Fernando Torres: All the Goals

Take a look back at every Fernando Torres Chelsea goal. Let us know which one was your favourite.

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

100+ komentarze:

Aaran C93
Aaran C93:
Never a flop in my eyes. Always gave 100% and Chelsea wouldn't have won the champions league without him
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
People may say he was a flop, But I don't care. He became more of a team player. Scored 45 goals and bagged 35 assists. Won 2 European Trophies and 1 FA Cup.
Fernando Torres Chelsea's no'9 💙💙💙💙
Branson Liimo
Branson Liimo:
El Nino!
Magical moments:
- 50 Million goal
- Winning the corner kick which Didier scored
- Turning into batman in 12/13
- Scoring in the Europa final
- Scoring the winner vs City at the Bridge

And most importantly, always giving his best for the badge.
He is still a Chelsea icon because of what he did to Barca!
Charlie L
Charlie L:
Those days when Chelsea knew what to do in the final 3rd...
Torres will always be one of my fave strikers of all time and I'm glad he played at my club
Cdspeedy OO7
Cdspeedy OO7:
imagine torres scoring that goal in the semis vs barca and there were no fans in the stadium
MATRIX Lomachenko
MATRIX Lomachenko:
" Form is temporary , Class is Permanent " - EL NINO
Man I swear Torres should've stayed for the 14/15 season, he deserved to be a PL winner so much
Cdspeedy OO7
Cdspeedy OO7:
A great man once said: "ooOOooOoOh"
When you see it, he is the only number 9 who fought with the number 9 curse. And saying that he sucks is just a salty Liverpool fan who can't accept the fact that Torres wins trophies with us.
Anyone who says he's a flop is delusional.
He literally scored in the 2013 league cup final.
He came off the bench to win the corner they Drogba scored from in the UCL final.
He had a match winner vs city and he set up many goals. Torres was one of our best strikers coming off a injury that dramatically cut his amazing pace.
Many people say he was one of Chelsea's most worthless signings. But killing a UCL semifinal and scoring in the Europa League final that led to winning both those competitions. I think not 💙
He should've stayed and won the 14/15 Premier League with Chelsea😭
dan woolcott
dan woolcott:
People say he was a flop at Chelsea but I think he was actually pretty good
7:28 “Fernando Torres all on his own...no one near him at all” Great and totally accurate commentary😂😂😂😂😂
He will always be a legend for his goal against Barça, I will defend him to death against those that call him a flop. He is a CL champion for CHELSEA FC.
Diana Yurievna
Diana Yurievna:
We can’t deny he tried so hard every single match
He didn't always score and most casuals will just look at his stats.
But the effort he put in, things like going out to the wings to supply Ramirez for assists and the sheer determination to try to get back to his best is why we loved him.
And cause he scored in the Europa league final and UCL Semi final.
Best goal imo was the cl semi final vs Barca. Sounded like Gary Nevilles fav too
I hated him... with all my heart I hated him!! (as a player). He either scored or played exceptionally especially against chelsea. But one day out of the blue he joined the blues 💙...I never ever in my wildest dreams thought that he will be a Chelsea player. I will never forget that goal against West ham, I celebrated more than him !! 😂..just childhood things!! Thank you for all those memories F9 💙.

Once a 💙 always a 💙.
Sujal Junior10
Sujal Junior10:
Why do people still consider him as a flop Chelsea Player???
I don't get it this guy has given everything for us💙
Ahadu Monitor
Ahadu Monitor:
May not have the impact that he wanted and that we wanted, but always gave his all. Did his part by scoring that vital goal in Barcelona. Thank you, El Nino.
Ouroboros Nagyok
Ouroboros Nagyok:
god I miss this team

Torres was honestly such a gifted player he had it ALL
That goal against United is one of his sweetest goals at Chelsea
He scored his most important goal for us against Barcelona. Unforgettable moment in our history.
Bishal Kabashi
Bishal Kabashi:
The player for whom I started loving Chelsea💙💙
Off topic but just want to say I miss those Hazard runs. Some of these goals Hazards just blows through 2-3 guys to set Torres up. Brilliant.
akash varunn D
akash varunn D:
Getting a heart from Chelsea is very rare
Satrio Khg
Satrio Khg:
3:35 iconic
Love the goal against Newcastle.. My two all time favs Eden Hazard and Fernando Torres... KTBFFH
That partnership between Torres and Mata was just a match made in heavens💙
Oluwatomi Bombata
Oluwatomi Bombata:
Didn’t realize Torres scored so many headers 🤩
Gabriel Omo-Obas
Gabriel Omo-Obas:
We need our club at this level again. We brought fear to opponents and had players who were hungry to win.
Chelsea Behind the Scenes
Chelsea Behind the Scenes:
More behind the scenes vids heree 👆💙
💙 Torres, Always tried hard, what a professional, current players need to start watching these games
The Blues CFC
The Blues CFC:
My favorite football player of all time I don't care what anyone says
Trick O
Trick O:
MY IDOL EL NINO🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥 one who made love Chelsea and football....one of the legends of Chelsea player for me
He is also one of the most important players who gave everything during our rebuild stage💙
Muhammad Hilmy (muhammadhilmy26)
Muhammad Hilmy (muhammadhilmy26):
All important goals from the Legend El Niño 🔥
Muziwokuthula Hadebe
Muziwokuthula Hadebe:
I grew up watching Torres playing for Chelsea, he was always the best for me, he stuck through it, all the hate and criticism... He delivered, especially when you least expected it... He'll always be a legend for me
always tried so hard for the team💙
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes:
He will always be a Chelsea LEGEND, real blues fans will know that.
Josh Whitmore
Josh Whitmore:
Torres always seemed to lose his powers if he didn’t have long hair with blonde streaks
Ademir de Assis
Ademir de Assis:
I was have pacience with him, and it's was good because everybody knows that his give your best in The games.
I was smiling for 18:43 seconds. Torres, gracias!
kyle bridgett
kyle bridgett:
Torres + Mata = Unstoppable. One of my favorite Chelsea duo's.
A classic Chelsea counter attack with Torres at the end 👌
Абзал Шомитов
Абзал Шомитов:
His goal for Barcelona is legendary🔵
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
True Chelsea fans will know he's a legend of our club. Always gave 100% for our club even when he didn't bag in the goals. His europa run was legendary too. Never a flop. Not even in the slightest.
Joel Nsumbu
Joel Nsumbu:
Never a flop furthermore he got us to the finish line of UCL glory 👏 legend for sure
Lai Jing Hoa
Lai Jing Hoa:
Imagine Mata, oscar fabregas, hazard, moses, anelka, malouda, kalou still at team, surely 50 goals for tammy and werner
Tobias Time
Tobias Time:
Liverpool are experts at selling great players, that turn into massive flops!😅 He is a legent still!🤗
Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan:
Seeing all these goals, I just see a prime Juan Mata spraying assists and passes left right and centre. Should never have let him leave.
Niv the Boss
Niv the Boss:
LETS GOOO CHELSEA !! Best team in the galaxy
iPhone Account
iPhone Account:
Still remember the night he signed for us, the feels man 💙💙💙
alinomvo 92
alinomvo 92:
Man!! That goal against Barcelona says it all in his chelsea career.
That goal makes him a chelsea icon.

Mereilas one of our most underrated player
Yoga Ilyasa
Yoga Ilyasa:
3:35 BEST MOMENT!!!!!!!
Raul miereles was so good man
172 games 45 goals 35 assists. 2 European titles 1 fa Cup. Legend
Parox 14
Parox 14:
Legend <3
Charles Maina
Charles Maina:
He scored some really great goals men. The kind that we miss these days in football
Olasunkanmi Olaniran
Olasunkanmi Olaniran:
When Chelsea players had quick thinking and quick thinking in the final third.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar:
Another Spanish Legend who won almost every trophy 🏆❤️😘
He may isn't worth for the price that we paid for him at that time, but he definitely a big game player that very important to us 👌
Quick MMA clips
Quick MMA clips:
He peaked in that season where we won the europa league
Opler Chelsea
Opler Chelsea:
Im still amazed with this player🔥🔥🔥
Saurab Adhikari
Saurab Adhikari:
Sit back and enjoy ♥️💙
Muhammad Bilal
Muhammad Bilal:
The player who made me love football, and made me a Chelsea fan! My Football idol, special one! El Nino! 💙💙💙
Sultan Hufane
Sultan Hufane:
My favorite player El-Nino 9 will never be a flop where ever he go. I always want to see him with Chelsea color and he win champions leagues with my favorite club.
Cengi Eer
Cengi Eer:
Fernando Torres ❤️❤️🔥
He was definitely past his prime when he played for us (in part due to injuries) but he will always be my favorite football player of all time.
Mubazz Tech
Mubazz Tech:
Ek no. Vlogs
Ek no. Vlogs:
Woah he was such a great player.. love from INDIA 🇮🇳... Stylish and very skilled with his finishing and dribbling
14:54 Wait i forgot why Chelsea use home kit in Veltins arena and Schalke use away 😂 those Schalke fans must feel weird
Le Bankai Sombre
Le Bankai Sombre:
El Nino 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Francisco Martín C
Juan Francisco Martín C:
Thanks for this video. I would love to see all the assists as well :)
Izdore Theo
Izdore Theo:
Who els thinks if we halaand he'l bring us this Torres moments😍😎
Simen Folkedal
Simen Folkedal:
Mata and torres🔥🔥
Ajit Kankanwadi
Ajit Kankanwadi:
That Chelsea team was awesome 🔥
Just look at those through balls and Torres literally scored from every corner of the box...
Yoel Simatupang
Yoel Simatupang:
Fernando Torres 🔥❤️
Fred Wheezy
Fred Wheezy:
Torres was one in a million....actually 50million
František Hájek
František Hájek:
This is the perfect video.
My all-time favorite player scoring for my favorite team
Emilio X
Emilio X:
Love his signature goal dribbling the keeper!⚽️
Peshkat boti
Peshkat boti:
the legend who made me fall in love with blues💙
Abdullahi Isak Abdi
Abdullahi Isak Abdi:
Our Hero Torres 💙💙💙
Nando 999
Nando 999:
My idol , my love 💙💙
M Jig
M Jig:
That goal against Barcelona and Benfica is the best moments ever, and .. He won Champion league and Europa league
Fernando "El Nino" Torres 💙
Oscar Newell
Oscar Newell:
3:48 is a moment no chelsea fan is ever going to forget
gabi bats
gabi bats:
Respect the legend!
san strike
san strike:
Love el nino, thank you for services 😍
볼빵쥐 (곰탱이)
볼빵쥐 (곰탱이):
토레스 골모음 나올게 있나...너무 적어서ㅇㅅㅇ;;;;;
Arjuna Anggara
Arjuna Anggara:
กูมาฆ่า ข้นอีสาน
กูมาฆ่า ข้นอีสาน:
he's legendary chelsea player for me ❤️
18 mins of happiness What a good old days...
Oh I still love this guy. My favourite footballer ever. And I saw him score the goal at 14:42. Could only get tickets in the Swindon end of the stadium but it actually worked out well because I got to see both Chelsea goals right in front of me 😍
This man gave me one of the best nights of my life. EL Nino <3
Jason Raj
Jason Raj:
All Time Favourite El Nino❤️❤️❤️
Casper Loomans
Casper Loomans:
Gonna be completely honest, when i saw this vid i expected a compilationof 3 goals replayed 20 times from all angles
boruto sub indo
boruto sub indo:
Legends 🔥🔥