Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg enters presidential race

After weeks of speculation, one of the United States' richest men has just entered the race for the White House.
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is joining an already crowded Democratic field.
He says he is running for president to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild the US.
Al Jazeera's Kristen Saloomey reports from New York.

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52 komentarze:

mark price
mark price:
The only thing he was successful in ( lowering crime) he is now ashamed of. He's a perfect fit in the snowflake democrat party of today
30 million ad campaign. To lose! This man is the devil
Heavy Distortion
Heavy Distortion:
0:35 that hair. Somebody looked in the wrong mirror.
regressive ploutocracy vs. progressive ploutocracy
H A:
If I had 50+ billions, I would run for presidency too. Just for fun ya kno
He sounds like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley
Marek Kolenda
Marek Kolenda:
Bets on US stocks market go down not up next year after economy go to recession.
nuran arrowood
nuran arrowood:
OMG i cant stated this warran cheater liar
I wonder if he stopped and frisked his staff too. (2:16)
Michel Bisson
Michel Bisson:
With full duppory of china communist party bloomberg is the catastrophic canfidaye for democrate he will complete democrate party destruction,bloomberg just secured trump 2020 reelection a real strategic move from wallstreet
Nemesia Hidalgo-Alvarado
Nemesia Hidalgo-Alvarado:
Win, win , win Bloomberg
sef man
sef man:
If he wins, im out. Done. Like the constitution.
average citizen
average citizen:
Hes a tyrant
Joseph Cacioppo
Joseph Cacioppo:
You know what this evil man did Mike Bloomberg first of all he destroyed New York City double parking tickets high taxes brought his third term. What does evil mean did he pushed to have Sunday parking rules in effect parking laws for Sunday was suspended for 80 years until this devil became Mayor and he made parking rules in effect for Sunday they hung new signs pay the meter on a Sunday. He'll suck every dime out of your pocket he wouldn't give you ice in the winter time.
gery port
gery port:
Must visit *Western Wall in Jerusalem to be USA President.*

*A true Jew never accept* political purpose/motivated Visit to Western Wall in Jerusalem
jon britton
jon britton:
Baby Girl
Baby Girl:
He can t do anything
nuran arrowood
nuran arrowood:
Poor Bernie have heart problems
Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton:
Michael Bloomberg all the way!
The second *Jewish Billionaire Democrat* in the race.
Ruben Carreno
Ruben Carreno:
He's the perfect candidate, not a Republican but also not a real Democrat.
Kui Mo
Kui Mo:
who is he?
Butch Hertz
Butch Hertz:
He apologized for stop-and-frisk which is against our constitutional amendments. But he wants to get rid of 2A you know that's right after 1 a Al Jazeera New York
If Bloomberg is “fighting for America” why not invest that ad money in our homeless, vets, jobs, etc... in America! Stop wasting money on ads for your own glorification.
Ruth Shull
Ruth Shull:
why is the comments on bloomburg turned off??????? he s for bloomburg
Delon Thomas
Delon Thomas:
Everybody wants to be president the questions is how they going to defeat trump
Marek Kolenda
Marek Kolenda:
Kiev oligarchs Pinchuk and Kolomyjski own political party in Ukraine parliament and Zylenski.
Ruben Carreno
Ruben Carreno:
He's got my vote.
Butch Hertz
Butch Hertz:
He's putting 34 million dollars into smear TV commercials to play on considered conservative channels
Paul Vantha
Paul Vantha:
Rich man rich for him not for country. He has done nothing. Just vote for Sander
Lisa Jung
Lisa Jung:
How can he beat Trump if he can't beat Biden? Has too much money to know what to do with it. Fool.
alex unger
alex unger:
There's no way Bloomberg could beat Trump for the simple fact that he's a Jew. Trump base is mainly conservative Christian.
Jean Jones
Jean Jones:
Let Bloomberg run... this only means More votes for Trump 2020 ...
E J:
The current candidates are all lacking and the donors aren't impressed. The DNC will Bernie the candidates just like 2016. The impeachment is a diversion for the do nothing democrats and the loser candidates! They are afraid if they don't damage Trump they won't have a chance in 2020!! The independent voters see this too!
B G:
A late apology indeed!
Blacks and Latinos won't vote for him
Younghee Yoo
Younghee Yoo:
Being a billionaire is not a sin as long as he does good for the public. Let the man speak.
He’s going to be the best President his own money can buy
he shouldn't run as a democrat, he won't make it out of the democratic primary. The party's base has gone far too left for someone like Bloomberg. If he can make it out of the primary, he has a better chance to beat Trump than any of the current democratic candidates.
The only difference between Trump and Bloomberg is Trump is at least an open racist.
Major Steve Austin
Major Steve Austin:
This guy banned soda in NYC what will he ban as President?
Ching Ping tang
Ching Ping tang:
Oh God no
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki:
Marek Kolenda
Marek Kolenda:
Public protesters in Columbia continues Mexico is next after Columbia.
Catira App
Catira App:
😂😂😂😂 I’m sorry he won’t win
A to Z Sense isn't so common
A to Z Sense isn't so common:
Only on jizzzera the likes are more than dislikes. Wonder what that means. 🤔
John Almanza
John Almanza:
He is nothing like Trump! America doesn't love Bloom!
Brent Summers
Brent Summers:
How about someone who is the age range 35-45? Trump is too old. Sanders is too old. Biden is too old. Even if you didn't like Obama he was youthful enough to still go for runs and play tennis. It's starting to look like the selection process for the next leader of the Soviet Union when the politburo would always pick someone who wouldn't be around for too long...
Randy Owens
Randy Owens:
everyone in this country should have the motto--A B T-that's Anyone But Trump. trump's maga crowd are low I Q folks who go to his rallys like it's pro wrestling. just hoping to see something stupid happen. they always get their money's worth with trump!
Day 1 Cult
Day 1 Cult:
Bloomberg for president. He made New York great and he will make The country great too
nuran arrowood
nuran arrowood:
2020 wtg MAGA Trump
pol swan
pol swan:
anybody better than trump
Jhorel Jhoran
Jhorel Jhoran:
America is not ready for a President Zew.