First Impressions of Football Manager 2021

Well I’ve certainly been talking about FM21 for a long time, but now I finally get a chance to click around and feel out the latest edition of the game. I look for highly anticipated new features, find some new ones in this latest Football Manager that we didn’t know were there before, and just get a feel for it for the first time. We take every induction and try to unearth every feature you would encounter on your first day of Football Manager 2021, basically.

This is actually the first time I clicked through everything in FM21. In the first stream, we just looked up players to see their ratings in the game. We looked at a few wonderkids and such but didn’t actually get into tactics, squads, and scouting. Turns out Football Manager didn’t make too many changes for 2021 in a lot of areas and went for some really focused changes in a few areas. For me, the whole game hinges on the match engine. If the changes are as described, then we have a great game on our hands, if FM21 doesn’t make big strides there, then I think it’s underwhelming.

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Reece The Editor
Reece The Editor:
My plan to turn Zealand into an Everton fan is working...
zealand every time he sees a feature from FM20: that's new
Josh 1902
Josh 1902:
Zealand: *discovers the separate schedule creator, which has been there since FM19*

Zealand: I like your funny words magic man
Nathan Crozier
Nathan Crozier:
The new layout on match day and in the dressing room for team talks is mad confusing, also RIP get creative
James Ryan
James Ryan:
Slow database loading? If I tried to load that many leagues the minute the game came out I'd still be sitting there waiting for it 😂😂😂
Yonathan Medina
Yonathan Medina:
Everything he said “that’s new right?” to was already there in FM20 🤣
Jamie Dawson
Jamie Dawson:
"It's not doing your hairline any favours" in-game hairline is so much better 😭😭
Ben Craddock
Ben Craddock:
Loving that Everton kit Zealand 😍
Talos the Cat
Talos the Cat:
"this is new"
Narrator: it wasn't
Miles said the recruit meetings happen a month before the transfer window and a week before the deadline.
Rosco Dodger
Rosco Dodger:
Zealand I will gladly donate to get you a new seat. I know what it's like sitting in a chair like that for hours on end. It was the best chair I could find when I was trapped in a 14th century monastery.
Aaron Jenkin
Aaron Jenkin:
Loved this channel till I seen the Everton kit 😂😂
Daniel Lovell
Daniel Lovell:
The "LL" in Llaneros actually stands for "Ladies love (large databases)".
Man i love this channel lmao you're an underrated legend ong
Had to go find someone else's first look as you were doing my head in just being a fool for the first 3 minutes! I can't watch anymore
Fortunately the match engine is indeed much better.
B- feels extremely generous considering most of these features will probably get repetive really fast
Legit the Agent Availability is a damn good feature. I use it pretty much everytime I want to make a transfer already. You get all the information you need to get the transfer done quickly and easily. So god damn good
Where's my green circles?
B. Short The Dev
B. Short The Dev:
Zealand sounding like he's ready to go W2S on that chair.
Oran Moten
Oran Moten:
I am irrationally upset at the number 1 being on an outfield jersey.
Itay Kisous
Itay Kisous:
Schedules had a tab all the way to FM19 hehe :D
Lucas P
Lucas P:
I guess you were right, the ME is really great, not awesome but great :D
Isaac Wilcox
Isaac Wilcox:
Did Reece skip a paycheck to get you into an Everton kit?
So the agent just gives you information faster than your scout, as you learn the wages and rough transfer cost that way anyways
Eel Eye
Eel Eye:
Didn’t know you’re an Evertonian Zealand
Matt Aquilina
Matt Aquilina:
Everton Kit is amazing!
That Everton shirt looking great
Just imagine a new player, completly in over their head. "Let's just drop off some responsibilities to the AI, that'll make it easier to get into."
10:03 "quality of life"
Ayodeji Alarape
Ayodeji Alarape:
Is he serious about scheduling being new ? I swear it was there in 20
Hey Zealand, do you mind making videos about top wonder kids on FM 21?
Love the intro 😂😂😂
Mike Turl
Mike Turl:
Wooo Zealand wearing my club shirt! 😁
John Morgan
John Morgan:
Thanks Zealand for your honesty. Which is severally lacking with other creators!!!
V T:
Can we all just agree that they should not charge full price every damn year? xD
"Sick and super cool" - Quick talks seems like be a mix of Press Conference and team talks - it gets repetitive and old fast.
Can you do a guide on how the MLS works, I try to manage NY Red Bulls and am understanding nada 😂
Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell:
There's a tab on the inbox screen for recruitment meetings for me
Sam Rowe
Sam Rowe:
Might not look good in a suit but look great in an Everton shirt lad! UTFT!
Highly rate that shirt you're wearing
Dominic Palmer
Dominic Palmer:
Reece's editing powers are reaching new levels.... I got an as for 'Reice' straight after watching the video!
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes:
The effect of the changes to the condition will lead to me either using rotation exclusively (which is basically my main mode anyway), or a lot less than is my norm (seriously, if a player is at 94% I'll generally not start them). I have long team sheets and my teams are great for kids who need game time.
Mac Million
Mac Million:
Does anyone know how to access the dugout info manually during a match ?
Uhh. The custom training schedule has been in for at least a year.
Faustyczny Ikar
Faustyczny Ikar:
I can't change skin color. I have to be brown-ish. So... I added myself a great Carlos Valderrama-like hairstyle. I look great.
Zealand please please please do a lets play save on Youtube!
james mcdevitt
james mcdevitt:
How I feel not enough changes . Will see this next year
riaan ras
riaan ras:
Are you doing a game give away?
RAD Games
RAD Games:
Its fast on my machine. I notice the performance increases. i7 8core. 3600mhz ram.
Chad O'Haver
Chad O'Haver:
Bro, you didn't load Colombian leagues in your save. RIP.
Not even watched the vid, seen Zee is wearing an Everton shirt, hit like. Nice one la.
so it's basically fm2020.1
Ryan Hay
Ryan Hay:
Everton shirt? Really?
Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott:
Zealand! You’re now a Toffee. In fact, you always were. Evertonian’s are born, not manufactured. I knew there was a reason I loved this channel!!
Ian Coleman
Ian Coleman:
not zealand in an everton shirt 🥺🥺💙
Alexandru Tipter
Alexandru Tipter:
Dudes, I just finished a game where I won a sweet 7-1 and at the end, where you should press continue, the game does not take the command. I can do anything except advance to the post match. I cannot save and load, I cannot go to the post match press conference. I did the post match dressing room speech and that was it, after that, the game refuses to advance. I didn't edit a thing, I didn't mess with the game engine. This new update gave me a few bugs already. It seems to make the teams more productive, but otherwise, there were several minor bugs I encountered. Anyone, opinions?
Aiden Ross
Aiden Ross:
preston northey
preston northey:
I'm a Everton fan loving the kit boi
free wifi
free wifi:
I'm so broke :'(
Fornel TTS
Fornel TTS:
might have to send you a Brighton shirt just so you dont wear an Everton shirt
Ilian Alexov
Ilian Alexov:
The same game as FM20. I will pass.
Jamie Aubrey
Jamie Aubrey:
So did he take that dump ?
matt s
matt s:
Hi Zealand, i know you don't have a transfer budget for Aberdeen. However! A striker that may fit your profile is Raphael Santos Borre.

Looking forward to the streams!
Kris Slack
Kris Slack:
schedules tab in training was 100% in FM20
Scottish Football Calls
Scottish Football Calls:
It looks like the same game but with more unnecessary clutter.
The English Panda
The English Panda:
Haha great to see the Everton shirt, was not expecting that 👍
Der Türinator
Der Türinator:
soo in the next video you will destroy your chair?
Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe:
Your content is so funny man😂😂😂
didn't they said we could have a fomartion for when we defend and when we attack? where is that?
Gareth Cooley
Gareth Cooley:
Hey Zealand. How can I send you a Norwich City and Peterborough United shirts? Got a couple I no longer use that need a new home :)
Arjan Rietberg
Arjan Rietberg:
So two and a half star with up to 5 stars in white :p
Shawn Gillogly
Shawn Gillogly:
Z, yes. The game is MUCH faster. What's more, it's barely working my Predator Helios 300 now. Which is good, because it may be a powerful laptop, but it has an insane desire to immolate itself. Saves are virtually instant. Even on a supposed "2 star" setup. And it's almost like FM 15 again for flying through the weeks between matches.

All in all, this is my favorite FM since 15 already.
Shane Commins
Shane Commins:
Honestly, i love the hell out of FM but SI's business model is a sack of crap. Any other company (Paradox being a useful example) would put these features in a $20 DLC - and, given how few there actually are, even that would be pushing it. SI charge twice to three times that, and expect us to drop to one knee because they got a game out at all this year. Um, no?
Nate Giacoma
Nate Giacoma:
How is tales magno in FM21 picked him up last year for my Milan save and he just killed it
Do you have a channel we’re you upload series
Anyone know if there is a way to get a player to be part of a social group? Or will it just happen?
The doctor
The doctor:
Mot we are Leeds
Masterquest mq
Masterquest mq:
You look like Landon Donovan in that kit
Nenoro Alzafen
Nenoro Alzafen:
Excuse me Zealand but Porcelain Throne is more important than FM21
Is that a norwegian flag? Why?
Daniel Radnedge
Daniel Radnedge:
For iterative games like FM they should totally do an annual upgrade fee. Could have it on subscription so you lock in that recurring revenue and bump up the price of the game for new players. £40-£50 for the game outright and then £15 annually to get the new version. Maybe tweak those prices but you get the point. What do we think?
Zeke Robinson
Zeke Robinson:
That estimated game speed...
Furin Furetto
Furin Furetto:
Im the 69th viewer
Andreas Wong
Andreas Wong:
Tbf one positive of FM21 is that it is certainly much faster than FM20
Steed Bennett
Steed Bennett:
Zealand say I donated a reading fc shirt would u uno wear it and do the dirty with it ;)
Change your white board dammit 🤦🏻‍♂️
Max Doe
Max Doe:
Everton kit? 4:53
zealand we are 3 days into the beta and i still haven't seen you play a match please for the love of god play a football match dammit
Maybe it’s just me but I wish the UI was bigger. My eyes are absolutely awful even with glasses but goddamn they fit so much on the screen just make it at least a little bigger 😭
Kensan Han
Kensan Han:
FM21 will be my first FM where i will never download any tactic from the workshop. Hardcore i know
Lars Myhre
Lars Myhre:
Schedules!!!! Had this on my Aston Villa save
Wolves A
Leicester A
Tottenham H
United A
Liverpool A
Chelsea H
Man City A
Demuus Rex
Demuus Rex:
One of my favorite things about fm20 is all the shortcuts you can access by right-clicking. Can you maybe explore this on the new game?
Stan Sheppard
Stan Sheppard:
Everton shirt needs to become a mainstay. Reece just went up a notch in my book, that puts him at notch 1....
Ali Gaming
Ali Gaming:
Zealand an orlando supporter? Inter Miami will come for the Florida crown 😈
Perhaps due to covid not as much time was spent on scouting and data for smaller leagues. I noticed for PSV Eindhoven pretty much no adjustments were made to ca for the main squad. Additionally, 2 main injuries were just not in the game even though they happened in August/September. This was never the case before in any version over the last 6 years.
Do u have a streams highlights channel? Would love to watch streams but I never have time
Freddie Keen
Freddie Keen:
Schedules isn’t new
Alias Alias
Alias Alias:
The UI is so fucking terrible. Match engine is great though but I'll wait for skins to release before I properly dive into this game