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100+ komentarze:

Mahir Ebrahim
Mahir Ebrahim:
DT has DTFC, Troopz off to USA, Don Robbie gonna have to make some new signings
Nelson? No chance
If Pepe can’t start. It will be Saka
Kingsley Opara
Kingsley Opara:
Your lineup is very reasonable DT. Although, I'd start Saka instead of Nelson.
Daniel Ajayi
Daniel Ajayi:
Who else wants gabriel to start?
we finished 8th in EPL last season, so I want a better start.
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge:
Willian start over nelson
1 206
1 206:
Where tf is dt?
Dennis Palmer
Dennis Palmer:
Thanks DT the only one I would change I go laca up front good luck tomorrow DTFC Jermaine7 to get a brace he is so skilful
invincibles 04
invincibles 04:
We have two 'Great' keepers 'at the moment?.. Leno is usually our first team keeper and hopefully will improve on crosses and his distribution, glad we have him here.
However, i do feel that Martinez has earned his chance to continue as first choice and has proven his quality after 'finally' getting his chance after a loyal 10 yrs at the club. He should have been given the chance years ago but was pushed bk behind average keepers, when he should have been number 1. Might have saved us a few quid and better results too in the process. If he does not start against Fulham then he will go, and cannot blame him as he deserves to be number 1 somewhere, just wish it was at Arsenal, and it will be 'Our' loss too.
What if he goes and Leno gets injured again? Who do we call on then? 'Ghostbusters!!
Thats the trouble these days, players are not consistently played due to performances, they are played for their reputations status wise.
In my opinion, if something/somebody works well and performs well, gets results, then why change that? Its up to others to perform better and earn that place when time arises!
I would love a 433 at the moment, in case we get another CB injury, we'll have a spare left.
CL 1998
CL 1998:
Swap leno for martinez and nelson for either willian or saka
Good lineup !! Most important is that we be on it from the first minute and don't give Fulham the time to think. Show that we are winners!!!
Jonga82 Norris
Jonga82 Norris:
I would put saka left, auba on top and willian right. Willian has been in the prem for 7 seasons, he is ready!
Simon Mwenda
Simon Mwenda:
DT my man!! loving the content as always
Robin Anderson
Robin Anderson:
Put everyone in from the start two good games to build that match fitness before Liverpool
Rubber Nicking Gang
Rubber Nicking Gang:
Where's the player ratings and reaction..
Numair Ishtiaq
Numair Ishtiaq:
It’s not disrespect to Leno but u can dash Martinez out when he has done no wrong and arteta said there’s no number 1
Vin diesel Leo
Vin diesel Leo:
YOUR WRONG WITH NKIETIAH,, on the bench for him.
Willian must play also.Saka on bench
Alex Kirk
Alex Kirk:
Can’t wait for DT daily , and hear ,, kronke finally has sold the club.. dream
Tony Mills
Tony Mills:
our defenders always get injured in the transfer windows 😂😂😂
Abdikadir Ali
Abdikadir Ali:
Finally someone who sees how good leno is
Kieran Chambers
Kieran Chambers:
DT you seem to have forgotten the mistakes Leno has made. I can’t remember Martinez making one. Maybe you shouldn’t pick specific players just because you’ve been on FaceTime to.
John Konyn
John Konyn:
Mr DT. ....always Love yer word here as to you predicted lineups. It’s slways quite fair. Give Thanks 🙏
Cam Buck
Cam Buck:
I completely agree to be fair. COYG!!
Barista Shah
Barista Shah:
As per Arteta’s presser, he did say there’s no first choice, all have to fight for their place.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke:
Leno isn't as good as Martinez with his distribution. Our build up game was so much better with Martinez.
Mohamed Abdullahi
Mohamed Abdullahi:
we should start with laca
2020-21 top4 ^^
I'm genuinely scared to see saliba have to play next to that fashion model. Saliba will get exposed with bellerin next to him
100% Facts on Leno. Tell' em DT!
Barista Shah
Barista Shah:
Switch Leno with Martinez, Nelson with Saka.
Yaseen Dassu
Yaseen Dassu:
Missed this intro
anjum Kh
anjum Kh:
I love Leno but the season before last he made the most mistakes of any pl keeper that lead to goals
Im just glad you are not Arsenal manager...
Cristian Burgess
Cristian Burgess:
You do realize that Pepe and Lacazette have played a friendly already?
dheeraj tp
dheeraj tp:
GK Martinez
Ozil starts 😂🙏
Say Nothing
Say Nothing:
DT needs to be on sky sports
Osarobo Ehigiator
Osarobo Ehigiator:
Best of luck in your game. Up DT FC!!
AMN Saliba Holding Tierney
Ceballos Xhaka Saka
Pepe Aubameyang Willian
Jack Keightley
Jack Keightley:
I think Arteta will go with: Leno; Holding, Saliba, Tierney; Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles; Saka, Aubameyang; Nketiah
Laca has to start!!
Abujalma M Noh
Abujalma M Noh:
So you want Arsenal to finish 8th? 🤭🤭
Chin Chang
Chin Chang:
On one hand, Mr DT says that the player who has more preparation starts. On the other, Leno walks straight back into the first team after injury?
saheed soleye
saheed soleye:
Dt is our new coach now hire him arsenal hahaha
Fulham 0-3 arsenal auba, laca, auba again
Daily Paper
Daily Paper:
The scenes if arsenal draw, draw fc
Jinn Jaxn
Jinn Jaxn:
Dt was way off this week
Christopher Skerritt Elliott
Christopher Skerritt Elliott:
Eddie's a great shout, but ainsley rbw and saka rwb
Bahez Osman
Bahez Osman:
Omg nketiah and Nelson No bro We can’t play 3 back
Tochi Maduka
Tochi Maduka:
It's high time you started detaching yourself with players you are friends with and start being pragmatic about Arsenal cos at the end of the day it's all about Arsenal

Emi starts in goal cos he has shown he is better than Emi and he is an all round goal keeper than Leno
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Hob Rolding and Silliam Waliba.
Kasujja Abdul Rahman
Kasujja Abdul Rahman:
It would be great if you display your lineup
Lee Coombs
Lee Coombs:
So much for your team DT
G B:
I expect Arteta to stick with a 3 4 3 formation against Fulham. Probable lineup being, Leno, Saliba, Holding, Tierney, Bellerin, Xhaka, Ceballos, Saka, Willian, Nketiah, Aubameyang. Predicted scoreline, Fulham 0 3 Arsenal
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin:
Given that Arteta clearly has a lot of trust in Eddie, seeing him chosen as England captain on top of that is saying something. Let's not be so harsh on him
Nketiah is balls. Not ready. Loan him out, not good enough for Arsenal (at the moment).
Dipak Ruda
Dipak Ruda:
5 defenders injured... but you only mentioned 3!? Who are the others?
Valio Bronzov
Valio Bronzov:
Martinez>Leno Leno turned into superman or against Southhampton last season or Olympiakos
Ify Ugbeh
Ify Ugbeh:
Big up DT.

My Referred Line up against Fulham tomorrow. (3-4-3 formation).

Saliba, Holding, Tierney,
Bellerín, Ceballos, Xhaka , AMN
Pepe, Aubameyang , Willian

***I still believe that Thomas Parety & Houssem Aouar will be joining Arsenal....End of Story!!!***

COYG !!!
Daniel Sell
Daniel Sell:
Anyone know where I can stream the game for free?
Kiran Suthaharan
Kiran Suthaharan:
We will beat Fulham 1-3 you gunners we will be looking to finish top 4 this season so this is a good start
Happy Indian
Happy Indian:
I wish I was happy like you all
Marco Silva
Marco Silva:
If Pepe isnt in form i would go Willian,auba and saka
bryan s
bryan s:
Yes dt bit positive vibes. Lee gunner driving me mad
dixie normous
dixie normous:
Love ya troopz
Funny how DT thinks he is Marcelo Bielsa now😂
Numair Ishtiaq
Numair Ishtiaq:
Day even with fans I still think we would have won even thigh I think it would survive been tight and now with no fans I think we may slap them
If Martinez leaves we lost to Liverpool and we are finishing 7th 😭😭😭
To bee
To bee:
Dt . The same reason u say about nketiah can u say about martinez. Cuz of his performance (nketiah) in u21. Same should be for martinez. His performances
Aaron J Kennett
Aaron J Kennett:
Sorry but with Leno your only going on what he has done not the here and now
Kim Yip
Kim Yip:
100% agree with you with Leno. Man was second after auba for our player of the year. We was second to the most shots conceded prior to Arteta arriving and the shaken defence he had ahead of him and still saved the amount he did is phenomenal. Good luck with DTFC and 🤞 that both teams win.
Ahmad baihaqy
Ahmad baihaqy:
My line up: leno,maitland-niles,holding,saliba,tierney,xhaka,ceballos,willian,aubameyang,lacazette,pepe

LENO doesn't know how to communicate!!. MARTINEZ PLZ!!
Arsene Who?
Arsene Who?:
Leno is our number one, all day long......end of.
Colin Hauser
Colin Hauser:
Pepe tmrw
Ainsley Gabriel Holding Tierney
Xhaka ceballos
Pepe Auba willian
Fulham 0-3 Arsenal
Dapper Plays
Dapper Plays:
DT intro is like the start of a bad african movie
Alex Tapper
Alex Tapper:
Hi mr DT
Jake04 Arsenal
Jake04 Arsenal:
Leno tierney holding saliba bellerin amn xhaxa ceballos Saka aubameyang pepe
don khalifa
don khalifa:
DT the league is not for experiment I will go with pepe,auba and wilian up front
Kim Andre Helseth
Kim Andre Helseth:
Just let LUIZ GO!!
Kamuchacha Nkandu
Kamuchacha Nkandu:
Finally, Leno is the number one.
Shawn Will
Shawn Will:
Our defence looks so much better under Martinez
shaun busby
shaun busby:
That will not be the line up DT
Marc Raja
Marc Raja:
my prediction is 1 - 0 arsenal, to win their first game of the new season, hopefully, we get partey or aouar or both before transfers finish
Tyler Leach
Tyler Leach:
Hello Mr.Dt
simon Carlos
simon Carlos:
DT I hope this wont happen but what if Leno gets injured after Martinez has left. What happens then.
George Mav
George Mav:
Me id go with this:


Bellerin Saliba Holding Tierney
Xhaka Ceballos Elneny
Saka Nketiah Auba
john craig
john craig:
A 0 target on shot lose vs villa and barely winning vs watford how the season ended.

that is the performence of a team fighting for relegetion or mid table
Damian Kelly
Damian Kelly:
Leno is a shotstopper,he is weak on crosses!!!Martinez ain't going anywhere and I am off your channel!!!!
Joel- Oksala
Joel- Oksala:
3-1 win for Arsenal
HZ Jee
HZ Jee:
Greetings to DT and everyone, we're back in PL action. Hope everyone's doing fine during this one month break. For today's game i would like to see the likes of the new signings. So this would be my predicted line 1-11: 4-2-3-1

Bellerin Gabriel Saliba Tierney
Elneny Xhaka
Willian D. Ceballos Aubameyang

My prediction score: Fulham 0-3 Arsenal
Good luck gunners COYG!!!!🔴⚪🔴⚪
Ahmad baihaqy
Ahmad baihaqy:
Sell nelson,Nketiah and willock they all useless
Besat summer for me
I first disagreed but after you elaborated, I agreed.
I think if we win 3-0 or more , we can sub Willian and Gabriel in to let them feel the game
Pony Boy
Pony Boy:
I think we'll play a 4-4-2 as Fulham won't get at us. Being too defensive was our problem last season against teams that sat back