Freddie Mercury - Time Waits For No One (Official Video)

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For the first time ever, after four decades buried deep in the vaults, a previously unreleased version of ‘Time’, recorded in 1986 by Freddie Mercury for the concept album of the hit musical of the same name, has finally emerged after two years of work by the globally successful musician, songwriter and producer Dave Clark, a long-time friend of Freddie’s, using the song’s full title, ‘Time Waits For No One’.

‘Time Waits For No One’ shows Freddie Mercury at his most compelling; a completely stripped-down performance, accompanied by just a piano, showcasing one of music’s most beloved and show-stopping voices.

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Freddie Mercury; lead singer of Queen and solo artist in his own right. Songwriter, musician, singer of songs, lover of life. Freddie majored in Stardom while giving new meaning to the word Showmanship. He left a legacy of songs that will never lose their stature as classics and will live on forever.

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Freddie Mercury - Time Waits For No One (Official Video)

100+ komentarze:

JG Guitar Covers
JG Guitar Covers:
I don't care what anyone says. Freddie was and always will be the greatest male vocalist in the history of existence. R.I.P.
Riley Tuddenham
Riley Tuddenham:
Is It Possible To Miss Someone You Never Met In Your Life. I feel like Freddie was so close to me.
And he didn’t even take singing lessons...
4453 eagle
4453 eagle:
he is only dead if we forget him. I don't think that will happen in many generations.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
The greatest singer of all time
Deborah Redden
Deborah Redden:
I am addicted to Freddy's voice and songs .But THAT VOICE ! IMMORTAL .
Светлана Цивилева
Светлана Цивилева:
Фредди, любим, помним, слушаем, восхищаемся!👑👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
I swear Freddie is the only artist who can wear the simplest outfit, have the simplest set & still sound and look amazing 🥺😭 wish he could come back
Don’t be sad because he is dead

Be happy that he lived and brought us magic.
You’ve been gone for 29 years now, yet I think of you everyday, you’re the reason I began playing the piano, my biggest inspiration. Rest In Peace Mr. Mercury.
Time waits for nobody
Time waits for nobody
We all must plan our hopes together
And we'll have no more future at all
Time waits for nobody
We might as well be deaf and dumb and blind
I know that sounds unkind
But it seems to me
We've not listened to
Or spoken about it at all
The fact that time was running out for us all
Time waits for nobody
Time waits for no one
We've got to build this world together
Or we'll have no more future at all
Because time
It waits for nobody
You don't need me to tell you what's gone wrong
You know what's going on
And it seems to me we've not cared enough
Or confided in each other at all
It seems like we've all got our backs against the wall
Time waits for nobody
Time waits for no one
We've got to trust one another
Or we'd have no more future at all
Because time
Waits for nobody
Waits for nobody
Time waits for no one
Best not to be friends with one another
Or we'd have no more future at all
Time waits for nobody
For nobody, nobody, nobody
For no one
Deborah Redden
Deborah Redden:
The greatest of all time. No one can sound like Freddie
Amber AS
Amber AS:
This song is so accurate for this year. This year is a test for everybody, but we have to trust eachoter or we have no futer at all.
The senate
The senate:
Only Freddie can be dead for nearly 3 decades and still release the best songs
1:58 that vibrato was savage.
Наталья Чернова
Наталья Чернова:
О Боже!!!Как я его обожаю!!!Ну почему,почему,уходят такие люди.Сколько не спетых песен.Фредди,как ты нам нужен!!!!
Лана Пертаия
Лана Пертаия:
Господи, спасибо за это бесценное сокровище , за это диво дивное, Фредди Меркьюри ... Смотришь , слушаешь, диву даёшься: неужели это реальность - Божественный Талант!!!!
Иван Иваныч
Иван Иваныч:
Спасибо тебе за все. Я уверен ты это слышишь.
I showed this to my grandma and her reaction was so humble. She said "Freddie, is that really him? Oh so i miss him so much" She has Alzheimer's and its beautiful for her to still remember Freddie. He was truly a legend
Рузалия Кусовникова
Рузалия Кусовникова:
Талантище непревзойденное! Гений в музыке, единственный и неповторимый. Все его песни -шедевры.
Олеся Серова
Олеся Серова:
Король на все времена! Мы любим и помним тебя, Фредди!!!! From Russia with Love
Наташа Прошлецова
Наташа Прошлецова:
После Фредди остальные просто меркнут.Да нынешние исполнители просто ничто по сравнению с ним.Он легенда до которой не дотянуться.
Ольга У.
Ольга У.:
Может ли человек, которого никогда не знал, стать родным до боли, до слез?! Оказалось, может. Спасибо, что появился в моей жизни, без Тебя она не стала бы такой яркой! Ты мой луч света, который я пронесу в своём сердце через всю жизнь ❤️
C Belcher
C Belcher:
It's weird seeing him in this quality, it's like he's back... we miss you Freddie. ❤
Inverness Fan
Inverness Fan:
Freddie Mercury was a genius.
Fernando Carrazzoni
Fernando Carrazzoni:
The ending gives me chills.
Оксана Захарченко
Оксана Захарченко:
Эта ямочка на правой щеке, это ссссс и , главное эти глаза... Про голос чарующий уже не говорю...
Forever great Freddie, his voice, his singing, his charisma ❤️️
Castaway Series
Castaway Series:
Miss you, Freddie. 28 years gone and he’s still delivering magic.
Musicwithinher 13
Musicwithinher 13:
Its freddies b day today. Happy birthday. He deserves all the love and fans; he is such a queen. He will allways be rememberd as one of the best singers ever. For me, hes the best singer who ever lived. We love you Freddie. happy birthday our darling.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💎

p.s, to the person who read this, have a good day and may your life be amazing
Елена Елена
Елена Елена:
Как не любить тебя, это не возможно, ты для меня кумир!!!!
Oh God he is so beautiful
Чынар Мавлянова
Чынар Мавлянова:
2020г Фредди ты гений. До твоего уровня ещё никто не дошел
It's 2019 and Freddie still releases the best music. ❤️
Velizar Kunchev
Velizar Kunchev:
Freddie just published a "new" song from the Heaven.😃😃
Dhnika Z
Dhnika Z:
He is a legend, people will remember him until the end of time
Very few can be like that ❤️❤️❤️
Itai lustgarten
Itai lustgarten:
I think I've watched this clip for more then a thousand times, every time is like the first. we miss you Freddie ❤️
This truly is among one of the most beautiful songs ever written and recorded. Freddie's legacy shall travel and flow peacefully and powerfully until humanity itself has come to an end. His presence today still lives on, unscathed, nearly three decades after his passing - truly among the greats.
Brenden Vine Videos
Brenden Vine Videos:
Me: God can we plz have at least one more song from Freddie?

God: I will allow it
Навсегда СОЛНЦЕ! Моё.... Грустное,но моё!!!
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger:
Удивительно, человек обладающий такой нереальной харизмой, действительно, как и писали выше, он будто мифическое существо и сложно поверить, что он когда-то существовал.
Феномен, Легенда, Фредди Меркьюри.
так и хочется думать, что он не умер, а просто ушел..
Kornkamon Weladee
Kornkamon Weladee:
“I will be a legend” he didn’t just say it but he did it.
Someone: the music industry is destroyed

Freddie: *hold my beer*
Kelly Rushton
Kelly Rushton:
Is it normal to constantly fall in love with Freddie every time you see or hear him?
When it comes to Freddie Mercury, I just can't describe that feeling I have towards him. Even if I was barely 1 month when he past away I was able to relive his incredible journey thru internet, movies and documentary. There's just something about him, the energy he radiates is absolutely phenomenal, he can just capture your heart in way I can't explain. I've never missed someone I never knew this much in my entire life. I don't think there will ever be someone as great as him, he's a true inspiration to me, he helps enjoy every second of my life and realize how lucky I am to be alive and well on this beautiful planet. Thank you for everything you've done Freddie Mercury. You will be remembered until the end of times <3
Nach G Style
Nach G Style:
Freddie Mercury in a word, legend and this song, deep.
Светлана Скворцова
Светлана Скворцова:
Просто чудо какое-то, как жаль,что такие долго не живут. Всегда, когда его слушаешь и смотришь, в душе такое волнение
Quantico Beast
Quantico Beast:
Humans: Can we have one last time freddie

God: I will allow that
Lena Lang
Lena Lang:
Ты Избранный, твой голос досихпор у нас на слуху через многие годы 🤗
Tatyana Art
Tatyana Art:
Благодарю Дэйва Кларка за это чудо - ещё одна встреча с Фредди!!
Ирина Мирошниченко
Ирина Мирошниченко:
одно счастье от фреди!никогда не забуду его!самый самый самый!
Xadica Mammadova
Xadica Mammadova:
He is a legend 🖤
El Gato Meow YT
El Gato Meow YT:
Drake: I make the best music on the world

Freddie Mercury: hold my cats darling
Cats Corner
Cats Corner:
He has the voice of an angel 😍😍❤️
Luz Rodriguez
Luz Rodriguez:
I just love his song, i cry when i listen to some of them. It sad that he is not here with the world. But his music and song will live with world forever. Love him.
Well, he´s a Queen...indeed...his stage appearance is just incredible
Gabriella Genovese
Gabriella Genovese:
My room mate and I always cry when we hear this. She took his death very hard and never has gotten over it.
Lovro Kahlina
Lovro Kahlina:
He died 1991,in 2019 People still cant wait for New versions, the man, the legend!
I think this is the best performance ever of a singer, incredible, I have no words for his talent
ronald Jadia
ronald Jadia:
Damn, that vibrato is INSANE.
Artur Mamyshev
Artur Mamyshev:
Какой же божественный вокал! What a heavenly voice! Broke me into tears!
lisa milina
lisa milina:
Безупречное исполнения 💋👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 идеально !!!!!!!!!!!
Ninel Arakelyan
Ninel Arakelyan:
Somebody: There is no life after Death!
Freddie: Watch me, My dear))
when freddie sings he sounds like a lion roaring, when I sing I sound like a newborn cat meowing.
It's like Freddie dropped down from heaven, for a performance. I love him.
Николай Александров
Николай Александров:
This will be my wedding song this it soooo much. Freddie is alive
Рауза Нуржанова
Рауза Нуржанова:
Таких как ты больше нет и не будет никогда. Фредди, спасибо за те чувства, которые испытываешь, когда слушаешь твою музыку...
He look like he just recorded this musical video yestarday.....
Dan Genis Rodriguez
Dan Genis Rodriguez:
This song will make me cry. We miss you Freddie Mercury, the greatest singer in history.
Every comment I’ve read is an absolute poem to Freddie thank you for all your incredible comments!! ❤️ everytime I watch a queen video I can’t wait till I see the love you all have for our loved Frontman makes my day 2020 and still Freddie Mercury rocks and kisses the world 🌎 xxx
Taylor Vargas
Taylor Vargas:
I think that In a certain way by listening to his songs we carry him on with us in a certain way we all are freddie by listening. His messages remain with us through his voice
My grandpa died the same day this got out. No joke everytime i visited him we would listen to Queen songs. Maybe freddie knew it and send me a comforting message from the dead
Everyone! Take off your hats, and be quiet. Freddie is Singing.
Лариса Гончарова
Лариса Гончарова:
О, Фреди, как же ты прекрасен! Почему же ты так рано ушёл...
eni turkeshi imagery
eni turkeshi imagery:
people who don`t know what a genius and unique voice and artist is , those who don`t feel how Freddie`s voice is the music itself have disliked the song. or maybe it`s also only jealous people doing it? in any case, a taste/behavior to be pitied.
The resolution quality and the closeup shots of Freddie’s face makes it feel like this was filmed recently... like he’s still here rocking away 😔
Лена Айникина
Лена Айникина:
Только благодаря этому восхитительному и неподражаемому вокалу хочется изучать английский
Thibault Vandewalle
Thibault Vandewalle:
The audio and video quality is unbelievable, just like Freddie his voice
The quality of the video is so neat it makes me think like Freddie was still alive, like this was in modern times. Anyway he and his art are immortal, always will be remembered.
Abhik Modak
Abhik Modak:
But Freddie you know what..
Time has stopped for you
You are immortal Sir
who else feels like he’s talking to you when he sings at 2:39
Niño Con Barba
Niño Con Barba:
Freddie Mercury 1946-forever in our hearts
Buck Chelsey
Buck Chelsey:
Looking at him is so odd, he's like some mythical being that you can't believe actually existed.
Julian Collante
Julian Collante:
You can still feel the electricity of his voice as though he never passed away
Marcello Primo
Marcello Primo:
Freddie Mercury....a God's gift to us mere mortals.
*Freddie Mercury*
Lover Of Life.Singer of Songs
Evelyn Valenzuela
Evelyn Valenzuela:
A pesar del tiempo la muerte de freddie descanse en paz sigue doliendo como si hubiera sido aller 🤧😭😭😭
*AIDS 1991:* you'll never hear from Freddie again

*Freddie 2019:* here, darlin' hold my crown 👑
Красавец, талантище. Очень жалко его.
1000 years ago
1000 years ago:
I remember this dream-. He was so thin and pale yet he looked so energetic and happy. I was asking questions and stuff. He happily answered them all. He showed no sign pain and tiredness. I felt emotional after having this dream.
Hello my name is saddd :x
Hello my name is saddd :x:
I feel like he was looking right at me and no one else, so yeah I’m crying
Damn, this voice, this range... I would give everything to get such voice!
quitame la respiración
quitame la respiración:
*Fan:* May I have your autograph?
*Freddie:* Of course, darling...
*Fan:* Quickly please .. before I wake up🖤
Time waits for nobody, but everyone waits to see you someday
Celine Awad
Celine Awad:
The most iconic vocalist in the history of rock music. Too bad the world lost a great singer so soon.
Smile 65
Smile 65:
Different Class, no one like him
Sophie Love
Sophie Love:
It's so strange to think he actually existed🤯like right here on planet earth. We need a time machine asap.
Jonáš Hartmann
Jonáš Hartmann:
Me: My day sucks, all arround is against me, I am so sad..
Freddie: Come here, darling..
ama llama
ama llama:
Time waits for nobody, but this is definitely the best use of it