Freddie Mercury - I Was Born To Love You (Official Video Remastered)


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Freddie Mercury was a man of many talents and many different sides. The songs he wrote for and with Queen filled stadiums around the globe and have rightly gone down in history, but he also embarked on a solo career that took him from the clubs of Munich and New York to the great opera houses of the world.

He was the ultimate showman, but he kept his private life away from the prying eyes of the media; a larger than life rock star who loved disco, classical music and ballet. He was a restless spirit, a true chameleon who revelled in his own contradictions.

All the different sides of this iconic musician can be found on Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles. All formats released September 2nd 2016.

This was Freddie Mercury's first single from the 1985 'Mr Bad Guy' album - his first solo album. The Director was David Mallet and it was shot entirely at Limehouse Studios in London. The single was released in the UK on 9th April 1985.

#FreddieMercury #IWasBornToLoveYou #Remastered

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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.

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Freddie Mercury - I Was Born To Love You (Official Video Remastered)

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Scarlett Amarillo Azul De La Rosa
Scarlett Amarillo Azul De La Rosa:
Physically *:* Freddie was sexy and gorgeous
Sexually *:* Freddie was a Beast
Personally *:* Freddie was sweet and funny
Privately *:* Freddie was shy and reserved
Musically *:* Freddie is a Rock God
Gerri Miller
Gerri Miller:
Freddy was a beautiful man with lots of joy in his heart
Deborah Redden
Deborah Redden:
He's so sexy in this video
Lynne Paquette
Lynne Paquette:
The most beautiful voice in history. He's beautiful shirtless too.
*Freddie:* "Imma getcha, Imma getcha, Imma getcha, Imma getcha, Imma ge... OOH! PIANO!"
Avelte Avelte
Avelte Avelte:
I was born to love Freddie Mercury
The best male singer in history! Love u!
Татьяна Глотова
Татьяна Глотова:
Легенда 20 века...Будет жить вечно в наших сердцах...
Isa Pereira
Isa Pereira:
Porque que pessoas como Freddie nasce uma em um milhão.??????????
Елена Скорнякова
Елена Скорнякова:
Великолепно!!! Превосходно!! Чудесно!!! Прекрасно!!!!.... Как такое совершенство так рано забрал и господь........как поёт бесподобно!!..
Как красиво девушки идут ..
Какие лодочки какие каблуки.....
Lucia Leon
Lucia Leon:
How funny is when Freddie is chasing the girl and when they get in the room with the piano he like forgets one second about her and starts playing the piano i think his true love was music
Carabella 4K4NDR4
Carabella 4K4NDR4:
Hace 29 años perdimos a uno de los mejores hombres que pisaron esta tierra 24/11 siemore sera eterno.
R. I. P. Freddie Mercury
Алексей Сарбаев
Алексей Сарбаев:
Он был рожден, чтобы сделать счастливыми нас. He was born to make us happy.
Maria Buzea
Maria Buzea:
Who is here in december 2020?
Даже со старого видео передается его невероятно мощная энергетика.
Moet et Chandon
Moet et Chandon:
*1946* A child is born in Zanzibar
*1970* He is crowned The Queen
*1991* The Queen has died
Nira Oliveira
Nira Oliveira:
Novembro de 2020, ouvindo Freddie Mercury lindo demais, Beautiful, Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Carlosjosesoutofirmiano Carlao carlinho
Carlosjosesoutofirmiano Carlao carlinho:
E o melhor Canto pra td vida
Ira Ivy
Ira Ivy:
1:38 I don't know why she's running _away_ from Freddie,
I would be running straight into his arms.
Maria Carmen Martinez
Maria Carmen Martinez:
Maravilloso, inimitable, inigualable, único, que más se puede decir.
Anyone else jealous of the girl in this music video?
Billie Lachatte
Billie Lachatte:
02:41 The most awesome "ALRIGHT!!" ever.
Лилия Гизатуллина
Лилия Гизатуллина:
Фредди нёс в себе нечто , светлое, очень доброе и настоящее. Подарил нам свою музыку, великолепный голос, энергию, которая продолжает заряжать людей через песни. Красивый мужчина, невообразимо харизматичный, милый и такой сексуальный. Само совершенство! Люблю Фредди. Он навсегда в моем сердце.
R Q:
Damn, Imagine having Freddie chase you around like that around the house.
Marcio Silverio
Marcio Silverio:
Essa fazia tempo que nao ouvia só em rádios saldades eterno fred mercuri
sukanya k
sukanya k:
I should be studying.. but Freddie is more important😍
Dasha Kramer
Dasha Kramer:
pure love of freddie mercury for Mary . She was the real love of his live. This is the most sweetness song that I hear in my live.
Eriilene santos
Eriilene santos:
Eterno Freddie o melhor cantor de todos os tempos! Único e incomparável! Y love 💚
Filosofia Caipira
Filosofia Caipira:
Saudoso, Majestoso!❤⭐👏
Gloria Jacobs
Gloria Jacobs:
He looks great with the mustache 😘
Squidly Squish
Squidly Squish:
Why was she running from him? If anything, I would be chasing him
im the real gru
im the real gru:
Freddie mercury vocals are so amazing and he vocal range is magical
29 years ago today the world lost one of the greatest men who ever lived. It's kinda weird how I'm sad about the death of a guy I never met who died 10 yrs before I was born, but I guess that's just the impact he had and still has on people. RIP king.
Fernanda matos
Fernanda matos:
Um hino mundial este homem vai ser um eterno ícone e incomparável ♥️
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you, ha
Every single day...
Alright, hey hey
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life
You are the one for me
I am the man for you
You we're made for me
You're my ecstasy
If I was given every opportunity
I'd kill for your love
So take a chance with me
Let me romance with you
I'm caught in a dream
And my dream's come true
So hard to believe
This is happening to me
An amazing feeling
Comin' through -
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you, honey
Every single day of my life
I wanna love you
I love every little thing about you
I wanna love you, love you, love you
Born - to love you
Born - to love you
Yes I was born to love you
Born - to love you
Born - to love you
Every single day - day of my life
An amazing feeling
Comin' through
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yeah, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life
Yeah I was born to love you
Every single day of my life
Go, woh, I love you babe, hey
Born to love you
Yes, I was born to love you hey
I wanna love you, love you, love you
I wanna love you
Yeah yeah
Ha ha ha ha ha it's magic
What ha ha ha
I get so lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah
I want to love you
It's magic
Love you, love you
Yeah, give it to me
red light
red light:
Friend: name a singer
Me: Freddie Mercury
Friend: name the best bisexual man in the world
Me: Freddie Mercury
Friend: who do you mostly watch on YouTube?
Me: Freddie Mercury
Friend: name someone who is not Freddie Mercury
Me: Farrokh Bulsara
Friend: Who’s that?
Me: Freddie Mercury
Friend: name someone who is not Freddie Mercury or Farrokh Bulsara
Me: Mr. Fahrenheit
Friend: who’s that?
Me: Freddie Mercury
I was born to love QUEEN
Conchin Tormo
Conchin Tormo:
Sienpte.serss mi Amor Platonico , Leyenda ire a buscarte el dia q me muera , pq estaras con Dios
Cristine Louzeiro
Cristine Louzeiro:
Era um charme esse homem ❤️
Lauren Restrepez
Lauren Restrepez:
I honestly can't imagine someone like Freddie having to endure quarantine, he's so... Free and cheerful, at least we can hear his beautiful work through these hard times.
Sniff _
Sniff _:
The girl is probably roger in drag
Мухтор Ядгаров
Мухтор Ядгаров:
Freddie Mercury !!! ( Фаррух Булсара)
Я рождён , чтобы любить Тебя и Твоих шедевр !!!!)))
ФРЕДЕРИК БАЛЬСАРА ВМЕСТЕ С НАМИ НАВСЕГДА, обожаю и люблю его невероятную харизму и вокальные данные...
Рузалия Кусовникова
Рузалия Кусовникова:
Энергетика космическая, потрясающая харизма. Гениальный, талантливый певец, которого слушаю 30 лет и всегда полное наслаждение и понимание, что это непревзойденный певец.
Nadzeya Ak
Nadzeya Ak:
Легенда ....всей. ..планеты Фредди.
Lol no one did the “air punch” quite like Freddie. 29yrs passed today. 🙌🏼
Алексей Миронец
Алексей Миронец:
Елена Шульга
Елена Шульга:
Одна половина земли состоит из воды а другая из любви к тебе Фредди мы все тобой дышим
adriana fontenelle
adriana fontenelle:
Muito lindo, uma voz potente cheio de charme ,performance.. talento incrível... esse Era nosso Freddie Mercury.. Amo tanto!!♥️ seu legado jamais deixará de existir...
Courtney Fleming
Courtney Fleming:
We can all agree he had an amazing body
Björn nröjB
Björn nröjB:
This is in my head when I see my family.
Andreas Frank
Andreas Frank:
Freddie is the best
Rita Е.
Rita Е.:
Невозможно оторваться ❤
Irene Oakes
Irene Oakes:
He was a genius. Love his singing.
manisha das
manisha das:
I loved how he got distracted by the piano.. let's play the piano first.. like she's gonna be here anyway..
Coxinha De Milho
Coxinha De Milho:
3:32 omg he is so cute
Светлана Саламова
Светлана Саламова:
Выворачивается всё нутро от боли в сердце,как не хватает его сегодня,почему так несправедлива жизнь.Фредди Бог,он незаменимый ,он один из сех во Вселенной😥😥😥
R. Brandão
R. Brandão:
Brasil 2020!
Назгуль Джумалиева
Назгуль Джумалиева:
Каждый день.с ним .утро божественно!
Stacey Raven
Stacey Raven:
This is the most 80s thing that ever happened
Brandi Mccarty
Brandi Mccarty:
Ok.... I have seen sooo many comments saying things like"Why would that woman run from Freddie" I finally figured out the answer..... Perhaps she was worried about Freddie showing love and then just throwing her down again like he did at the beginning. ;) lol im saying this in a loving joking way of course. <3
Keite Albuquerque
Keite Albuquerque:
O Freddie é Imortal ❤
Pau La
Pau La:
Can everybody imagine how lucky is that girl?
Im jealous😩
Елена Владимировна
Елена Владимировна:
Такой мужик.... 😍 Харизма так и прёт..
-- Brian was born July 19th 1947

-- Roger was born July 26th 1949

-- John was born August 19th 1951

-- Freddie was born to love you
Letícia Porfirio
Letícia Porfirio:
Assim não tem como não gostar, olha isso. Um dos artistas mais completos
Rick Ogden
Rick Ogden:
Chasing a beautiful woman and Freddie when his path is blocked by a piano had to strike a few keys...then on with the chase...genius I love it
Porter Maddy
Porter Maddy:
I love his outfit
Servant - Maid Brasil
Servant - Maid Brasil:
Muito a frente do seu tempo . Parece que fez esse clipe no ano 2020 .
Grande e talentoso artista.😍😍
L B:
Is it wrong to find him extremely attractive in this video?? 😍🤤
sorin bunea
sorin bunea:
The one and only, the singer of songs
Conchin Tormo
Conchin Tormo:
Hoy con tanta tecnologia, antes cuando enpezo Qween no tenian medios no se esplican como hicieron esas canciones Todos cada uno en lo suyo 4 Mostruos
Елена Владимировна
Елена Владимировна:
Красавчик😍 ещё и талантлив! Мечта, а не мужчина!
Виктор Багдерин
Виктор Багдерин:
Фредди будто древнегреческий бог, спустившийся на землю!
Posh Lady Surrey
Posh Lady Surrey:
Freddie was a great showman he didn't need autotune he had a natural fantastic voice Freddie all your fans miss you 27 years later 😢
Bail’s Place
Bail’s Place:
When I get married, I’ll play this in the wedding
Rosilene Lopes Pinheiro
Rosilene Lopes Pinheiro:
yaky 3117
yaky 3117:
Forever Freddie Mercury 🤩🤴🎶🎙️🎹
Царица Савская
Царица Савская:
Восхищаюсь его вокалом и работаспособностью и самоотдачей.Великий музыкант и исполнитель песен.
Beth Bozada
Beth Bozada:
I was born to listen the beautiful voice of Freddie Mercury *-*
Three sugars? Seven sugars?
Three sugars? Seven sugars?:
Oh god he's so sexy in white🖤🖤
freddie KING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Conchin Tormo
Conchin Tormo:
Ole , la madre q t pario Dios.t rendra en su coro d Angeles
т д
т д:
Боже, как же он прекрасен, прекрасно все, голос , фигура, лицо, мне, 55, и я впервые в жизни влюблена , никогда в жизни со мной такого не было,,,,Фредди я для себя открыла благодаря фильму,,Богемская рапсодия,,,я не раз задавала себе вопрос, почему я захотела посмотреть этот фильм, я не хочу сказать , что я никогда не слышала об этой группе, слышала, и слушала, кое , что, помню , новость о смерти, помню концерт благотворительный был, моя молодость пришлась на 80, 90 годы, был у меня катушечный сатурн, и кого только я не слушала, при чем только зарубежные группы, певцов, свою попсу терпеть не могла, специально ездила в город , где мне записывали на катушки то что я хотела, и почему то я прошла мимо Квин, как я не расслушала их, как пропустила, я только по радио, когда звучала песня мейджик врубала на всю,,,нравился этот голос, песня,,,когда я уезжала в другой город я соседу отдала 4 мешка катушек , тогда уже диски пошли, и я не стала их брать, и там не было Квин,,,Боже , как же много я потеряла,,,,я благодарна создателям фильма, за то что они открыли мне эту группу,и моего дорогого Фредди, пусть поздно, но наверное, это должно прийти в свое время, и сейчас у меня огромная коллекция их песен, мой день начинается и заканчивается Фредди,,,в машине, дома,,наверное я схожу с ума....,
Алёна Владимировна
Алёна Владимировна:
Потрясающий певец! Брависсимо!
Sibele Fernandes
Sibele Fernandes:
Está música e simplesmente demais 🤩
Dam, Freddie was sooooooo SEXY!!! A trully beautiful MAN.
Katarína Daňková
Katarína Daňková:
Incredible person 🧡 genuine, caring, real, wild, vulnerable, loving, himself and that’s what made him SO SPECIAL ❤️
Jan Hunt
Jan Hunt:
Freddie couldn't get any sexier and hotter than in this video! wish he were singing it to me!!
I love "Freddie Mercury - I Was Born To Love You"
Eliane Farias
Eliane Farias:
Летчик Ураган
Летчик Ураган:
Как МЫ тебя любим, любили, и будем Любить!!!!!!!
Edmilson Saturno
Edmilson Saturno:
Xou lembro da minha adolescência,, grande Freddy Mercury 👋👋😍
Белая божья коровка
Белая божья коровка:
Потрясающий Фредди!
Fda Fdss
Fda Fdss:
I don't understand, how the people like Bad bunny and Not this
(no sé ingles XD)
Veronica Cordeiro
Veronica Cordeiro:
Queria ter vívido está época, top de mais ❤
Luciana Teixeira
Luciana Teixeira:
Amo freed mercury adoro demais as músicas sempre inesquecível
red light
red light:
Me: What instruments do you play?
Freddie: The audience, darling.
*Freddie is the only Bisexual guy who stole my heart*
Ludmila Baluasova
Ludmila Baluasova:
С днем рождения великий король ФРЕДИ МЕРКЬЮРИ !!!5 сентября 2020г.
Felipe Mendes
Felipe Mendes:
29 anos que essa estrela foi brilhar lá no céu .