First Look at Nintendo Switch

Introducing Nintendo Switch! In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system also enables gamers to play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable unprecedented new video game play styles.

Nintendo Switch is Available Now!


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100+ komentarze:

Let's be frank, the best part of this is being able to play while taking a dump.
I fear no man...
but that thing
“4 years ago”
it scares me
It's been 4 years and the switch still feels new
This was a serious step up from the Wii U. Man, how companies change.

Edit: I guess people agree,
To those who said the Wii U has better hardware: True but the switch is much more versatile in use cases.
Who else felt nostalgic and came back to this wonderful reveal?
MedV Vasqz
MedV Vasqz:
Parents:turn that tv off and play outside!

Nintendo: say no more
Jomar Tamin
Jomar Tamin:
I cant believe i was watching a nintendo switch with a nintendo switch
is this just me or all of you:
nintendo switch looks like never gets old
This trailer is going to be 5 years old this year
captain cooles
captain cooles:
When my dad showed me this. I wanted it SO bad. So unbelievably bad, that I would draw pictures of it, dream about it and I was also thinking of selling my toys for it. But then my dad's friends son had it, and I played on that for hours. That's when my dad's friend realized how much I loved it and he bought me one. I litterally died.
when are they gona show that mario
Hero & Pikachu
Hero & Pikachu:
Glad to see that YouTube really knows what content I want to see in December of 2020
Switch: Anytime,Anywhere,Anyone
Covid19: *not anymore*
4 years later and 80 million sold. And this is without the system even being fully fleshed out...still no themes, no native party chat, no messages, no streaming services.

Just goes to show a good idea and good games is always enough for people to make the purchase. Everything else is a bonus.
Henry Stickman
Henry Stickman:
Youtube showing this to me after 4 years:

Me : why tho?
Hares Mahmood
Hares Mahmood:
It's crazy how fresh the Switch still feels even after 3 years
Ice bear
Ice bear:
I show this to my switch every year to remind him his origin.
Faris Shaikh
Faris Shaikh:
Remember when the nintendo switch was announced and everybody said it was a piece of trash. Now it's the most innovative gaming console ever.
Venix Scorp
Venix Scorp:
I have a feeling this console is gonna last long time just like the ps4 and switch is gonna be 4 years old next year crazy
PS4 and Xbox One: *about to destroy the Wii U*
Nintendo Switch: Hey! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?
It makes me so giddy watching this and looking over at my Switch and pro controller on my desk and just remembering how badly I wanted one two years ago. Happy birthday Nintendo Switch trailer video! Here's to many more years of looking back at you with a great fondness!
B's Tech Channel
B's Tech Channel:
Lyrics according to my wallet :


repeat many times
Syafiq Adli
Syafiq Adli:
Wii U: You can play Mario while taking a dump
Switch: You can play Mario while taking a dump at your friends' house
Nugget Vlogs
Nugget Vlogs:
4 years later and I’m playing animal crossing :P
Who else randomly got this in their recommended and said to yourself “that was 4 years ago”?
how is the switch release already nostalgic
Can we talk about the fact that that man in the trailer, took his switch out of his dock and traveled to go to another house to play skyrim.
Ryan’s Studios
Ryan’s Studios:
2016: let’s look at Nintendo switch

2021: let’s look at Nintendo switch pro
Prime 3k
Prime 3k:
Still can’t believe it’s almost 4 years wow I feel old
Charlie G.
Charlie G.:
Fun fact: more switches have been sold than people who viewed this video
Justin Tritt
Justin Tritt:
Happy 4th Birthday Switch!! It still feels so new.
raza raki
raza raki:
4 years went fast wow and it still is an amazing boi
Humberto Olivarez
Humberto Olivarez:
I was in the 8th grade and 14 years old when the Switch came out, now I’m 18 graduating High school. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve had the switch for that long😔
Troubled Adolescent
Troubled Adolescent:
I feel like this is the thing nobody talks about but everybody has or wants one deep down
I refuse to believe this was three years ago.
42 _
42 _:
everybody are gangsta till that guy turns a normal console into a handheld
Already 4 years? Damn, so old...

me, not the Switch
RandomBacon 09
RandomBacon 09:
Now I can play super Mario 64 while taking a dump!
Crispy0range _
Crispy0range _:
Who else remembers when people were doubting this thing after the Wii U sunk Nintendo
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz:
Satoru Iwata would be proud of this :v

We miss you....
Patrick Pepples
Patrick Pepples:
the fact that this has more than triple the views than the wiiU has sold units is comical
Amalyn Cuasay
Amalyn Cuasay:
Hopefully this releases now
alfons bradley
alfons bradley:
Ah yes, To-
Dre Murf 313
Dre Murf 313:
It blew my mind 4 years ago
& it STILL blows my mind now
hana sheldon
hana sheldon:
Nintendo, it’s been two years since I got the switch.

I still haven’t been invited to a rooftop party.
I just bought a Switch, I had no idea it's already around 4 years.
Toady evan
Toady evan:
Is nobody gonna talk about that YouTube thinks they are showing gameplay from new super lucky’s tale?
Red PlayzYT
Red PlayzYT:
Me keeps rewinding trying to see how did they detach the joy con on the same time:👁👄👁
ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation
ÐÇ, My Darkest Creation:
At this point, I don’t even know what comes next
Gretter 74
Gretter 74:
Even though the switch was released about 2 years ago
still feels like it just came out
Confusion OfDaHighestOrda
Confusion OfDaHighestOrda:
Didn’t expect this to be filmed in Vancouver
Lehmo Nade
Lehmo Nade:
Wow! Can't wait for it to come out!
the fact that this is now nostalgic terrifies me
Casey Is Cool
Casey Is Cool:
Ah yes my favorite New Super Lucky's Tale channel
TechNerd News
TechNerd News:
*power goes out
Playstation and Xbox players: Damn it

Nintendo switch users: let me take this outta the dock.
Elioenai Serrano Rivera
Elioenai Serrano Rivera:
Honestly it's been almost 5 years and it feels like yesterday.
2:32 that black guys face tho when she slides the joycons off
*This appeared in my recommendations, what about you?*
Cole Breuker
Cole Breuker:
When I see him using headphones on the plane: yessssss!
Remember when people thought this was going to be "Nintendo's biggest flop yet"

How's that going for ya
Gordon The Real Ramsay
Gordon The Real Ramsay:
I just got this in recommended lol
John Doe
John Doe:
This was so cool to me in 2016 you have no idea.
I can’t believe this is 4 years, time flies
Man I remember being really excited for this. good times, good times
Karl Svärdström
Karl Svärdström:
The switch still feels like a brand new console!
I thought this would have 200 Million views by now
Henry Entertainment System
Henry Entertainment System:
I was looking through the nintendo eshop on my wii u and I found this trailer and I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
4 Years since A major Comeback, Continue on strong!
Eternal Fyrix
Eternal Fyrix:
In 20 years: the new Super Nintendo ultimate cube switch 64 Extreme deluxe advance colour U
Nintendo has gotten this far. 4 years since this trailer came out and 3.5 years since the console came out. I'm still here, playing Breath of the Wild on my Switch.
full of nostalgia when we get on a plane without masks and social distancing
O.G. Francis
O.G. Francis:
4 years later and I finally bought a Switch
It’s been 4 years and we never got a good underrated game
Boy of the Millennium Force
Boy of the Millennium Force:
pov: you didn't spend very long looking for this video
Manassa Costa
Manassa Costa:
I remember when everyone was mocking Nintendo saying the console was going to be another flop. Now look!
Ivy W
Ivy W:
Nostalgia be hittin real hard rn.
Sr Nibb
Sr Nibb:
4 years ago man what a ride it’s been, glad I can say I was there from the beginning
Aishwariya Roy
Aishwariya Roy:
This was 4 years ago. I am now a decrepit old man.
damn its been four years wtf i thought this was 2019
Ciara Kelly
Ciara Kelly:
The switch is already 3 years old but it feels like it came out yesterday
Ty' Gaskin
Ty' Gaskin:
The switch is basically what we thought the Wii U would be
Vegito Instinct
Vegito Instinct:
Honestly might have been the best purchase of my life. When I got it 5 months after release I never stopped playing on it
Who asked? I asked.
Who asked? I asked.:
Damn the nostalgia hits harder than a bus...
Boing boing
Boing boing:
Brings joy that in ten more years this is gonna be nostalgic
The Freaky Bean
The Freaky Bean:
BOTW 2 gets announced

K P:
I just got this recommended to me I thought it was a new direct for a second and was about to be so happy...
Jarrod Dobben
Jarrod Dobben:
Damn I wish I had the life of all these people, a nice apartment to myself or a dope van to go on roadtrips, don't even need the switch at that point but I'll take it
Breex The Hedgehog
Breex The Hedgehog:
Is it bad feeling old to something even tho you're 19-
I watched this trailer every day, dude.
Literal microwave
Literal microwave:
Switch Trailer: *Has been out for 3 years already*
Youtube: Yo check out this sick console
The Saddo
The Saddo:
The funny thing is he disconnects the joycons whilst in a PLANE. IN AEROPLANE MODE. Every time I see that I just scream.
Lofty F
Lofty F:
So excited for this to come out.
This was Nintendo’s BIGGEST release EVER
JN crossing
JN crossing:
Nostalgic :')
4 million views

the marketing is already better than the entirety of the wii u's
Diego Díaz
Diego Díaz:
I Can't process that it has been 4 years of Magic!!!
Is it weird that an ad from 4 years ago makes me feel nostalgic?
Why falling in love When you can fall asleep
Why falling in love When you can fall asleep:
Some people feel like it came out a long time ago but honestly 4 years is pretty recent. I feel like i had mine decades ago
Karl Geoffrey
Karl Geoffrey:
This aged like fine Wine. never gets old no matter how many times I Watch it
One day the switch will be nostalgic