Floyd Mayweather Reacts To NEW Logan Paul Training Footage

Floyd Mayweather Reacts To NEW Logan Paul Training Footage

It’s almost time for the big fight night between Logan Paul and floyd mayweather. And Logan paul just had his media workout prior to the boxing match on June 6th. A lot of people had things to say about his workout and Floyd Mayweather even made some comments about it. Logan Paul went on instagram live to film some of his media workout and I gotta say it was quite surprising how much Logan seems to have improved since his last match against KSI. Of course Logan doesn’t look like he is anywhere near the talent of Floyd Mayweather, I think we gotta give it up to Logan for getting himself in great shape and also improving the amount he has. I mean there were some noticeable weaknesses of Logan Paul that FLoyd will clearly pick up on. During his media workouts he was working out with his trainer by hitting pads and his trainer actually threw some punches that Logan wasn’t expecting and if it were a fight, Logan would have gotten hit with them. So I dont think Floyd will have any trouble making contact with Logan.

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John Chu
John Chu:
Winner: Mayweather and Logan Paul
Losers: anyone who pays for this fight
Bird Dawg
Bird Dawg:
Can’t wait to see the results after the fight and the condensed highlights on YouTube. Best money I never spent.
Dean McC
Dean McC:
I was expecting to actually see Floyd reacting to Logan's sparring.... Disappointed..
CGI Future
CGI Future:
The real winners of this fight will be the people who watch it through someone glasses
Rob Lewis
Rob Lewis:
Mayweather just trying to hype the fight, I'm sure he picked out a dozen major weaknesses to exploit, it's going to be ugly.
Macario Campbell
Macario Campbell:
Just hope respect is shown to all who box
Logan is getting slept, no way he hits harder than cotto or canelo.
Nub Worthy Cigars
Nub Worthy Cigars:
He keeps his hands like Money instead of up by his chin.. he needs to fight like a bruiser and keep his hands up. He just doesn’t have the reaction time from what I’ve seen.
furry flea
furry flea:
6:13 is what you all were expecting
Floyd is a boxing genius, hes just selling the fight to make us believe that Logan has a chance......the more ppv buys the more he puts in his pocket......
Kennedy Wright
Kennedy Wright:
“I’m either gonna go the distance or knock Floyd out” - Logan Paul

Logan has literal zero defense mans gotta be delusional
Imagine boxing for 3 years and thinking you can beat someone who has been boxing for MANY years and has a 50 win streak lmao
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
If Floyd is angry Logan loses, if Floyd is chilled Logan loses, if Floyd doesn't train Logan loses.
Shannon Snyder
Shannon Snyder:
Have a feeling Logan is gonna pay for that hat thing his brother did.
He's hoping that he gets that one knock out punch on floyd to ends the fight ? dude he's the best defensive boxer ever you wouldnt even get close touching him
Moose Brandon
Moose Brandon:
Floyd's no dummy he's going to pick him apart
Austin Herrington
Austin Herrington:
If Logan keeps his hands down like that he’s going to get clipped.
I’m Normal
I’m Normal:
He’s practicing slipping, to...Slip the jab...Yeah, have you seen Floyd’s jab!? He’s not slipping anything and if he does try hard he’ll catch a hard lead hook.
ma sa
ma sa:
If logan wins I'd eat my flex tape.
Age P.
Age P.:
Mayweather has probably seen a million holes in Logan's game by now, just by watching some sparring footage. Imagine what happens when he slowly figures him out more during the fight.
King Fred
King Fred:
How does he have knock out power when he never knocked anyone out.
My god the difference in speed between this clown and a pro is unreal. In particular during training. This will be a joke fight. Any one who pays for this is mental.
Son of God
Son of God:
As a time traveler Floyd’s winning the match 😂
If Logan wins the internet will break lmao
I watched this is 1.5x speed and he still looked slow.
As much as I loathe his Internet personality, Jake Paul has legit striking ability. Logan’s fundamentals leave much to be desired, but he can afford the best trainers in the world. It’s a bit of a side-show now, but I could see them have sanctioned fights down the road. It’s good for the sport, and may encourage some kids to start hitting the boxing gyms.
Trillix _01
Trillix _01:
Everyone who is thinking that Logan Paul has a chance in this fight is crazy 😂
Ryza Big sky
Ryza Big sky:
This fight will be set up for Floyd to tko in a certain round.. if it's legit it will be a first round ko
casually looking for a timestamp
Karl Hand
Karl Hand:
I'm all for it hopefully it will make Dana pay his fighters more so they don't leave for these types of fights!!
New York Rangers #74
New York Rangers #74:
That was the slowest sparing session I’ve ever seen. Thor’s literally faster
Diaz romario
Diaz romario:
Logan paul has never fought a pro fighter ever. Atleast McGregor fought pro fighters in mma. And had some amaeture boxing matches. This is gonna be a worse performance than McGregor v mayweather. Also floyd HATES the Logans
I feel bad and good at the same time for the fools who pay to watch this fight lol
Filip C
Filip C:
Im after the fight and Mayweather’s defence was amazing.
lokenian a
lokenian a:
the fight's gonna last as long as mayweather wants it to
50-0? VS 0-1...REALLY...let's make FURY VS JOSHUA happen..
Joseph justfish Myles
Joseph justfish Myles:
Floyd hasnt stopped training since never this cant be good for mr logan
3mpty Room
3mpty Room:
That noise floyd makes when he took his hat lmao
Gen Obama
Gen Obama:
Just one moment think about it, logan just lost to KSI that has no box experience at all idc who will win i respect both of them but that is the fact
Heinz H
Heinz H:
Also Mayweather is a merciful guy to less experienced fighters, after he realizes he can hit Logan whenever and wherever he'll hold back on him like he did with McGregor
escamunich A
escamunich A:
Looking at that logan footage on the mitts is damn funny. he's slow and concentrating too much to do that drill while pros do interviews while doing it
When your trainer follows the fashion fad of not taking off the price tags after a purchase: Champion.
EastCoast Outdoors
EastCoast Outdoors:
What kinda logic is that? Well he is 50-0 so he’s gottta get the decision. 🤦🏼‍♂️
Does he really think he’s going to hit Mayweather though? Some of the best boxers of all time couldn’t hit Floyd! There’s literally reals of it and only 3 good shots got through in 50 fights!
Not a real fight if there's not a knockout,and you don't declare a winner that sucks,all about money don't get dooped
I can’t comprehend why this trainer still has the tags hanging on his hat 🧢 ?? Is this the special olympics training?
Ash Trismegistus
Ash Trismegistus:
Floyd looked like a feather... and doesn’t have a hunger... at the face off...
C Ap
C Ap:
I respect Logan for being brave enough to fight this man. Also respect to Floyd
🤣🤣🤣 don’t lose money betting on Logan, he has no speed once so ever
M J:
I hope Mayweather gives this fight 100%, I want to see him execute skills regardless of opponent, like really go for it. He`s known to hold back somewhat. I want to see him throw some terrific combinations, otherwise boring as hell. If people pay, he should do what he says it is "some entertainment". dont hold back just to do enough to "win" even though no winner.
James Matthews
James Matthews:
The glove work shown here is very low level stuff. He might be tired after training that day. But he ain't moving well.
mike M
mike M:
Dude those dropped hands are going cause him a lot of unneeded pain
Logan Priv
Logan Priv:
Whenever u piss Floyd off ur in trouble
Heinz H
Heinz H:
Floyd will be hitting Logan at will, I think you will see Logan get dropped a few times in the fight by flash knock outs
We had niko coming 5 in the london mayer election now floyd vs logan paul
Bahaa Tamer
Bahaa Tamer:
Well this explains the genius of Jake Paul pissing Floyd off.
Michael Buchanan
Michael Buchanan:
Hopefully someone still scores the fight.
Jacob Villavicencio
Jacob Villavicencio:
Charlo brothers vs Paul brothers...that’s all I want
That’s not there workout they do way more
Logan won’t even be able to touch the guy 😂
Steven Waller
Steven Waller:
Not gonna lie that jab looked stiff.. he has a major reach.. you never know
Logan is going to hit hard.

The canvas, that is.
Ofori Mensah
Ofori Mensah:
You guys put your money up, I’m taking all bets!!🙋🏼‍♂️🤑🤑
Marc Symington
Marc Symington:
You do know ben just had a hip replacement 😂🤦‍♂️
Macario Campbell
Macario Campbell:
Respect to all
Jordan Girbaud
Jordan Girbaud:
Just stream this fight, save your money for an actual fight Pacquiao and Spence.
A novice amature boxer with a couple of fights could beat the Paul brothers I dont know why who gets the better of who in this fight against Floyd is even a question lol
Could you live stream the fight on your channel for us
Josh Mason
Josh Mason:
Kinda hoping Floyd knocks him out in the first round, elite vs YouTube celeb. Cmon
Vin T.K
Vin T.K:
When it said Floyd Mayweather reaction "he looks good" I was thinking oh so Mayweather's also a master gaslighter
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa:
Everyone is over looking when he said, "You're going to onenight us?" and Floyd responded absolutely. That's when he got his hat taken.
Arlan Knowlton
Arlan Knowlton:
He's got balls but still no match I see a TKO here but imagine if he challenge Manny Pacquiao it would be a KO
Zachary Knott
Zachary Knott:
Showtime says it’s 40 bucks never mind
New Age
New Age:
Bro imagine he lands an uppercut, it will be lights out Floyd or not
Slimy Goon
Slimy Goon:
Just from the clip at the beginning, Logan (and Jake) don’t know how to punch and keep a guard. To further that, Logan drops his guard to easy and won’t be able to keep his hands up in the later rounds
Once upon a time…a YouTuber and professional track runner got together to make a ton of money off of a spectacle…
They'll protect Logan from really getting the whooping I'd like to 👀. Im not buying.
Logan keeps his hands low. He will eat dust...
Christopher Misajon
Christopher Misajon:
Those are all arm punches. There’s no real leverage behind it. He can have so much more power if he punches correctly.
logan has knockout power? 5f you talking about my guy he couldn't knockout a streamer
Terry Jkhn
Terry Jkhn:
Good shape lol ,lad just tapping the looks shit ,Floyd's easiest fight ever
Im pretty sure its fixed so im just excited to see the odds for some guarenteed money lol.
Sudo Pierre
Sudo Pierre:
Logan is forgetting the Floyd speed
Chasing The Enemy
Chasing The Enemy:
Paul vs Mike that’s a fight
Mayweather For The Win
Where did Mayweather get all that hair from?? All of a sudden his hairline came back from the dead!
Nate Lodmouth
Nate Lodmouth:
If he tells Jake to try to take Floyd hat RIGHT before the match, Logan might have a shot
Qhimico Asesino
Qhimico Asesino:
Logan Paul will be the next Canelo after he gets trained by Mayweather!!!
Jason Calvert
Jason Calvert:
Just what if Floyd gets slept? He will be the next M.G.K....lol
Creed Wakki
Creed Wakki:
Next fight, Floyd vs Charlie Z....battle of the greatest
Wun Yin
Wun Yin:
Mayweather fighting both the Paul sisters together would be a fair fight.
Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith:
Where exactly was Floyd's reaction to Logans open workout? I swear I have no idea how people listen to your shit! 250k people need to start listening to more intelligent people because listening to you slowly and painfully deletes my brain cells!
Floyd is saying it isn't real and just for fun because he knows there is a chance for Logan to knock him out.
So basically there will be no winner 🤷🏻‍♂️ then what’s the point of the fight 🤦🏻‍♂️
There was a moment where I looked at Logan and was like look at my son throwing one arm combinations made me proud
Logan wins Mayweather .
*Jake thinking*Now I am the best boxer I guess. :)
Nikhil M Prasanna
Nikhil M Prasanna:
how y'all think he is gonna knockout Mayweather if he can't KO ksi
Alex Rubio
Alex Rubio:
Maywheather vs conelo 2 will bring in the most money right now for maywheather
True Gamer
True Gamer:
Logon's ultimate weakness that floyd will expose and thats his speed, logan is not gonna be able to touch floyd if he doesn't pic it up on speed but if Logan lands a good punch, it could turn the tides waves but lets see what happens
Andy & Teri
Andy & Teri:
Don't buy this fight , get the stream