Free Fight: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 1 | UFC 117, 2010

Anderson Silva met Chael Sonnen almost 10 years ago at UFC 117 for Silva's seventh middleweight title defense. Silva and Sonnen would meet again two years later at UFC 148.

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100+ komentarze:

It has been 10 years and I feel worse for Chael every time I watch this fight. 120 seconds away from fulfilling his promise and within an instant it was gone
Owen Armit
Owen Armit:
“You know what, you can never count out a guy like Anderson Silva. “ that’s some foreshadowing by joe rogan
Chael took anderson's chin and a good chunk of his soul in this fight.......silva was never the same after this fight
vince altez
vince altez:
Imagine if Sonnen just stood up in the fifth round, circled and blocked strikes from Silva. He would have won by score card.
Wil Dasovich
Wil Dasovich:
This is arguably the best comeback I’ve ever seen 🤯🤯🤯
Even TheObsolete
Even TheObsolete:
6:49 *Discombobulate.*
This is Anderson Silva’s version of LeBron’s 3-1 comeback.
Nayem Rahman
Nayem Rahman:
Jay Park
Jay Park:
11:59 Anderson's face is like "you've got to be kidding, again??' hahaha
007 47
007 47:
Anderson’s triangle is a prime example of why you should never quit in life - you can be losing the whole time but it only takes 1 opportunity to win
Midwest Livin
Midwest Livin:
Silva was so calm while getting beat up for so long. He was more calm than I was watching it on YouTube. True champion, never lost confidence in his art form.
Slim Shady
Slim Shady:
Aww how sweet of Chael to beat him up the whole fight and let Silva take the win at the end. How nice of Uncle Chael
E P:
The hilarious wash inevitably pine because grouse prognostically terrify plus a gorgeous november. straight, erratic enquiry
6:49 He slapping tf out his head😂
Me after watching 2 minutes of Chael feeding punches to Anderson's face: How is this video 28 minutes long?
Chris Mason
Chris Mason:
You can feel the testosterone levels of Chael through the screen, though we must have caught him on a low day. All natural of course. They don’t you call the bad guy for nothing!
big papa
big papa:
Chael is a king. He almost beat Anderson in his prime and stopped jon jones win streak. What A Goat
Sanket Nakave
Sanket Nakave:
Everytime I watch this, I feel so sad for Chael...
Dwayne The Croc Johnson
Dwayne The Croc Johnson:
You can see where he thought he tapped but I still don't think it was a tap, it looks more like he was trying to pry his leg away. Still an iconic win
“Silva black
Sonnen white”
Yeah I noticed
Crowd are such sheeps. Starting chanting silva before the fight begins then start cheering for chael halfway of round 1 onwards 😂
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington:
1:04 he straight up DARK SOULS roll avoided death
The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole:
Imagine watching this live! I wish I was a fan when this happened.
C Eger
C Eger:
The craziest thing about this fight is that even after getting punched in the face hundreds of times, Anderson still looked way less damaged than Chael at the end of this fight. I can only think of one fight where I saw Anderson bleed.
Kristopher Rice
Kristopher Rice:
All the chael jokes aside, he really did whoop Anderson Silva’s ass for the entire fight until he got tapped
Percy Lytle
Percy Lytle:
If only someone explained that tapping loses the ROUND, not the fight.
Phil Matic
Phil Matic:
one of the most legendary performances of all time. Even if Silva were never the champ, this comeback is legendary
Fabio Cavaliere
Fabio Cavaliere:
Silva with the beard looks like a deflated Daniel Cormier
I feared for Anderson's brain for four rounds straight. Fuckin bombs by Sonnen.
123 G
123 G:
Chael was the only man to figure out the spider in his prime. But to Silva's credit he found a way to win in the end. Both legends of the game
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun:
No one talks about what a GREAT job the ref did at 25:45 to 26:00 ... Fantastic refereeing!
23:08 Yes
Moustache Mazzagatti
Moustache Mazzagatti:
Anderson Silva had to rely on his jujitsu not to win the match but to save his life . Chael was killing him.
Everytime Silva gets hit, his ego takes over,he lowers his hands and let his opponent hit him even more. Besides that he is the goat
Oggy Oggy
Oggy Oggy:
Sonnen had a magical ability to hit someone, making himself bleed and leaving the other guy looking untouched.
The Van Tran
The Van Tran:
Before the fight

Me: " who the fook is chael sonnen"?
While watching the fight: " ohhh myyyy goddddd" he is chaelll. Sonnnen,!
Joeri Van De Weyer
Joeri Van De Weyer:
7:00 Chael watched that Sherlock Holmes movie. Discombobulate.
King Rai
King Rai:
Anderson was getting dominate but never hurt that's the problem here
Apostolis Sigma
Apostolis Sigma:
Just when i said the only way for Silva to win is if Chael somehow messes up
Taurus Demon
Taurus Demon:
Its like a dark souls boss one hitting you after 18 minutes of nipping his life bar down to a sliver.
It’s obvious that he tapped instantly regretted it and tried to deny it
Legend has it Chael said "I offer you this" every time he ever went in for a takedown
That's looks like my weak punches in my dreams
Real Greg Louganis
Real Greg Louganis:
I know that Chael lost the 5th.. but damn i love this fight!
This loss must haunt Sonnen every night when he lays down
He must’ve whispered to him "I’ll give you my check"
Andrew Spray
Andrew Spray:
What's crazy is Silva was not fighting back for 8 of those punches and didn't stop it any other fight they stop if the other person is not fighting back
Zorba Akkma
Zorba Akkma:
Don't worry guys, Chael scape that triangle in an another universe.
Mezzy One nation
Mezzy One nation:
Crazy, Sonnen was beating Silva for 23 minute's , split second , Silva throws up a triangle, and just like
Hood Jigsaw
Hood Jigsaw:
all i see is a man getting pummeled by the biggest arms in west linn oregon for 20 goddamn minutes straight
I remember being at Hooters watching this so excited thinking Sonnen was about to take down goliath. Then the ending had everyone speechless
Chris Vanderhoof
Chris Vanderhoof:
HOLY SHIT this made me laugh so hard. SIlva got his ass kicked for 5 rounds and then makes the dude tap in 2 seconds in the 5th
Loncco Ccala
Loncco Ccala:
People : usa usa usa
Less than 2 minutes...
JR : Its a triangle!! triangle !!
Super lol
dragon ballz
dragon ballz:
To be so close you gotta feel for sonnen
Kinda sad seeing Chael walk around wearing that Tapout shirt at the end...
Imagine waking up out of your sleep every night screaming “I didn’t tap” then You realize it was just a dream 🛌😩
Justin B.
Justin B.:
Sucks fighting a wrestler!
Wergar_ The_WarWolf
Wergar_ The_WarWolf:
No One:
Joe Rogan: He hurt him again!!!!!
Anyone else notice the severe acne on chael sonnen's back? Is he on something?
I've watched this fight multiple times and every time I think "there's no way Silva's winning this" even though I know the outcome.
Rowan Taylor
Rowan Taylor:
3:40 his head literally has a indent from the hit ⚠️😳
Even though Chael lost twice this could’ve still been a trilogy 😆
Don Beadling
Don Beadling:
Sonnen had the fight in the bag.
Amazing comeback, what a victory, what heart, immense respect for that victory,
Curtis C
Curtis C:
“I was In politics and I left politics the only way a person handcuffs” chael sonnen
John Smith
John Smith:
7:47 Sonnen dropping bombs
¨I clearly felt the tap.¨

— Anderson Silva.
Jamsher Bond 0079
Jamsher Bond 0079:
7:48 chael punching Anderson is funny 😂
Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia
Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia:
Sawing how common it's to put your hand on your opponent's face while being on top of him to don't let him breathe , i thought that rules should say that gloves musnt stink. Imagine if sonnen put fart spray or even farted his own hand before the fight? Dude, that would be totally unfair. Its imposible to concentrate while having that smell in your face.
Headles Norseman
Headles Norseman:
imagine straight bullying someone for 4.5 rounds and then getting submitted
Laule'a Reyes
Laule'a Reyes:
Best come back ever! Worst loss ever!
Anime Man
Anime Man:
Chael dominated for 18 minutes and then for an 8 second lock Anderson won the title , damn life is so unfair at times .
Amal roshan05
Amal roshan05:
This is really heart breaking. I watched this video as anderson silva the end of this fight i became fan of sonnen♥️
Hannah Le
Hannah Le:
“This is gonna be a one sided pounding and I’m swinging the hammer”
He wasn’t wrong tho
“I thought that if you tapped, it meant the end of the round”
Gary Juffa
Gary Juffa:
Well Sonnen gained loads of material for his comments, observations and statements
So the question is how good is anderson silva's chin
Best comeback fight I ever seen that was awesome
a v i
a v i:
Those who don't realise that it was a fixed match between anderson and sonnen to give sonnen the victory but it was failed by the mistake of ref..
Steven Arceo
Steven Arceo:
I remember watching this fight in a bar. It was legendary.
Ivica Bejic
Ivica Bejic:
Triple Submission right there: triangle, knee- and armbar! DAMNNN!!!!
Muhammad Uzayr
Muhammad Uzayr:
Aaaaagh! The heartbreak.
Taha Abdullah
Taha Abdullah:
It is funny how Silva was taking the beating and Sonnen was the one who looked battered at the end of round 3. Silva is made of steel
Is silvas face made of rubber? 4 rounds in of a whooping, and his face is fine?
Helder Cavalcante
Helder Cavalcante:
Anderson Silva defense skills are really impressive! Amazing fighter
British Comedy Intellectual Artist Podcast
British Comedy Intellectual Artist Podcast:
Holy Moly the best UFC fight ever.
Daniel Gregson
Daniel Gregson:
16:40 Old ass time traveling Pharrel came back to watch the fight in person
E Bruner
E Bruner:
Man these Anderson Silva fans are getting really good with these edits. Casual fans might watch this and actually believe Chael managed to lose
it's like in chess you were winning the whole game then you did one blunder but that one blunder was mate in one sad to see man..
El Che
El Che:
Silva couldve triangled him from like the 3rd round when Sonnen started expressing cardio weaknesses.
Josh Lavian
Josh Lavian:
I remember the Gracies broke this down and explained what Chael did as being called a "Brazilian tap"
ben mostefa
ben mostefa:
What a Champions heart, and so vey respectful! This is what is means when they say" Doesnt matter how hard you fall, but whether you get up".
SteelersGoingFor 7
SteelersGoingFor 7:
The "Almost" greatest upset of all time.
willieboy medina viquiera
willieboy medina viquiera:
One of down to earth mma fighter..."The Spider"Anderson Silva
Silva just pulled an UNO reverse card towards the end of the fight lol.
Lawrencium Dy
Lawrencium Dy:
"were 3mins away for having a new champion" Hahahaha. In your ass!
Ronald Franco
Ronald Franco:
So sad how much “in the bag” this fight was for sonnen
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera:
"I was never given the rules. I thought if I was winning 4 rounds and he won 1 round then I'm the Champion". - Uncle Chael
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh:
its been 11 years! This feels like going back in time, no fight moves my feelings like this one does. The best fight that has ever taken place in the UFC....
The hate for Chael Sonnen and all he said, the beating that Anderson Silva took...i mean, it is like a movie! BETTER than a movie!
No one could have hoped for a better night! Suffering until the end, but in the end that amazing surprise!!