Friday Night Dinner Cast Interview with Tasmin Greig, Simon Bird, Paul Ritter, Mark Heap

The cast of Friday Night Dinner -- Tamsin Greig (Green Wing, Black Books), Simon Bird (Inbetweeners), Paul Ritter (Pulling), Mark Heap (Green Wing) and Tom Rosenthal -- are joined by series creator Robert Popper to screen clips and answer questions from the audience.

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Emma Furey
Emma Furey:
Rip paul ritter, you will truly be missed You were a good guy ❤️❤️
In season 6, The Goodman’s should go to Jim’s House
The Thinking SJW
The Thinking SJW:
The cast of FND is so good that my brain refuses to believe that they are actors. I have to constantly remind myself that the Goodmans aren’t real and the people being interviewed here aren’t imposters.
layla xx
layla xx:
*_disappointed that Tamsin doesn’t have a Jackie bob in real life :/_*
wish they had the same personality as on the actual show
Haha this show is one of the best since the inbetweeners!
asmrbiblestudies x
asmrbiblestudies x:
friday night dinner is such an underrated show its great !!
Xchocolate MilkX
Xchocolate MilkX:
Wilsons at home, watching his little television..😂
Stew's Retro Reviews
Stew's Retro Reviews:
This show is class, watched all 6 series last year with the wife, we were in stitches, just such a class and funny show. RIP Paul Ritter, great actor and a funny Dad.
Would have loved to see a 7th series but don't think it will happen now sadly😕.
Sian Jones
Sian Jones:
Anyone else just here for Mark Heap?
Robert “you were in the... inbe... tweeners?”
Simon: “oh yeh I remember that”
The Juke
The Juke:
Jim's greatest quotes
'Hello Jacky'
'Something smells nice'
'Thats a nice spread'
'Hello all'
Hollie Mae Fitness
Hollie Mae Fitness:
Tom is so nervous it’s adorable
Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson:
“Hello Jackie, something smells nice”
Jonny AB
Jonny AB:
Who's watching in 2019 while waiting on season 6 being released!
Chris Levesley
Chris Levesley:
my favourite episodes are the one where its there anniversary and the one where jim comes round for dinner
Matt E
Matt E:
Wow Mark Heap looks so normal compared to Jim 😂
mark is so calm it's mad. I remember seeing him in benidorm in one of the later seasons
Blood bought Big Phil R
Blood bought Big Phil R:
Martin Goodman - legendary character from British comedy and brilliantly done by the late Paul Ritter. Taken from us far too soon. Sad loss indeed.
Bev Morris
Bev Morris:
I absolutely love 'Friday night dinner' and my heart literally breaks through the tears of laughter 😢
The frozen dead fox episode!
Oh my just the best!!
R.I.P Paul such a lovely and talented man, we all miss you so much ❤
Alex Michael
Alex Michael:
Bloody punk rockers
Rest in Peace Paul Ritter
James Dalby
James Dalby:
mark looks so pissed off for all of this😂
ben d0ver
ben d0ver:
Rest in peace Paul you fucking legend you will be missed 😭. "Lovely bit of squirrel" ~ Paul's (Martin) famous words.
Ian Nyagah
Ian Nyagah:
Currently my best series. I watch it all the way in Nairobi Kenya
D J:
Mark Heap finally starts talking at about 15 minutes. Shalom.
Mark Heap is such a good actor
Dean Godwin
Dean Godwin:
RIP Simon (Paul Ritter) and old school mate, an old friend and a fantastic actor.
Football skills And montages
Football skills And montages:
Martin is so much different
Charlee Lake Bean
Charlee Lake Bean:
Rest in peace Paul
DiZz ___
DiZz ___:
i love how he knows he made the greatest tv shows
Mary Ly
Mary Ly:
I would never imagined jackie having that kind of hairstyle. It looks amazing and Jim, omg he grew that small short moustache just for the show and now shaved it off. And the rest is the same
Liz Oliver
Liz Oliver:
I loved it when she pushed Jim's girlfriend out the house & said now p*** off. Jim said "she was nice until she wasn't"
Error _
Error _:
"will there be a second series?"
"we don't know...?"
5 years later
Sixth series coming out soon
abby starks
abby starks:
tom was so nervous my hearts melting
Tom looked so uncomfortable throughout this 😂
Susan Collings
Susan Collings:
I love mark heap . Very funny man
Kenzie Anderson
Kenzie Anderson:
I think we all need some episodes from where they visit Jim and Milson in their house
Rob Davenport
Rob Davenport:
Mr Morris was brilliant
FORTE Podcast
FORTE Podcast:
Paul Ritter's voice is so different from Martin's!!!
FrothyKibbles67 the GameCat
FrothyKibbles67 the GameCat:
I liked Mark's appearance in The World's End as a barman.
Mister Smith
Mister Smith:
Re Wilson...He's actually dead friends
Shame Mark Heap wasn't asked much, his work is so funny, Google him and tell me different, a comedy legend.
Ravindu Perera
Ravindu Perera:
Hell yeah,love this show hardcore🔥🔥❤️
Aimee Jane
Aimee Jane:
Paul Ritter can’t go to Mars ☹️ RIP
Donny the Dealer
Donny the Dealer:
Does nobody know Tom Rosenthal from Plebs? Why does he not get the respect he deserves?...
Martin Buchan
Martin Buchan:
Hilarious, love it😂
Cheong Mun
Cheong Mun:
I like how Jim flinch everytime ahahahha
It's so strange seeing
Jim without a moustache
Martin not swearing
Adam with a beard
Johnny not talking the same
Jackie not wearing her wig
It's so strange
Barak Julie
Barak Julie:
The best comedy I have seen I love it always laughing
Lexie's editing
Lexie's editing:
"You look nice jackie"

Jim: "tha...that's a piano"
Jackie: "yes...yes it is"
Jim: "i...i could almost play it" *makes piano noise" 😂

Simon said ‘I remember that’ to him playing a main character in arguably one of the biggest uk tv shows. He’s a big shot now lol
Beth Porter
Beth Porter:
Jonny’s my favourite! I can’t imagine anyone but Tom playing him
Love how I’m watching this while watching Friday night dinner
Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie Edwards:
The next episode should be a Christmas special where the girls already have their babies on Christmas, but Jim comes round and explains he is moving away, they have an emotional night where they actually come to like him and he unfolds on his awkwardness such as being scared of his own dog, his love for Jackie and his obsession with Judaism, with all the love that Jim gets he decides to not move and he also gives the Goldman’s one of the baby milsons
James Field
James Field:
Paul sounds so different than Martin, quality actor
liv may
liv may:
just me who is mad that they never showed jim’s house😭
Nathan Green
Nathan Green:
Awwwww was expecting to see Jim’s personality 😂😂
If season seven happens they should let Martin babysit the children😂 and we have to get Mr Morris back! RIP frances
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson:
Popper resisted giving the part of his mother to Tamsin Grieg because she's too gorgeous.
Joecake Gamedev
Joecake Gamedev:
Mark Heap is a lovely man!
So awkward how none of the audience are laughing at their jokes
Sam Gardiner
Sam Gardiner:
Resisted the temptation to watch it and shatter the illusion. Seeing behind-the-scenes reminds you it is all smoke screen mirrors and can only disappoint
Hide Barnes
Hide Barnes:
I love Simon bird he's my hero snice Inbetweeners 😂😊😍 mark heap he's hilarious in FND 😂
The 90’s fatty from Take that
The 90’s fatty from Take that:
This show gets better every season
cal stamper
cal stamper:
Mark heap is the best actor everr
Robert doing the voice of his grandmother near the end sounds remarkably like the voice of the Little Mouse in the Look Around You Little Mouse song.

Theres some comedy anorrakerry for ya!
i feel bad for paul that he got smacked 😂
Erick king
Erick king:
i love the show i watch it for almost 24HR on netflix
Maryte Stankeviciute
Maryte Stankeviciute:
My favourite funny TV show.Sad that Paul Ritter not longer with us and you will be very missed.RIP
Lloyde Sorrow
Lloyde Sorrow:
Simply amazing!
I wish Paul Ritter was still here : (
So sad. RIP
Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku:
Fly high brother 🕊
Things everyone concluded from this interview: -Tasmin looks very different -Tom was a lot more nerdy and awkward than in the real thing -The interviewer causes a mysterious disliking and is annoying for an unknown reason -We all wanted to see more of Mark -Mark and Paul are very calm and such we infer that they are more established actors
Lewis Murphy
Lewis Murphy:
Interviewer: Thomas, you created this program

Thomas: Thank you
Max Hilton
Max Hilton:
It wasn't the piano, it was the basoon.. it gave me in-reverse hiccups
James Field
James Field:
Amazing cast
Cadu Castro
Cadu Castro:
Love this show
The game is rigged NWO
The game is rigged NWO:
What an absolute shame paul ritter is no longer here.
Lee Wren
Lee Wren:
Loved the clip at 10:28
Isaac Hopkins
Isaac Hopkins:
*Points to Simon Bird* you was in the inbweeteners correct? Simon "Ah yes I remember that" you better do it made your career. xD
James Blacklock
James Blacklock:
Rest In Peace Paul
Finlay Pender
Finlay Pender:
RIP Paul Ritter.
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
season 3 just started last Friday. It was a pretty good episode...
Holy Guacamole
Holy Guacamole:
I’m in my comfies.

- *mr morris on his wedding day, trying to make no punk rockers come to his wedding with nellie *
We need another mr morris episode
Not Vinny
Not Vinny:
"umm hello robert, you are the creator of this show"
"thank you"
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones:
It took me till 17:55 to realise that she was the mom in the show 😂
I wanted Paul Ritter to shout “Shit on it”
Me shouting into my screen to ask mark heap any question!
Cyber Huntertube
Cyber Huntertube:
Hello Tim “lovely bit of squirrel”😂😂
I came here to see how Jim sounds in real life
Florin Ungur
Florin Ungur:
Great bloody show!
Simon bird is amazing
I love it how theve all got their legs crossed
RIP Paul Ritter
RIP Paul Ritter
Soph 12_74
Soph 12_74:
Season 6= they meet the babies, Martin babysits, go to Jim’s house, the boys get married but Martin messes up?
I fucking love this show
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith:
Rest in peace.