Finland PM finds support after being trolled online | Sanna Marin | WION News

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin‘s recent picture in a blazer with a plunging neckline has left netizens divided.

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52 komentarze:

My opinion: A woman can wear anything she wants, but not in the workplace
Sanjay Sanj
Sanjay Sanj:
Is this so called modern western society we r talking about ?? Bloody hypocrisy .. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
MDT -:
look look.. i have cleavage
media: yeeeeeay
I will not support this.
I will support her if she goes for poll dance.
pradeep kumar Yadav
pradeep kumar Yadav:
Silence everyone by calling them “Troll”. No need to see if their criticisms have some genuine points. Great!!!
Anand Sai
Anand Sai:
Disclaimer : This is the first comment.
Reply, if yours is next... Like...
Vintage One
Vintage One:
People expressed whatever they thought.
Media has no right to say fhat they trolled.
Media cant dictate
John G
John G:
fashion, history cycle changing....
justin trudeau was heavily trolled for clothes
Bharath R
Bharath R:
To those who say woman can choose to wear wat they want : U cant play balley with swim suit
Dheeresh Agarwal
Dheeresh Agarwal:
Now Twitter has become the news
I never thought Finland citizens are this insecure. They have a beautiful young hot and intelligent PM to be proud of.
Fire Stick
Fire Stick:
Have you seen pictures of Melania Trump?
Y G:
Finland's PM looks a lot like CNN's Kaitlan Collins.
Karen Yoga Integral
Karen Yoga Integral:
He knew that Finland was a developed country and they discussed important things. It seems that in moral terms they are as far behind as here in the third world.
Nathalie John
Nathalie John:
Jezebel’s sisters are out there!
Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal:
Well well , mamamia its definitely yummy!
Dwayne mckenzieDwayne McKenzie
Dwayne mckenzieDwayne McKenzie:
U go Sanna u r beautiful... Respect too uuuuu
wow.. I wish we could swap Sanna with Rep Omar..
Andrew plack
Andrew plack:
Oh come on..
Playlist Channel
Playlist Channel:
Beauty shaming
Kashap Raina
Kashap Raina:
Beige Gaming
Beige Gaming:
Imagine thinking that clothing defines who you are as a person. The fact that anyone is stating their opinion on the matter is ridiculous. If she was naked, WHO CARES?! SHES LITERALLY BORN WITHOUT CLOTHES JUST LIKE ALL OF US!
Its good we need glamour in politics
Su has
Su has:
People need to get a brain.
Its people mind's that's dirty
Bhaskar Reddy Pulsani
Bhaskar Reddy Pulsani:
What a stupid society to even care about such trivial things.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar:
These butthurts need a real life. She's absolutely fine
janne mahonen
janne mahonen:
1:14 if guy was wearing something like this as prime minister and he wouldnt get any critisimn lmao theese females just want so badly to look sexy and show as much skin as they can it doesent fit well with role of being prime minister and the critisimn doesent have anything to do with sexismn
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa:
She's politician. Let voters decide what she should wear by voting against her. You have a problem with a person doing something to herself you ignore her not tell her what to wear.
japanese  日本に招待します 素晴らしい 日本で人気です
MDT -:
no wonder..she's from a "rainbow family"
that explains it
Just jealous women
kevin n
kevin n:
A hot head of state? Must be the first ever.
jojo rabbit
jojo rabbit:
A woman wears a deep neck...- issue
A woman wears a burqa-issue
A woman goes nude-issue.
(It was much easier for the women when the only option was a leaf)💃.
Chirag Moily
Chirag Moily:
Ah She is the Prime Minister of a country. She has achieved alot in her life.
And dress code for being woman? shame on these trolls. Shame this is 2020 now.
Strika Tegu
Strika Tegu:
Hrishita Raman
Hrishita Raman:
Trust if dress matters then India would hv been heaven.. Change this stereotype.. If u don't like someone's else style thn better ignore.. Don't try to impose urself on someone.. 𝙎𝙞𝙜𝙝 😓
Aditya Ujjawal
Aditya Ujjawal:
Dress should justify the dignity of post . Women can wear whatever they want but at workplace they must take care .
Yash Gawandi
Yash Gawandi:
She can wear anything she want irrespective of her work. But is it ethical to pose for a fashion magazine when u r head of a state ? Imagine if modi or trump or any other world leader did it. I think that if u r world leader u should restraint from glamour and materialistic things.
Mr. ForWard
Mr. ForWard:
So what??? A beautiful woman cant be amazing as well??? Not in the work place thou.
Dipankar Paik
Dipankar Paik:
Rest of the female leaders aside, Priyanka Vadra isn't even worthy to be discussed about. She is nothing more than a nepotism product and she has already proved out to be an incompetent Leader and Politician, just like her brother Raul Vinci.
B. Noksangba Chang
B. Noksangba Chang:
Why❓Let Her live her life. I too support her. If not,then will she have to live naked? Let all women all round the world live free. Whoever ,whatever and wherever .
She belongs to the streets.
Concubine of society.
G V:
I want Sonia and her daughter to get inspiration from this to expose themselves like their druggie Deepika
mritunjay singh thakur
mritunjay singh thakur:
You are also conservative why is News anchor is not a disable female how many media organisation have disabled female reporter/anchor so stop blaming others first check yourself you are also a biggest conservative
Manoj Mazumdar
Manoj Mazumdar:
There should be dress code for govt. members because what should be when male politicians began to wear jeans and shirt
Navneet Bhatnagar
Navneet Bhatnagar:
She can move forward in life . And pose like Sunny Leone. Just see how every one will vote for her then !!! 😋

It is ridiculous to see a lady politician to stoop to such a standard , for a profession, which encompasses empathy, not sensuality ;. public service rather than titillation .
What The Fact ???
What The Fact ???:
Imagine a man going fully naked inside a womens beauty parlour because he was naked when he came into existence..
Shagong Jiuzhu
Shagong Jiuzhu:
AOC is joining CCP re-education camp before Christmas!!
Pratyush Singh
Pratyush Singh:
Wear according to place and work, after work, politicians also have there personal life, they're politicians that doesn't mean they can't wear dress of there choice.
What is this. This is Finland, not the west asia women to wrap up in a drape.
Ankan Roy
Ankan Roy:
I support her👍. It's her decision to do it. But I am thinking what will happen if she was Indian. Bhakta + dharma raksha Dal + Muslim might have killed her by now.