First Aid Fail - The Office US

Michael Scott is performing first aid techniques when the office suddenly breaks in to 'Staying Alive' by The Bee Gees.

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100+ komentarze:

Travis Wittliff
Travis Wittliff:
Kelly starting to dance is both unnecessary and hilarious at the same time.
Mihir Yedur
Mihir Yedur:
Imagine you're on the floor and you're about to die and the last thing you see is a bunch of middle aged people dancing to stayin alive.
I feel like this scene portrays every characters personality
Kyle Richard Hill
Kyle Richard Hill:
"How about no arms? No arms or legs is basically how you exist right now Kevin. You don't do anything."
Casey White
Casey White:
This episode actually saved my girlfriend’s life before. When we were first dating within the first three months, we were at my friends house and it was extremely hot that day. We were sitting outside and she got to feeling bad and told me she needed to go inside. So I got up and we started to walk inside then she just passed out and fell into my arms. I remember how scared I was in that instance and I remember feeling no heartbeat at all. So my first thought was this episode and using “Staying Alive” to give her CPR. I never took any classes in High School for CPR. Within 20 seconds of doing this, she woke up and I instantly felt so much relief. So if it wasn’t for my love for The Office, my girlfriend and future wife would possibly be gone. Thank you for creating such a great show and literally, this show is a life saver.
Paul Gosu
Paul Gosu:
This episode had both the fire drill and this. Best. Episode. Ever.
Raffaele D'Abrusco
Raffaele D'Abrusco:
David Wallace was the most patient manager in any business ever.
sara clicia
sara clicia:
It’s the “Clarisse” part that gets me every time. I just can’t.
Sharon Cohen
Sharon Cohen:
every time I think Dwight has officially reached his psychotic limit, he surprises me again
"Check for an organ donor card, if he has one we only have minutes to harvest"

*proceeds to viciously stab heart he's trying to collect*
JackieBoy 000
JackieBoy 000:
It's shocking how fast Dwight went from harvesting organs to wearing his face.
ahaskar karde
ahaskar karde:
The fact that Dwight was able to cut the face off, carve out holes on it AND made it fit his face perfectly in just seconds always amazes me.
captain max
captain max:
2:35 Cost us thirty five hundred dollars. michael: 5300?
Luqmaan Iqbal
Luqmaan Iqbal:
Rose: “Do you know the song?”
Michael: “Yes, yes I do. I love that song”
Perihan Aslı Özdal
Perihan Aslı Özdal:
Dwight's face while singing "Staying Alive" is the most Dwight thing ever.
How any of the actors kept a straight face during this is beyond me
Wicked Shades Productions
Wicked Shades Productions:
0:15 you can see that they boarded the window that Michael broke during the fire
brady cole
brady cole:
Someone dies in the office
Dwight: *pulls knife*
I understand why everyone was mad at Dwight, but I am just amazed at how well the mannequin face fits Dwights face
Katy Mbeke
Katy Mbeke:
"I didn't think it was realistic in the movie. Turns out, it's very realistic."
"it cost us $3500"

"Five thousand three hundred for a dummy?"
Jason D
Jason D:
Michael: No Rose, they are not breathing, and they have no arms or legs.
Rose: No that's not part of it.
Michael: wHeRe ArE tHeY 👁👄👁
“I didn’t think it was very realistic in the movie. And it turns out, it’s pretty realistic”

Oh Dwight. Never change.
Sriya nivas
Sriya nivas:
They showed this to me in my PE class and with an actual story about how a guy actually rescued someone while singing this. SO GUYS THIS WORKS!
Wunn Sen
Wunn Sen:
It almost makes me cry how fast Dwight goes from the organs to straight Hannibal Lecture, it was sooo funny 😄 😆
russodidit !
russodidit !:
"He has no wallet, I checked."

comedy gold
No Fear surfing
No Fear surfing:

Absolutely no one:

Dwight: Is He An OrGan DoNoR
“Okay, well, a good trick is to pump to the tune of ‘Stayin’ Alive’, from The Bee Gees”

*Michael: proceeds to chant I Will Survive*

I swear I almost died laughing 😂, and English isn’t even my native language
HC Rankin
HC Rankin:
Thirty-five hundred dollars = $5300 . . . . . ."Michael Math"
Chelsie Wallace
Chelsie Wallace:
" they have no arms or legs."

"Where are they?!"
"He has no wallet, i checked"

Creeds one liners are just perfect
William McCormick
William McCormick:
1:46 Michael's attitude over losing is so underrated in a scene of endless lines.
Noones talking about Michael singing "I will survive" instead of "Stayin' Alive
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed:
That poor woman must’ve thought “teaching cpr to about a dozen people... shouldn’t be too difficult” 😂😂
Narendra Rautela
Narendra Rautela:
"Now dwight knows not to cut the face of real person"
Fact: Beagles Are Best
Fact: Beagles Are Best:
“And now Dwight knows not to cut the face off of a real person”.
Comedy gold.
Jonathan Swee Le
Jonathan Swee Le:
" Clarisse...."

im dying hahahha
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
Virgin Bee Gees is nothing compared to the Chad Andy
best singer in the universe
Soldier 69
Soldier 69:
“We bury him.”
Riley Oliver
Riley Oliver:
Is he an organ donor??
Dwight: “and I took that personally”
Atul Tiwari
Atul Tiwari:
Three Greatest Michael of all time :
1.Michael Scott.
2.Michael Corleone.
3.Michael Jackson.
_Āšh_ ğåćhã_
_Āšh_ ğåćhã_:
"We search for organs!"
*Eyeless Jack Joined The Chat*
Gregory Courson
Gregory Courson:
"the precious heart" - just had a heart attack
Jëllÿfïsh_ Jänë2
Jëllÿfïsh_ Jänë2:
Kevin's face after Michael said you don't do anything- XD
"No arms or legs is basically, how you exist right now, Kevin.

You don't do anything."
Lmao That roast.
Michael Colon
Michael Colon:
This was one of those moments when Angela was thinking "Why am I attracted to him?" 😂
Aneeq Mohideen
Aneeq Mohideen:
Dwight's face at 1:38 looks like he is really getting into the song while disapproving of it at the same time
Der Maler
Der Maler:
2:18 that sound turns me on every time.
Vinay Verma
Vinay Verma:
"He has no wallet. I checked"
- Creed
The awkward silence after Creed says "You're from the parking lot earlier that's how I know you" out of nowhere is just the funniest thing ever lmao
David Here to laugh
David Here to laugh:
This iconic scene alone is why The Office (US) ran for 9 seasons.
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn:
Anytime you get a good “OH MY GOD!” out of Stanley, or you make him need to sit down, you win. Do both at the same time and you’ve just automatically made the top 10 best moments in show history.
2:23 I just realize that Dwight let the knife stucked right in the dummy's heart hahahaha
Matt From Wii Sports
Matt From Wii Sports:
Anyone notice that the window that Michael broke has a board on it
That’s great
Sikorsky UH60 Black Hawk Medium Utility Helicopter
Sikorsky UH60 Black Hawk Medium Utility Helicopter:
f i r s t i w a s a f r a i d i w a s p e t r i f i e d
DJ Artyom
DJ Artyom:
No one gonna talk about how micheal sang a different song that’s not The Bee Gees
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto:
Because of this scene I started watching the office.
That Trucker
That Trucker:
Kevin's face after that burn lol... He's like "Wtf did I do to you?"
Drew Phillips
Drew Phillips:
You were in the parking lot earlier that’s how I know you!
Kelly’s dance was the best
Fun Fact: Toby wrote this episode. Well, Paul Lieberstein, the guy that plays Toby wrote this episode. Pure genious
"five thousand three hundred dollars". David Wallace face is priceless... xD
You Dick Twitches
You Dick Twitches:
I love when Andy starts getting carried away and fully let’s go with the “rit it doo, rit it doo, rit it tititi doo!” All high pitched 😂😂
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn:
Imagine witnessing someone dying in the middle of a mall. That's pretty hard to watch already, but here comes a random dude with a knife and just cuts the dead open and reaches inside with a bare hand saying "Where is a precious heart?". That will probably mess you up for life.
Sarah Campbell
Sarah Campbell:
Can we talk about the fact that Michel said five thousand three hundred after the guy said thirty five hundred and the guy looks at him like wtf
This is the best scene in the office. Change my mind.
That random “You were in the parking lot earlier that’s how I know you!” from Creed alwayssss gets me know matter what 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
If you wanted to sum up the office in 3 minutes, this is the video
Caleb Grizzlyman89
Caleb Grizzlyman89:
It’s amazing that two of the greatest comedic scenes in tv history came from the same episode, of the same series.
Prashanth Dk
Prashanth Dk:
No one:

Absolutely no one:

Dwigt: Clarrisssssssse
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
We legit got to watch this in PDHPE. Best lesson ever lmao
G G:
"If we come across somebody with no arms or legs do we bother resuscitating them?"
Kai Sage
Kai Sage:
Creed steals the scene with two lines: 1:03 and 1:58
I'm dying I'm dying!!!! this is effing hilarious I can't stop lauphing
-no name- -deleted-
-no name- -deleted-:
“Where’s the heart, the precious heart”
when andy starts sing and kelly appears dancing i just lost it
"you were in the parking lot earlier, that's how i know you!"
*dead silence except for me laughing my ass off*
Riccardo Grandi
Riccardo Grandi:
Oscar's face when Andy starts singing is extremely underrated. He's like "yeah this doesn't surprise me"
lolrandomore KH
lolrandomore KH:
Why is it that they would end up doing this even if it was a real person.
2:21 Stanley in the background saying "Oh my god" gets me everytime
Ryan M.
Ryan M.:
I just want to say almost every first aid trainer I have ever come across is just as boring and uptight as rose was

You’d make a joke and they’d hate you
Imasmo Kajoint
Imasmo Kajoint:
2:23 Stanley’s oh my gawwwd made it 10 times funnier
Reflex Taze
Reflex Taze:
Andy starting to actually sing was one of the greatest moments on this show.
Drummer In The Dark
Drummer In The Dark:
I'm andy. I just care if the music is right.
Puli Z
Puli Z:
“Amnmanmanmanmanmanan stayin alive stayin alive.”
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Bueno:
_"namanama namanama namanama namanama staying alive, staying alive."_
Scott, Michael.
Adrian Correa
Adrian Correa:
Everyone when Dwight wears the face: "EW DWIGHT OHH"

Dwight: "Clarisse"
like why does he say that lol. Still gets me all the time.
deepika balla
deepika balla:
Creed : He has no wallet, i checked!
Simi Akintokun
Simi Akintokun:
“FiRsT I wAs aFraiD, I was PeTriFIed”
alex bittler
alex bittler:
who else is here in 2021 when the office just got removed from Netflix and over to Peacock. Sad day today
Mike B
Mike B:
Creed: “He doesn’t have a wallet, I checked.”
Dude is extra creepy and always trying to rob people 😂😂😂😂😂
Yan Sanchez
Yan Sanchez:
"You were in the parking lot earlier that's how I know you" like what ? so random 😂😂😂
Mr O4TS:
Creed is my favorite part of this scene

No context at all😂
Laylo Potato
Laylo Potato:
1:04 me making up an excuse when I don’t remember someone I met a week ago
Joshua Demas
Joshua Demas:
Creeds first line about the parking lot caught me off guard and had me dying hahaha
Yea, aight.
Yea, aight.:
David: “We had to pay for it. Cost us thirty five hundred dollars.”

Michael: “5,300 dollars for a dummy?”
Joshua Zhao
Joshua Zhao:
You know what's weird, I saw this scene when I had never watched the office, and I was confused, and now that I have watched I've realized its comedy gold.
Trevor Nolan
Trevor Nolan:
"You were in the parking lot earlier! Thats how I know you!"
Thariq Ahamad
Thariq Ahamad:
This scene was the reason I started watching the office
Weenie Doge
Weenie Doge:
Most times, an episode is good with a few best funny points, this episode was just FUNNY point after FUNNY point
The entire episode was a funny point 😂