FIFA 21 Most Shocking Player Ratings!

Most Shocking Player Ratings in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!
What have EA Done with Player Ratings? Bale - 6 Rating?
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FIFA 21 Player Ratings

Most Shocking Player Ratings

FIFA 21 Top 100 Ratings

FIFA 21 Official Player Ratings

FIFA 21 Top 100 Player Ratings

FIFA 21 Ratings

Top 100 Player Ratings

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Gareth Bale


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100+ komentarze:

biggest shock since fifa release is ronaldos weak foot
armz _
armz _:
Werner getting downgraded after scoring almost 40 goals is shocking
I am Your Friend
I am Your Friend:
Thiago Alcantara most outstanding season in his footballing career.
EA: Lets downgrade him
David Olvera
David Olvera:
I am a big fan of the Bundesliga, and clearly EA hasn’t seen a single game of that league
Preda Black
Preda Black:
Bayern has deal with PES
EA: let’s get salty..
André Halseide
André Halseide:
Waiting for Alphonso davies to come out with 79 pace
These are the worst ratings ever. Werner downgraded after he got 32 goals and 15 assists last season. Auba downgraded after almost winning the golden boot. KDB not upgraded after winning Player of the Year and breaking the assist record. Messi and Ron downgraded?
Frederik Gamborg Jensen
Frederik Gamborg Jensen:
Bayern Munich: winning the treple
EA: lets give these players some downgrades and bad stats
BNi Hrahsel
BNi Hrahsel:
It's strange that Ronaldo's physical is lower than De bruyne
Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen:
Bayern....I'll never buy fifa anymore, it s not the 1st time, every year bayern is underrated
funyfabian 21
funyfabian 21:
The ratings honestly make me so angry and dissapointed
Priyanshu Thapa
Priyanshu Thapa:
Imagine Sancho- 87 and Gnabry- 85. And Thiago as well 85? Wtf is wrong with EA.
Ionut Bede
Ionut Bede:
Matt, make a petition to request EA to redo the FIFA 21 ratings. Like for support
It’s not only the pace, Sancho scored 20 goals and 20 assists this season how does he have 74 sho and 81 pas...? He has the same shooting as Henderson...
Chris Padgett93
Chris Padgett93:
Bale card is not real, And I think they will be changing alot of the cards before release.
Fifa Tracks
Fifa Tracks:
Ea sports just confirmed that they used a random number generator!
Werner, Sane, Aubameyang have been disrespected.
George Rimmer
George Rimmer:
Firmino scores 9 goals last season
EA : Gives Firmino an upgrade
Matt : “I think 86 was fine for him”
Everyone else think firmino should be 84 rated at most
Dominite xd
Dominite xd:
aubameyang : scores the same amount of goals as in previous season with a worse team, captains his team to a trophy scoring all of arsenals four goals in semi and final against 2 good teams
EA: downgrade
Jabari Seifert
Jabari Seifert:
im a bayern fan and lost all incentive to play this game
Vertex Magma
Vertex Magma:
What about muller broke records won a treble stays the same rating
Mikey McG
Mikey McG:
I’m not buying the new fifa sick of all the money grabbing and not caring about the players who play Fifa. EA absolute joke
Sucukluev GTO
Sucukluev GTO:
Konami: its my turn to shine.
The whole Bayern Team is ridicoulusly underrated... Alaba 84??? Gnabry 82 Pace? Goretzka???? Thats the first FIFA i seriously will boycott... Coz i swear theyre doing wrong ratings just to gain attention to their new Fifa 21...
Shane Bailey
Shane Bailey:
This proves EA doesn’t watch Football
Axel Lindroth
Axel Lindroth:
I just cannot understand how Auba gets downgraded for scoring 1 goal less than the golden boot😤 same with Werner he should got a massive upgrade
Andrew Kontouris
Andrew Kontouris:
ribery 77 bale 79 robben 73 ibra 83 0 RESPECT TO PLAYERS THAT CHANGED FOOTBALL
Anshuman DC Joshi
Anshuman DC Joshi:
This Gnabry is how much Pulis rated him at West Brom
shandrika natasha naicker
shandrika natasha naicker:
How the helllll did Thiago get lower rated for heavens sake he won the cpl even werner got a 97 rated tots ea wtf
10,000 Subs With 0 Videos
10,000 Subs With 0 Videos:
How the hell did Ciro Immoble get a +1 upgrade after winning the European Golden Boot, TOTS, and 5 Informs???

How did Auba get a -1 Dowgrade after nearly bagging the Prem Golden Boot

How did Muller stay the same after an incredible season at Bayern?

How did Timo Werner get a -1 downgrade despite bagging 30+ goals and earning 2 Bundesliga POTMs

How does Ciro Immoble have a higher pace than Gnabry and Sancho

How did Gnabry recieve a downgrade of 9 on his pace

How is Pogba rated the same as Henderson, with Thiago being rated lower than them
Mr. clikker
Mr. clikker:
Ea just gave real madrid and Liverpool players extra ratings for absoulouty no reason, did real madrid and Liverpool gave some dollary doues to ea 🤔🤔😱😕
Alcides Caceres
Alcides Caceres:
FIFA has that premier league biased too... boycott the game cause this was so awful like wtf
Tedd MK
Tedd MK:
Messi's pace is perfectly fine, Gnabry and Sancho is the problem‼😤
I am not getting the game now, these ratings are a joke
Bayern won the treble
EA: just downgrade them all
Vidhya Lakshmi
Vidhya Lakshmi:
this is the start of new end of fifa era
-43 goal contributions for sancho this season, + 3 for his card
-46 goal contributions for Werner this season, -1
ea what it this logic
Crazy Footballerz
Crazy Footballerz:
Why is Aubameyang 87.He should be at least 89 rated.
As already mentioned, Thomas Müller and Thiago got done dirty big time. Thiago was the best CM last season world wide imo, should be 88 or 89. And Müller broke records and had the best season of his life, also 88
Peter Freilich
Peter Freilich:
Where is Alaba? He played the best Season in his career and get -1 Overall and -6 pace ..
Daniel Swimmer
Daniel Swimmer:
Me:bayern won the champions league EA:we must downgrade 8 pace from Gnabry
King Gokuu
King Gokuu:
Bayern getting underrated, go ahead.
Saytar _
Saytar _:
Lewandowski should be the highest rated player
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron:
Messi - 26 Assists this season.
Kein Name
Kein Name:
Bayern: wins every game in UCL for the first time ever

Fifa 21: im gonna end this mans whole carrer
Ziyech should have better shooting stats based on the goals he scored in last year UCL, maybe 79-80 rather than 76. And definitely needs at least 3 star weakfoot. he is literally unusable with that 2 star weakfoot. EA are harsh on some players but love others like Penandes getting crazy stats for literally scoring 90% of his goals from penalties.
200 subs with no videos challenge
200 subs with no videos challenge:
I am an arsenal fan and was scrolling through the player ratings during online class, and actually spit out my water when I saw Aubameyang 87. The man carried us through the fa cup, nearly won golden boot, and was probably the only reason we finished top 10. Expected 89 or even 90, as in my opinion he is currently the best striker in the prem. Ea have downgraded the ratings for players on all teams that have signed with PES, it just a joke at this point.
Nilesh Shah
Nilesh Shah:
Wtf sancho has only 83 pace. Are u freaking kidding me . Has ea got something against the bundesliga? Because most of the best bundesliga players have been downgraded or have been given unfair stats wth.
Dario Toska
Dario Toska:
All Bayern fans:
Look how they massacred my boy
So werner gets downgraded for scoring 30+ goals but firmino gets upgraded for scoring like 3 ?
idk maths
idk maths:
I had a stroke trying to understand his version of Immobile if that’s even what he said
Chris Abrams
Chris Abrams:
Alphonso Davies should be higher rated than he is. When pundits say that he's up there with some of the best left backs in the world to currenly be outside of the top twenty according to Fifa is shocking. He should definitely be 84 and at the very minimum 83
peddu harsha
peddu harsha:
I am a messi fan but if gnabry and Sancho are 82 and 83 then messi should be something like 77
Its Silencer
Its Silencer:
Ratings Players should have
Werner: 87
Aubameyang: 89
Thiago: 89 with at least 88 or maybe 90 passing
James Ogilvie
James Ogilvie:
Imagine getting a walkout and it being henderson
teymur karimli
teymur karimli:
I forgot to add, most of players that had tots have been downgraded. On the other hand, Reus was injured most of the season, but still got an incredible 95 rated tots, but he got a downgrade, however, Laporte, was injured more that Reus, didn't have a tots card, and got the same rating... Noice EA
sancho isnt going united fabrizio is just recycling how they've agreed personal terms we've known that for months, dortmund confirmed hes staying
Itz Jonesy
Itz Jonesy:
I’m a Chelsea fan but auba getting downgraded when he was one of the best strikers last season and still Kane is higher rated when he didn’t even play that much
Werner getting downgraded

Lewandowski: you get use to it
Oskar Galbraith
Oskar Galbraith:
Kane gets injured in a season
Ea: we are gonna give him less pace then Oscar pestorius with the prosthetics
Haven’t been on YouTube all year, when I hear that the FIFA cards came out, all I can hear is Matt talking !
Matraku Jr
Matraku Jr:
I dont get it how hendo is 86 he doesnt even have one 86 in his stats😂
EmmanA14 IGod
EmmanA14 IGod:
Varane even has more pace than Gnabry on Fifa 21...
Angus Shepherdson
Angus Shepherdson:
No one talking about Reus? He scored 11 goals and got 8 assists in only 19 games last season + got a tots and gets downgraded by 3 to an 85
Syfq Me
Syfq Me:
In my opinion firmino should be downgraded i mean look at the stats last season if were talking about "AT HIS BEST" every player should get 87 rated then
Ea: gives Tottenham players downgrades
Also ea: lets give aurier an upgrade
Overcon _
Overcon _:
is Bayern player of the season✅
Wins triple✅
Is one of the key players in the team and controlls the whole defensive✅

Janet Snakehole
Janet Snakehole:
Another prove that EA don’t know anything about football at all. They just put random ratings and stats or maybe they do it for making more special cards so people have to spend more money to get example like scream 90+ pace Sancho or 90+ rated fut birthday Aubameyang. I’m glad I won’t buy their game anymore. Good luck for you lot have to deal with this bullshit. Honestly my advice for people that haven’t bought this game, just don’t save your money buy something nice.
H2O Allegation
H2O Allegation:
The fact that, Thiago silva, Werner, Ziyech, Thiago, Auba and excuse me if I forgot more, but got downgraded, all where great last season and definitely Thiago, Thiago Silva, and Werner had groundbreaking seasons, Auba carried arsenal.
khukhansic official
khukhansic official:
what about the wonderkid "greenwood"s rating
This is EA's logic, player gets older, let's downgrade him, like messi should've been 94, he played great this season but still got downgraded cuz ea think that when people get older they just get worse, like look at Ibrahimovic, just wtf ea
Adeilson de Oliveira
Adeilson de Oliveira:
Thanks EA for giving me early access to FIFA 21 since 2017. Love u!
Matt it’s been 2 years mate,now you’re just taking the piss out on Immobile,say that mans name correctly 😂😂
Mo Nac
Mo Nac:
They downgraded the treble winners...
NizzyKid Remix
NizzyKid Remix:
I been using tots cards for long now, it’s gonna feel weird going back to normal gold cards
Everyone got downgraded for no reason lmao 😂
Dillon Verwey
Dillon Verwey:
I think cr7 needs more pace aswell cause he was the 6th fastest player in football as a whole
pol buruwa
pol buruwa:
Martial 84 after the incredible season he had no upgrade whatsoever been utd's best player
George Nwafor
George Nwafor:
Me: make messi and ronaldo the same rating
EA: over my dead body
Willi Bald
Willi Bald:
I say it again:
1, The Ratings were made very early in the development, long before RB or Bayern had this superb season. Especially Bayern with being 1 of 2 clubs who ever won 2 treble.
2,EA is 100% not watching every league. This numbers have nothing todo with the reality. Similar to the Sky transfer market player value 🤣
3, Patch would be awesome with updated numbers
4, Don’t buy this game, don’t support them. (It’s hard as a football fan I know)
5, Be loud, make EA recognize this. Make them clear that the ratings should be made late in the development.
6, La Liga Players overrated as ever, even not one played far in the UcL
we’re gonna have to put a hunter/shadow on ever attacking player ffs
Cameron de Player
Cameron de Player:
Oh how much I’m going to pack Henderson and thinking it’s a good walkout
Jp tyrannosaurus 29
Jp tyrannosaurus 29:
Zlatan is an 83 wtf ea he saved milans’s season 52 pace he clocked in at 32 kilometers come on man
Pewdiepie's Chair
Pewdiepie's Chair:
EA have gotten more and more off every year.

As a Bayern fan, I feel insulted by these ratings
incel brah
incel brah:
84 pace on Gareth Bale XD, maybe when he's 40.
Liam Catterall
Liam Catterall:
This is just one of the many reasons I’ll never play fifa again.
Tim Bitz
Tim Bitz:
fifa myth: man of the match phil foden is the only player in fut history to have a trophy in there dynamic image
Bayern Players or Bundesliga players don’t get the respekt they deserved
James Underwood
James Underwood:
A lot of these changes are insulting, so surely to god they're not real :')
They’ve probably got a new ratings system. I remember a couple years ago they did the same and people back then also went into meltdown over the ratings. Not saying that all the ratings are right.
Teddy Silvey
Teddy Silvey:
I can't believe they've maid Auba 87 I mean i was hoping for 89 cus he's the only reason we got to the Europa League this season and won the fa cup and community shield
Henderson better rating than Thiago lmao
Max Mertesacker
Max Mertesacker:
As a bayern Fan, I dont know,should I cry or laugh, maybe we shouldnt win next year a treble, then we have only silver cards in the sqouad
Pravin shah
Pravin shah:
I need what EA employee are smoking..
Seems good product.👏👏
Miguel Guzmán
Miguel Guzmán:
Messi’s pace is okey. I would even say he deserves an 83
J. Murphy
J. Murphy:
I'm being serious now but hendo should've got a bigger pace upgrade. I don't think people acknowledge his speed.
Maxi Muturi
Maxi Muturi:
I think there is pace and sprint speed,a player like Sancho once he starts running with the ball he does not instantly hit full speed bt once he is in a slightly longer distance his acceleration is almost 89 thats where the sprint speed comes and the pace is 83 and sprint speed maybe around 89 so it actually makes sense,I think Gnabry is the same case
Tommi Lautala
Tommi Lautala:
Thiago silva and marquinhos both got downgraded even when they carried psg defend to CL final last season...
De Bruyne Memes
De Bruyne Memes:
An Ivorian Coast player once said, Its a disgrace.. A f***king Disgrace.