Full highlights: Australia v Pakistan, 1999 Hobart Test

On November 18-22, 1999, Australia and Pakistan took part in one of the greatest Test matches of the modern era. Centuries from Adam Gilchrist, Justin Langer and Inzamam-ul-Haq provided the highlights as the hosts chased down a victory target of 369

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Gilchrist superb century indeed with 5 chances
Sam B
Sam B:
Aussie here, that was 100% a hat trick. I don’t know why that wasn’t called as out. He was robbed. That delivery to Warne in particular was a beauty
Matthew Malpeli
Matthew Malpeli:
What a bowling attack. Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Shoab Aktar, Saqlain Mustaq. As good as any quartet to tour Australia
Shadman Sakib
Shadman Sakib:
Hearing the commentary of Tony Greig, Richie Benaud and Bill Lawry were simply majestic. Missing those commentary teams of channel 9 😢😢😢
Ucantsee Me
Ucantsee Me:
What about Gilchrist.... Absolute legend in his debut series vs best bowling attack he took them on and made 149 .... Unbelievable
Vihang Ghule
Vihang Ghule:
The Australian team was the biggest beneficiary of the lack of DRS system during those times.
Kevin Menezes
Kevin Menezes:
Commentary was really a treat to listen to. Completely unbiased.
Prakash Chandra
Prakash Chandra:
Apart from the brilliance of Adam Gilchrist, felt bad for Pakistan.
If DRS would have been existed that time Langer had to walk with a humiliation.
hassaan tarin
hassaan tarin:
Watched it live. Treat to watch it again bringing so many memories. As a Pakistani, I must say this team was the greatest Pakistani team in the last 2 decades. Commentary gold as well.
Mark Waugh is one of the most naturally gifted fielders ever, especially his catching in the Slips 👍
firdous ahmad
firdous ahmad:
Nostalgic, absolutely nostalgic. Time flies. I remember the days there was no live broadcast and we used to listen live commentary on radio. These were absolutely finest of the cricketing years in the history with so many greats in the game all playing. This was the dawn of dominating Gilchrist era and pak bowling at its summit. Pak should have won this game but nevertheless they fought well.
Abhishek Sanyal
Abhishek Sanyal:
So great to revive my childhood memories after two decades. Feels so nostalgic. Those were the golden days of Test Cricket.
Gaurav Solanky
Gaurav Solanky:
Mark Waugh was brilliant in slips, never seen anyone doing it so easily. Legend in slip fielding.
This Pak bowling attack was the best attack we've seen till date. (Couldn't witness 70's Windies)
Arun Bahadur
Arun Bahadur:
Just loved Shoaib Akhtar's bouncer totally shattering the Aussies
Ajay Pal Singh Sandhu
Ajay Pal Singh Sandhu:
What a great team Pakistan had in 90s. Full of legends.
Shadman Sakib
Shadman Sakib:
Look at the bowling 🎳 of these two teams! Really tough to play against these kinda bowlers.
Nikhil Kelkar
Nikhil Kelkar:
I remember looking in horror as pakistan cam back in the first innings through saqlain and waqar. The eventual lead that Australia got seemed like a slap on the face almost. Waqar was bowling like a man possessed as he was dropped from the first test. 22 years later I can appreciate the skill without the old prejudices
charan thej
charan thej:
Another classic example to show how Australia plays with 14 players
Paak Sarzameen Shaad Baad
Paak Sarzameen Shaad Baad:
Pakistan's golden generation (1989-1999). We had an amazing balance in our batting and bowling. Sadly, we under achieved in this period.
Rahul Bansal
Rahul Bansal:
What a test match !! Delightful bowling by Saqlain. As usual terrific fielding by Australia.
What an amazing pair of teams. I reckon either of these XIs could give any team going around today a lot of trouble.
haider ali
haider ali:
what a team we had in the 90s. every player had his own swag. Really miss this era. This team had the ability to win overseas. Could have won this game as well if langer was given out. But its sad to see how innocous our team has become now a days specially in overseas conditions. We often lose without even giving a fight and even lose the match from winning positions.(1st test against england 2020) :/
Murali Ishwar
Murali Ishwar:
Seems to be one of the greatest partnership between Justin and Adam. Considering the fact that the bowling line up of Pakistan was great at that decade, this victory is one of the greatest.
Pranith M
Pranith M:
That Mark Waugh catch to dismiss Inzamam must be the best slip catch ever.
That reverse swinging waqar spell was pure magic
That was clear out with that stump on hatrick
Youtube Only
Youtube Only:
Akthar Akram and Waqar all bowling for the same team 😍 I wish I watched this era of cricket
absar ahmed
absar ahmed:
Lived my childhood in 25 minutes
This is just not a victory its lesson to learn .....life is also same.thanks to Langer and Gilchrist to witness the best test match I have ever seen.
Sarath Sivankutty
Sarath Sivankutty:
Legendary bowling attack for both team 🔥
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes:
I saw this match "live" And I remember this was the moment that the Australian players BELIEVED that they could win.
18:06 that speed 154.3kmph 🔥😍
Arun Vikram
Arun Vikram:
How many watching in 2021 ?
Im a 90s kid and still remember watching this extremely match..

This win made Australia believe can win anything from any situation..

And the dominant era of Australia started
baldeep singh
baldeep singh:
Wasim,waqar ,akhtar , McGrath and warne. Cricket at it's best 😍😍😍
Muhammad Raheel Khan
Muhammad Raheel Khan:
Best Legspinner and Best Offspinner in the same match
Amit Mohanty
Amit Mohanty:
The sweet bat sound of Saeed Anwar pull shot in second innings... ❤️❤️❤️
Raghunath R
Raghunath R:
Always loved the excitement of gilchrist after a wicket falls
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time:
Thank you Cricket Australia for uploading this. Despite my team lost, I loved the energy in both teams and that's a beauty of this finest format of cricket which is lacking in today's guys.
Ganguly Raj
Ganguly Raj:
Saqlain was a beast. Never seen anyone feel comfortable against him. Retired too soon.
sunitha sivakumar
sunitha sivakumar:
It is the 21st anniversary of this wonderful match Adam gilchrist is always interesting even in test match 😉
GentleFist Infinity
GentleFist Infinity:
As a West Indian teenager growing up watching cricket, this was my favourite Pakistani bowling attack. Just sad that Pakistan can't find this kind of bowling talent these days.
What a video. Will always remember this innings 👏
Fionn Parker
Fionn Parker:
Mark Waugh has to be one of the best fielders to ever play the game - 2 absolute screamers in the same test match.
gourab sen
gourab sen:
One of the greatest test innings by Adam Gilcrist
R Singh
R Singh:
13:00 "He doesn't like running very much"😂😂😂
Classic Tony Greig... RIP
This Is Anfield
This Is Anfield:
Fantastic classic test match 👍🏻👌🏻
Nit Lover
Nit Lover:
Mark Waugh = GOAT when it comes to slip fielding 🙏🙏
One of the 16 matches

Adam Gillichrist ♥️♥️♥️

Gilli I miss you a lot :(
Emamul Arfeen
Emamul Arfeen:
Mark waugh was the greatest slip catcher i have ever seen
MaD SaM:
It’s amazing to see Pakistan had such a good wicket keeper like Moeen Khan and after him there was Kamran Akmal
Usman Chaudhry
Usman Chaudhry:
one of the Unsolved mysteries of Pakistan Cricket ..
Back in my childhood, this was one of the series I really was eager to watch, and I am neither an Aussie or from Pak. The reason was simple - two of the best bowling attacks in the World at the time. I just wish Pak had a bit more depth in their batting, and maybe this series would have had been so different.
I think that was one of the best classic test match ever played....that's why I guess I've streamed it 14-16 times.
Ujjwal Prakash
Ujjwal Prakash:
This match had all the ingredients of a classic Test match. Fans can witness the magic of every star here. McGrath troubling batsmen to Shoaibs pace and Saqlain's fifer. Slater grinding it out for his 97. Warnes magic with the ball followed by Inzi and Anwar's elegant knocks. And then comes the partnership that redefined chaising in Test matches. Bit lucky with no DRS then but the star Gilchrist was born in this game.
Gilly scored that magnificent hundred with his back to the wall against Wasim, Shoaib and Saqlain. It was awe inspiring..
Yours Seven
Yours Seven:
Best Australian team in that era maybe one of the great in generations...
Seetharaman 2016
Seetharaman 2016:
25:12 Priceless one ! Destruction mode Gilchrist
bit off balance
bit off balance:
This match was so filled up with great great catches
pavankumar Sarode
pavankumar Sarode:
I have watched this test match live on final day just because of Adam Gilchrist. I knew that as long as Adam Gilchrist is their in the crease Australia's winning chances are more. During this time only Australia had consecutive 16 test matches wins. Finally that winning streak had been comes to an end after India's magnificent win at Kolkata in the year 2001 after giving follow on by the visitors in the first innings to India. Thanks to that superb 350 runs partnership for the 5th wicket between two great test batsman Dravid and Laxman.
priyansh Goyal
priyansh Goyal:
18:05 that was really quick and lethal
Achintya Ranjan
Achintya Ranjan:
The only thing not world class in this test match was the umpiring (Third grade umpiring actually). The level of cricket overall was fantastic.
G J:
Both the teams had so many top class players. Rare to find that now.
Formidable Aussies Greatest of all time🔥
That was an amazing bowling attack Pakistan had
Rahul Shah
Rahul Shah:
Insane bowl from Warne 11:48
Asad Khan
Asad Khan:
Wouldn't love to see more full highlights 💚
Arko Ray
Arko Ray:
Benaud, Greig, Lawry and Chappell behind the microphone 🎙
Absolutely brilliant

Golden days of Test cricket

The biggest threat to Test cricket is the deteriorating quality of bowling.

Quality of bowling is directly proportional to quality of Test cricket. If the quality of bowling goes up then the quality of Test cricket will automatically go up and vice versa.
7:06 king of reverse swing😍
Tipu Sultan
Tipu Sultan:
Dream Bowling Lineup Of Pakistan
Wasim,Waqar,Shoeib, Saqlain, Azhar Mahmood Legends
Gilchrist is the GOAT. He personified that great Australian Team from 1999-2007.
Mohammad Adnan
Mohammad Adnan:
Waqar at his best from 5:55 to 7:29
Anurag Sethi
Anurag Sethi:
What a team Pak was that time!
Adam Gichrist -- Legend Batsman wicketkeeper....
Shahir Usmani
Shahir Usmani:
Aus 186 - 1 to 246 all out despite poor umpiring.
abd hu
abd hu:
Thank You so much for this Upload and bringing back my childhood memories.
absar ahmed
absar ahmed:
Bruh that ball to Saeed Anwar was something Kohli would watch a replay 10 times at the ground just magic of warnie 💜
Diwakar M
Diwakar M:
15:55 Greatest Slip fielder/catcher in cricket history.
Naeem Amjid
Naeem Amjid:
golden era of cricket and excitement
Back those days, Ausies were a mighty team, just thrashing every opponent team. That was a team full of muscles 💪
preet singh
preet singh:
Amazing bowling by both the sides
Ahmed Masood
Ahmed Masood:
Umpires at that time were clearly blind . Clearly a disappointment to see the desicions by umpires . But Australia Fielding was terrific
Mark Waugh more like the Ball Magnet
amazing catching ability
Mahil Mehra
Mahil Mehra:
The emotions ❤️. wholesome
1ne Minute Bonk3rs
1ne Minute Bonk3rs:
Signature Pitch, Amazing Teams, terrific Game
Tatenda Dennis Mbindi
Tatenda Dennis Mbindi:
That Slater cut short....supreme weight transfer. Gilly getting his first Test ton in such a situation just showed how much of a competitor and clutch player he was.
raghav sharma
raghav sharma:
If DRS would have been there then I am sure result would have been different !!!
Pushkar Rathod
Pushkar Rathod:
In 90s Australia has won the most of matches because of their strong team work. Of course superb batting by Gilly this time.
Khudaidad Khan Sanjrani
Khudaidad Khan Sanjrani:
Greatest test match of all time.
Abubakkar  Gadoonwal
Abubakkar Gadoonwal:
what a match ...... & brilliant batting by Australia
Mahesh Krishnan
Mahesh Krishnan:
Best Pakistani bowling side without doubt.. hence one of the best match winning innings by Gilchrist. But.. if only there was DRS , result would have been different.
What an amazing line up Pakistan had in that time. However in test matches they probably underperformed a bit considering the quality they had. Perhaps, Inzamam didnt do justice to his potential, Saqlain too couldn't keep up with the standards he himself had set.
Nikhil Kelkar
Nikhil Kelkar:
Saqlain curiously doesn't get talked about when one talks of foreign spinners performing in Australia.
Malik Moaz
Malik Moaz:
I wish they had shown more of the 91 in the first innings.
Uday Kumar
Uday Kumar:
Umpires are Man of the Match .. what a performance for Australia !! Gore Saale Chor
Good game in the end. Both teams played well..
chandan kumar
chandan kumar:
Imagine if Langer was given out 🤧 Australian team won 20% of their matches because of such shitty umpiring those days
Desi Fit
Desi Fit:
Mark Waugh had a certain class in whether it's taking catches in slips or batting..
Fayzan Qadir
Fayzan Qadir:
Wasim Akrams passion says it all. This is what Kohli does now. Absolute raw emotions and involvement in the game we love. Pakistanio kuch seekh lo apnay past se. :(
Simon Knowles
Simon Knowles:
I can remember building all the tents that are around the ground. Great times, and we got to watch as well
Asad Naqvi
Asad Naqvi:
What quality cricket. Amazing balling Pakistan. Best times