Free Fight: Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva | 2016

Michael Bisping, winner of TUF season three, won a razor-close contest with Anderson Silva at the O2 arena in London back in 2016.

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Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!:
The first minute of the fight they were trying to cast wizarding spells on each other
Anderson is amazing fighter but I hate how he’s always toying around and just takes unnecessary shots that he knows he could easily evade. He threw this fight away.
becoming a ufc champion with one eye, thats the BMF right there for me.
Doctor: how many fingers you see Mike?
Bisping: yes
Abhishek Ganguly
Abhishek Ganguly:
*Gets knee'd *Gets kicked in the balls *Gets no cutmen in R3 *Has one eye and bleeds from other *Doesn't give an inch. True Warrior.
thomas grayling
thomas grayling:
Bisping needs a film about his life. Man is crazy
Undercover Person
Undercover Person:
British announcer:
"...He has the precision of a watch maker..."
Rajinder Singh
Rajinder Singh:
Doctor: How many fingers do you see?
Bisping: Potato
Doctor: He's good
Semper Ludens
Semper Ludens:
awesome fight, also a very weird fight. eyepokes, groin strikes, Bisping poking his own eye to try to get the blood out during the fight, Silva casting spells and being a wax statue on the fence, vicious knee on the buzzer while Bisping is focused on getting his mouth piece back. Incredible and incredibly insane.
“Oh bisping was knocked out by that knee”

Bisping: immediately looks up and starts talking after the knee.
John Charlton
John Charlton:
Imagine beating anderson silva with one eye closed
Bubba Hubba
Bubba Hubba:
Bisping is the only opponent Silva ever faced who defeated Silva by using face-strikes.
27:15 "Can you see?"
"From which eye?"
"The good one"
"Yeah yeah"
Karim Loberg
Karim Loberg:
*Michael Bisping with one eye, and blood pouring into the working eye:*

Doctor: "Can you see?"
Michael: "Yeah, yeah.."
Abiral Sangroula
Abiral Sangroula:
Lack of seriousness ruined two brazilian greats on their fields: Anderson Silva and Ronaldinho.
Semir D
Semir D:
Silva is weird man, had this in his pocket all he needed to do is finish Bisling while he was hurting.
John Doe
John Doe:
Bispings been fighting steroid cheats his entire career, never once made an excuse. Champ
Mm Cc
Mm Cc:
"You ok?"

"Yeah, yeah"
Mexican Martial Arts
Mexican Martial Arts:
This fight shoulda been free from the start. 💯
Ben Wood
Ben Wood:
Can you see out of the one working eye you have that's covered in blood after a devastating knee that's knocked out everyone but you?
"Yea, yeah"
31:35 Michael's reaction to the decision is my favorite of all time. Such a close fight. Hype af.
Love him. Hate him. Bisping is a legend who deserves more recognition. I remember watching him during TUF and knew he would be a star.
UndeRRated SouL
UndeRRated SouL:
Teeth guard went off, silva knew that, he also very aware of the conversation of herb dean and Michael, still came with flying knee!! And God always judges the right thing.
Mal Grave
Mal Grave:
I love when you see them
starting to have fun
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
This whole fight looks like its in fast forward
Aassem Omar
Aassem Omar:
The fight ended with Anderson as the fresher fighter, realistically he should have won, but that flying knee when Bisping had lost his mouth piece is what caused most of the damage to Bisping.. What a fight!
Naief Almalki
Naief Almalki:
Bisping is as tough as it comes
What a man
Mason Clark
Mason Clark:
"he has the precision of a watchmaker" is quite possibly the most English thing I've heard
Rusty One
Rusty One:
Still get chills when the crowd cries out after they announce the winner
Khabib Ramzanotschoev
Khabib Ramzanotschoev:
16:36 Michael Bisping : Oi ! mate ! I'm still fookin here !
Sterling after yan knee : mommy i love you im dyinggggggg
Ahmad Fadhil
Ahmad Fadhil:
Michael Bisping is a real badass!! I've never seen a person as tough as him!! 🔥🔥🔥
Paul Wilton
Paul Wilton:
5 rounds of dancing, little fighting.
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq:
Bisping is a truly legend. One of the most underrated fighter in ufc history..
I loved Mike's attitude towards the clown at the end of the first. They underrated Bisping and over inflated their own ability over him. Rockhold and Silva.
The heart of Michael Bisping is incredible
like how a kick to the balls hurt him more than a knee to the literal eyeball
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC:
It’s not the same without joe Rogan commentating... I miss the “OOHHHHHH HES HURTTT”
I feel like Silva is sometimes more concerned with how he LOOKS rather than how he's doing on the scorecards. He lost this fight pretty clear to me. He got the 3rd & 5th. He lost the 1st 2 rounds cause he didn't do much. 4th round Bisping won cause he showed more offence
Gautam Devadiga
Gautam Devadiga:
You have to question Anderson's strategy to stay back in the 4th round when he had Bisping rocked. Should have gone for the kill.
T Ly
T Ly:
So lame, Anderson could have won anytime he wanted but decided to just play around. Made no sense, guess he deserved the lost because he was too cocky.
Terrence White
Terrence White:
This is a true display of grit and determination. Bisping is one of the greatest to ever do it.
5:13 Bisping "Get outta here man, this is a SLUG FEST not a HUG fest.
Bisping is a tough guy he fought silva only one eyed god i love this guy
Zach Belanger
Zach Belanger:
So glad that bisping was able to persevere against the roided up brazilian
Joystick Journal
Joystick Journal:
Bispings pressure through feinting and footwork won him this match and was truly the antithesis to Silva's sharp counters.
White Tyson
White Tyson:
7:34 Bisping let the poke go because he couldn’t feel it 😭🤣
Yrn Luke
Yrn Luke:
“If theres anyone who understands the seriousness of an eye poke it’s Michael Bisping” well okay Lad
Tanner Earl
Tanner Earl:
6:42 When you’re playing UFC and your controller dies
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey:
I forgot that Michael won this and... it was such a treat watching this over!
Richard Spinelli
Richard Spinelli:
The toughest fighter to ever do it .
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Weird seeing Anderson fight without yellow shorts
when you win the match but lose the fight
matt pe
matt pe:
7:33 bisping didnt even notice he got eye poked, silva must of been like wtf
Name surname
Name surname:
Aljamain Sterling look how fightin the real man after the knee!
W G:
Silva celebrating early and shooing off the officials was hilarious
big whoop wanna fight about it?
big whoop wanna fight about it?:
Bisping is definitely my favourite middleweight of all time
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac:
Fight doesnt stop if you lose your mouth piece in the middle of action. Bisping deff knew this and should have kept fighting.
Jack of All Trades
Jack of All Trades:
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer:
20:40 Silva looks so much bigger then bisping
Beiker Perez
Beiker Perez:
I feel bad for hem in the end of the 4 round, Silva should have wait has sing of respect
Kenny B352
Kenny B352:
I’ve recently started having respect for the Count. Used to think he was just an arrogant Brit. But the dude is a Warrior! 🔥💯👊
this is probably one of the greatest fights
Kota Lz
Kota Lz:
4:54 yo bisping almost landed that hahah first time he’s every thrown that imagine and on Silva lmao
Xperience Pureness
Xperience Pureness:
The legendary one eye fighter
Silva paused when he had an issue with his glove early on and bisping waited.
The word being overused in these fights recently is, come on , you know the one, “History!”
Could defeat King Kong after watching Bisping fight
Ryzen Honda
Ryzen Honda:
It's insane that Anderson let him win, and I respect bisping
Came after Silva defeated by Uriah Hall. And Bisping was the one who interviewed Silva. Time flies man. Thank you legends. 🙏
No Mods No Laughter
No Mods No Laughter:
Two of the best middleweights in UFC history.
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq:
06:54 funny moment.. Bisping is a truly legend 😂
Silver Linings
Silver Linings:
Yup. After watching this I lost so, so much respect for Silva. Doesn't take the fight seriously, literally stops fighting and stands there because he gasses himself out after attempting a combination...idk, I'd prefer to watch a fighter that actually wants to fight rather than stand with his back against the cage.
Eden Beaver
Eden Beaver:
one of my all time favorite fights. even though he lost silva had the god tier movement and still a god like complex in this fight. that knee in third was so incredible im shocked he didnt finish the next round
theFamily Record
theFamily Record:
Silva laughing and turning away after Official Decission😂😂
H P:
6:37 amazing how anderson silva fought better while standing still with his back to the fence
Jojo Biscuit
Jojo Biscuit:
Bisping making sure Silva pays to play. I like that.
lary goldmen
lary goldmen:
I swear its humility. Hes standing in the corner not wanting to do anymore damage. You can tell when he gets hit a few times he turns on and starts fighting again.
Slump God67
Slump God67:
I love how the ref looks like a drunk dude watching a street fight on world star
This was the last fight that Anderson still looked like his old self
Katleho Mositoane
Katleho Mositoane:
Silva plays more than he fights. Those techniques aren't helping him.
Andre Goings
Andre Goings:
Rigged all the way! That dude clearly lost. He was freaking leaking the whole fight
Jack Cross
Jack Cross:
Michael was crazy for trying to get Herb to stop the fight for his mouth guard with 10 seconds left. He’s lucky that knee didn’t put him out.
cdawg145236 S
cdawg145236 S:
This fight actually looks like it's in sepia tone 😂
Stephen Cane
Stephen Cane:
I was out this fight up in a box and they looked so small from up there I had to watch most of the fights on the tv screens anywhay haha
What a classic fight! One for the books! Good times!
wade wade
wade wade:
Bisping lost this fight.
Nayem Rahman
Nayem Rahman:
Bisping with one good eye and Silva with one good leg.
Martin Carlberg
Martin Carlberg:
20:25 Thats is Silva having some fun...😉 As much I hate it...
KS Say
KS Say:
Bisping basically won this fight while blind
Andrew K.
Andrew K.:
"Micheal Bisping understands the pain of eye pokes"
Bisping *gets knocked out*
Judges “nah bro watchmaker
Bisping was literally fighting blind against Silva in last round, his one good eye covered in blood.
Great fight. Love Bisping, the man has the heart and the will of a lion. Still think Anderson took that tho..
huy nguyen
huy nguyen:
Anderson's skill so crazy althought he usually toys with his hand:)))
Ayin Yasharahla
Ayin Yasharahla:
That fight was so fake and staged. He could have destroyed him at will but since the guy is fighting in front of his home town he didn't want to demolish him. Sportsman we are as a People....
C Читиич
C Читиич:
Man I miss the obnoxious booing from the crowd when eye pokes and groin strikes land. Then the ooooh that follows after a replay 😔
Refiner Similitude
Refiner Similitude:
7:31 Pokes Bisping in what we now know is his glass eye. The Count is like, nah I'm good! Silva had to be a little confused there. No wonder he took losing his mouth guard so seriously.
West Coast ALL Natural Wolverine
West Coast ALL Natural Wolverine:
It was funny how he jumped up with his hands up at the end like he really beat Silva LMAO
Freddy Figueroa
Freddy Figueroa:
Respect to Bisping on this fight but how earth did he win? Silva was toying around and he probably would've won easily if he was looking to score points