Forza Horizon 5 : Full Map Reveal & 2020 Toyota Supra Customization!! (FH5 Gameplay)

Forza Horizon 5 Map & Customization is here! We're taking a look at the Forza Horizon 5 Full Map and some Forza Horizon 5 Customization with the FH5 Toyota Supra! Subscribe for more Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, Car List, Customization, Hosues, Story and the FH5 Lets Play!

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We got our first look at the Forza Horizon 5 Map and Customization today and I LOVE IT!!!! What do you want to see next?
Everyone : going crazy on new leaks and map
Me : still scared whether the peel p50 will be there or not
Ashton Thake
Ashton Thake:
This is actually about to be game of the year, every time nick mentioned something I thought “it can’t get better than this” and it did, playground games are amazing developers
Roo Gosselin
Roo Gosselin:
The “yellow” circles as nick called them are actually fields. And there a circle because it’s very easy to water all u need is a long sweeping arm pivoting out of the middle
Lots of twisty roads for drifting in this game, very epic.
Leox Castillo
Leox Castillo:
It's curious how the menu and the map gives some vibes to fh2, my god this game will be amazing
I just hope d, c, and b class cars have their place on this map. They might be too slow for the enormity of the map.
Gun4Fun Official
Gun4Fun Official:
I haven't been this excited for a game in a long time.
Bryce Jonathan
Bryce Jonathan:
I see goliath taking like 12+ minutes in an s2 class car.
Blake Bandstra
Blake Bandstra:
I’d be soo cool if they added a massive sand dune for up hill drags I’d be perfect for cars like the funco F9
JJ Tails
JJ Tails:
I wasn't this hype for a map since Horizon 3 map, 5's map looks so good
The circles are green so they are crops. It's called, "Center Pivot Irrigation." Growing them in circles is efficient because you can anchor your crop sprayers in the center and have them make a 360 degree turn through the crops. This way all of your crops get watered and treated without any missed corners. You've probably seen the big metal tube structures on wheels next to the highway. You can also see the circles while flying across the country.
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer:

Also Nick: *proceeds to zoom in on a C8 corvette*
David Blees
David Blees:
Just imagine how many fast and Furious 4 scenes you can recreate here!
This may actually be the game that will finally take down forza horizon 2 which no other forza has ben able too so far in my opinion
I love how this guy is always so happy to make these videos
Ryker Prindle
Ryker Prindle:
“Welcome back to Forza horizon five” love it every single time
I really want road trips back, especially since this map is so big and diverse. I feel like it’s perfect for it.
Really excited with the horizon 5 portrayal it seems to incorporate the best segments of the previous 4 games and create a masterpiece
TJ Reynolds
TJ Reynolds:
Im sooo happy theyre actually listening to us and what we want in a game! Rather than most developers that just do whatever they think would be best!
S197 Oxy5oh
S197 Oxy5oh:
Man, I’m hyped for this game. It looks amazing
Ethan McCormack
Ethan McCormack:
Not only is the new supra in the game, but HKS is Also in the game, as well as more bodykits. Forza also seems to have a better relationship with Toyota now as well, seeing that not only did they get the supra (obviously) but also the heratige kit. This means that we could see cars like the GR Yaris, and more body customisation for Toyotas.
Myles MacDonald
Myles MacDonald:
OMG Everything looks so f*cking good!! So glad they finally added in the mk5 as well...although with that I have a strong feeling that that mk5 will have a lot of Fast 9 livery recreations 😂
Just me or does the UI give so much nostalgia back from FH? I love it :)
Rohan Day
Rohan Day:
Nick really missed the chance to say Supra instead of super, “I’m Supra Exited About This Car”
Please enter A name
Please enter A name:
those circles are a way of farming that has a automatic crop waterer that spins in a circle hence the circle fields
It would be great to know all the new customization options perhaps different exhausts, grilles sun strips neon stuff like that.
Wait I just realised, the custom wing unlocks tuning adjustments!!! We can actually use cool looking wings for tuning now
Evangumball Ttv
Evangumball Ttv:
This map is perfect and even has an oval dirt track which makes me really happy cause I’m a nascar fan and loved the Lego oval track
Chevrolet Motorsport
Chevrolet Motorsport:
This map looks awesome Nick! I don’t know if anyone noticed were getting a 90s Silverado.
Redline Sim Racing
Redline Sim Racing:
im surprised with how well horizon 5 is coming along compared to the other horizon games with the attention to detail with everything along with all of the new customisation like body kits and widebodies
FH5 looks so much fun and exciting!
Plasma 659
Plasma 659:
If there isn’t an expansion or a business where you smuggle drugs and people into America in v12 swapped vans I’m going to be disappointed
Q u a c k q u a c k
Q u a c k q u a c k:
I'm happy with the map and everything, but the most important thing is if the Peel P50 is going to be in the game or not
I wonder if the Ineos grenadier will be In the game. It’s one of my favorite cars now
hydron powers
hydron powers:
Ah yes the Mayan's favourite past time: drag racing
Since Toyota is back in Horizon, I really hope we’ll be able to get into a TRD Tundra and/or a Tacoma..
Side note: Are police cars going to be in the game?
Sabyn Endley
Sabyn Endley:
I’m proud of the major improvement from fh5 compared to fh4.
Chef Boyardee
Chef Boyardee:
I’m really curious about the damage models, and if they added gas stations like the one in FH3
Erik Inc
Erik Inc:
i really love how the developers seem to be making the game for the players. it really seems like they’re trying to do what the people want
Jack Harkus
Jack Harkus:
You had the perfect opportunity to say “today is gonna be supra supra cool”
I've never been so excited for any game in my entire life lol: One question tho: is there the Peel?
Moises Sequera
Moises Sequera:
I’m so pumped can’t wait for this. 👏🏽 👏🏽🤯🤯🤯
PixL CloudX
PixL CloudX:
im so hyped, i cannot wait for the demo
Banana Pie
Banana Pie:
The color scheme they use for the menus give FH2 vibes.
Ayden Vanderberg
Ayden Vanderberg:
Hey, Nick! I have a couple questions that you can ask the developers.... Are there barn finds, how many are there going to be and what do they look like?
Raymond Santiago
Raymond Santiago:
Hey Nick, could you please ask the developers if we're gonna be able to make a convoy with the AI like in FH3? That was a cool feature especially for guys like me that all my gamer friends are on PS4/5 and/or don't have access to internet all the time.
so excited, can't wait to play as loved FH4 is my most played game of all time
griff 595
griff 595:
Personally I’m not seeing enough dirt roads, I personally want off road races to be actually on dirt instead of mixed surface
My favourite thing about the game is probably the attention to detail and just how beautiful it's going look.
Viktor  Reznov
Viktor Reznov:
Looks absolutely mega. If they whip out clothing on the spin it'll be the best one yet
To see this much detail being put into the new title, the new release will be worth the wait
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome:
Will all these new awesome wings be adjustable? Or are we going to be stuck using the forza wings still?
Josh West Clips
Josh West Clips:
Something I enjoyed about Horizon 3 was leveling up the festivals, and I kinda hope we can do that again. Also the ability to make your own championships was awesome.
The circles on the map are probably barn finds, they are always represented by circles like that.
Mohammed Alashram
Mohammed Alashram:
The two circles are agriculture irrigation circles, they're basically crops being grown in a circular shape.
Tyler Albright
Tyler Albright:
I’m way more hyped for this game than I was for horizon 4
My favorite part of the map is the back roads for cruses and meets
Callum Ryker
Callum Ryker:
That drag strip at the temple is actually known as “Avenue of the Dead”. It’s not actually known who built it since the Aztecs discovered it, and the Mayans were too far south to have built it. It’s named Teotihuacan, or City of the Gods.
Muzvix Playz
Muzvix Playz:
It would be cool if they added a option to use a VR headset as your monitor so that you can have a close up view of the cockpit of your car and look around your interior just by turning your head.
I wasn’t going to get this game after I haven’t enjoyed the last few Forza games, but now I’m having second thoughts, the Mayan temples and deserts are pretty cool.
Grady Quinn
Grady Quinn:
I’ve been waiting to hear that for so long. “Welcome back to forza horizon five”
denver tomaselli
denver tomaselli:
dude the inside view of the supra looks so clean i hope they made it look really good for every car
Guillermo Nuñez
Guillermo Nuñez:
The yellow circles are also crop circles btw. The label "de otro mundo" means "of another world" so it's safe to say that these are crop circles
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley:
The game looks so damn goood I wish I could play it now but I must wait
i’ve never been that hyped for a game it’s crazy
Kiss Gergő
Kiss Gergő:
If that stadium looks like how I imagine it does based on the map then it really reminds of trackmania. Speaking of, don't you wanna try trackmania while we wait for fh5 to release?
Beasty Playz
Beasty Playz:
when you strip stuff from ur car for weight reduction, does it actually show the things u strip in-game, unlike FH4?
We are officially 3 months away from the release and I’m so hyped 🔥🔥🔥
Johnny Mae
Johnny Mae:
These bard finds are going to be awesome
Bangin Gears Films
Bangin Gears Films:
The campaign/story mode is probably gonna be super long since there is 6 festivals to unlock!
I'm hyped for the airport. Seems like it's good one again.

And maybe those yellow circles are like those from FH3 where you can find a rival or smth
Василий Шишкин
Василий Шишкин:
Looks like we aren't cut short on variety, which I can't be unhappy about
the balling boi
the balling boi:
2 comments on the map:
1: lots more drift roads than I was expecting, which is a good thing.
2. I can already tell where a lot of race circuits are going to be
I’m Extremely excited for the Forza Horizon 5 🤩🤩🤩
Norbie Hirst
Norbie Hirst:
I saw the super twisty and turny road going up and down the mountain and I know this is super unlikely but imagine if that entire thing was a drift zone!
John Smith
John Smith:
Honestly I just want the rb26 to be able to get the same or close to the same hp stats as the supra. Cause in fh4 one car is miles faster.
Brandon Murdoch
Brandon Murdoch:
The bike in the start of the video looks very detailed. Would be an awesome addition to the game
I’m really impressed with the diversity of the map, the developers are doing well on this one.
It looks sooo good on the new Xbox , can’t wait to see it with an RTX 3090 !!!
Those yellow circles are most likely some farmland with a round watering track. That's the only thing I think it could be
the rescue leopard
the rescue leopard:
Don't want to get over excited too early but I'm getting vibes from some parts of all 4 previous horizon maps from this, especially horizon 2 with the main road and 3 with the sand dunes. Hopefully it doesn't get old too quickly.
Techno Viking
Techno Viking:
Question for the developers: Regarding drag racing (or any race start really) - can we rev our cars at the staging lights prior to launching? Every car launches differently at different rpm’s, and would be nice to have control of that rather than just mashing the pedal and lighting up the rears every time.
I would really like to see if the devs could put a Ford dually or something in the game, and a role play mode as well where you can turn on your blinkers and stuff like that
Rylan Kolde
Rylan Kolde:
Can’t wait to do some cartel role playing in FH5
Niall Blackburn
Niall Blackburn:
They have seasons. Oh man. Still looks immense. Super exited!!
One day there’s gonna be a revisiting forza horizon 4 it will feel so weird to see that
I just really hope that there is a camouflage or hide and seek minigame (even more traffic than in fh4 would be good)
Dobre Mihai
Dobre Mihai:
I don’t care who makes this car. At the end of the day it’s a supra. It looks good, sounds good, has very much tuning potential. I love Porsche but I can’t say no to a jdm it would be wrong
Justin K
Justin K:
Those top and bottom portions of the map really look like good real estate for those 2 expansions👀Anyone one else thinking the same?
Oliver Lutz
Oliver Lutz:
I’m gonna spend so much time in the canyon with the new car sounds and I’m just gonna gun it through the canyon and just listen to the echo😌🥵👍🏻
Omer baig
Omer baig:
I just gotta say, the rims look sooooooo good
miatas headlights
miatas headlights:
Question for devs: will decal layers be properly centered in fh5?
Camera Ferret
Camera Ferret:
Since we are getting 6 Festivals it takes me back to FH2 where we had to drive to San Martan to Castelletto.

Brings back sum memories
The 2 circles are a centre Pivot irrigation system used to grow fodder crop for animals
Fredrick Skauge
Fredrick Skauge:
What system are you using for testing? Thanks for all the new info :D
Jake W
Jake W:
Been given a Supra at the start reminds me of the FH2 days when you could choose that Supra at the start, with the challenger and I think a BMW if I remember correctly
Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez:
IM SO EXCITED look at all those work wheels-
[PR] Impreza
[PR] Impreza:
Already pre-ordered ultimate edition!

Can’t wait!

I’d love interior customization