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Lawrence joins Academy Award-winning filmmaker Woody Allen at his screening room in New York City where Allen shares insights on his career, philosophy, education, politics and the struggle to find meaning in the universe. Allen’s latest memoir, Apropos of Nothing, is available now.

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Woody Allen is an American film director, writer, actor, and comedian whose career spans more than six decades.

Described by film critic Roger Ebert as “a treasure of the cinema”, Allen has received numerous accolades and honors, including dozens of Academy Award nominations (16 for Best Original Screenplay alone), winning four (one for Best Director and three for Best Original Screenplay). He has also won nine British Academy Film Awards, The BAFTA Fellowship, and the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. He was also nominated for a Tony Award (for Bullets Over Broadway) and a Grammy (for his 1964 comedy album, Woody Allen).

The Writers Guild of America named his screenplay for Annie Hall first on its list of the "101 Funniest Screenplays". In 2004 Comedy Central ranked Allen fourth on a list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians, while a UK survey ranked Allen the third-greatest comedian.

Woody Allen is also a jazz musician whose band plays New Orleans style jazz at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan regularly.

Along with Martin Scorsese, Allen created The Film Foundation, a nonprofit film preservation organization that collaborates with film studios to restore prints of old or damaged films.

Allen has also penned thirteen Broadway theater productions and directed six. He has released six comedy albums and is also the author of six books, including his most recent memoir, Apropos of Nothing.

The Origins Podcast, a production of The Origins Project Foundation, features in-depth conversations with some of the most interesting people in the world about the issues that impact all of us in the 21st century. Host, theoretical physicist, lecturer, and author, Lawrence M. Krauss, will be joined by guests from a wide range of fields, including science, the arts, and journalism. The topics discussed on The Origins Podcast reflect the full range of the human experience - exploring science and culture in a way that seeks to entertain, educate, and inspire.

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100+ komentarze:

My favorite Woody Allen quote:

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying. I don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen; I want to live on in my apartment."
Dimitri Korsakov
Dimitri Korsakov:
Good for you, Lawrence for not yielding to the cancel mobs and having Woody on. Glad to see there's still SOMEONE who's willing to uphold innocent until proven guilty - kind of an important principle.
S. Adam Bernstein
S. Adam Bernstein:
Stay strong Woody! Don't let the liars win!
Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch:
Woody is a genius and a great artist. Mia tried to destroy him, but she has failed. Woody's art will live on.
Paul Nistor
Paul Nistor:
I hope he gets to make that movie in France in 2021. Hopefully, a few more afterwards. Let's hope he'll make it to the same age as the legendary Kirk Douglas.
Adam Funnell
Adam Funnell:
Probably the greatest Woody Allen interview ever. I can't believe you've sat on this for a year.
Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote, "life is a sad sorry affair, and I intend to spend my life reflecting on it."
Chomsky's Army
Chomsky's Army:
What a treat this was! Philip Larkin is the author of Aubade, the poem mentioned at the end.
Woody is a true genius. The greatest comedic mind of all times. ❤️
Art and Culture
Art and Culture:
The tech industry tightened up life to the point that one can’t be a misfit and get a chance like we used to. Mr. Allen if a kid now wouldn’t be allowed to take courses at NYU unless he had adhered to his schooling in a different way, and was a part of the system before college. Love hearing him speak. Thank you for recording this interview and for sharing it.
Anirudh Singh Deora
Anirudh Singh Deora:
one of the most extraordinary significant man in last century,love from india❤️
raton sito
raton sito:
Good to hear from Woody again...
Walid Kanaan
Walid Kanaan:
A beautiful Sunday morning, a nice large cup of coffee, listening to two very interesting guys chatting casually about life and the universe... what a joy, thank you both.
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
Woody is the best!!! His films make life better. Keep creating, Woody! And, please, stay safe!
Go Woody! Keep the faith; keep creating. You are loved all over the world. Some of my best moments in a movie theatre were watching your movies. More, please!
gary krebs
gary krebs:
as a lifetime lover of WA and his films, this interview is pure joy. thank you.
dark energy
dark energy:
47:00 the best piece of wisdom I have heard in a long time "in the end it is a bad deal that we got, and all you can do is to distract yourself"
I missed him ,,,,great interview,,thanks for uploading
Odirlei Edson
Odirlei Edson:
Woody Allen is a genius. I watched all the films he produced. I even have his original autograph.
Steven Kaye
Steven Kaye:
Fantastic! What a great way to start the year!
James Dunham
James Dunham:
I absolutely love this.
This is a real treat! Thank you! Woody changed my meaningless life, lol.
I love the sound of Woody's voice. 🙂
Balls in the Air Productions
Balls in the Air Productions:
Larkin and Allen - both relentlessly reminding us of the utter hopelessness and emptiness of life, whilst simultaneously miraculously enhancing it. Quite a trick to pull off.
Woody's films always, always bring me such pleasure and improve my mood. 🙂
It was interesting hearing Woody talk about how school doesn't teach you anything interesting. In college I took a class where we analyzed romantic comedies so obviously my teacher showed us Annie Hall, and I've been a fan ever since. Probably one of the best class I ever took, and it counted for a literature credit, so instead of Shakespeare I got to watch a Woody Allen film, among other great films.
Peek Bee
Peek Bee:
Thanks for doing this
Barbara Angele
Barbara Angele:
Thank you for this interview. Woody is always a delight to listen to with his perspective on life.
Reve 7
Reve 7:
Best ever Woody Allen interview following on from the best Chomsky interview earlier today! The greatest political philosopher followed by the greatest director of all time. Makes painting the apartment very enjoyable actually. Thank you.
Daniel Jakubik
Daniel Jakubik:
A comedy writing legend with endurance
Thank you Woody, thank you Laurence, inspiring to just keep going
Wow, great interview! I've been a life-long fan of Woody Allen. Although he doesn't have much formal education, and he doesn't consider himself to be an intellectual, I would say that his work says otherwise; only an intelligent and educated person could write like him. I've listened to many interviews and have always been somewhat unsatisfied that the interviewer did not pursue more interesting avenues of conversation. Not here - great job Lawrence and thanks for posting!
Theodorus Rex
Theodorus Rex:
No one does movies like Woody. Genius dialogue.
Chi Chi
Chi Chi:
I could’ve gone on forever, also. What a great interview. I never knew I’d be able to hear a 2 hour interview with Woody Allen with all the great questions, the depth of conversation, the mild disagreements, the laughter, on & on. Made my day!
Teacher Russell
Teacher Russell:
Thanks for this, Dr Krauss. 2 of my favorite deviant hethens in the same room. Much love. Brilliant.
Dana Reedy
Dana Reedy:
I love Woody Allen’s films and humors writings and comedic acting! I support him all they way.
james nicol
james nicol:
yes woody is in the pantheon of film directors his opinion and knowledge is to be respected
Great conversation.👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍
Leaving Crazy For Italy
Leaving Crazy For Italy:
I loved Crimes and Misdemeanors, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and many many more. I've always loved how he gets big name actors in his movies. I love his writing. Thanks for sharing this.
That’s a great interview! Thanks for the distraction, fellas. And Woody, you’ve given meaning to countless hundreds.
Salman Hyder
Salman Hyder:
Charles Winokoor
Charles Winokoor:
Piece of advice to interviewer: Ask question then stay quiet.
As soon as the conversation turned “serious” I had to fast forward and then quickly shut off and move on to the next YouTube item.
Duke Allen
Duke Allen:
Nice treat. Lawrence you rock. And make be feel normalish. Ha
We have it from Woody guys, reality is grim asf but as Krauss said it's the only place we can get a good steak from xD
Joao Cruz
Joao Cruz:
I want guitar lessons and also Woody Allen presence.
Mac Swanton
Mac Swanton:
At about 13:45 when he was asked if he still read books just to impress women, I could imagine Woody saying "Hey, some habits are hard to kick". :o)
John Caulfield
John Caulfield:
If you ever get down about the bleakness of the universe, just think, we got to be here while Woody Allen and David Bowie were alive....That alone should rid you of any bleakness.
Sebastián Darío
Sebastián Darío:
Subtítulos en español? Excelente nota. Saludos. Great job.
Happy new year mr Lawrence!😂🙌☘
Sorry Dr Lawrence......
Um, professor Lawrence👍
I miss old Hitch.
The heart wants, what the heart wants🤔😂
Marcos Orgaz
Marcos Orgaz:
immediately subscribed.
Michael Đào
Michael Đào:
A suggestion for Lawrence as an interviewer: let your guest talk, don't constantly react to every word in real time, just be quiet and let him/her speak. I love your podcasts, but sometimes it feels like you're just anxiously waiting to talk, not interviewing a guest
Larry, thank you, thank you! What a brilliant talk!
In conversations I have had about Woody and his films I have always considered him to a great original writer.
soroush bahrami
soroush bahrami:
Thank you so much for doing this! I have missed Woody's voice and not everyone has enough courage these days to interview him despite all the controversies.
Very interesting right off the bat
Perfect 2021 gift, thank you.
Live Love Now
Live Love Now:
Woody shouldn't be afraid to look at his past films, rewrite, and refilm. Art can always be revamped.
Laurel Avery
Laurel Avery:
A magnificent interview. It was a joy to feel like a fly on the wall for this conversation. Hearing Woody Allen in his own voice speak about everything from film to philosophy was an absolute pleasure.
Paul Spanaway
Paul Spanaway:
In "Take The Money And Run" he is a young boy in the psychiatrists office having an existential crisis because the universe is expanding. The cellist in the marching band, some of the scenes made me laugh when I saw them in the theater as a youngster.
Bill Shire
Bill Shire:
Woody's science elements in his scripts came in with his former co-writer, Marshall Brickman, who was involved in his richer pieces.
To the interviewer: let the people speak for more than two seconds before you interfere with another question or another platitude. Find ways to better handle your anxiety!
Judy Ann Lemay
Judy Ann Lemay:
OMG!! WE LOVE YA WOODY ALLEN!! There are 2 Movies were I Literally Fell Off the Coach Laughing...’LOVE AND DEATH’ & ‘ISHTAR’ if I even Think of Any Scenes from ‘SLEEPER’ I Laugh until I Slowly Stagger Over to My Sofa to Fall Off it ;] The Orgasmatron scene, it’s Brilliant...Who Thinks These Things?? WOODY ALLEN does ;]
patrice decourcy
patrice decourcy:
Thank you! I really enjoyed listening to this conversation. Woody Allen is great!
Stewart Cohen-Jones
Stewart Cohen-Jones:
Strangely this will bring hope to some people. It is the only truth laden interview they could of done when discussing the deep questions. I enjoyed listening. Thank you.
Tim Sika
Tim Sika:
Absolutely great interview!
Sassan Sadeghi
Sassan Sadeghi:
Gotta love Woody Allen's intellectual honesty when he refuses to swallow the materialist's way of sugar coating our deepest existential fears and trying to sell them as the meaning of life.
Merx Eddie
Merx Eddie:
Insightful and relaxed interview with one of significant and influential artist of the 20c who has given pleasure to millions.Thankyou.
Thank you for this video. Could please please invite or have live chat with Sir Roger Penrose? If I could truly make 1 wish in this life time to see 2 of the best scientists together would be lawrence krauss and Roger Penrose.. Please make this happen! I need it.. The whole world needs this 🙏
clarita margherita
clarita margherita:
My Deep Respect to Humor Verve that Countredistinguish you genialBrain
C Ziv
C Ziv:
How lucky you were to score this interview! Woody Allen is my all time favorite filmmaker. I'm just sick over what the court of navel-gazing opinion has done to him and his career. I just bought his recently released Rainy Day, and enjoyed it very much.
Nikola Smata
Nikola Smata:
What a joy to listen to this conversation with wonderful Woodie Allen. Thank you Sir.
Alan G.
Alan G.:
50:00 -- You can also go into a bleak movie (Soylent Green, The Exorcist, etc.), and walk out with a feeling of gratitude that you aren't IN that world that you just viewed. `Kinda works both ways.

In any case, Woody Allen films got me through some really rough periods in my life. I can just THINK of some of his lines, and laugh out loud. That's rare for me. God bless you, Woody.

P.S. -- Listening to this conversation was a wonderful distraction from worrying about the fact that Death will be upon me in a few years or less. Not only are we going to die, but there's at least a reasonable chance that it will be a long, drawn-out violent death...There's that.

And what's our great answer to this inevitability? "Try not to think about...Distract yourself..so you can function." Yep, nothing like a good, healthy dose of denial.
Gully Foyle
Gully Foyle:
Thank you Lawrence Krauss for this. Thank you Woody for a lifetime of laughter.
Thank you for this!
Ray Jackson
Ray Jackson:
A genius.
Pool Bal
Pool Bal:
1:04:42 🌈🧠
Congratulations, Lawrence. Great interview.
So much better when you stay calm and don't interrupt and finish the guests sentences.
Love your excitement and enthusiasm but, when it's uncontrolled, it really messes up communications.
This was you at your best ... 👍👍👍 ... and me at my happiest. 😊😊😊
José Machorro
José Machorro:
Thanks to the two of you. i like very much your work.... WOODY ....YA APRENDE ESPAÑOL. POR FAVOR!!!!!
People can get as fake upset as they like, but Mia is the monster Woody never was.
Joyce Yolanda Storch
Joyce Yolanda Storch:
There was a film called "The Front". It was more of a drama by Woody Allen. I found it to be very educational,about the unjust things that happened to various people, and many of them in the entertainment business , during the probe into Communism in this country . I believe the late 40s and early 50s . It might have been called the McCarthy era.
Judy Paulsel
Judy Paulsel:
I never did believe that Woody had done what he was accused of. It seemed like a lot of nonsense to me since it obvious he wasn’t
that kind of man .thanks Woody for lots of happy hours from your movies.
Ammy Roman
Ammy Roman:
Great interview!!!! I love and admire Woody!!! ❤ A genius, my hero!!!
Ryan Ortega
Ryan Ortega:
Love you, Woody! You’ve made a lot of us happy with your body of work.
This makes clear the three reasons I have always appreciated his films. He's very good at making them, I appreciate his sense of humour, and I agree with him about the big stuff. My girlfriend walked in and said 'he sounds like you' when he was describing how everything is terrible and futile (and of course, over much too quickly!) and how we're all in flight from the truth. And all we can say is 'Hah! Yes it's true.' And then go on as we were.

With regard to the social media allegation storm hanging over this interview, the least people can do is keep an open mind and read the account of Moses Farrow.
clarita margherita
clarita margherita:
Looking like your Uncle Horowitz...in Beauty
Person of interest
Person of interest:
A treat. Thank you.
Scott Bowers
Scott Bowers:
great podcast.
I saw Part 1 of "Allen vs. Farrow." I don't buy Farrow's story. Everything Woody did relative to Dylan can be easily explained as a father who has bonded with his daughter. Nothing sexual involved.
Rigsby 1
Rigsby 1:
Wow. What a treat! Love Woody
Alan G.
Alan G.:
1:21:00 -- I write humor (short stories, jokes, etc.), but I rarely know exactly what I'm going to write until I'm in the actual process of putting it down on paper (or, in my case, on computer). I have never done a "true outline" before writing my work...mainly because I have no idea what will be the next thought coming out of my head.

I realize that this process doesn't work for most writers, but, for me, it's the only way I can work. My Freshman Comp II professor was annoyed by this process, but I aced the class nevertheless (yes...I had to brag). If only I had a decent agent (or any agent), I could probably move forward with some success.

I'm sitting on several books worth of material, and none of it is published...mainly because I'm so intimidated by the whole publishing process. I am in great need of help (in more ways than one).
In "Broadway Danny Rose" A theatrical agent represents a parrot that sings, "I gotta be me"
Donna Williams
Donna Williams:
thanks Lawrence, i love Woody .
I so enjoy listening to Woody Allen. Thank you.
Frank Feldman
Frank Feldman:
Anyone who isn't immediately overwhelmed by the irony of KRAUSS doing this interview is living on planet MGTOW.
Себастьян Батумио
Себастьян Батумио:
What book did Woody mention at the end of the podcast? Something about Obad? 1:45:27
Woody is very open about his thoughts and his flaws, and that kind of genuineness shines through his movies. While filled with romanticism and fantasy, they always somehow provide something truly genuine. It's this awesome line he walks. When his plots are fantastical, his characters are flawed and real. I think that's what draws me to his films.
Yves Foucart
Yves Foucart:
A life artist !
Emanuela Comerio
Emanuela Comerio:
Ringrazio invece scuola woody allen. Per il mio attico ad Arenzano pineta la sua scuola mi ha dato i primi erudimenti: 1. Prendi i soldi e scappa. 2. Una sedia nera in ferro nero ribattuto come critica, critica feroce ma sagace, e intelligente. Critico praticamente tutto: film, libri, autori, profesora, ecc.
What Woody said..
Thanks for sharing.