Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Official Weigh-Ins

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Hugo.J Sim Racing
Hugo.J Sim Racing:
Size difference is huge, skill gap is much bigger
“With a background of boxing, wresting, and anything outrageous” 🤣🤣🤣
Floyd is in amazing shape given his age, he hasn't slacked off one bit
Ryan Maddan
Ryan Maddan:
Atleast he doesn’t try to be a wannabe Conor like his brother
MMA fans better make “in and out of love” go platinum if woodley knocks out Jake.
take it to da bank
take it to da bank:
This scam is like an NBA All Star playing one on one against a guy who didn't make his high school team.
It's like seeing a multi-car accident. You know it's terrible but it's hard to look away.
floyd knocks out this clown in a couple of rounds
Carlos Garcia Sanchez
Carlos Garcia Sanchez:
Logan is too slow for Floyd, he is gonna see his punches coming in slow motion. Plus Logan tends to drop his guard A LOT. This will end whenever floyd feels like it.
Don King
Don King:
My prediction is flyod winning viciously that we dont see coming
Faze Dafj
Faze Dafj:
Logan after the fight:I woke up today sick I actually sneezed 4 times not 3 but 4.

Shannon out of no where:LETS GO CHAMP
They knew the playoffs was gonna take all the viewers on Saturday night
D W:
This shouldn't have been sanctioned the size difference is a joke, doesn't matter how great Floyd is, it's just wrong
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00:
Fact they fighting on a Sunday?? Damn whoever made that decision needs to be fired
K P:
Height, weight and reach are absolutely meaningless if you don’t know how to use them.
It's amusing to see the 9 y.o's blind support for Logan, those kid's heart will be broken bad 😂 #casuals
Late Notice
Late Notice:
Lmao I love when they (Logan his his brother) pose on the scale. They're just parroting what they see on tv for what "looks cool." They have no idea of their own
Frank Healy
Frank Healy:
Imagine the sad bastards that will pay money to watch this.
Samuel O'Brien
Samuel O'Brien:
gotta give props to Logan tho, atleast he's fighting an actual boxer and none of that ben askren type shit.
Isaias Morales
Isaias Morales:
Mayweather looked in great shape damn his abs
Captain Crypto
Captain Crypto:
I’m looking forward to watching this fight as well as buying Shiba Diamond tokens this weekend. LFG!
The Expert
The Expert:
Why do i keep going back to this shit damn it!! Floyd is gonna devastate this dude and he put on a few lbs.
Tahlike E
Tahlike E:
50-0 for a reason. He smooth and no matter how old he is he stay in the gym and he is always ready
Modern Day Morpheus
Modern Day Morpheus:
The only real comeback in this match is Mayweather's hairline
Logan, just don’t sneeze 3 times and you’ll win.
Beren Welter
Beren Welter:
It’s so funny watching Logan laugh at Floyd’s weight lmao. Logan is gonna get humiliated
Danielle OMeally
Danielle OMeally:
Lmfaoooo I can’t wait , I’m ready to pop my popcorn because this is going to be pure entertainment .
Roy Joseph JR.
Roy Joseph JR.:
Floyd by tko in whatever round he had someone put his own 50 mil on himself to do it in 😂
Esteban Garcia
Esteban Garcia:
Respect to mayweather for being professional coming in at fighting weight he hasn’t slacked at all.
Dhai space
Dhai space:
I'm excited to see Logan wipe on the wrestling arena😂🤷‍♀️
King brah
King brah:
so they are fighting each other at different weight classes?
This is the only thread that keeping boxing relevant right now what a sad time we live in
A couple more hours left till the fight and I still can’t believe it’s real😂
Late Notice
Late Notice:
I'm sure Mayweather has sparred with legit heavyweights before, the weight difference won't be an issue
fofofk B
fofofk B:
cant do anything but respect Logan for this, he’s not doing anything extra and stupid like his brother, he’s putting in work and going against actual competition
J London Raps
J London Raps:
Everyone knows when Floyd Mayweather is fighting to bet on him
كايدو جلاد الصعاليك
كايدو جلاد الصعاليك:
Imagine Logan win by KO second round 😟😹
This is the dumbest fight ever, Floyd is an all time great, other dude has 0 professional wins. I hope nobody buys this ppv.
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Smart to not have it on Saturday while a ufc is on. Even though it's a shht card. Floyd is a genius in the game.
Williams Williams
Williams Williams:
Floyd is hard for you to fight with him I think
Sean Vincent
Sean Vincent:
Canelo won’t fight logan or jake, so i wanna see logan fight GGG to see where his clout takes him 🤠
Stephen maharaj
Stephen maharaj:
If he connects, Floyd going to sleep
Sir Melvin Buracho's Corner
Sir Melvin Buracho's Corner:
This is just entertainment until someone's get hurt
Well for sure Logan is the biggest guy that Floyd had ever fight in a ring. He's just need to fight in the inside.
Ibrahim S
Ibrahim S:
I remember the Stunner given by Kewin Ovens to Logan lol 🤣
This fight is just a big money milking machine , I hope at least we gonna see a ko
Allergic To Idiots
Allergic To Idiots:
Shit, this is a tough call...I really don't know. It's a 50/50 toss up, to be honest. I seriously don't know who I hate more.
Silent Lessons
Silent Lessons:
if Logan Paul uses his Jab very well I dont see how on earth Flyod can take him down.
Can't wait to stream the shit outta this one.
Cam Sawyer
Cam Sawyer:
Logan just looks Awkward AF n out of Place against Floyd, it's Cringe and he knows it.
Imagine Logan Paul is the one to hand you your first loss ever. He would become the biggest upset in sports history 🔥
KDG Kingston
KDG Kingston:
Floyd look so calm 😭😭
Gave it a go
Gave it a go:
34lbs difference... This is ridiculous!
Just Logic
Just Logic:
I have never been more confident in someone who was giving up 30lbs.... I cant even RECALL another fight in the modern era with this big a sie difference
D. RodrsQueQ
D. RodrsQueQ:
Someone about to get they [email protected] whoop! It sure isn't Floyd..🥊💥
Chill champ chill! Let's go champ!
Roman Chaar
Roman Chaar:
This is a joke. Floyd is gonna have some easy work.
Fight is already fixed like mayweather’s Japan Rizin exhibition fight
Waris Ahya
Waris Ahya:
I wonder what would boxing do after Floyd really retires lol,
Nothing in front of street fights to be honest
Fabrizio Formenti
Fabrizio Formenti:
If I'm not wrong, Floyd had never made a weight close to 155
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV:
This is basically an oversized Middleweight vs a Lightweight
(ufc weightclass)
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson:
This should be the end of these fights. It was a scam and anyone who actually paid for it is a fool. Unless they are fighting actual current fighters. Nobody should waste their time.
Drxp Aksc3n3
Drxp Aksc3n3:
What's the music used in Floyd Mayweathers weigh in?
Steve Toliver
Steve Toliver:
It's an exhibition. They already know it will go into the last round and then floyd may get the tko. He may not even have the strength to stop him by then. He is going to get chased around all night again and he is pretty old. This is a very predictable fight.
Doobidoo Bidoo
Doobidoo Bidoo:
Floyd really messing up the Boxing by fighting the japanese guy, conor mcgregor and this youtuber while pacquiao still fighting the undefeated best fighters out there, see the difference?
Young Money Blessed
Young Money Blessed:
Logan is already so tired how can he keep up for 8 rounds.
Truth is Freedom Florida
Truth is Freedom Florida:
Dude won’t even be able to land a half decent punch against Floyd. This will be beyond pathetic.
You know what’s bigger than the height difference and the skill difference ?

Jakes and Logans forehead.
Ciaran Lynch
Ciaran Lynch:
Is this the weigh ins or the ceremonial one?
Aaron Sabri
Aaron Sabri:
Memey floyd menang la, walaupun badan kecik, skill dia padu cok, muka pun humble
Bruh Logan weighs a whole 34.5 pounds more. Wtf. Thank god this won’t go on mayweather’s record if he gets knocked out
Hakeem Davis
Hakeem Davis:
155 vs 200.
Which weight class is this?🙄
Btw Logan naturally walks around at 210+ pounds.
John Smith
John Smith:
Can't wait not to pay for this
Josh Mulqueen
Josh Mulqueen:
Alright, I'll be the one to say it..

I think Mayweather might win.
Wanyae Crump
Wanyae Crump:
It's alot of Logan fans. Mayweather haters that really want him to lose😂
Joe Romeo
Joe Romeo:
I can see Michael Chiesa having a stroke at Logan being nicknamed Maverick 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Amar Putra
Amar Putra:
Mayweather used to fight The Big Show . This is nothing
scott Boller
scott Boller:
Logan was getting blasted by his mitts guy during his public workout and he's supposed to beat floyd?
Lazy Lion
Lazy Lion:
Logan needs to fight like 6ft6 Klitschko fought 6ft2 David Haye
John blight
John blight:
How far away is the fight?
Zain Hussain
Zain Hussain:
In my opinion the UFC has a much better setup in everything especially in the weigh ins and press conferences
MMA fan True champ
MMA fan True champ:
155 pounds vs 189 pounds. How was this matched up. It's the weirdest match up in boxing.
A lot of kids really never read the story David and Goliath....
Logan in really really good shape ...
Jarje Bro
Jarje Bro:
With a background of laughing at a dead man
Richmond Perez
Richmond Perez:
Logan going to be winded by the 3rd round. Easy work easy money for Floyd
Jaffar Mamalo
Jaffar Mamalo:
If Logan train properly he will win this match emagine cruiserweight vs light middle weight 6/2 vs 5/7
k j
k j:
Only a 35 pound weight difference lol I mean there's a puncher chance but Floyd not gonna be there..think he pieces Logan up frl we will see tho .
Ehren Schopenhaur
Ehren Schopenhaur:
If size didn't matter then there wouldn't be weight classes
Arnab Bag
Arnab Bag:
Man Floyd Mayweather pax woooooooow
Geez Floyd's still in good shape
Maybe it’s just the lighting but both these guys look sauced as fuck
Money can make you do anything. Truth right here.
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Logan will KO Floyd in 3 rounds.
Brent Davis
Brent Davis:
Look good Floyd
j c
j c:
mayweather turns boxing into a big joke... gone are great boxing match
Victor Escamilla
Victor Escamilla:
Let’s go Maverick! 💪🏼 prove these haters wrong!
xXBiOkLiSmXx x
xXBiOkLiSmXx x:
Man that weight difference is big! I know floyd should still dominate but I hope he's been training with bigger guys for this.
McDonald Warbah
McDonald Warbah:
Floyd will beat Paul.. Floyd will be the reality of Rocky Balboa
The Six Angel Cried Out
The Six Angel Cried Out:
logan might win on the low lol
Fight is 100% fix. Maywaether wins while Logan just taps him all night.