Fighting For EL Final Places! | Wolves 1-2 Manchester United | Review

Joe and Jay review this evenings game vs Wolves - the last Premier League game of the season!

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30 komentarze:

Re: Dan James, it's just his level at the minute. He'll give you loads of hard work every time, he'll give you a bit of class here and there and an equal amount of poor technique/decision making. He's a £15m Championship player we got with less than 100 appearances. He's still very young. We are getting the absolute best from that deal with his 10 goals and 10 odd assists in his time with us. If anything, I think he's even getting better all round. I don't have any problem with him, and am pleased with his development
Question It All
Question It All:
The only complaints I have about Uniteds season are 1) our home form was, frankly awful and 2) Getting knocked out of the CL group stage. However, overall, it’s been a satisfactory season all round.
Alfredo Jonstone
Alfredo Jonstone:
I am not sure if the mainstream media coverage is getting even worse, or these boys have jumped the shark in terms of quality in depth football knowledge, but I find myself agreeing with Fan Channel Jesus all the time.
Unreal cross from Hamez, shame he fluffed his chance. Amad looked really composed as well, I think he will fill quite a unique role in the squad as he grows. Most of our attackers are pretty panicky on the ball.
Question It All
Question It All:
I wanna see Diallo playing with the whole 1st team. I believe he would be a sensation. I was buzzin for Mata to score today aswell. I think Maguire will be fit for the final, personally.
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:
Can we just acknowledge that our TEENIE BOPPERS fucking beat a mid table PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
That position helped Donny to be highly involved and his safe passing much less frustrating. Clever player at pass and move, probably great against a low block. Playing further forward he sometimes slows our counter-attack down but I love his attitude and think he can have great future at United.
Bill Baggio
Bill Baggio:
Impressed with donny in midfield, he still looks a little off the pace at times, but his workrate and passing were an improvement. I knew he can be our box to box creative type, Ole just needs to trust him and play him more consecutively next season, hopefully with a class cdm with him.
Hooded Guitarist
Hooded Guitarist:
Great lads
joe and Jay love you're reviews and mckola and howson great end to the season just what we needed
Brad Day
Brad Day:
Axel definitely the one who should be in the final ahead of Bailly, he spent the whole game mopping up for him. And Van de Beek was more than decent. The reason he wasnt chaining risks like pogba or bruno is because he was in a midfield pivot, those two both play in the next line forward with less defensive discipline needed. Vbd and Axel were the two contenders for MOTM, clear of everyone else
Ben Gorry
Ben Gorry:
Great result. Axel for the final
Mahmod Hozhabrol
Mahmod Hozhabrol:
I was impressed with three up front, Ahmed dialo was amazing and in the middle of Park donny was good defensively we were OK, I liked the boy who came on last 15 minutes with bob marley hair style ( Hannibal Mejbri ) he's a good talent, all together well done boys, LOVE UNITED 💘 HATE GLAZERS ⚽️⚽️🌼⚘
Jay and joy are the new riggs and murtagh ; best tag team since the legion of doom , go on the lads always a good watch
not that i’m not happy for the youngsters that played but i do wish galbraith was somehow featured in today’s game
Bailly and Tuanzebe are both very pro-active defenders who did well in this match as they had to just defend physically. Donny is the definition of a tidy footballer and he showed that he can play as a “number 6” once he has a preseason and doesn’t look exhausted by the pace of the prem
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:
15 comments. Lol. This game was truly meant to be dead. It’s the only match I have had to miss for work as well. No such thing as coincidence. LETS WIN OLE THIS FUCKING TROPHY NOW!!! UTFR/UTFP!!!
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
@20:19 stop letting Jay dictate these shows!! He always wants to kill the topic or end the show early
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Have we lost an away game in the league since Bruno arrived?
Glenn F
Glenn F:
@ cuth my point exactly Amad should be in the first team on the bench mainly but in the first team
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Now I'm getting worried about the final. Everyone is putting so much pressure on the outcome, rightly so too. We now need a proper summer of progress, not fafing about with Kane to maximise clicks and publicity.
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
We must be patient with Dan James. He truly has the potential to be a top class winger in the premier league. A lot of young wingers start their careers like he has. We have to remember that this is only his second season.
Oliver Morrison
Oliver Morrison:
There are no players in our squad that are not good enough to play for MUFC.
Now we get loanees back and go into the transfer market.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Even Spurs and Arsenal had better windows than us. Our squad actually went backwards relative to rivals. But don't worry, Glazers got their 80 million mid Covid dividend.
otop p
otop p:
The 11 draws killed our title charge.
Jake Ingram
Jake Ingram:
I'm just texting other birds!!!
Connor Axon
Connor Axon:
The disrespect they put on cavani is just embarrassing. He's been regarded as one of the best strikers in the world since his napoli days, even in his last 2 seasons at PSG he played I think 27 games scoring 24 goals. Stop the disrespect
Harry Abel
Harry Abel:
His name isn't diallo.
Was this shot on an Iphone 3 ?
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse:
The hypocrisy is unreal, Rashford has missed lots of chances from the same position and you find ways to justify saying one on one's are tricky and now when Dan misses one you are all over him. Rashford his off field work is extremely great, but his on field performance, a lot of his goals this season was deflected or straight at the goal keeper (mistakes). It fell good for him this season, but I feel next season unless he improves his shooting his position needs to be looked at. Constantly losing the ball in the final third, misplaced passes, does not makes runs like he used to when he first started. I feel he is getting a pass when compared to Martial or James
david thomas
david thomas:
Martial and Rashord should be worried, Amad looks comfortable with ball at his feet, Elange makes brave runs in behide, There's Greenwood , Rumors of sancho