Finland PM Sanna Marin's glamourous photo sparks online debate | World News | WION News

Finland's Prime minister Sanna Marin hit headlines for posing in a low-cut blazer for a magazine. Watch the report to know more.

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100+ komentarze:

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
Kudos to my guy who showed support posting the photo in same low neck blazer lol
msk production
msk production:
If 20 year old guy dont have knowledge who to vote
Now he definitely got the reason who to vote 🤣😂
Malcolm Price
Malcolm Price:
Just a distraction from the misery of 2020. Lucky Finland if that is all the political scandal they need to worry about.
rahul pal
rahul pal:
damn savage line: Hurt the sentiments of Fragile trolls.
Bob Bin
Bob Bin:
All I see is jealousy against her. She has a life outside politics also.
Pravin Kothari
Pravin Kothari:
Parliament attendence of male ministers. 100%.😂😂😂😂
Devdhir Singh
Devdhir Singh:
Parikshit Bhujbal
Parikshit Bhujbal:
So what, she can't look good if she is PM?
Maybe you guys would like her more if she covered herself with a burkha ??
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh:
What about a man prime minister wear something with his testicles slightly visible? Let's see who will stand by him with quote 'it's his choice'.
Brady Chuck
Brady Chuck:
these dudes needs to stop
Pinkz 11
Pinkz 11:
She looks beautiful. Just because she is the pm doesn't mean she has to cover up her body from head to toe.
Letter Fake
Letter Fake:
This feels more like a matter of Decency and Modesty rather than personal choice or being progressive. She is at a respectable position and that can require some level of compromise.
Imagine if a male pm started dressing like a Punk, and then defended it by saying being progressive.
Mother Earth
Mother Earth:
Its her life her choice. No time to argue.
Nothing wrong in that dress or with that picture.
People need to stop being so conservative and so backward thinking.
I support the lovely prime minister
Even man wanted to show ...😂1:04
sachin bangwal
sachin bangwal:
She is pm of a whole country at the age of 34, isnt that incredible.
Hemanth Nayak
Hemanth Nayak:
I never knew even people in Finland want Sharia law
s k
s k:
The interesting thing about this is this is the trolls were mostly from outside Finland
Finland is too progressive to waste time on this
Boy Kulot
Boy Kulot:
It was all okay until dudes started doing it too😝
Islam or Christainity ki ma chod ne wala
Islam or Christainity ki ma chod ne wala:
Uff people dont have any work to do thats why they judge someone and waste time both the side. She is also a human being
Himanshu Barnwal
Himanshu Barnwal:
Man I loved the pics, atleast it is honest and true.... In India politicians are already nude with clothes....
Soum Bhaery
Soum Bhaery:
What the heck. That's nothing.
Satyan Jena
Satyan Jena:
Lets get back to our Pre-historic life....Busy all day for food and all night for safety....No idle time, no social media, no bull shi* debate...who wore what & what not...Who is coming with me??🚶🚶
The Sunflower
The Sunflower:
I thought my country was like that!!! But...every country is like that!!!!! But this need to change...
Nothing wrong at all. Only losers fear a self expressive woman. As long as she does her job well . What does it matter.
bijeesh vasudevan
bijeesh vasudevan:
So no matter which country you belong to..politicians should be dress up in the ideal " clean, decent " image..🤔. This is a global thought
Rakhi Dhavale
Rakhi Dhavale:
It looks fabulous, boring people feeling jealous looking at her 😂
Vivek pratap
Vivek pratap:
he voi h kya jiski bikni pic viral hui thi😂btw she is damn hot🔥.
Bob Bin
Bob Bin:
All I see is jealousy against her. She has a life outside politics also.
Napoleon Aquino
Napoleon Aquino:
Damn, she's hot !!
Video Buff
Video Buff:
So hot people flaunting their bodies is not "in" anymore?
Unless she is a catholic nun I don't think she did anything wrong!
Wtf nooobs?!🙄
"eyes up here!!!"
Sujata Biswas
Sujata Biswas:
When you enjoy social media attention so much, should be ready to take the criticism also.
Wow I didn’t realise Finland had an attractive prime minister.
V P:
Being beautiful, being charming is wonderful......and being appropriately dressed is also an act of being beautifully charming...
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior:
Is this a joke, these complainers are just jealous...
Sankar P
Sankar P:
Sleeveless blouse and then blouseless sleeves......then cat walk (fashion show) is over....😂😂
Jay Urris
Jay Urris:
I'd have to have a closer look to make an informative judgement.
S s
S s:
WION I have officially fallen in love with your channel.
Rwiyegura Ally
Rwiyegura Ally:
Back off to our beautiful youngest PM unlike that old men of yours
Ramya Varma
Ramya Varma:
It's so good to see the men come out in support! Awesome!
s vs
s vs:
These kinds of trolls exist there too 😂
Vinod M
Vinod M:
There's nothing wrong in the photo. Why give any limelight to less literate online unemployed goons?
Lukas Jaeo
Lukas Jaeo:
It's good that the mom didn't turn me into a lesbian 🤣🤣🤣
Justin Daring
Justin Daring:
यही होता है जब कभी उम्मीद से ज्यादा मिल जाता है😁
sahil shroff
sahil shroff:
I think these people hasn't watched Game of Thrones😂😂
Abhinav Aherkar
Abhinav Aherkar:
So fools are everywhere in the world!😂
Aşık Çayoğlu
Aşık Çayoğlu:
I wish we had a young pm like this 😢😢
Supreme Videos
Supreme Videos:
Ladies should wear what they want! Please come one time in bikini for MPs.. 😂
She has inspired me to migrate to Finland
She’s beautiful
Altair *
Altair *:
I hope they keep getting more diverse :)
Trevs Travel Tales
Trevs Travel Tales:
A Beautiful Human, Proud to be one.
madan sharma
madan sharma:
Kudos to the PM of Finland.
विक्रम Vikram
विक्रम Vikram:
Now, I'm waiting for the day when some obsessed male activist fellows will start wearing lowers with a glimpse of male genital to stimulate other gender, knowingly or unknowingly. But sadly, they won't be able to play victim card when they would encounter sexual assault or raped.

Fact : Rate of Male Rapes in the US was at 1.5% during the year 2019. Just to give you a sense that sexual assaults & rapes are also being done against masculine. When feminine can beat a man to near death & take cover of some law, then what is gonna stop them to assault & rape men.
Clarification : I'm not a misogynist & this is one of my missions to help human beings awaken their consciousness & also to make them aware about the fact that they have also got certain 'responsibilities' along with the 'rights' they always talk about.
Why Mission : Because, most of us are not concerned about the damage which is being done to our mother nature & our other siblings like Forest life, Marine life & all sort of creatures without whom our mother earth will soon gonna be died, automatically.
mohit singh
mohit singh:
Men's are jealous 😂
Things got funny after a minute..😂
JekkamSetty Mohana Murali Krishna
JekkamSetty Mohana Murali Krishna:
Let's get a bit loose. We don't have to be serious all the time.
Sagar Chauhan
Sagar Chauhan:
Anchor is also beautiful 😂
Tf this is news😂😂😂 if shes running in my country ide vote for her..
Trade Hut
Trade Hut:
Finland's people are cool with it
Meanwhile rest of the world: axfeadguj xzswerujnfdw yijhfeeyb. Frhnc:7777******
Wowwwwwwwwww this should become like another ice bucket challenge.
I find it interesting that a country's PM has time to spend in photo shoots instead of looking into their nation's interest and problems of which Finland has many, especially during global pandemic which is going quite a bit of havoc.

But then again we have all learned and though, that you cannot criticize or question what women do, because it's immediately labeled as sexism and such.
Rohit Jayasheel
Rohit Jayasheel:
That is fine. Why the he'll media and people doing big issue of it.

Looks like No other work for people
Dupe Shots
Dupe Shots:
She's not even that glamorous🤷🏾‍♂️
Udit Dhiman
Udit Dhiman:
That's the kinda 56 inch ki chati i like to see on a PM. 😂😂
Nammakkum ondorennam.... Loka tholvi
Shivam Bakhshi
Shivam Bakhshi:
Is this really news 🤦🏻
Dipak Shah
Dipak Shah:
There is a different between common people and people in public life and effect of their behaviour on common people.
Nand Lal
Nand Lal:
Finland here I come!!
ᴋʀᴀɪᴛ 55
ᴋʀᴀɪᴛ 55:
Balwant Singh Chauhan
Balwant Singh Chauhan:
That guy 1:00 😂😂
I’d TPFB that.
Take Back Control
Take Back Control:
Those SIMPS also posing .
Thomas Cassidy
Thomas Cassidy:
I think she is lovely, good luck to her!!
Rana Kachari
Rana Kachari:
Lagta hei ye photo shoot ka bimar India se Finland pohus gya :-)
Thakur Lucky
Thakur Lucky:
85% intellectuals clicked because they were sure that the glamorous photo would be part of news clip.
lily joe
lily joe:
It is a perfect clothes for Parliament.
nagesh tagadur
nagesh tagadur:
she is wearing something,... that is what matters,.....
krishna samlal
krishna samlal:
They just damn envy d lady
Wonderful charming beautiful gorgeous and educated prime minister "Sana Marin"..
MDT -:
the reporter skiped the word."empowerment movements"
coz the PM..just gives them an empowering message.
women todays are so brave
but real men knows their worth
Now if we could just get this pretty, petite news presenter to do the same thing.....;-)
Kishore YC
Kishore YC:
What's the next style statement
vivek patel
vivek patel:
Who's complaining???
John agadi
John agadi:
Imagine if it happened in India
abilash jose
abilash jose:
I wonder why clothes where invented
balaji devanathan
balaji devanathan:
Thanks Sanna Marin
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar:
Who support her.🙋
Y J:
Me, few months ago : inspiring woman leader.
Also me now : hmm gorgeous but...

Well whole world is suffer not only from corona but also from their leaders weird hobby and most common is "photoshot".
( Also Equality is hell when we talk about feminists.)
Sienna Tanner
Sienna Tanner:
abhinav reddy
abhinav reddy:
Forget Finnish PM, who is the new anchor?
Ab by
Ab by:
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manipuri indian
manipuri indian:
So beautiful and so sexy keep it up PM
curt s
curt s:
She looks great, what’s the issue?
Carl Cassidy
Carl Cassidy:
There are lots of online glamour photos of the first lady why should she be different
Ruwais Academy
Ruwais Academy:
Lets say to them..
Get Lost...
Mr J
Mr J:
Happiest country like there PM
Pratap Sinh
Pratap Sinh:
what's so wrong in this pic?