FIRST LOOK: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a Blue 🔵

Welcome to Chelsea Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

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Mujtaba Juya
Mujtaba Juya:
Thanks for everything you did in Barca. You won our hearts in such a short time. Good luck to you and Chelsea.
I’m so sorry for what happened to you and your family Pierre! Stay strong and can’t wait to see you at the bridge 💪💪💪
Ed, Edd n Eddy
Ed, Edd n Eddy:
You can tell he's still kinda shook about the robbery, I hope he recovers mentally and physically. I'm super excited about his arrival, I still believe we can challenge for the league. COYB
Don Mujtaba
Don Mujtaba:
With Kante recovered Chelsea will come back in full form 🔥🔥
Steven James
Steven James:
I'm very happy to see him I like him to be in Chelsea for many years before Barca bought him but now I'm happy.
mr adnano
mr adnano:
When he came to barca i was happy and unlike other players he proved himself to be the best
Excited to see the wonders that Auba will do on the pitch, prayers to him and his family 👍💙
Soeradj Narain
Soeradj Narain:
Auba is such a friendly player. How can you not like him as a person. Very effective and in last years a bit underrated because of Arsenal history. In a good team he is a monster. Let's see what Tuchel makes of him.
We wish you all the luck Auba. Thank you for what you did for Barcelona ❤️💙
I’m genuinely happy to see this guy back in the premier league, I’m looking forward to seeing him handle his unfinished business 👏🏾🔵
James Lot Sikazwe
James Lot Sikazwe:
From the Kid that carried Gabon in 2012 AFCON into the knock out stages to playing in the biggest clubs on the planet. Dude has had an amazing journey. Can't wait to see him on the pitch! COYB!!!
Ken Ken
Ken Ken:
I wanted Auba at Chelsea loooooong time ago.....he is one of my favorite striker...he will receive my full support at chelsea 💙 🙌
fiasko Dollari
fiasko Dollari:
I really hope he shines at Chelsea. We need him to help our attack this season click and banging em goals .hopefully we finish top 4 and win a trophy or 2
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway:
I hope that he is motivated to play for Chelsea because according to an interview that he gave in 2016, it was his dream to play in Spain.
He actually scored 11 league goals in 17 games.
Not a Chelsea fan but Auba fan, great to see him back in the PL. Really looking forward to 5th November, Bonfire night !
Exavery Allen
Exavery Allen:
It's awesome to see him in blue. He is best striker to gain number of goals in Chelsea 💙 GOOD LUCK THOMAS TUCHEL
Fri Rice yumm
Fri Rice yumm:
I love this guy his personality and how good he was for us. Hurts seeing him in a Chelsea shirt after what he did to them in FA CUP final… best of luck for him
Savage King is here n there
Savage King is here n there:
It’s my prayer he wins European trophies just like Giroud did when he joined Chelsea after playing for Arsenal! That number 9 spell won’t work on this guy I reckon! Come on 💪🏿
Come on Auba! We needed a true striker and here we go. I believe he can get 15+ goals this season and that would be a great way for him to shut the haters down. He’s clinical and very quick. I’m excited for the future
Crimwolf 76
Crimwolf 76:
He was so monumental for us at barca. What an amazing player, person, and teammate. Hope he sees great success.
Jamaal S. Khan
Jamaal S. Khan:
I feel that he seems sad after what happened to him last week. Hope he comes back stronger
What a interview he has unfinished business i am so glad hes here to support TT when he really needed a Number 9 st. I am sure he knows about Chelsea history. We are blessed to have Auba let's go strong and finish strongest in the league and champion league
Jason Rice
Jason Rice:
I wish you and your family a quick recovery..Glad you came to chelsea..
Lifted Adelowokan
Lifted Adelowokan:
I think Aubameyang will add more potential to TT's attacking plan 👏
I used to watch Borussia Dortmund with Aubameyang, Pulisic & Thomas Tuchel. Now I'm watching them all on an English team that I love! Come on you Blues!
Time Traveller
Time Traveller:
A great striker and leader, i bet the young lads can learn alot from him, Broja especially. Love it when he says he's got unfinished business, welcome Auba🔵🔵
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•:
Thanks for everything you did in Barca. You won our hearts in such a short time. Good luck to you and Chelsea.
Ana 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
Ana 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me:
I’m so sorry for what happened to you and your family Pierre! Stay strong and can’t wait to see you at the bridge
I’m so sorry for what happened to you and your family Pierre! Stay strong and can’t wait to see you at the bridge
Horváth Márkusz
Horváth Márkusz:
He looks very tired after all these things that happened to him. Wish him and his family a quick recovery. 💙
chimezie dimkpa
chimezie dimkpa:
Welcome to Chelsea, Aubameyang!!! I'm so happy you're here and I hope you enjoy many successes in your three years with us.
Dhinu Subba
Dhinu Subba:
Being an Arsenal fan, I just wish you all the best Auba... We never forget your contribution to the club, Ty Auba....
Leonardo Antoni Lopez Lopez
Leonardo Antoni Lopez Lopez:
Auba siempre tendrás mis respeto en el equipo en que estés, muchas gracias por lo que hicistes en el barca ayudarlo en los momentos más críticos y levantarlo futbolísticamente, la verdad no quería que te fueras crack 🥺 pero bueno, desde aquí te deseo lo mejor en lo que hagas de aquí en adelante sin importar en qué club estés siempre tendrás mis respetos, bendiciones crack..
Welcome to Chelsea, Auba. I hope that you’ll do great for us and score many goals, and hopefully win some trophies here. VAMOS💙
Am an Arsenal fan, and still very much in love with Auba. Welcome back to the Prem Auba. You are still loved by the Emirates faithful..! Wishing you the very best in your second spell in the EPL.
As arsenal fan it is so surprising to see auba in blues shirt but l really like this team because of some players in the past and now l got my favorite man in this area l wish him a very good luck
John Blessed
John Blessed:
I'm excited to see Aubameyang playing for Chelsea, he's back with unfinished business 😆
Welcome to the blues super exited sorry to here you were hurt in your home hopefully all is well and welcome to Chelsea💙💙💙💙
Oussama Berrada
Oussama Berrada:
Came to a suffering Barça side, helped get the team back on track and qualify comfortably to the Campions League, had the fans prefering he stays rather then leaves, made no drama during his exit.
Good luck with Chelsea.
i'm a liverpool fan but honestly when kante and kovaic is on the pitch you look out for the best of chelsea believe it or not
Liam Singapore Property Channel
Liam Singapore Property Channel:
Can feel his happiness on Chelsea 👍👍👍 hope all players will be united and work together or else just depending on Him won’t help also . Cheers Chelsea!!!
Andres Ausecha
Andres Ausecha:
As Barsa fan it's still too sad to see him with other shirt, the goals he scored were too important to define matches or big moments like the 0-4 against Madrid. We will miss him and wish the best regards
Sun Zoo
Sun Zoo:
He has recovered amazingly for someone with a "broken jaw" - I'll have what he's having.
Budhang L
Budhang L:
I like it when he says "I've got some unfinished business". Let's hope this is his fuel for us. COYB 💙💙💙
Ian Quan
Ian Quan:
Big gameplayer just like Giroud, hope he delivers when much needed
I really hope he can become a decent no 9 in Chelsea 💥
Dirce Mazzaro Silva
Dirce Mazzaro Silva:
He is a great player and I'm so very happy in our club .
yomi niyi
yomi niyi:
Good luck Auba thanks for all you did at Barca ❤️
Dylan K
Dylan K:
Thank you Aubameyang you did for Barcá ! ''Culé una vez, Culé para siempre'' ❤💙
Prazeres Ponta
Prazeres Ponta:
I'm happy to see Auba, big personality 👏🏽
Man Mule
Man Mule:
What a great signing for our club
J Darks
J Darks:
Even as an Arsenal fan I want this guy to do good. 👌❤️
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Aubameyang: "When I was at Arsenal, I always envisioned myself following the same path as Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Giroud, to become a winner one day. I am so happy to join Chelsea." (Evening Standard)
Twahirwa Dennis Peter
Twahirwa Dennis Peter:
The big man we are happy to have you at the Blues
Moses John . Pedro
Moses John . Pedro:
🅿️ Aubameyang 💙
I'm looking forward to this wonder journey
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey:
As an Arsenal fan I’m just hoping he feels safe and back at home in London after what happened in Spain.
Nathaniel Rashford
Nathaniel Rashford:
Can't believe Barca treated him like this I can tell he's disappointed but still trying his best to be optimistic and smile wish you the best Auba
Ameer Ali777
Ameer Ali777:
Just like records, curses can be broken. Kudos Auba for joining the true Kings of London 💪
Em Vai
Em Vai:
Hope he does well.... Aubameyang
Tuchel should be able to get the best out of him..... 👍
Learn with Brian
Learn with Brian:
I'm an arsenal fan but my love for Aubameyang Is too much hope he helps Chelsea and picks his form again
Such a likable guy. Good luck at Chelsea.
Welcome to Chelsea football club Auba looking forward to seeing you play with the blues 💙
Good luck to him , hope he does well , just not when he’s playing against Arsenal 😎
Adeola Adex
Adeola Adex:
Am so happy to see him here 💙
Zone Time
Zone Time:
As you wear the 9 Jersey, May it be transformed as a Jersey of blessings and goals to our club and success in your career and future strikers.
Welcome Auba🔵
Dermot Wallace
Dermot Wallace:
This is unreal but they always crossover to Chelsea when they really need to be winners. Welcome Auba!!
Macz RG
Macz RG:
I hope Auba settles in well, especially after what happened to him and his family the other day. 💎
Bolu Babatunde
Bolu Babatunde:
Hes going to score lots of goals for chelsea
Samsung Saracen
Samsung Saracen:
Aubamayeng has unfinished Business with the premier League. Proving all his doubters wrong.💫
Konan Nicodème Kouassi
Konan Nicodème Kouassi:
Merci pour tout ce tu a fait pour le FC Barcelone 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Chelsea 4 life
Chelsea 4 life:
Buzzing to see him play🤩
Exavery Allen
Exavery Allen:
It's awesome to see him in blue. He is best striker to gain number of goals in Chelsea 💙 GOOD LUCK THOMAS TUCHEL
what a signing hope he plays good for our team and win trophies wizth us blues
welcome back Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the English league and welcome to our proud team the blues, may the number 9 be the best for you
Tommy Hooper
Tommy Hooper:
Welcome Pierre. Let us make history together, and lets break the number 9 curse. You have our full support as fans. KTBFFH💙
HEEBONG's - lovely tasty life
HEEBONG's - lovely tasty life:
Welcome, Pierre! Can't wait to watch your playing for the Blues :) By the way, what's the meaning of the action trying to grab the camera?
Andrew Jewell
Andrew Jewell:
He could be the goalscorer we have needed for 2yrs
Be a good player expected, welcome to CHELSEA 💙💙💙
Sucka FreeShit
Sucka FreeShit:
Wow, he seems absolutely thrilled to be here
Sig Beatz
Sig Beatz:
Auba will break that curse I’m confident in him! As long as we create chances!
can't be mad at this guy! He and Leno carried us for a while! Best of luck Auba
jron20 r
jron20 r:
My fav guy, a as gunner fan I thought it was a badly handled by Arteta. Everyone hails the guy, but Stan spent, or took a loan for 280m to get him what he wanted. If the blues can get him the ball, he can put it in, notice if they can get him the ball. Many forget Aubu save Arteta's job winning the FA cup. I don't think he would of been there still without him. I usually cheer on Chelsea, when they aren't playing Arsenal, that might be tested with Aubu there.
Abdulrasheed Bayo Abdulsalami
Abdulrasheed Bayo Abdulsalami:
Finally a player that knows how to celebrate after scoring a goal.................. over the years we lack that sparkling celebration at chelsea
Amos          A Roberts
Amos A Roberts:
Thanks for coming to London biggest team Chelsea you’re welcome top player
We need more golds from you as well
Natnael Mesfin
Natnael Mesfin:
I hope he can replicate what Giroud did for us and even more 💙
This guy looks awesome 🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙
wahyu lucky
wahyu lucky:
Why did Auba choose the number 9. I'm afraid everything that happens to him will happen to him. I hope he's amazing and doesn't interfere with his performance😇
[email protected]:
Yeah chelsea has finally signed the striker we need. Wish you all the best auba . Welcome to 💙
Melissa Ng
Melissa Ng:
Thank God 🙏 we have a striker , Aubameyang !
Mucha suerte. Mucha FUERZA a ti, y a la familia. GRACIAS por el COMPROMISO. GRACIAS por la empatía, SIEMPRE CULÉ, hasta pronto!! 🙌🙌 👑🟦🟥🟦
Vaishakh Varma
Vaishakh Varma:
let's see what he brings to Chelsea, after a poor exit from the prem looks like auba is back to set it right
Maduka Austin
Maduka Austin:
Am so happy for this signing, all former arsenal players have been good signing for us, this will be good too. Welcome Auba
As an Arsenal fan I hope he does well for you lot.
Cheers for the service at Arsenal Auba.
paul khumalo
paul khumalo:
Wishing you a great season with the blues bro. Looking forward to seeing you banging them again and again 👏👏👏✌️
if they can find him. he will score them. man a proven goal scorer . good move by chelsea
Illathan SA
Illathan SA:
This man is beyond comfortable behind the camera,praying he breaks that number 9 spell😊💯
Welcome back to London but this time with the right team and I'm really excited to see your black panther mask again like you had with Arsenal and of course COYB
 Mr. Pineapple 94
Mr. Pineapple 94:
Thanks Auba for your time at Barca all be it short , you have been nothing but professional.
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Very Fantastic Striker 💙✨
KD 252
KD 252:
I want to see him shine with the blue