Final Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump And Joe Biden | TODAY

Watch live coverage of the final presidential debate of the 2020 election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Tune in live at 8 p.m. ET.
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Live: Final Debate Between Donald Trump And Joe Biden | TODAY

100+ komentarze:

History Tree House
History Tree House:
Actual debate starts at 1:02:00.
javier baltazar
javier baltazar:
"Americans don't panic....."
Soooooooo why was all the toilet paper gone at the stores?
I like the color ties they are wearing.
Broc Theil
Broc Theil:
This was a million times better than the last one.

edit-I was talking about the management, and moderation, as well as how other candidates carried themselves. I didn't want to start a war in the comments.
Bashir ElChamaa
Bashir ElChamaa:
Would u look at that america, they actually debated this time. Lmao.
Dee P
Dee P:
😂 at 2:31:08 when Trump goes "ooouu" 😂😂
Classic Cars Classic Rock
Classic Cars Classic Rock:
Skipped all the fake news and went to what I am here for.
matteo gottie
matteo gottie:
Joe the kind of guy who would lick his finger when turning a page on ipad
Yep, Trump’s going to win. I don’t want him to win, but he’s going to.

I trust my own eyes more than what others try to tell me.
"Americans don't panic" Anyone need some toilet paper? 😂😂😂
Dr ray de Angelo
Dr ray de Angelo:
When he called him the big guy i died
Archer Lansky
Archer Lansky:
A full hour of propaganda before the debate even starts 1:03:00
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson:
If you weren't imprisoned by Kamala Harris, you ain't black!.
durk master
durk master:
This moderator was better than Chris Wallace.
Ingrid Koepsell Gilbert
Ingrid Koepsell Gilbert:
Compliments to the moderator you were much better than the previous very biased one.
Joe Biden's argument in a nutshell: 'cmon! CMON!\
God's Divinity
God's Divinity:
Jesus we need You...
Sunny Shapes
Sunny Shapes:
Trump is right about the steel industry and China
American Patriot
American Patriot:
Trump is using scare tactics
Biden:”We have 8-10 years until we all die due to global warming” 🤣
Brianna Stevenson
Brianna Stevenson:
BRUH WHO BUILT THE CAGES... Biden never answered that 👀
Esthella Marie Mrs. Cardenas
Esthella Marie Mrs. Cardenas:
Biden keeps repeating things he did in the first debate 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️
“You people behind the television “
This debate was far better than the last. The policies that both candidates have are made far clear.
Stay Swervin’
Stay Swervin’:
Is it me or is trump funny asf
Richard Coskey
Richard Coskey:
this debate was way better. they should keep the "we can cut the mic" rule
Heinz- Sight
Heinz- Sight:
Trump = hope Biden = doom n gloom. “We’re dying with it” joker
Juan Hernandez Jr.
Juan Hernandez Jr.:
Trump:..."You're all talk and no action"... The look in Biden's face was awesome, Hahahaha.......
Keith Fenning
Keith Fenning:
This debate was way better than the last one. They sounded way more professional. The last one sounded like a comedy skit. XD
MarQ D
MarQ D:
The entire time Biden plays on the emotions of the people. Smh!
David Scarfe
David Scarfe:
“I don’t look it at the way he does: Red states and Blue states. I look it as the United States. But look at the states that are going up. It’s the red states. The Midwest”(Biden) How to be a hypocrite in 10 seconds
Car Bonara
Car Bonara:
Biden blatantly lied about fracking. Trump did put the video of him saying they will quit fracking online immediately.
Jeffrey Graham
Jeffrey Graham:
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda:
Biden : its not red or blue states its United States

Biden 3 seconds later: iTs OnLy aLl tHesE red sTAteS
Victor Guzman
Victor Guzman:
"WhO bUiLt ThE cAgEs JoE?"
K Cassanova
K Cassanova:
How is no one talking about how biased these “reporters” are .. I don’t support either side but at least be fair . Biden did not dominate this debate
Nader Talebi
Nader Talebi:
This lady hasn’t been impartial as , whenever persident Trump tried to respond Biden she interrupted him.
Where I can find Abraham Lincoln when voting?
1:40:23 best part lol
Kyle kyle
Kyle kyle:
Biden must have know what the questions were going to be because, He has never been that lucid.
When you know you got called out so you just smile and shake your head 😂😂
Jimmy Stout
Jimmy Stout:
How did they select Biden? Surely, they had better.
In watching this from Canada I have no idea what’s going on, but trump crushed in.
james archibald
james archibald:
2:19:56 that was awkward.
Interesting to see many comments support Trump yet in the media, Biden is portrayed as a genius. Something tells me the silent majority will take their revenge on the media on election day
1:39:00 best part of the debate
Scott Nunya
Scott Nunya:
Biden is allowed to interrupt but not trump. No bias here.
Sam S
Sam S:
Biden looking down every time Trump gives it to him
James Dallas
James Dallas:
Tony Bobulinski is being interviewed by the FBI about Joe Biden corruption.
Uknownothing Oohkilled em
Uknownothing Oohkilled em:
Why when trump goes after the truth everyone really wants to hear the questions everyone needs asked and they always try and interrupt or never let him finish
Jennifer George
Jennifer George:
Props to the moderator. The best one so far!

Biden is so dirty and corrupt. Why would Burisma hire a crackhead with no experience at all? C’mon man.
Anthony Holgate
Anthony Holgate:
Joe Biden< I don't want to talk about that.
Singing Sparrow
Singing Sparrow:
Biden, don't blame Trump for this virus.
Traxxas Kid
Traxxas Kid:
1:39:10 My favorite part

No, it's called China.
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith:
He’s changing it to BidenCare? What does Obama think of this?
Joyson Wildhart
Joyson Wildhart:
lol what is biden even saying
Chaz Atkinson
Chaz Atkinson:
If you’re black and don’t for Joe , what ethnicity are you ?
Just curious what my liberal friends have to say on that ?
Every time Trump is spitting facts about Biden the moderator shuts him down. Interesting 🤔
Yesenia Sanchez
Yesenia Sanchez:
Lol at Biden trying to protect China what bs is this .
Wise Citizenry
Wise Citizenry:
C'mon....Can't you see I'm a professional liar" C'mon....C'mon....
Moses Claude Carnell
Moses Claude Carnell:
When Joe Biden wrote a racist crime bill as senator, but did nothing to un-do it's prejudice as 8 years vice president, says alot!
Jordan De Knikker
Jordan De Knikker:
"You need Perry Mason"
Devin N
Devin N:
My schools been open for awhile so far and I haven’t gotten a single case but I have heard from a friend in Georgia, Atlanta that their school has gotten cases but the schools department hasn’t closed down (still is open)
Grace Clark
Grace Clark:
Only a simpleton says the American people don't panic. That is the lowest intelligent insight into human nature I've ever seen. I don't care if trump Wasn't saying what he really felt, I doubt any of the people complaining about that would have batted an eye lash if Obama had done this same thing.
Oh wait... he did! My how the left conveniently forgets 8 years of history 🤣.
Bless Up
Bless Up:
2:19:57. "we had a republican congress... *longest pause ever* that's why." Wow, Joe looked like a moron there.
sam green
sam green:
‘I know more about wind than you do’ Donald ‘Trump’ that had me rolling
20 20
20 20:
1:32:47 - facts . and look at Biden's face afterwards . The Democrats are not only crooked , but they wasted 4 years and billions of dollars . Our money ! For nothing ! Instead of cooperating and getting things done , they cry and pout and lie to everyone ..
usb usb
usb usb:
@M L D  "I'm voting for Fed Chair Jerome Powell this year, it seems that he's the only person that understands that "Stimulus" is needed from a logical and banking prospective. PEOPLE WAKE UP BANKING AND STIMULUS IS AND ALWAYS SHOULD BE NONPARTISAN. "Incredible"
Andrzej Sobieski
Andrzej Sobieski:
Everybody lies. (Hugh Laurie)
Saul Guel
Saul Guel:

“We’re going to make sure to open safely and by the way all you teachers out there not that many of you are going to die”

I’m on your side, Biden. But seriously, I’m against this, your really going to let let’s say around 1-2 thousand teachers die? I would rethink that if I were you..
Hung Bui
Hung Bui:
2:16:21 skip there to see joe biden have a mental breakdown
Robin Akaka
Robin Akaka:
Why does the blue star overlap the red star
Anthony Holgate
Anthony Holgate:
Who built the cages Joe?
JQ Walker
JQ Walker:
All of these politicians are taking money from foreign enemies.
nancy stone
nancy stone:
🤭Oops! A Photograph of Joe Biden and Hunter's Business Partner Found on Burisma's website. I thought Joe Biden knew nothing about Ukraine Burisma Oil Company and Hunter Biden‘s business dealings? Like I said Joe Biden is a pathological liar and he lied about fracking on the last debate. He either has a short memory or he’s becoming senile. Or maybe Joe Biden thinks he can lie and get away with it because people don’t fact check him.
Trump kick the big guy all over the place.... cages , oil , fracking , jobs , 3.5 mil dollars , 1996 bill , 47 years...NOTHING.....
Mrs Pete
Mrs Pete:
Joe Biden tried to cut SS security 4 TIMES!!!
Its just two toddlers fighting- I-
Christian Sandfort
Christian Sandfort:
Everytime Joe lies, I have this strong urge to post a link to videos of him doing the things he’s denying.
2:31:09 donald trump: ooooh, ooooh

me: it's meme time!
American Patriot
American Patriot:
Fund cocían addicts are you insane? They’ll buy more drugs
Harrison Skelton
Harrison Skelton:
Obamacare was the worst thing. I was part time employee had health care and worked close to 40hrs a week before Obamacare. When they explicated Obamacare they took away my health care put my hours less then 20hrs a week because I was part time and Obama said I'm grandfathered in to keep my health care. Obama lied and Joe Biden was by his side when that happened.
If he wins let me guess.... Russian Collusion? Democraps going to spend another wasted 4 years on investigation's and tin foil hat conspiracy theories 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sam Vidas
Sam Vidas:
1:12:15 Joe's reaction 😆
James T
James T:
oh my lord just realised that live chat. So funny. Do you think they think they look un-biased?
Brian Powers
Brian Powers:
180 million great health care plans? I’d like to know of at least one great health insurance plan for the average person
Danny Pace
Danny Pace:
Already voted Trump here in Wisconsin...
Me To The Moon
Me To The Moon:
"And 10% to the big man"
Asko Mustafic
Asko Mustafic:
When did I say am Abraham Lincoln lol
Mistress Ayaba
Mistress Ayaba:
I don't even like Trump or Biden however I noticed that each time he was trying to state "facts" about Biden she would cut him off. She also allowed Biden to talk over the time of 2 mins (120 seconds) multiple times without cutting him off because I sat here and timed it. She also allowed Biden to go off topic without interrupting and then soon as Trump would respond then all of a sudden we "have to stay on topic".
Drastic Measures
Drastic Measures:
Hey Joe, you plan to deal with this COVID farce, is already in play, or had t you noticed?
Nichole Renee
Nichole Renee:
Wisconsin is a “blue” state and we have a huge spike here Joe. Also, YES! Americans DO panic!,! Have you seen the craziness going on? That is panic!
Jenny B.
Jenny B.:
John Gear
John Gear:
Never saw on the news about Biden refusing HIS wife’s hand there at the end.
This’ll be fun...
jacob97 hoskin31
jacob97 hoskin31:
Finally substance yay
Bryan Edits
Bryan Edits:
Starts at 1:02:40
Danielle Kallies
Danielle Kallies:
biden lost the oil industry tonight with what he said bad move on his part 😲
Sloth Eat World49
Sloth Eat World49:
Biden acts like Trump personally murdered everyone who dead from coronavirus... It's so ridiculous. But hey, people blame Trump for "hurricanes being wetter" so I'm not surprised.
Joel Colling
Joel Colling:
I love when he said that "we know his character" vs his Biden has lied since starting politics!! Biden has lied since the start of his career. Saying about him being the "top in his class" look at those stats. Liars and cheaters. They get paid to lie. Billionaires but can't support middle classes
H.F Gaming
H.F Gaming:
Biden seriously has the spine of a jellyfish.
Fleur de Lis
Fleur de Lis:
This SNL parody is great... Wait this is the real thing!