Former 'Riverdale' actor given life sentence | Ryan Grantham pleads guilty

A young B.C. actor who fatally shot his mother has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 14 years.

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35 komentarze:

Has anyone done any research into why so many former child stars seem to have problems later in life? Looks like a needed study for an academic department of psychology. If we could identify a cause perhaps steps could be taken to mitigate it.
Ines Lens
Ines Lens:
They always find a way to blame weed lmaoooo
Aimee Z
Aimee Z:
Who would’ve thought he’d be on the news for this reason
Mom Bradshaw
Mom Bradshaw:
So freaking sad...
fuzzy bib
fuzzy bib:
The only thing I've ever killed from excessive cannabis use is a box of oreos
Xiiomara Concepcion
Xiiomara Concepcion:
So sad 😞
Never heard of him.
facite non victimarum
facite non victimarum:
He's done.
Now back to the Queen's funeral. When last we met she was being driven from castle to castle and church to church ...
Bill Turner
Bill Turner:
Excessive cannabis use, like that would have been a factor, lol.
Tranquility Mind
Tranquility Mind :
Some how Maryjane is the culprit not the person who did the crime, Stop giving Cannabis a bad name I have never seen someone do crimes while under the influence of weed, what he smoked was not real weed.
Deborah Brave
Deborah Brave:
We're not going to blame cannabis...
Where is the dad?
Colonel Volgin
Colonel Volgin:
Cannabis use ….? Lmaoooo yea okay
Sebby Zero
Sebby Zero:
privileged sob, give him the chair
Sebastian Sperglord
Sebastian Sperglord:
What a shame. He should have gone straight for Trudeau. Now someone else will have to remove him from power.
Chimera Zone
Chimera Zone:
Hey if you don't like the PM, vote against him like the other Canadian conservatives. Also keep all your weaponry pointed away from all family members at all times. Stay in school, kid's.
I’m glad he did it though, so he wouldn’t end up another statistic.
bro got it back in blood
Nah weed doesn’t do that.
chris jones
chris jones:
Lights, Camera, DFL!!!
Leutrell Bodden
Leutrell Bodden:
Diversity? 😏...😂😂😂
Andre Salazar
Andre Salazar:
WTF!? Wowzers
Oreo Kush
Oreo Kush:
I studied at SFU O.O i drive over lions gate bridge every week..... geez..
Lamar Lockett
Lamar Lockett:
Dont u dare try to blame cannabis
Bmx Devion
Bmx Devion:
Childhood ruined
Shaytarn Offical
Shaytarn Offical:
Don’t try blame weed kmt
Saynt Duke
Saynt Duke:
Excessive cannabis is craaaazy
F ‘em
Aquarius F
Aquarius F:
Life sentence and will be eligible for parole after 14 years wow justice system is a jokeb
Every murderer should get life sentence
ABC 123
ABC 123:
Brimstone Sulfur
Brimstone Sulfur:
Glory to Trudeau
Zoolander mkultra
Gonçalo Silva
Gonçalo Silva:
Ya'll joking but this is what happens when you don't get the oscar for your performance. Dicaprio could be loading his gun at any moment..