Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially enters 2020 presidential race | ABC News

The announcement comes shortly after the billionaire dropped more than $37 million on campaign ads.

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Emily Moss
Emily Moss:
The candidate nobody asked for and nobody wants.
“As a rich guy, vote for me, not that other rich guy.” -Bloomberg probably
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson:
He could’ve spent that 37 mil on helping poverty in the very city he was mayor of 😟
Well, he definitely won’t be getting the vote of soda consumers. That’s for sure.
Edward Votel
Edward Votel:
Elizabeth warren acting like she poor or not rich is unsettling.
He read an article in Bloomberg News that said he had a chance.
"against George W. Bush" Hello, what year is it? Is his brain melting?
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan:
So he is running against Bush? huh news to me.
I was about to say “Ok Bloomer” but then realized his age proved he’s safe from ageism
Charles Brown
Charles Brown:
The only thing he could buy is the primaries just like Hillary did back and look how that turned out
Must be nice to blow hundreds of millions of your own money on something you have no chance of winning 🙄
Dee Smith
Dee Smith:
How many ABC CEO’s were on the flight log to Epstein’s island?
American Paisa
American Paisa:
New Yorkers themselves didn’t even want Bloomberg. Another one that’ll bite the dust to Trump.
"against George W. Bush" Hello, what year is it? Is his brain melting?
Carl Moscatello
Carl Moscatello:
A) why does he think people want him B) why does the media get such a hard on for him?
Max Hills
Max Hills:
Bloomberg isn't running to stop Trump. He's running to stop Sanders.
Jimbo Jazz1620
Jimbo Jazz1620:
George Clintonopolus-Hung out at Epstein’s house too🙄🙄
Muchacho Sauce
Muchacho Sauce:
I won’t vote for him BECAUSE OF THE REPEATED ADS
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor:
Lmao imaging wasting 40 million dollars just to lose an election
Ok. If he win. No one in America can have a drink larger than 16 oz.
brad warner
brad warner:
Be prepared for his attack on large soft drinks
Would rather have Mayor McCheese run for president.
James Christianson
James Christianson:
He's running so he can claim political attack when he gets indicted.
cristian castro
cristian castro:
Poor Bloomberg playing that “nobody can win” card , pleeeeease stop this madness.
Rhys Fraser
Rhys Fraser:
3:36 ... Didn't realize W was running
Ki Ahn
Ki Ahn:
Michael we need your help I love to stay my home town.
I love America I love working America.also I love Virginia too
I used live Va over the 40 year
From Seoul Korea
Vincent Snyder
Vincent Snyder:
Bloomberg can't do anything right that includes drawing a stick figure
Mint Wizard
Mint Wizard:
That'll be two mayors from NYC that have lost the primaries in one election.
cami buran
cami buran:
During Bloomberg's reign in New York, middle class families suffered enormous tax hikes to pay for his ambitions .
Jason Vegan
Jason Vegan:
An out of touch billionaire entering the race because he can afford it, no thanks.
- Buehmann
- Buehmann:
If he does win, I can just imagine what it would look like when he swears in.

I. 0 "I...CAN'T...REACH...THE...BIBLE!!"
I. \I/
I. I
I. /|
Galen of Pergamon
Galen of Pergamon:
Well, on the bright side the left and right can finally unite on something - the hatred of MB
Ninja Samurai
Ninja Samurai:
3:33 "The most electable candidate against George W. Bush". That should be easy, he's not even President anymore!
Michael Bloomberg doesn’t have a chance he doesn’t have the plans for the American people
Seema Malik
Seema Malik:
George S. said that Bloomberg says he has electability against " George W. Bush", did anyone else catch that? 😳😳🤔🤔
No Chump's Gym
No Chump's Gym:
Hey Mike!Get back in the Oven.
Gleeming Glow
Gleeming Glow:
"Bloomberg's Ad All Over PlutoTV, Yet He's Afraid Admitting Being A Democrat, Wassup With That? Non-Partisan..."
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith:
3:29 "...the most electable candidate against George W. Bush..." // Did we Time Travel while I was asleep??
sole survivor
sole survivor:
Lol!! They already removed the like and dislike and comment features on his video!!!
Before it was removed , it had 4k dislikes and 120 likes!!! How EMBARRASSING FOR HIM!!!!
George is losing it too. He said Bloomberg will be running against George W. Bush. (3:35)
Red Mob
Red Mob:
3:35 Guess Bloombergs so rich that he's gonna buy himself a time machine to go back and run against Bush....since he doesn't stand a rats ass to beat Trump.
A Yus
A Yus:
I've heard my homeboy pookie thinks he can be a president too
3:33 i didn't know bloomberg was running against george w. bush!!
Ethan P.
Ethan P.:
Where is Andrew Yang? Media is so biased these days
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals:
The clown show continues 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tensa Zangetsu
Tensa Zangetsu:
Bloomberg has entered the chat...
Candidates: Why do I hear boss music?
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige:
0:01 he resembles David Muir like a real bro or son.
none yabizz
none yabizz:
3:36 LOL "...against George W. Bush." GG
basix bich
basix bich:
i can tell he’s put 30 mil in , every ad i get is of him , that’s why i’m here
Chester Splivets
Chester Splivets:
Laughs in “Stop and Frisk”
ZCorp Alpha
ZCorp Alpha:
Yea 🔥‼️🇺🇸
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin:
When I heard “he’ll beat trump” I laughed a little
This Democrat's *billions* helped to ruin my 2A rights in NV. No thanks and uh.. *TRUMP 2020*
B D:
Lmao, another billionaire enters the "I'm running for president!" circus. Former republican. Former independent. Can't even make up his mind on what party he belongs to. Sure, boomer.
John Pearson
John Pearson:
Hey Mike there's a standard required for the African-American vote in these times "you gotta be special"!
Paniekzaaier tje
Paniekzaaier tje:
0:22 WTF, that’s exactly like the GTA 5 commercial for Jock Cranley 😂😂😂
Team Fear
Team Fear:
0:33 - that lady sounds like sociopath, who talks like that?
Leo Cardenas
Leo Cardenas:
Mike Bloomberg do me a favor and enable comments on your YouTube videos, you little man.
Chubby Cheeked
Chubby Cheeked:
That's dumb we dont need another candidate.
Play That Again Bruh
Play That Again Bruh:
So much more he could've used that 37M on...
Come Visit Waikiki
Come Visit Waikiki:
"Sleepy Mike"
Ernest Turnage
Ernest Turnage:
If Bloomberg gets elected it will prove that the office for President is for sale.
Mark Laumond
Mark Laumond:
Where did they dig this guy up I mean really he looks like he's dead
He's polling very high, in Bloomberg News.
"I prefer billionaires that didn't get CAUGHT." – McCain
C Dun
C Dun:
It’ll be interesting to see him debate.
jmaedl027 jmaedl
jmaedl027 jmaedl:
0:32 Beak
I won't hold my breath waiting for Bloomberg to release his tax returns? 😂
Matt L
Matt L:
He said legalization is stupid but admits to smoking marijuana his campaign slogan " only the rich get to do drugs"
Joseph Manning
Joseph Manning:
He was also a registered republican when he was mayor, so I don't even understand this whole "against bush" bs.
Brendan ODonnell
Brendan ODonnell:
I at first thought he’d be a good candidate since he’s business minded. Boy was I wrong
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth:
M18 Hellcat
M18 Hellcat:
This just keeps getting more hilarious by the second!!!! MORONS!!
Boleslaw Petroski
Boleslaw Petroski:
Someone has managed to out-Steyer Tom Steyer. More at 11.
Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett:
3:29 against George W Bush?
At least Little Mikey Bloomberg will fit in the Glove Compartment of the democratic Clown Car.
Thaddeus Pawlicki
Thaddeus Pawlicki:
"Money can't buy me love". - The Beatles
jeff cw
jeff cw:
Yang 2029
He shoulda dropped 37 mil into some homeless shelters.

Could have cleaned up a lot of urban sidewalk wafers.
Oh goody. Cause we've done so well with the current old, billionaire.
Jay Ko
Jay Ko:
Finally!!! 👏👏👏 who else was waiting for him?
Terry Shetler
Terry Shetler:
He seems a "little" to "frisky" to me.
I'm right you're wrong
I'm right you're wrong:
Hope he waste a billion on this losing run.
Nick R
Nick R:
Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang:
Yang and Tulsi conveniently left out of that clip talking about all the democratic candidates...
#YangGang #mediablackout
jedi26 jedi26
jedi26 jedi26:
Patrick Gogan
Patrick Gogan:
Annnnnd hes gone 🤣🤣
Sam KK
Sam KK:
Using 37 million dollar for ads.... haven’t seen his ad for the past 3 days
Hi Lo
Hi Lo:
What s the lady at 0:48 ?

Lol wUT

I was disappointed but finally, yes!!!
Put this man resume side by side with Trump, whose the successful businessman again???
loving how Dem establishment is sooo scared of Bernie Sanders power, theyre throwing as many fools in the loop as possible.
what gave up on bootyjudge already?
@3:25 - Little Georgy Stephanopolous says that Bloomberg is taking a big gamble trying to run against "George W Bush" and the other talking head didn't even correct him That's ABC NEWS folks.
Scott Durst
Scott Durst:
Many people on the left and the right literally hate this guy. Doesn’t stand a chance unless he cheats!
Darrell Frances
Darrell Frances:
It's over for the rest of the feild 😆
Debate Me!
Debate Me!:
3:30 I have no idea George Bush's running again. Interesting
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez:
James G
James G:


In ALL the hells

Would we elect someone for President

Who uses SLAVE LABOR to make his campaign phone calls???
Lmfaooooooooooooo, good luck old fart
Bloomberg‼️‼️ 🇺🇸