Free Fight: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Claudia Gadelha 2 | TUF 23 Finale, 2016

Joanna Jedrzejczyk held onto her strawweight title after she emerged victorious from her rematch with Claudia Gadelha at the Finale of season 23 of The Ultimate Fighter in 2018.

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100+ komentarze:

J ball
J ball:
Joanna deserves so much more appreciation, one of the few fighters that’s never had a boring fight
“If you wanna touch gloves, touch em now *DEATH STARE* ...good.”
Nick Almanza
Nick Almanza:
7:12 Conor in the background coaching Joana, has always been a fan of her.
Amaan A
Amaan A:
Never in the history of mma has there been more sexual tension between two fighters
Brendan Nelson
Brendan Nelson:
Them girls didn't give a damn about what Big John had to say
Release her fight with Weili that was one of the greatest fights of all time
Alex F
Alex F:
Win or lose Joanna always provides a great show.
Bryson Mack
Bryson Mack:
I could be wrong but I believe this fight solidified Joanna as an all time great female fighter
J ball
J ball:
This fight is so underrated, one of my absolute favorites
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
joanna has taken on valentina and weilli zhang... most competitive strawweight
tas tiger
tas tiger:
I fkn love JJ one of the toughest chicks in mma/UFC... always puts on a good show, win or lose
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine:
Brian Stann is a hell of a commentator. Wish he was still around.
Robert StacKr47
Robert StacKr47:
This was one of few grudge matches that lived up to the hype
Sad cat
Sad cat:
People love to hate on JJ, but she always puts it all on the line for the fans. Name one boring Joanna fight.
15:00 lol when she walks away and is like “get your ass up”
Bo Mal Patriote
Bo Mal Patriote:
Joanna J is a phenomenal fighter! Her sub defense, takedown defense, Cardio, heart, durability, Muay-thai, combinations, footwork.. Are unreal for a tinny woman!

Huge respect For Joanna J, she deserve a tons of respect ✌️
It's Alright
It's Alright:
Joanna was in 3 of the best wmma fights of all time. VS Weili, Rose rematch, and Claudia rematch. She's always putting on good fights and not just exciting but high level. Which is rare in wmma. I actually cant think of a goat wmma fight without her in it.
Rüdiger Hund
Rüdiger Hund:
Claudia dominated the first two rounds. Pretty impressive actually
Frank Natkong
Frank Natkong:
Claudia reminds me of a character on A goofy movie
alcott devalte
alcott devalte:
Joanna always in great exciting fights, one of my favorite fighters easily.
Anthony Hertlein
Anthony Hertlein:
Joanna can definitely be cringy at times, but god damn whether she's winning or losing she is one of the most exciting fighters to watch period. I love Rose but Joanna will always be the Queen of the strawweight division in my eyes.
Bailey Taylor
Bailey Taylor:
Can we get Joanna and Weil zhang
ABF Albert
ABF Albert:
Claudia looks like she just woke up😂😂
I’ve been a fan of Joanna since 2015. I was so excited for this fight and I remember Conor shouting advice to Joanna lol. I miss Polish Joanna 🇵🇱 👊🏻
Shane B.
Shane B.:
Please upload the Joanna/Weili fight. I wanna see that masterpiece again. I hope we get a rematch in the future.
Alex __226
Alex __226:
Not many fighters look better in rounds 3, 4, and 5. JJ will always be one of my all time favorites.
Junior James
Junior James:
Johanna's footwork & hand speed are next level.
Definitely a champion that earned her respect!
Evil Morty
Evil Morty:
Joanna is top 5 wmma fighters dead or alive
Paul Zeus
Paul Zeus:
great fight, Joanna J is my favorite female fighter to watch, a true champ.
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan:
13:23 the moment claudia gadelha started merely surviving...her body language is too obvious
Slow motion with the potion tryna get to the ocean
Slow motion with the potion tryna get to the ocean:
Damn, I'd like to see Joanna take more time to recover after that Weili fight...
Don Dee
Don Dee:
At the 14:58 mark, CLAUDIA G wants to stay on her back and JOANNA J walks off motioning for her to get up and fight. One of the best GANGSTA MOVES EVER. JJ at this phase of her career was scary great.
Mikolaj Kossak
Mikolaj Kossak:
This fight and last fight against Chinese girl(despite losing) SHE IS one of the best warriors in history of UFC...🇵🇱💪
You gotta love Joanna she always fights with so much heart. She’s a true savage and doesn’t get the respect she deserves ✊
JJ could go spear-fishing with that left jab
When is jedrzejczyk fighting next?
We need Joanna vs Zhang 2 ASAP
Joanna is a monster in kickboxing
Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue:
John Morgan for the UFC Hall of Fame. I want his picture there right next to GSP
Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh:
These girls are warriors. ❤️
David James
David James:
The fight all the fair-weather fans never talk about because they can't think back this far.
Orbitron SFS
Orbitron SFS:
I thought I was watching something else at the start
Eric Bonilla
Eric Bonilla:
This was a good fight 💪🏻
Joanna queen
Levi Ortiz
Levi Ortiz:
Great fight
Joanna is a beast. I cant wait for her next fight!!!
The Isaiahnator
The Isaiahnator:
Ah, one of my favorite beat downs. Joanna's cardio is legendary. This reminds me of Kelvin Gastelum vs. Tim Kennedy -- how the aggressive wrestler blew their cardio against the striker with much better cardio, only to get pieced up while completely out of gas.
Wayne Chipman
Wayne Chipman:
This is by far one of the better fights I have watched.
Playboi Hunty
Playboi Hunty:
Claudia on that juice
Joannas always been my main girl since 2015, was hella sad when she didnt get the decision vs zhang, can't wait for the rematch tho
What a fight!! What a fight!!! Really!!
Evan Sullivan
Evan Sullivan:
Great fight JJ won rounds 3-5
Joanna machine JĘDRZEJCZYK......
Good ass fight
Curtis Ball
Curtis Ball:
I think Joanna has the best p4p hands in all of mma ...women and men.
JJ is so hot 😍 I love that girl.
This is the fight that introduced me to Joanna.. favorite fighter ever since
Lhig Lavon
Lhig Lavon:
Joanna is still my strawweight queen
Bryan Gan
Bryan Gan:
The 3 best fights in 115 history, and those are arguably top 20 fights of all time, involve Joanna.
Shavaughn Simms
Shavaughn Simms:
Some of the most kickass women on the planet, I love how they wear nail polish while in a fight classy
Lucas Patrick
Lucas Patrick:
That thumbnail... “nailed it”.
sshironodeath toresu
sshironodeath toresu:
I love when i over come hating a fighter and admit how wrong I am and beging to love a champion
Tyne Street
Tyne Street:
I love Joanna ❤️
Claudia I take Steriods Gadelha
derrick gooden
derrick gooden:
JJ relentless.
Juan Allana
Juan Allana:
One of my best rivalries in the UFC 👊👊👊👊👊
Jay Are
Jay Are:
27:23 how I looked after quarantine 😂
Joanna's boxing in the late rounds was really good. Both fighters showed a tonne of heart, great fight.
one of the best ever!!!
Peter Lafayette
Peter Lafayette:
Claudia is my favorite but she neither has the stamina or speed.
Jay R.
Jay R.:
This fight, Joanna-Rose 2, and Joanna-Zhang are my top 3 WMMA fights of all time. This was the most epic of the 3. Joanna's 4th round was brutal, like carving a turkey.
Joe Biden is a Senile, Corrupt Pervert
Joe Biden is a Senile, Corrupt Pervert:
Given that Claudia won the first fight in actuality and then won the first two rounds here - they're probably tie in rounds won at 4 a piece.
irico tengu
irico tengu:
Leah Lawrence
Leah Lawrence:
I’m such a big fan off JJ! I love her so much❤️ Polska!!🇵🇱
Ragnarr Loðbrók
Ragnarr Loðbrók:
But where is JOANNA VS WEILI?
Ayomide Otukoya
Ayomide Otukoya:
Love you Joanna
I think the commentators made this fight seem a lot closer then it was. Joanna was never in any real danger, and was able to control the pace the whole fight.
Andrei 31
Andrei 31:
Wow, amazing fight😍🙌
Dulus Alekseev
Dulus Alekseev:
Ппц в белом то классом ниже, можно было полотенце давно выбросить, стоит просто головой удары впитывает..🤔
Joannas such a legend 🏆 3rd greatest female fighter of all time.
m stegs
m stegs:
Bro I thought we were about to get Joanna vs Weili :/
shaikh afroz
shaikh afroz:
This is Number One YouTube channel
Kenny Kenny
Kenny Kenny:
Back when 1st Rd Claudia was NO JOKE🤣
0:21 "consummated"... yes the ufc has finally partnered with pornhub
Robert Allen
Robert Allen:
Joanna's round 4 is astonishing
Rico K
Rico K:
Joannas one of my favorite fighters to watch, always entertaining 💪🏼
Narcisa Piza
Narcisa Piza:
Joanna I am from Ecuador, I send you many blessings for you and your family and your career, I want to have contact with you ,,, you are my hero I admire you God bless you always and keep you from all evil. ❤
Matthew Mack
Matthew Mack:
23:40 I swear Bruce buffer is a robot. No emotion unless he’s in announcer mode
S'all good man!
S'all good man!:
I still see holes in Claudia's cardio - Kevin Lee
Alan Wieliczko
Alan Wieliczko:
Joanna ❤❤💪👊
MrMysteryMan Ktk
MrMysteryMan Ktk:
Is this footage sped up or am I tripping?
Matt Jenkins
Matt Jenkins:
I love both these chicks they're big names in the show and sport excellent records, I'm pretty in love with Claudia tho I'll wear her tshirts
Donald Bedore
Donald Bedore:
That the best fight I saw ever between women !!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!
Gaiet 'l bel
Gaiet 'l bel:
15:32 that elbow and such a great fight.. i'm big fan of Joanna but also Claudia is a very good and strong fighter.. Respect for both..
TheAmericanSavage *
TheAmericanSavage *:
Back out or keep going Johanna know what's up
Bill Ponderosa
Bill Ponderosa:
10:41 joanna is such a badass
22:02 claudia looks just exactly like tekashi 69 no lie.
Jason Shut up
Jason Shut up:
For everyone asking. Weill vs joanna is on fighter
Miłosz Majcherczyk
Miłosz Majcherczyk: