FULL Graham Norton Show 16/4/2021 Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, Felicity Jones

Joining Graham tonight: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, reprising one of his greatest roles in Top Gun: Maverick; his Top Gun co-stars, Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly and Whiplash star Miles Teller; Oscar-nominated Brit Felicity Jones, talking about her romantic drama The Last Letter from Your Lover; Wunmi Mosaku, Bafta-nominated for her role in horror thriller His House; and top comic John Bishop, promoting his tour Right Here, Right Now. With music from Olly Alexander's Years & Years.

The Graham Norton Show Season 28 Episode 24 | The Graham Norton Show S28E24.

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Sd Tv
Sd Tv:
Be sure to subscribe to watch next episodes friday night ☺ cause bbc block them from viewing worldwide 😃 the next day or two days after 😉 😍 Share it with ur Friends 👈🏻 Last Week episode: https://youtu.be/P5jPgzHR_no
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers:
Shit, it is always a downer when Graham says "This is the end of the Series."
Tom is so present. Everyone deserves to be listened to like that 😊
Perfectly Suting
Perfectly Suting:
I love how Tom looked at all of them turn by turn while speaking. Didn't make anyone feel left out.
Tom is one humble guy and he genuinely listens to everyone so attentively!
Tom's dedication in his movies is unparallel
bano haralu
bano haralu:
I simply adore the manner in which Graham Norton orchestrates every single episode like a maestro conductor!
yatharth tiwari
yatharth tiwari:
Scientology crap aside! Tom Cruise is genuinely interested in anyone he meets and their story. Such a legend, such a fine actor and truly a nice guy!! Cannot wait to watch Maverick!
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan:
Tom flying jets , jumping off mountains on a bike, and now wants to go to space to film a movie. What a madman.
A dorable
A dorable:
Glad Tom finally leaned back at some point, and relaxed 😅
George Harrison
George Harrison:
Tom's interview gave so much sense of normalcy. You know? Like Tom Cruise has been around ever since I was born and i have known him to be this big movie star all my life. So within the thic of this pandemic it's really nice to see him alive and well and making crazy stunts in his movies
This dude defined my teens. I cherished his movies. He's still great. One of the true last, movie stars!
Lol Miles Teller being a typical millennial and Tom the old mentor laughing at him
Pilita Thomason
Pilita Thomason:
Thank you. Tom is shines in GN show, he is a passionate and funny guy.
Dominie Steed
Dominie Steed:
I cannot wait for Maverick to come out. Top Gun was on of the first films I showed my son who is now learning to fly and studying aeronautics. Thanks Tom x
Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
Electro Drives [Virtual Road Trips]
Electro Drives [Virtual Road Trips]:
Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves should be in a movie together.
Even better if it's a John Wick and Ethan Hunt collab.
luvyou baby
luvyou baby:
Wow this is new, I’m surprised Tom Cruise is on the show in London. Looking forward to watching this later, I love his movies
Malia Mei
Malia Mei:
Lestat de Lioncourt is my favourite Tom Cruise movie character. His laugh just cracks me up, the closest thing to camp he's ever done!
Chris Vilbar
Chris Vilbar:
I love the way he listens to other guest, and makes everyone belong
Thanks pal for uploading this I've been dying to see it🥺
Sangzuala Khiangte
Sangzuala Khiangte:
Tom is one of the most hardworking actor around. So present and engaging.
Alex Fraga
Alex Fraga:
28:28 love Tom saying this will be like the Roaring Twenties when the pandemic gets controlled
"There's no one there" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
"Tom, Tom, you're smiling" 😂😂😂
Mr. Tom Cruise is lovable doing his action film stunts 👍👍👍
Thanks. A lot. I really love this show, and it's the best place to watch it when you're not a Brit <3 Cheers from Brittany, stay safe ;)
Phyllis Humphrey Norwood
Phyllis Humphrey Norwood:
I love John Bishop, wish he had had a bigger part of the conversation - it was pretty much all Tom Cruise!
Tejas Krishna
Tejas Krishna:
Fun Fact: Paul Newman was 61 when Color of Money released and now Tom is 59...
Ran Tk
Ran Tk:
Thanks Sd. You posting GN shows every week is a nice reminder that things can be normal for a change.
Azhar Ali Kazmi
Azhar Ali Kazmi:
I love the fact how tom listens to everyone in the room, how much he pays attention to their work and stories and wish them good luck. He is so generous.
Please don't start that Scientology crap now in the replies. I'm just admiring him for what he does no matter for what reason, most of us need that kind of attitude and nice behaviour.
Romi Lursanna
Romi Lursanna:
my best saturday mornings involve coffee, my fave wholegrain cereal with lots of fruits and graham norton. weekend kickstart!
thanks again for the upload
Senator Velveteen
Senator Velveteen:
I've been on a movie set with Tom Cruise and I can honestly say he was really cool. I didn't get a chance to talk to him but his presence, and how he was talking to everyone, was as you see him here. He obviously loves acting and the film making process. He also appreciates the crew, background extras and everyone involved.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin:
Sd Tv
Sd Tv:
Subtitles: English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Polish 😊 enjoy
Naresh Raghuwanshi
Naresh Raghuwanshi:
Tom cruise has kind of personality that no matter what he would have done he would have been successful, he could had been great athele, politician, bureaucrat, armyman, teacher, CEO list goes on
Ireri Santoyo
Ireri Santoyo:
Tom is such a legend.
Definitely ended the season on a high...Great show!!!
Anders Eismann
Anders Eismann:
Fun fact - Tom is actually 1 year older than Graham, but Graham looks 15 years older than Tom :D
I'm not religious and I hate Scientology andhe refuses to see his kids...... but Tom seems so genuine like I would trust him with my Life.
36:28, I would give Jennifer Connelly's Penny Benjamin a first generation Honda NSX Sebring silver. Homage to her popularity in Japan during the 1990's.
8:35 That footage is absolutely insane!!! You can see how Tom's face unnaturally distorts
Jessica Dittberner
Jessica Dittberner:
Can we give Jennifer some love. She looks amazing 🤩
Katrin Kroning
Katrin Kroning:
Thanks for uploading. Tom Cruise is
Always a great guest. Nice show tonight 😀 ohhh 😮 it was the last for now. Hope you will doing uploading in this great quality even the next serie ...greetings and hugs to everyone from Italy 🇮🇹🥰
you'd not know toms shoes have lifts, he's looking good. Looking forward to his new top gun movie.
Srinivas Sidhartha Sarma Revanur
Srinivas Sidhartha Sarma Revanur:
Wow. Miles Teller must be really close with Tom to screw with him 😂.
Rod Belding
Rod Belding:
I just recently found out that Tom Cruises real name is Tom Mapother and my mind cant process that.
You just need someone like tom to take things seriously when it comes to making movie's I would listen to everything he said because he knows what he's doing!
Devan Beadle
Devan Beadle:
If I was an actor I would love to work with Tom Cruise make a top Gun movie with him
Elisa Mulder-van Haaster
Elisa Mulder-van Haaster:
No green screens in Maverick movie, what a professionals! Can’t wait to see.
Tom definitely seems to have connected with Miles. I haven't seen him so attached to someone and so open around another actor
Anastasia L
Anastasia L:
I missed Felicity on GNS, so good to see her again!
Olly is so cute!
Ronald Robledo
Ronald Robledo:
Tom Cruise so sweet and humble guy. Would love to meet him someday.
Mohammad alamin
Mohammad alamin:
Waited for long time for this episode ❤️
eangel eyesr
eangel eyesr:
Tom is so dedicated! Amazing.
Lemuel Nazareth
Lemuel Nazareth:
Thanks for this! Awesome show!
Tom asking more questions than Graham 😂
Adilkhan Lala
Adilkhan Lala:
Rew is so smart 🤓 my favourite.
Striker Bowls
Striker Bowls:
Tom is a cinematic legend
Great show! Thanks so much or the upload, Sd! Greetings to all from Switzerland. Love Graham. 💓
0:09 I gotta admit he's so adorable, 🥺🤧 Can't believe he's turning 60 next year,but hey age is just a number for this man😉
Marisa Gough
Marisa Gough:
Incredibly positive show and great guests this episode. Thanks so much for posting!
Tom's entire life is an expensive, litigious, delicate, facade. It holds up to the degree that we let it.
First of all, thank you for uploading the show and not cutting out the movie/music clips!!! 💖 Second of all: Tom's small stature actually gives him an advantage when it comes to endure G-forces.
Nameless Warrior
Nameless Warrior:
I wonder if tom is still in scientology. I hope they arent like chasing him down on motorbikes. I hope they dont force anyone from the 555 to do anything. I am sure the 555 has ways of protecting one another.
Ellis Dando
Ellis Dando:
Thanks for the upload ,what a great show this time :) greetings from Germany .
Shantanu Pagare
Shantanu Pagare:
Thank u for uploading these full shows, love them so much 🙌❤️
Elora Lencoski
Elora Lencoski:
"Was acting with Tom Cruise a dream, Jennifer Connelly?" Graham asks, as if she is some small-time actor. Ouch. She's one of the most beautiful women alive, talented, funny, and has a good career.
Robert XJh54
Robert XJh54:
Just excellent! Thanks for posting.
Monte McCarty
Monte McCarty:
I wish Tom would realize he is amazing...not because of scientology...but in spite of scientology.
Josue N.
Josue N.:
Thx for the upload! I was waiting for it, big fan of Tom and Felicity it was a must watch
Sharky Fernandez
Sharky Fernandez:
Thanks again for the upload!
s b
s b:
Norton ‘So Tom that’s you a gazillion miles up on no a ramp in Norway about to do a death defying stunt’

Cuts to Felicity Jones...

‘So Felicity tell us about this?’

Jones ‘Yeah, so this is us filming walking along Richmond Bridge’...
Chris Vilbar
Chris Vilbar:
I love tom, and i always will, he is the best
Funky Doolittle
Funky Doolittle:
thank you finally this episode was aired supposed to be aired last week but couldn't find it online...
Chandra Babuj
Chandra Babuj:
Toms laugh at 18:24 is gold
YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium:
Miles "I watched it on an iPhone" Teller 😂
Ellie Darrego
Ellie Darrego:
Finally!!! Thank you soooo so much! We love you Sd Tv. I was starting to get depressed! We need the Graham Norton joy!
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart:
Ah! Last show so soon?! It felt as if it just begun.
Now it will feel like years till the next one starts. >_<'
Otsile thapelo
Otsile thapelo:
😂Tom cruise is dedicated to the art
I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I must say he aged very well and sounds really relaxed and caring.
Pamela Bonaparte
Pamela Bonaparte:
Awesome 👏🏻 😎 so happy I found this ❤️👻
I love Tom Cruise regardless of his religious beliefs. He's a damn good actor. Can't wait for Top Gun Maverick. I've been in line for two years. lol
700th comment 😆
Time is quite an accomplished and gifted actor and he looks great. Looking forward to the new movie.
Saeeda Quraishi
Saeeda Quraishi:
People gets old when time passed
But tom cruise gets younger and younger
yazz baser
yazz baser:
Excellent. So much appreciated.
Will miss the show 🙏🙏🌹
Vaibhav Sudhakar Patil
Vaibhav Sudhakar Patil:
OMG. Tom cruise knows about Marvel & Their Privacy. Waiting for his collaboration with marvel.
Oakey Woakey
Oakey Woakey:
Sd Tv, sincerely hoping you are okay.. been a while since your upload and kind comments ❤
Can you imagine a young Tom Cruise coming to your doors selling cards...? I would by them all :D
dazy Jones
dazy Jones:
Oh fantastic footage 👍🌹always love behind the scenes footage... really nice interview...lovely as bug....love Felicity and John great people xxx
YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium:
I love Tom and Miles. They are so great 😊
Fahad Zaidi
Fahad Zaidi:
For the very first time in my life, I've seen a 'frail' look on Tom's face.. He's finally aging and I don't like that :((
first time i see covid version of Graham show, but most amazing to me was to realize i just first time saw this show WITHOUT RED CHAIR IN THE END OMG I CANT BELIEVE THIS
Ulku The Great
Ulku The Great:
Thank you so much for the video 🌸
Stefania Gontaru
Stefania Gontaru:
This is incredible thank you much
Gracias. Aprecio mucho que subas los shows.
Thank you SD Tv, see you next season 😉
Sleepwell Cutie
Sleepwell Cutie:
After top gun he deserves an Oscar for his performance at least one.
Elina S
Elina S:
So nice to see him relaxed and mentally sober.
You know it will be good though. That's the thing about Sir Thomas of Cruise - never made a bad film. I genuinely cannot recall one single bad film. Also the poster to MI5 has Tom laughing his ass off while hanging to the side of a Boeing 747 :) Favorite scene of all time - the jam sandwich.
We've gone from the 90's with no phones to today's "give it a go".
The film *Interview With a Vampire* is a brilliant work of art. Definitely worth a watch.