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Welcome to the FPL Team Selection series for the 2021/22 season. In this video I take you through my team, thoughts on transfers, changes and captaincy and what moves I'm thinking about when locking in my Fantasy Premier League team.
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Let's Talk FPL
Let's Talk FPL:
Here we go then! Once Team Selections are back it feels like FPL is officially back. Let me know what you think - right after you hit that subscribe button 😉
“Team selection time ahead of Gameweek 1” I’ve missed those words WE’RE BACK in the swing of things😭
Jarvis Wileman
Jarvis Wileman:
Love that my team had so much changed about it across today to figure out the best way to integrate Tsimikas (had the Liverpool defensive double-up previously), went through like 10 different drafts and this is near a carbon copy of what I initially wanted to do
"I wouldn't say he's (Trent) a no brainer because he's 7.5mil, but for my team he's a no brainer" I've missed you so much Andy 🥰🤣
Frankie Haworth
Frankie Haworth:
I think I'm going to go for Tsimikas, I was planning on starting with Trent and Robbo anyway, my biggest concern is when Robbo comes back, will everyone with Tsimikas immediately ditch him rather than benching, causing a price decrease? I think its still worth the risk anyway as it frees up so much cash to flush out the rest of the squad with...
Nice vid! You could also use that 0.5 to upgrade Antonio to Ings.
Then you can cover Villa's fixtures and still have Benrahma into West Ham.
Hi Andy, great content so far, just wondering have you ever presented your final team after the deadline? Especially after game week 1 and not revealing your transfer until after deadline? Realised that a lot of people that are new in an ML have ended up copying you which obviously makes every team the same and not very competitive
Ollie Lee-Amies
Ollie Lee-Amies:
Great videos and share almost identical opinions with the stuff you’ve said. Got the exact same feeling with son/mahrez. I prefer son, but the team balance looks much better with mahrez. I’ve gone for barnes over wilson, as i have really liked the look of him and leicester in pre-season, and leicester have great fixtures. The 0.5 extra has gone on coufal over ayling as he’s a wingback with good stats and west ham have good fixtures

Team atm:
TAA, Shaw, Coufal
Salah(c), fernandes(vc), mahrez, barnes, raphinha
toney, antonio
Bench: Foster, Tsmikas, Armatey, Obafemi
Duncan Henderson
Duncan Henderson:
I'm only 20 seconds in and already so very excited for this! Andy always has cracking content 👏
Pretty much the same, Ings instead of Wilson and Harrison instead of Raphinha for my team.

Tsimikas and Amartey yesterday was a game changer.
Chris Irwin
Chris Irwin:
I really like the idea 5 in midfield team, looks very exciting!
Any massive changes set aside I am pretty sure GW8 is a great week for a wildcard. it is after an international break and the fixtures for the top 4 will flip around from Man U and Liverpool having the better fixtures to Chelsea and City having the prefered Fixtures.
Beltrán Novato
Beltrán Novato:
Joe Willock if confirmed for NUFC - stats are insane if stays consistent
So much tinkering about but I think I'm set on my team unless other injuries and transfers occur before hand.
Sanchez (Foster)
TAA-Coufal/Ayling-Shaw (Tsimikas Amartey)
Antonio-Ings (4.5M Att)
I don’t have Jota personally but I feel like you’re forgetting the fact that even when he doesn’t start, he comes on as a sub pretty much every game against defenders who are tired.
I just know I’ve got to prepare my team to transfer in Lukaku when he arrives 👀
Ings/Antonio/Wilson - The most injury-prone Front 3 ever ... 😀
Michael Tempestoso
Michael Tempestoso:
I have a similar team although I’ve doubled up on Brighton GKs and have White instead of Armatey because for the extra 0.5m I can rotate White and Ayling.
I’ve decided to go Salah, Greenwood (will swap to Raphinha after a few weeks), Barnes, Brownhill and Bruno (to allow for Kane/ Lukaku later).
Up front I have Ings instead of Wilson but worried Ings won’t be on penalties
Evan Maguire
Evan Maguire:
Best Matchday 1 team in my opinion (Bench Boost activated):
Goalkeepers- Sánchez, Foster
Defenders-Amartey,TAA,Tsmikas, Shaw,Digne
Midfielders-Fernandes (V), Salah (C), Maddison, Gündogan, Bissouma
Forwards-Antonio, Wilson, Toney
Labaran Mohammed
Labaran Mohammed:
You could do what i did downgrade Wilson to a 4.5 upgraded Toney to Ings. So you have two strikers up front and Ings becomes your cash cow after gameweek 3
Imed Tiss
Imed Tiss:
Hey Andy, love the content. So what we are going to do with Lukaku coming to Chelsea?
Once Baley is nailed I have a feeling he’ll have a great goal thrat for just 6.5 I think he’ll be a better value then Raphina
Mahrez is a great option, he’s had a brilliant pre season 👍
I used the rmt tool for testing purposes. Compared to your squad, I don't have Mahrez, but Buendia. Also Lucas Digne(however, the more I think about the less I see him for the first couple of weeks, despite good fixtures) and some minor differences.
What I find interesting, but also rather risky is the possibilty to drop Salah for GW3 and possibly GW4 and put in Son, whereafter returning Salah for GW5 onwards. Of course, considering I have the money(but I don't think that Salah will quicky jump to 12.6 nor Son will go up after the Man City game)
Nayan Hirani
Nayan Hirani:
Loving your content & team Andy.
Mitch. exe
Mitch. exe:
Only if I knew Jota was playing he would be so good. Really nice price point and could have him, mahrez, Fernandes and Salah in the same midfield that would be so flexible.
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter:
Loving the vids mate FPL might be the thing I'm looking forward to most in the new season
Harry Webb
Harry Webb:
Havertz good value for 8.5? I think he’s gunna play up front alongside Lukaku and I can see him having a breakthrough season
Solid squad! I've gone off Wilson a little lately but may bring him back in instead of Toney!
Gameweek 1 is nearly here!! 🤙
Tom Bainton-Ball
Tom Bainton-Ball:
Almost identical squad to mine, Ive gone with Son instead of Bruno though which means I can afford Ings instead of Wilson.
Brandon Mahon
Brandon Mahon:
I just feel like Wilson won’t get a lot of service, especially considering willock just signed and is more of a goalscoring midfielder. The front 3 I’ve gone for is Toney (For pens and because he was good last season), Ings (Has to start most games, proven goalscorer) and Antonio (Been good in preseason and will get loads of points if he stays fit).
I’m actually proud that our teams are identical apart from I’ve got amartey out for white and raphina out for Harrison nice team 👍🏻
I Appear Missing
I Appear Missing:
"Sometimes make late decisions" we all remember the Marcos Alonso move from last season haha... I did the same. Good Luck this season Andy....
Dave O
Dave O:
My team is almost identical but instead of Toney and Mahrez i have Ings and Barnes. Defo got eyes on Mahrez for week 2 so may bring Toney in for Ings ahead of the deadline so i can do that move in 1 transfer if i want.
K K:
Great video andy, i know Benhrama is twitter darling but Soucek at same price is also interesting surely!? why is he going under the radar this year?
Honey glazed Gammon
Honey glazed Gammon:
Edozie just put on 5 mil, I think that's well worth a season starter punt as bench fodder at that price, bit annoying he's not a striker for me.
Kevin Ebedi
Kevin Ebedi:
Felt so good seeing the green team selection theme vibe after so long . It's like yeah it's all back again ,misssed it
Martin Boyle
Martin Boyle:
Almost the same team. 4-4-2. Sanchez, Coufal, TAA, Tsimikas, Shaw, Raph, Salah, Bruno, Son, Ings, Antonio. Bench: Steele, Brownhill, Amartey, Obafemi.
How come no one's talking about Vardy or Mount? Yes Chelsea don't have great set of fixtures but opening game agaisnt Palace and pretty sure he'll get lots of minutes. Also Leicesters fixtures look decent so Inheancho could be one to watch too with his form last season
Feel like I’m off the beaten path, but also have a good squad and bench. Starting with Martinez, TAA, Digne, Shaw, White, Barnes, Salah, Son, Raphinha, Ings, Antonio, with Sanchez, Toney, Bissouma, and Ayling on bench.
Hi Andy! Not tempted to go Gundogan instead of Mahrez since KDB is injured? I'm tempted to replace Raphinha with Barnes, better fixtures and easy to replace with Raphinha when fixtures turn.
Dr Anthony
Dr Anthony:
Just some random information:
KDB is training, 2 days now.. with the team. Definitely won't play the full 90
For those interested
LJ Love
LJ Love:
The difference between Son and Mahrez is that Son is a great captaincy option in GW3 when Liverpool play Chelsea. Whereas Mahrez plays Arsenal in GW3.. I think that gives Son the edge over Mahrez, at least in my eyes.
Allan Snape
Allan Snape:
I have a very similar team. I have Coufal, Brownhill and Ings instead of Shaw, Gilmour and Wilson.
Aiden Lizzimore
Aiden Lizzimore:
Finally had my team sorted and now Andy drops this 😩
Ings in, Wilson out. Welcome Amartey
A S:
idk if u guys have ever done this but 1st place got 2680 points last season. divide that by 11 players (not incl bench boost week) that rounds up to 244 points per player. Like having a team full of Bruno's/the highest scoring player in FPL!
Fowl Play
Fowl Play:
Just going to throw out possibly the griedies midfield imaginable,with so many cheap defenders I think it's actually good enough. (Obviously playing for an early wild card)

, Shaw, Amartey

, Fernandes, Son, Mahrez, Greenwood

Antonio, Toney

Foster, Obafemi, White
, Duffy
Andreas Nordh
Andreas Nordh:
Hey Andy, great video!
ever thought about everton players? they got great starting fixtures? like Digne, James..?
harmonic jelyfish
harmonic jelyfish:
My current team is your Son tinkered team except with Ings, Barnes and Cresswell over Toney, Benrahma and Trent. Is Trent that much better than Cresswell that it's worth downgrading Ings and Barnes?
Good team to start, i think youre going to be taking lots of hits after about gw3 though, what with 2 4.0 that wont be playing anymore, mahrez getting less mins and antonio starting europe, i guess you could early wildcard.
So many people have similar set ups but after gw3 or gw4 it will all change and that’s where the points to push up the charts will be won or lost and I have the perfect set up with a little ace up my sleeve from the start and when play the wildcard lol good luck though troops 👍
Odd Harald Auglend
Odd Harald Auglend:
Anyone else rocking Hamstring FC with Antonio, Ings and Wilson up front?
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock:
My team is almost same to this. Instead of Mahrez+Raphina, i've Barnes+Greenwood, and Ings instead of Wilson.
Im currently on


But anything can happen still tbh
Don’t you think that Foster can drop to 3.9 in GW1 or GW2? Isn’t it better to get Steele if I have Sanchez?
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith:
We need to take into account the home and away fixtures this season with fans back.
David Collar
David Collar:
I funded the Danny Ings with Havertz as you mentioned, not bothered by fixtures, chelsea going to romp these top 6 teams 😀😀
Farhad S
Farhad S:
I've got the exact same team (almost), but with Son and Cavani instead of Bruno Fernandes and Wilson. Question is, will Cavani start from GW1, and will I have the balls to actually start FPL without Bruno?
Samarth Bhardwaj
Samarth Bhardwaj:
Downgrade Toney to Davis Upgrade Gilmour to Benrahma and then Wilson to Ings and we have the same team!
W S:
If you could have Ings over antonio would you regardless of the 0.5 mil difference imagine they're both 7.5
Labaran Mohammed
Labaran Mohammed:
My back line is TAA- Coufal- Shaw- Tsimikas and Davies. I'm thinking of downgrading Coufal to Ayling and then upgrading Davies to a Ben white. What do you guys think?
We have a similar side. Remove Fernades and Raphinha for Son and Greenwood, Wilson for Ings and Sanchez for Schmeichel. I will be getting Raphinha and Sancho later on though.
Postman Ty
Postman Ty:
I love how Martinez scored 186 points last season, far more than every defender, more than every mid bar 3, and more than every striker bar 3, and people still slag off keepers. There are factors such as season keepers (no pun intended), total minutes, and a bit more risk in picking a keeper since there's usually only 1 or 2 head and shoulders above the rest. But people need to start putting a little more respect in 0.5m spent on a keeper.
Josh Kay
Josh Kay:
Omg that’s legit my team just with Wilson instead of iheanacho, great video Andy
Faris Lechkar
Faris Lechkar:
My team is :
Shaw, Taa, coufal, tsimikas
Salah, son, Fernandes, ralphinha
Ings and antonio

Bench : foster, bissouma, obafemi and omabamidele

Give me some tips if you want this is my first time im playing fpl and im curious what people think of my team would appreciate it
Shaurya Saxena
Shaurya Saxena:
How has Shaw been performing in pre-season? Will he be available from GW1?
Also, seeing Firmino's performance in their latest friendly, I'm assuming Jota is no longer a decent-good pick.
Eirik Kristiansen
Eirik Kristiansen:
Great team so far Andy, looks a bit like mine, but I am surely going Ings! Kind of happy Robertson is out, as it enabled me to make a lot of good changes!
Antonio is going to be great, I think Toney will flop, even for the price! Wilson I am not too sure about, but I guess for the price it should be some value due to penalty :)
Louis Prescot
Louis Prescot:
I’m thinking of taking TAA out to have Kane and Lukaku (unless Kane stays then I’ll go Antonio and get Mahrez/Son)
Ivan Fedortsov
Ivan Fedortsov:
Ings, Antonio, Wilson
Is this the patients list of the doc? Such quality forwards, I hope they stay fit during this season.

I can see going for that front 3 if you are planning an early wildcard (ie GW4)
Neil Cheesman
Neil Cheesman:
With Wilson and Antonio both being somewhat injury prone I am not sure I would want either in my team (I don't have either)...
David Ljunggren
David Ljunggren:
Downgrade Toney to a 4,5 and go for Saka in a 3-5-2 instead. Then put Manquillo on the bench instead of Ayling, this will save you 0,5 which you can use to upgrade Wilson to Ings.
Karim Mikhaeil
Karim Mikhaeil:
U could downgrade toney to a 4.5 then upgrade Gilmour to benrahma then upgrade wilson to ings
Lukey Chadders
Lukey Chadders:
Plans to get Lukaku in? Will likely be 11.5-12 mill
Tomas  Evans
Tomas Evans:
Great video as per, I have the same line up just Ings for Toni and Greenwood for Mahrez
Ariel Semani
Ariel Semani:
I think one leicester player should be Barnes for example over raphinha in first 4 game week
Saka looks like he could be a good 6.5m mid for the first few weeks
whats your thoughts on lukaku when hes announced? The amount of chances Chelsea create makes me think hed be a great pick if you can find the money
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones:
I’ve gone very similar but have Greenwood, Barnes and Ings in for Raphinha Mahrez and Wilson
United_ FPL
United_ FPL:
Will this be your starting line up or could it change again before Friday ?

Everyone seems to be on this Tsimkas and I’m on Jota as my 3rd liverpool player 🤦🏼‍♂️
Lueque Charle-Gumbs
Lueque Charle-Gumbs:
loved your work last season, this season the content seems better but slow down on all the other formats,promo etc etc keep your focus.
Ognjen Bojić
Ognjen Bojić:
If I've only wanted TAA for first two gameweeks, should that make having Tsimikas instead of him sensible? That way I could afford midfield of Salah,Bruno,Son and Mahrez
Ross Cameron
Ross Cameron:
Mine is literally the same but I got Sarr instead of Raphinha and Ings instead of Wilson 🤣
Simon Čarman Djuran
Simon Čarman Djuran:
How about willock, he was in insane form at the end of last season and his transfer back to newcastle pretty much confirmed?
Jarvis Wileman
Jarvis Wileman:
Thoughts on a Jamie Vardy punt? Leicester have great fixtures for the first 6/7 games, makes a good captain option rotating with salah & makes it very easy to get in Lukaku or Kane
Im REALLY struggling with strikers. Other than Kane I dont see more than 15 goals in any of them. My usual 343 is prob going to be 352 formation.
I’m waiting for Lukaku to be confirmed, he’s going straight in for me.
I hope after 2-3 GWs, I'll proudly write here that "I told you about Deeney" :D
Dan Burke
Dan Burke:
Which option would you choose:
A. Barnes + Coufal (0.0 left)
B. Raphinha + Coufal (0.5 left)
C. Sarr+ Cancelo (0.0 left)
Ben Lopacki
Ben Lopacki:
I basically have Greenwood and Barnes instead of Son. More flexible and better structure, and no reason why each of those can't be just as good as Son over a short period anyway.
Kevin Ebedi
Kevin Ebedi:
Andy with what you said about probably selling him after gw3 , you know it's almost like you're banking all on the Norwich fixture. Is that really ideal??
Jac Jones
Jac Jones:
My plan is to pick tsimikas as well as TAA and Salah. Transfer him out for Ben White in GW3 because they play chelsea / robbo might be back, but play ayling off my bench because arsenal are playing man city and leeds are playing burnley. And also having ben white in from GW4 onwards
Łukasz Twardowski
Łukasz Twardowski:
Are you sure that Luke Shaw (5,5) will be playing against Leeds? I heard that he is not fully fit and that's why I think to change him... maybe Digne (5,5)? the same price or maybe Ben White (4,5)?

Also what do you think about Greenwood or Havertz in squad? I had them before but few hours ago I made some changes and now I have Raphinha, Benrahma, Son, Bruno and Salah.
xxCrZeHyPeZzxx _
xxCrZeHyPeZzxx _:
I’m gonna go for Wilson to ings and mahrez to havertz
Keith Kok
Keith Kok:
Thoughts on this? You still have your rotating 4.5m defenders while keeping Bruno/Salah/Son/Ings in the team

Shaw Tsimi TAA Veltman
Bruno Salah Son Raphinha
Ings Antonio

Foster Brownhill Ayling Obafemi
That’s exactly my team but I have Beranhma instead of Raphina and Ings instead of Wilson

P.S. Obviously I made it before I saw this
M V-mesh
M V-mesh:
Was second guessing my team, I have the exact team player for player bar Iheanacho for Wilson. Think I am happy with that!
Che Hoswell
Che Hoswell:
That Son tinker team is my exact team atm 💪👍
Craig Glassford
Craig Glassford:
What’s better Ings with only a 4.5 M mid as cover on bench or Wilson with White/Ayling as well as 4.5 mid on bench?
Kevin Ebedi
Kevin Ebedi:
Thoughts on ait nouri as a bench option?
Ramez Hany
Ramez Hany:
Was wishing messi join the premier league 😂 was gonna be my captain for all the matches