Friends REUNION: Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc Talk Nostalgia and HBO Max Special

ET’s Nischelle Turner speaks with Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc from the set of HBO Max’s ‘Friends’ reunion special, where they open up about the wave of nostalgia they felt taping the new show. The guys react to feeling upstaged by their female co-stars, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, mid-interview! ‘Friends: The Reunion’ starts streaming May 27 on HBO Max.

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Entertainment Tonight
Entertainment Tonight:
Check out our Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow interview here! -
Zen Dee
Zen Dee:
Mathew Perry looks fine! Stop being so negative and stop comparing him with his old self. People change differently.
I love that Matt and David were being kinda protective over Matthew. I wish all six of them the best
I feel sorry for those who have not watched FRIENDS yet
Matthew calling Matt and Jennifer "Matty and Jenny" is so cute! And then there's David, "Schwimmer" lol
Max Blair
Max Blair:
David and Matt's synchronized head turn at 0:30 just made my day haha
Predrag Niksic
Predrag Niksic:
David Schwimmer has the best hair genetics ever, just wow.
better secret
better secret:
Now we understand why Matthew had that blank face, he thought he wasn't on camera
scrappy mom
scrappy mom:
Come on folks. Perry's had a rough life. When you don't take care of yourself, it eventually shows. He's working hard to take care of himself now, and obviously the friends are looking out for him. Show some love and support and send it his way.
zhaohan chen
zhaohan chen:
matthew trying to tell the girls to keep it down is the cutest ever!
Let’s cut Matthew some slack for being there and still keeping it adorably funny. Let’s point out the positive, the negative is always quite obvious to most people and it brings nothing. We love you Matthew! ♥️♥️♥️
Claire Clementine
Claire Clementine:
Schwimmer's look and voice haven't changed even a little bit.
Iulia Gândilă
Iulia Gândilă:
Matthew Perry was and is a legend! He definitely help all of us cope with our problems and now what are we doing humans? Throw hate and asking private questions instead of being happy for having him on screen with the others co-stars! Be kind, please! I know we love him and we want him the best but so do his relatives and I'm sure he is on good hands! You saved us from a lot of problems, now it's our turn to thank you, Matthew Perry for all that you did and do for us! We love you so much, I hope you know!❤
Sonakshi Rao
Sonakshi Rao:
Ross still got that gel in his hair!
Becky Ellis
Becky Ellis:
I love Matt and David’s laugh during “just playing with the bones 🦴 “ you can tell they really have an amazing friendship
Sabrina Lee
Sabrina Lee:
Ross is doing his job, answering a question properly, while Chandler is being annoyed at sth, doing things unaware that he’s on camera, then Joey is like “uh, I think that’s the girls doing interview and you’re on camera :-] ” - this feels exactly like a Friends bit and i love it
Gary Haase
Gary Haase:
"Matty, that's the girls doing their interview"


"And you're on camera now

"I'm not on camera"

"Yeah, it's a three shot"

Gulp "are you on a three shot seeing me do that?"
Surabhi Deshmukh
Surabhi Deshmukh:
All talkin about how Matthew looks but this whole Matthew shushing on camera and not realising he is on camera cracked me up! Kinda looked familiar to the things they did on the show😂 that chemistry is undeniable
Hazel Fu
Hazel Fu:
Just finished watching the girls' interview now I'm watching the boys' omg I CANT WAIT FOR IT 2 DAYS LEFT 😭🥺🤧 can we appreciate how cute david's laugh was it brings back all of the moment where Ross laugh like that in the show lmaoo
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma:
Good to see Matt and David being little protective for Matthew, he have gone through so much in his life but these five guys always be with him and each other, love to see them again
Skye Ferguson
Skye Ferguson:
2:40 I love how Matt comforts Matthew and make him understand that the girls are also doing the interview
2:39 Love how Matt talked to Matthew in such a sweet brotherly tone!
Matt Leblanc is so sharp! He remembers everything! So impressed by him.
Sheryl Regalado
Sheryl Regalado:
I love it that Matthew Perry is talking.
I laughed so hard when both Mathew and David started to wave
Matt covering his best friend here with genuine love is exactly why the new Top Gear didn’t take off. He is so much more relaxed on camera with his mates and you can’t fake decades of friendship.
Miki K
Miki K:
I love how the boys backed up Matthew and copied him when he thought he was off camera ❤️❤️
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee:
The men still messing up the scenes for each other just like back when filming the series. Warms my heart!
Stella Russo
Stella Russo:
Matthew made this interview. Not that the interview wasn’t good to begin with, but Matthew shushing the girls was hilarious. I must have watched that 5 times.
David was and is still my fave. Ross was always my fave character too
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta:
I love the fact that Matthew Perry is smiling.
Adam Spark
Adam Spark:
Perry looks awesome here. Dominated conversation, joked, smiled a lot, came across healthy and in a good place. Maybe a hint of still struggling with his past. Demons are a life battle folks. You don't get better, you just get better at fighting it daily. The talk of his "worrying" fans is nothing but clickbait as far as I can tell.
Nat Kam
Nat Kam:
David is absolutely the best for me - smart, funny, great father in real life (I read about it), and the most positive, mature personality. Not to mention he was pure genius as Ross. I also love him and Matty Le Blanc together! 😍😘💖
Leave Matthew Perry alone people! He’s a legend!
Stephen August
Stephen August:
After 20 years later, FRIENDS still the best.
Maisy G
Maisy G:
The fact the leblanc stuck up for Joey with his acting warmed my heart🥺🥺
Alex Aagaard
Alex Aagaard:
Lol Matthew Perry has completely forgotten that Chandler switched to the advertising industry! Chandler left those computers a while back. It's amazing how almost everybody knows these characters inside and out as real life individuals, but the actors portraying them were reading lines that probably got deleted from their brains as soon as the script for the following episode showed up. They'll of course remember a whole lot, since they brought the characters to life, but they were, in reality, working - not watching!
Matt has been through health hell. Give the poor guy some time to recover and take care of himself. Sending Matt good energy.
Laura K
Laura K:
I think it's a bit disrespectful to comment on Matthew Perry's health and appearence based on these short clips. He said he wasn't aware that they're filming all 3 of them all the time, which is most likely why you all think he has such a "zoomed out" look. When we think we're not being watched, we probably all have some sort of angry or tired-looking face.
I now see why this show is/was incredibly successful. Their chemistry off screen is amazing. They genuinly like to make each other laugh, and know exactly how to do it with just a sentence lol. Just like real friends really.
Harsh Sanghavi
Harsh Sanghavi:
I just wanna hug matthew and thank him for making us laugh so hard in our tuff times . He is a gem.❤️❤️🥰
Instead of having a pop at Matthew Perry, has anyone even considered he might be ill? Previous struggles have been well documented so it's not beyond scope. Leave him be and hope he's OK. Xxx
Decaf Stfu
Decaf Stfu:
It's soooooo amazing seeing them doing fun stuffs, cracking jokes and living their characters againnn!!!
loading name
loading name:
4:09 had me rolling on the floor. This is just so classic. I'm in tears
Vivienne Perez
Vivienne Perez:
''Playing with the bones'' lmao I love David and Matt, and their epic duo energy in these interviews!
king invictus
king invictus:
Best sitcom ever... And probably will never be off the trone
Joey: Ross would be running in a museum playing with the bones 🤣😂😅 I'm dead!!
faruq khan
faruq khan:
Matt Perry is amazing. All of them were so secured around each other. Comfort n positivity, genuinely good people.
Ben Cloud
Ben Cloud:
David and Matt Le blanc literally appear to have the best time and the best life right now - they are both very happy, natural, they have amazing chemistry together, and compared to Matthew Perry, they seem very happy with their lives.
Alizza Mariz
Alizza Mariz:
Matthew Perry is the man! ♥️ hahahah lovin’ the gestures. He still got it ♥️♥️♥️
kween bee
kween bee:
I love how they all said “they are making a lot of noise!” without missing a beat ❤️😂
Ahmed Hegy
Ahmed Hegy:
I love how Le blanc and Schwimmer laugh hard every time when the bone joke comes up 😂😂 especially Le Blanc, this is how Joey would react to it 😂😂
Zahuruddin Sheikh
Zahuruddin Sheikh:
Am really heart broken to see mathew's health taking a huge toll. I wish him peace and nothing else.
M. L
M. L:
I love that after all these years they are still the same goofy, self-deprecating guys ❤️
Can’t wait to watch the reunion!
Seeing Matthew Perry like this really breaks my heart
Only ross and phoebe looks similar to younger versions of themselfs.
Juan M
Juan M:
Mathew Perry you are incredible. Thank you for making laugh one more time guys <3 It made me wanna cry
Gray Mid
Gray Mid:
David was always the best for me and always will be. What is great abt him, he really is a great actor because when you read a little about him, the thing is, he is nothing like Ross in real life. He is much more stable, quiet, loves his daughter very much (I read how wonderfully he speaks about her) and he is a genius comedian - I mean his reactions, faces, gestures as Ross are piss-pants hilarious. 🤣😂 No to mention, he is actually a great director - he directed a few of the best and the funniest episodes of Friends - he is very intelligent and funny.
Indy Shah
Indy Shah:
David is still good looking.
Henrique Oliver
Henrique Oliver:
Matthew's dance , just like Chandler
Mixer Directioner
Mixer Directioner:
almost cried when their younger picture popped. omg! how cruel is time! can't even imagine the day the first friend dies. breaks my heart.
Benazir sohan khan
Benazir sohan khan:
4:10 is when you know Mathew perry is still the same old Mathew perry we all fell in love with.
Given everything he has went through in life, Mathew looks great and he is enjoying himself and that is all I care about as a fan.
Hassan Amjad
Hassan Amjad:
So much happy to my man Chandler having fun Joey and Ross. ❤️❤️❤️
Divyajeet Patel
Divyajeet Patel:
Not sure if lot of people had those tears in eyes seeing Matt’s condition.. comparing to vibrant Chandler saying its “Saturday night baby.. Satur daayy night”
E! Dubai
E! Dubai:
Hahhaahahah Matthew was so funny as he didn’t know they were in 3 shot 😂😂😂😂😂
Gary Revel Jr.
Gary Revel Jr.:
What a group and what a show!!! I am thrilled to see it! I love all of them so much!!!
Ayush Mishra
Ayush Mishra:
David's laugh is so infectious.
Luke Bannon
Luke Bannon:
Wow. They all look great. I love see people age naturally and just enjoy the gifts of getting older and wiser.
Tom Ruggiero
Tom Ruggiero:
So Matthew was waving and telling Jen, Courtney and Lisa to be quiet and keep it down lmaooo
The way they have each other's back is so beautiful.
Ash Bakewell
Ash Bakewell:
David Schwimmer has aged amazingly, dare I say he looks better! So handsome!
leng ocampo
leng ocampo:
David and Matt were so sweet covering for Matthew. Love u all.
The slurring crawled into his speech since around 2015 I guess. Most of the time I think he was sober in these years uptil now so I would guess it is a medical condition like MS or Parkinson. I really wish him all the best from my heart.
extreme adventure
extreme adventure:
It’s so nice to see mathew enjoying and guys having fun!!! I miss them and love them 🤍
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston:
The boys: “shut up over there”
Lisa: “No”

Omggg I can’t take their chemistry, who’s with me?!
It was nice to see them enjoying themselves during the interview. Having a nice laugh, together
Julia D
Julia D:
I can't watch. Too painful. Oh the nostalgia. I love how polite and unassuming they are given their fame and success.
For me, this is an additional episode of Friends
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Best sitcom ever made it will never be off the trone ,and for always be iconic.
I just love their energy 😭😭😭😭😭❤️
'Chandler' is my favorite character. He's quick and witty and lovable.
Mouhsine Tchenchana
Mouhsine Tchenchana:
I wish I was part of this incredible show I have watched it like at least 10 times
It’s heartbreaking to see Matthew, he has lost it completely.
Tetei 07
Tetei 07:
Come on, dont put it too hard on him, we all age differently. And yes! their friendship is a gem, something worth dying for💎
Tanya Edwards
Tanya Edwards:
I loved this interview because you can physically feel their connection and caring for each other 🤍
MyNameIs AFCC:
Cut Perry some slack please, he went through a lot in his life and he is ok now. He just thought he wasn't on camera lol
Julie Queen
Julie Queen:
David 😍 always loved him and always will!! He is the best for me!
Seana Sofia Del Rosario
Seana Sofia Del Rosario:
piya Chaudhary
piya Chaudhary:
Ross is pretty much the same . Fittnes level👍👍
s d
s d:
"Playing with the bones" - That's something Joey would say!!
Elizabeth Park
Elizabeth Park:
Them guessing where their characters could be now made my heart so happy. Esp Ross playing with the bones. 😭😭
Stephanie Bogart
Stephanie Bogart:
Perry has emergency dental surgery right before the show and interviews. He’s probably in a lot of pain and swollen
Becky Ellis
Becky Ellis:
Aww man it’s painful to see Matthew Perry like this, it’s like he’s just zoned out when the others are talking ☹️
The chemistry between them these are real Friends 😊
Anita Toperczer
Anita Toperczer:
Matthew is still the same, he's hilarious!!!
S C:
This is like the best thing that happened in 2021!! It’s AMAZING!!!
Harsh Sanghavi
Harsh Sanghavi:
It just made my day how fun they are😂😂😂
So Matthew Perry is okay as can be clearly seen in this interview. The trailer got folks freaking out over nothing
Morgan Casey
Morgan Casey:
So happy that these gents get to spend more time together reminiscing 🖤 also please remember celebrity or not, these are human beings and should be given then respect that they deserve.
Kerry Radbourne
Kerry Radbourne:
I love all the characters. Feel sorry for Matthew Perry every one goes through a tough time let's cut him some slack