Fulham vs Arsenal | Watch Along Live

Fulham V Arsenal | Watch Along Live

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95 komentarze:

I know you are to lazy to find the time stamps so I found it for you
calamity jones
calamity jones:
16:51 (1-0) 1:15:59 (2-0) 1:23:59 (3-0)
There's something seriously wrong with the little fella in the full arsenal garb.
Sterling Toussaint
Sterling Toussaint:
I understand his stance and all but can you guys stop Ty from hogging the screen after every goal, it takes away from everyone else's celebrations. Kinda obnoxious.
So TY is still doing what TY does....being a bell end
Muse Khadir
Muse Khadir:
This is how many time ty will knee this season 👇
Zak Elka
Zak Elka:
Ty needs to grow up ..
Akif Muhtasim Alim
Akif Muhtasim Alim:
Seriously someone get TY away from the camera after every goal 🤣
muaz ali
muaz ali:
Bruh someone tell Ty to stop hogging the camera view for every goal
Varun Chowdhary
Varun Chowdhary:
AFTV just isn't gonna be the same without troopz is it
Ty needs to stop, its actually annoying at this time its all well and good showing you support blm but you dont have to keep expressing it lmao
Joey Gaynor
Joey Gaynor:
ty is so annoying
Luwangba Kshetrimayum
Luwangba Kshetrimayum:
No one
Literally no one
Ty:- 🙋
Troopz getting hyped by Arsenal’s third goal with a burger in hand is what I’m here for.
Ntokozo Hlomza
Ntokozo Hlomza:
Yo I'd love to own the arsenal jersey it will be shipped all the way to South Africa but it will be my first football Jersey❤️
Jeff Sad
Jeff Sad:
Ty is the cringest person I know
Sonitabh Yadav
Sonitabh Yadav:
Robbie do something about this clown hogging the camera every time someone scores. He can bow down near his seat or something.
Steve 1991
Steve 1991:
God that Ty bloke is a bellend. Is he okay? Genuinely concerned.
Ty: Arsenal is better then Real Madrid because they won 13 UCL and arsenal won 14 FA CUP
17:00 robbie got blanked,looooool
Mr Big D*ck
Mr Big D*ck:
Get TY away he blocks the camera
Dimitra Yumnam
Dimitra Yumnam:
That's a solid away performance i've seen from arsenal in quite a while. I've got a good feeling about arsenal this season.
Green & Yellow
Green & Yellow:
TY ruining every goal celebration - cant watch it anymore
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Well then what a start to the pl season. I thought we had a very shaky opening few minutes but grew into it and turned on the style to rip the Londoners apart. Laca scored a scrappy ball to get us going and Gabriel, who grew into it after a nervous start, got a debut goal off his shoulder and of course the captain scored a peak of a goal to wrap things up. Willian was outstanding today and with 2 assists, is my MOTM. The post denied him a debut goal but if he performs like this week in week out, I am gonna hold my hands up. AMN, Holding and Tierney were all pretty decent and so were Xhaka and Elneny in the middle. We can't afford to get carried away as this is a poor Fulham side but I will take it. Up the Arsenal. COYG!!!!
17:06 troopz doing Robby dirty 😂😂😂
TY is annoying
jm 91
jm 91:
I actually expected Troopz to throw his burger when Auba scored.
Synza Beast
Synza Beast:
Someone needs to start a petition for tye to stop taking a knee after every goal
john chase
john chase:
Does anyone else find ty extremely annoying lol or is it just me?
Romeo De Silva
Romeo De Silva:
Willian 🔥
Giovanni Fiore
Giovanni Fiore:
Remove TY from your roster !
Ammar Abdelhay
Ammar Abdelhay:
Every Arsenal fan watching: yeaah come on another goal
TY: Where is the second yellow! Where is the second yellow! Where is the second yellow!
What’s this waffler in the full Arsenal garb. Defo wearing the 07/08 official left sock.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou:
That's a solid away performance i've seen from arsenal in quite a while. I've got a good feeling about arsenal this season.
Saw Haw Tz
Saw Haw Tz:
Someone get me time stamps for that moment when Ceballos megged that Fulham defender.
Jaffar umar
Jaffar umar:
That captain goal again
Meng TV
Meng TV:
Im so happy to see Troopz still... 🙂
arteta 5
arteta 5:
It took 45 minutes for troopz to eat his food🤣🤣😂😂 wtf😅
kolim jone
kolim jone:
17:00 robbie got blanked,looooool
Samraj Khatkar
Samraj Khatkar:
Did Robbie tell ty to stop hogging the screen seeing it in the comments . Give me a time stamp
Jsongzz HD
Jsongzz HD:
Bit of a harsh forfeit from robbie making troopz move to NY to work for some obscure youtube channel in one of hashest hit places in the world for the rona😂😂😂😂
Ty stop hogging the camera
Johan Sson
Johan Sson:
1:25:29 no one wants to listen to Ty his irrelevant 😂😂😂🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Sakib Chowdhury
Sakib Chowdhury:
Why cant ty leave?
Niko F.
Niko F.:
Thank you Chelsea for Willian
Hallway Monitor
Hallway Monitor:
On the 3rd goal, the best reaction is troopz still holding his burger.
Dinno Gili
Dinno Gili:
Fk off ty
Rock girl
Rock girl:
God that Ty bloke is a bellend. Is he okay? Genuinely concerned.
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali:
Ty being mad annoying now.
ty change your clothes mate
Willian 3 assist 😮
Bongo Bongo Town
Ammar Abdelhay
Ammar Abdelhay:
every New York joke Robbie makes resembles another L for AFTV view count
What is ty doing
Lani Vance
Lani Vance:
So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Rakib M
Rakib M:
Finally at the top of the table

Not for long
no social distancing , no masks covid-19 hotspot
Slight Unmake
Slight Unmake:
Stop filming Ty after every goal just ruins it
17:00 robbie got blanked,looooool
Ammar Abdelhay
Ammar Abdelhay:
shut pippa let em talk
Caleb Naidoo
Caleb Naidoo:
Arsenal are looking much better this season
Hopefully they get a top 4 finish
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
Get TY away he blocks the camera
Fauj Bahadur
Fauj Bahadur:
Great game 3 points on the bag come on Arsenal
Uğur Gülmez
Uğur Gülmez:
Where is DT ?
i have an itchy nose
i have an itchy nose:
Ty is such a numpty
Sebinhooo H
Sebinhooo H:
I thought Troopz was leaving
Ammar Abdelhay
Ammar Abdelhay:
can somenone tell me what time they talked abut ceballos and nketiah
Brian _22
Brian _22:

Ty is annoying... we get it alrite!
Jamal Ali
Jamal Ali:
Robbie bussing lowkey Bants toward troopz about New York. He knows he’s losing on of his biggest personality on his channel. It’s okay to cry Robbie
Robbie you need to have a talk with Ty...
literally 99% won’t see this but if u do , God bless u and have a fantastic day ps : I’m grinding for 1k with notis
Niko F.
Niko F.:
Rob Holdinho 🤣
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
TY ruining every goal celebration - cant watch it anymore
Aj M
Aj M:
Ty gets violated, no one rates him tries talking to man and there blatantly ignoring him guy needs to grow up bigtime looool
Adam Walker
Adam Walker:
Man are saying its "only fulham" but all of u wouldn't of said that if it was ur team
Stefan Salvatore
Stefan Salvatore:
Ty, stop doing that. It's really annoying.
God stricto is so deluded, elneny is not good enough
Laurent Gerxhalija
Laurent Gerxhalija:
You know what this means now. Noise from the arsenal fans, ‘’we are winning the league.’’
Mohamed Yusuf
Mohamed Yusuf:
arsenal is the deadest team on earth
Nathan Vitolo
Nathan Vitolo:
Jonny is the new DT
mukundane keith
mukundane keith:
Pépé Hands
Pépé Hands:
Social distancing done perfectly
Bling _
Bling _:
With the celebrations you’d of thought they’d won The league
An Baston
An Baston:
Next game there can only be 6 people watching
Said Abdullah
Said Abdullah:
Djihad Gym
Djihad Gym:
the time is wrong
Marcella Moody
Marcella Moody:
I'm Single 😍😥
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad:
They are back. Hold your energy AFTV it's just Fulham. 😂
Black Lives mAtter
Somali Kenya Channel
Somali Kenya Channel:
Troopz is a passionate fan and Aftv is the best Fan channel on this world
Ty’s a weird guy man. Please tell him to stop blocking nearly the whole camera so distracting. Takes away the joy of the celebrations.
Tawer Zadok
Tawer Zadok:
Cristiano ROBaldo sounds way better than robaldinho. Or even just ROBaldo (R9) is goood too.
Yo you guys celebrated like Arsenal best Bayern like chill you beat a team that got promoted.