Football Manager 2021 Review - The Final Verdict

All of which is to say, Football Manager 2021 is perhaps one of the best games in the series in a long time. It strikes the balance between accessibility and mind-boggling complexity better than the series ever has, the quality of life improvements it makes mostly work out very well, and the more noticeable improvements – such as the enhanced interactions and the improved match engine – are important step ups from previous games in the series.

Once again, Sports Interactive have delivered a game that countless will happily be pouring hundreds of hours of their lives into.

18 komentarze:

If you're a hardcore FM player, FM 2021 is the best the game has been in years.
Luke Bigmore
Luke Bigmore:
Press conferences are not dull and repetitive in real life?
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa:
What I love about Football Manager is that it is very detailed and it let's you take a lot of control over your club and it let's you feel like a real manager, it's a nice game that I truly love more and more each year.
S V:
Press conferences and player interactions are the most annoying things in FM
Tevya Smolka
Tevya Smolka:
Sounds interesting but honestly I am going to stick to my action games.
The Football Manager Addict
The Football Manager Addict:
such a FM addict like I do!`~~~~
I played 16,000 hours of FM 2015. I hate myself.
Curry Chips
Curry Chips:
I'll stick with Champ Man 0102, thanks.
Fadhly Fadhly
Fadhly Fadhly:
Android & Iphone??
Max Shepherd
Max Shepherd:
Il probably stick to 20
I used to play it since 2005, and I played 2020 after long time and still it has the same mechanics! which are, u need to have correct answers in press conference, always ask assistance for instructions, correct instructions while watching key match highlight means a goal always. I win every game with goal difference that at least 4/ Also there are are known dates each month for a player to gain or lose attributes! so make sure he has great form before that so he can improve! mentality also can be improved by being discipline with the players especially when they play badly use as a chance and sub him to improve his determination and discipline after the game
Zoran Bošnjak
Zoran Bošnjak:
I'm bored even with watching the review. Not my cup of tea. And I am European, love watching football, but man this is complex to extremes.
lee melvin
lee melvin:
Not a fan of the recent football manager games to be honest. These games are meant to be fun, yet having runs with wildly higher Xg than your opponents whilst dropping points all over the place is infuriating. Hope a competitor comes along soon, sports interactive need the competition.
Phil Thatcher
Phil Thatcher:
I miss LMA manager
The game was better, when it was called Championship Manager.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
I have never played a FM game, so would this be a good place to start, or should I start from FM Touch?
Jarkko Jousmaa
Jarkko Jousmaa:
ok, this game is suppose to be 2021, but graphics are from year 1997. What is up with that? Is this best that they can do at this modern time era? really?
Delta Assault
Delta Assault:
Soccer Manager