Free Fight: Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva | 2016

Michael Bisping, winner of TUF season three, won a razor-close contest with Anderson Silva at the O2 arena in London back in 2016.

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Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!:
The first minute of the fight they were trying to cast wizarding spells on each other
Karim Loberg
Karim Loberg:
* Michael Bisping with one eye, and blood pouring into the working eye *

Doctor: "Can you see?"
Michael: "Yeah, yeah.."
Undercover Person
Undercover Person:
British announcer:
"...He has the precision of a watch maker..."
Doctor: how many fingers you see Mike?
Bisping: yes
Alex Nemitz
Alex Nemitz:
This crowd was so intense I miss the energy of a packed arena filled with fight fans.
om raikar
om raikar:
The fact that he fought for 10 mins after that knee..makes Bisping even greater
27:17 "Can you see" "Yea yea"
thomas grayling
thomas grayling:
Bisping needs a film about his life. Man is crazy
John Doe
John Doe:
Bispings been fighting steroid cheats his entire career, never once made an excuse. Champ
Mexican Martial Arts
Mexican Martial Arts:
This fight shoulda been free from the start. 💯
becoming a ufc champion with one eye, thats the BMF right there for me.
Came after Silva defeated by Uriah Hall. And Bisping was the one who interviewed Silva. Time flies man. Thank you legends. 🙏
Semper Ludens
Semper Ludens:
awesome fight, also a very weird fight. eyepokes, groin strikes, Bisping poking his own eye to try to get the blood out during the fight, Silva casting spells and being a wax statue on the fence, vicious knee on the buzzer while Bisping is focused on getting his mouth piece back. Incredible and incredibly insane.
bisping frantically trying to wipe the blood out of one eye as the other doesnt work is so mad to me, all whilst a killer is closing him down. that is a hard mf
Mason Clark
Mason Clark:
"he has the precision of a watchmaker" is quite possibly the most English thing I've heard
alessio tiscali
alessio tiscali:
What ruined Silva was his lack of seriousness
“Oh bisping was knocked out by that knee”

Bisping: immediately looks up and starts talking after the knee.
31:45 that crowd roar never gets old
27:15 "Can you see?"
"From which eye?"
"The good one"
"Yeah yeah"
Dillon Reynen
Dillon Reynen:
8:40 that elbow by silva is insanely fast. go to 0.25 speed
Anderson is amazing fighter but I hate how he’s always toying around and just takes unnecessary shots that he knows he could easily evade. He threw this fight away.
Tanner Earl
Tanner Earl:
6:42 When you’re playing UFC and your controller dies
31:35 Michael's reaction to the decision is my favorite of all time. Such a close fight. Hype af.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Weird seeing Anderson fight without yellow shorts
The Sapien
The Sapien:
Silva pretending to be Bruce Lee while getting repeatedly hit lol
caveman lovesmoke
caveman lovesmoke:
This was like watching neo fight morpheus in the matrix. Absolute legends!!
John Charlton
John Charlton:
Imagine beating anderson silva with one eye closed
Neer Nandeha
Neer Nandeha:
I love how bispings "yeaaaah" is in perfect sync with the audience, those Brit Lads have the same range of emotions
Terrence White
Terrence White:
This is a true display of grit and determination. Bisping is one of the greatest to ever do it.
Banks West
Banks West:
Anderson " confuse your opponent with weird hand movement's silva" 🤣🤣🤣
Nick Vetter
Nick Vetter:
What a classic fight! One for the books! Good times!
Silvas avoid by leaning back leaves him vulnerable for advancing attacks.
White Tyson
White Tyson:
7:34 Bisping let the poke go because he couldn’t feel it 😭🤣
Dusheu Hdhsidh
Dusheu Hdhsidh:
Damn I would’ve thought that they would stop the fight give bisping his mouth piece and continue
Tanner Hester
Tanner Hester:
I like watching Silva taunt, and proceed to get dropped lol
Semir D
Semir D:
Silva is weird man, had this in his pocket all he needed to do is finish Bisling while he was hurting.
Ahmad Fadhil
Ahmad Fadhil:
Michael Bisping is a real badass!! I've never seen a person as tough as him!! 🔥🔥🔥
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC
IsThisRealL1fe EPIC:
It’s not the same without joe Rogan commentating... I miss the “OOHHHHHH HES HURTTT”
Dark cadence
Dark cadence:
Michael beat Anderson almost every found he so Good, even with a cheap shot Anderson couldn't win
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking:
I don’t understand what made Silva think the fight was over. The ref didn’t jump in and bisping was dropped not knocked out
Joseph Langiano
Joseph Langiano:
Micheal Bisping sucks. He was staring at his mouth piece when he should have kept his eyes on his opponent.
Phil Himilfarb
Phil Himilfarb:
This whole fight looks like its in fast forward
H P:
6:37 amazing how anderson silva fought better while standing still with his back to the fence
Danny DeL
Danny DeL:
Respect to bisping but he should’ve lost this fight to an over the hill Anderson Silva here ... 😒
Mark 13
Mark 13:
I've been watching MMA since its conception, and Bisping is one of the toughest grittiest fighters ever.
Bugsey Magee
Bugsey Magee:
What an amazing fight. The fastest 25 minutes ever. So much action, and bisping was in some serious shape for this one. Anderson’s last great fight. Respect to bisping.
T Ly
T Ly:
So lame, Anderson could have won anytime he wanted but decided to just play around. Made no sense, guess he deserved the lost because he was too cocky.
Divyansh Khare
Divyansh Khare:
Just wanna quote Jake Paul said he can knock out Bisping....
did you guys watched jon anik’s top ufc interviews?
ppl forget bisping fought this fight blind thats impressive asf.
Rusty One
Rusty One:
Still get chills when the crowd cries out after they announce the winner
Ben Wood
Ben Wood:
Can you see out of the one working eye you have that's covered in blood after a devastating knee that's knocked out everyone but you?
"Yea, yeah"
Richard Spinelli
Richard Spinelli:
The toughest fighter to ever do it .
YT_ Salty
YT_ Salty:
That’s so gay the other guy should of one
BigBass13 13
BigBass13 13:
Not sure what Silva was watching. Lol
Bisping won 3 out of 5 rounds for sure.
Patrick Doherty
Patrick Doherty:
Bisping was like the terminator in this fight, the way he ate that knee n went on to win the rest of the fight is crazy
Abiral Sangroula
Abiral Sangroula:
Lack of seriousness ruined two brazilian greats on their fields: Anderson Silva and Ronaldinho.
Andrew K.
Andrew K.:
"Micheal Bisping understands the pain of eye pokes"
Anderson Steelrod
Anderson Steelrod:
Imagine surviving a knee to the jaw and then getting a swift kick in the nuts in the next round
DI_Fittentick_ 69
DI_Fittentick_ 69:
Amazing fight for Bisping, his head isn't stop to move until the end of the fight. Great work by both athletes!
David Eze
David Eze:
Silva's laugh and walk off said it all. The call is shit.

Silva evidently didn't want to do more damage to Michael than he's already done.
Bisping gave it 100% and Silva was just having fun. His head movement was like he was trying things in sparring lol
Naief Almalki
Naief Almalki:
Bisping is as tough as it comes
What a man
Mike Chandler
Mike Chandler:
I love watching Anderson Silva getting slapped around
James Klotz
James Klotz:
28:27 Bisping's wife being nervous for him
If Silva was serious when fighting and not showboating, he could've beaten Weidman, Rockhold, and Bisping.
Nayem Rahman
Nayem Rahman:
Bisping with one good eye and Silva with one good leg.
Max W
Max W:
Cut-man: can you see?
Bisping: (in his general direction) yea yea
The Gooligan
The Gooligan:
Bisping got battered in this fight and still kept coming holy hell
Wayne Wintermute
Wayne Wintermute:
Again another satisfying loss to Silva the clown.
giacomo edi
giacomo edi:
27:57 front kick to the face.... stunning!!
White Mousse
White Mousse:
Slump God67
Slump God67:
I love how the ref looks like a drunk dude watching a street fight on world star
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon:
Bisping gave Silva way too much respect in this fight.
That knee to Bisping's face was brutal at the end of the 3rd, tons of respect for Michael, he said in a podcast that one of his eyes was f#$%up during several of his fights... I think the Henderson fight and this one were a bit too much for his eyesight, just one takedown attempt in 25 minutes is kind of crazy at that pace.
Aditya Vikram Singh Dulta
Aditya Vikram Singh Dulta:
Man Bisping will and determination is like a warrior .
God bless you Brother ❤️
El Bee
El Bee:
Terrible decision. Silva was in control the whole fight minus a couple minutes...
Global Investigative Solutions Inc.
Global Investigative Solutions Inc.:
Bisping is a great fighter, but there's no way he won this fight.
YouTube Support
YouTube Support:
Bisping is definitely my favourite middleweight of all time
Bisping was literally fighting blind against Silva in last round, his one good eye covered in blood.
Kota Lz
Kota Lz:
4:54 yo bisping almost landed that hahah first time he’s every thrown that imagine and on Silva lmao
True legend takin out by an absolute inspiration and an even bigger legend love bisbing man such a dude big up the uk 🇬🇧
7:30 silva eyepokes bispings fake eye and bisping dont give a fk ofc
Joe Skill
Joe Skill:
I’m guessing all the judges were Brits....😆
El Bene
El Bene:
When you thought that UFC realeases couldn’t get better. Really being the OG in these dark times.
Yass Cyffy
Yass Cyffy:
WTF'' and What a face of a Winner'!!!
Bisping got heavily damaged and badly knocked down. Saved by the bell and only got the W cause this fight was in England.
Lofi Lee
Lofi Lee:
Why didn’t herb dean stop the fight and let Michael get the mouth piece he was even pointing at it too
End of round one was so intense!
Anderson looked like he had come out of a particularly brutal pillow fight.
Melissa Haire
Melissa Haire:
I'm actually pretty impressed that Bisping's glass eye never popped out like his mouth piece did!!!
Great fight!!
Hall of fame's right there!!
Captain Jeff Spicoli
Captain Jeff Spicoli:
Whenever Bisping spun around, I could swear I heard the commentator say "OnnnnneHunnnnnnnndredannnndEighttyyyyyyy"
Jesús López
Jesús López:
Weirdest fight ever,but bro fire from Bisping!!💯💯
Christian Carolina
Christian Carolina:
No way id fight on that disgusting blood covered mat.
UFC has all that money clean that ish up
This was the last fight that Anderson still looked like his old self
Jeremy Plummer
Jeremy Plummer:
If Silva had the fight and heart that Bisping has he'd be unstoppable. Respect for both men they are legends.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
Bisping is a tough guy he fought silva only one eyed god i love this guy
i got fight pass to just watch this fight when it happened
Jason 57
Jason 57:
They really let him come back after that knee Lmfaoooooo
theFamily Record
theFamily Record:
Silva laughing and turning away after Official Decission😂😂