеg-ram chan-nel.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
"Everton gonna win the league" they said 😂
Fernandes's first goal reminds me of Herrera's goal at Goodison a few seasons ago.
Amran Matters
Amran Matters:
Who shouted, " WHY??!!!" 1:45 🤣🤣🤣
Haris Saputra
Haris Saputra:
I'm a liverpool fan, but gonna love that Bruno's heading. Awesome
From a liverpool fan : thank you.
ESH 28
ESH 28:
Kashif Kayani
Kashif Kayani:
I watched the game
Then I watched the Sky sports Highlights
Then I watched the BT sports Highlights
Then I watched the Man utd channel Highlights
Then I watch motd 😄😄
Anderson Culp
Anderson Culp:
loved to see fred improving...
finally he can give some assists
Mohamad Arif
Mohamad Arif:
I really happy cavani score his first goall... make me sleep with smile ❤
Lion Pefka
Lion Pefka:
Bruno sacrificed his hat trick for Cavan's first goal for man u...
Bendangnaro Tzudir
Bendangnaro Tzudir:
I have seen the full match it was amazing👍😍🤩 my brother was so happy Manchester United won
Great win, I believe in Ole, he just needs consistency🔥🙌
Solid duo cdm, fred mctominay everybody 👏👏
Finally, i see Cavani smile
ryan aries
ryan aries:
0:49 i just knew this replay angle. They shud do this often. I mean, look at Shaw cross :O
M. Amir Tahta
M. Amir Tahta:
What an extraordinary match it's been. Fred played splendidly and showed the high-level dicipline, which is worth to be put for the next match. 3 points we have secured. Which is so essential for us to climb up to the top board where it belongs to our great club United🔴🔴🔴🔴⚒⚒⚒⚒
Luís Couto
Luís Couto:
Give Bruno the Captain's armband and you'll see a motivated player every single game. Everyone listens what he says inside the pitch, he is a natural leader.
ridwan fariz
ridwan fariz:
Congrats, Edi Cavani for your debut goal 👍
Muhammad Riazuddin
Muhammad Riazuddin:
When Man Utd play, they play beautiful. From an Arsenal fan
"Love it !!"
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen:
Tuanzebe highlights as leftback, please. This guy deserves XI line-up.
Manzar Jr Vlogs
Manzar Jr Vlogs:
Bruno is a genius... He'll win us trophies write it down
Levi Rodrigues
Levi Rodrigues:
1:04 I think Rashford didn't touch the ball! So it's Bruno Fernandes goal!😂😂
This is my club. ❤️❤️
Nathan aurelio
Nathan aurelio:
the second goal made by rashford was actually a goal from fernandes, try to see the fernandes crossing did not hit rashford at all
1341141 N4JI13
1341141 N4JI13:
Congrats Cavani For Your First Goal
Daniel Spangenberg
Daniel Spangenberg:
Commentator: Rashford!!!
Rashford: **Didn't touch header**
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan:
next match cavani starting line up, no martial lazy striker
I felt we were gonna win. We usually let in first and then make a comeback.
Ez studio
Ez studio:
FredTominay 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Umang Chamaria
Umang Chamaria:
Love freds reaction to the first goal
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah
Mochamad Fahmy Abdillah:
Consistency Man united, just consistency...
"Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️"
Joshua Gideon
Joshua Gideon:
I think Cavani shot it reminds me to aura of RvP 😳
101M views . 1 day ago
101M views . 1 day ago:
7th consecutive away win.....but yet to win at home.
This is why OGS can't be sacked yet because he wins those games you don't believe Utd have a chance in!
OGS never cease to amaze....
Ole delivers when his job is on the line. I Wish it was like this everyday and we would go unbeaten.
Adox 28
Adox 28:
Bruno back to his best
Farid Danesh
Farid Danesh:
Yeaaaaaaah bro bruno & bro edinson. Love you bros❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪💪💪
saizal besar
saizal besar:
Fred and McTim done it again, they covers CB really well, McTim passes also top notch, with this two in the middle also able midfield to go up further making more damage, Fred nMcTim unsung hero to me
Cavani!!!! Goal yeah!!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Whenever Mctominay starts we always almost win
Max Wang
Max Wang:
every time when Ole should be out. this is what happened
Donii x
Donii x:
fred permorma was amazing. he must always be in the starting eleven
AN - Duck
AN - Duck:
Real Madrid 🔥🔥
Il Petti
Il Petti:
When Man United give to Solkjær a last chance he win incredible
BSP Top:
I've been happy with Manchester United since Alex Ferguson took charge in the mid-1980s. whoever coaches me still loves the Red Devils
Awan in
Awan in:
Ole you have to give punishment to the matrial who always plays lazy and always loses the ball. And you also shouldn't make the decision that Matrial should start as a starter .... Give someone another chance like Cavani to start
Dani Prayudha
Dani Prayudha:
Big Club , Manchester United 💯💪
Ahmad Rizaldo
Ahmad Rizaldo:
Edinson cavani 🔥🔥🔥
Jeremy Sembiring
Jeremy Sembiring:
Cavani in, Martial subs
Heroko X
Heroko X:
Fun fact : fred the real mvp
Generasi Akhir Zaman
Generasi Akhir Zaman:
Bruno for Captain ❤️❤️
Aswin Fadillah
Aswin Fadillah:
When united united came out my tear has gone out 😭
Jundi Robbani
Jundi Robbani:
I don't know,I'm so happy when cavani make a goal,great team glory glory manchester united...
Obihiele Uchendu
Obihiele Uchendu:
Is it just me observing? Cos these days anytime Fred starts our Winning rate increases. We tend to win more matches and perform more in d midfield anytime Fred starts.
vimal jose
vimal jose:
This is united❤️
This is devils❤️
yehiel azuelos
yehiel azuelos:
Yayat 17
Yayat 17: