FULL VIDEO | Woody Allen - The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence joins Academy Award-winning filmmaker Woody Allen at his screening room in New York City where Allen shares insights on his career, philosophy, education, politics and the struggle to find meaning in the universe. Allen’s latest memoir, Apropos of Nothing, is available now.

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Woody Allen is an American film director, writer, actor, and comedian whose career spans more than six decades.

Described by film critic Roger Ebert as “a treasure of the cinema”, Allen has received numerous accolades and honors, including dozens of Academy Award nominations (16 for Best Original Screenplay alone), winning four (one for Best Director and three for Best Original Screenplay). He has also won nine British Academy Film Awards, The BAFTA Fellowship, and the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award. He was also nominated for a Tony Award (for Bullets Over Broadway) and a Grammy (for his 1964 comedy album, Woody Allen).

The Writers Guild of America named his screenplay for Annie Hall first on its list of the "101 Funniest Screenplays". In 2004 Comedy Central ranked Allen fourth on a list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians, while a UK survey ranked Allen the third-greatest comedian.

Woody Allen is also a jazz musician whose band plays New Orleans style jazz at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan regularly.

Along with Martin Scorsese, Allen created The Film Foundation, a nonprofit film preservation organization that collaborates with film studios to restore prints of old or damaged films.

Allen has also penned thirteen Broadway theater productions and directed six. He has released six comedy albums and is also the author of six books, including his most recent memoir, Apropos of Nothing.

The Origins Podcast, a production of The Origins Project Foundation, features in-depth conversations with some of the most interesting people in the world about the issues that impact all of us in the 21st century. Host, theoretical physicist, lecturer, and author, Lawrence M. Krauss, will be joined by guests from a wide range of fields, including science, the arts, and journalism. The topics discussed on The Origins Podcast reflect the full range of the human experience - exploring science and culture in a way that seeks to entertain, educate, and inspire.

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100+ komentarze:

I enjoyed the interview, but too many times I felt that when Woody was about to continue an interesting line of thought, he was interrupted. But always nice to hear him.
Pardeep Sahota
Pardeep Sahota:
What a fantastic way to spend my Sunday locked down in London. A brilliant conversation and one I will visit again.
Thomas Ruwart
Thomas Ruwart:
When he was talking about life expectancy, it reminded me of his comment on death: "I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens." --Woody Allen
Nietzsches Muse
Nietzsches Muse:
I looove Woody Allen's movies comedies and books. When I was a teen my dream was to learn English to be able to understand his movies. He is the most interesting film director and writer alive he is brilliant and funny and original total genius! This talk is hilarious!! I love how the interviewer used Allen's discourse to connect with him. Woody Allen is L'enfant Terrible of American cinema. Most folks are typical Woody Allen is unorthodox.
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
Wonderful podcast. You made my day! So wonderful to hear Woody's voice and all the interesting things he has to say. Thanks a lot. Woody is a genius. A gem. A treasure for humanity. Please keep creating, Woody! Your movies make life better!
John Gladwaller
John Gladwaller:
People in the comments need to stop complaining that Lawrence is talking too much–a conversation like this is much more enjoyable to watch than a simple interview. Anyway, Woody has been interviewed thousands of times so if you want to watch them go right ahead.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
The honesty is brutal.. yet wonderful and welcome especially in these times
Brian Battles
Brian Battles:
"Who cares what I think?" Only the few hundred million people who have seen your films
Montgomery Ramone
Montgomery Ramone:
One of the best Woody Allen interviews ever! Thank you. A great distraction!
Kathryn Tate
Kathryn Tate:
I found refuge in your conclusion of the "big questions" in one of your movies where you said that there were no finalities to the meaning of life, but one could still have fun in life.
Ben Kleschinsky
Ben Kleschinsky:
Man. His description of waiting on the subway doors to open, and deciding which stop he would get off on for him to decide what career he would pursue. That amount of opportunity in New York at that time sounds just incredible. I can't imagine the energy you must have felt being at the center of it all. Woody was definitely in the right place at the right time.
V H:
I love the face that woody allen makes when they quote him. he's like, "Did I say that?" lol
one of the best, articulated and profound dialoges with the master I've ever heard. Thank you, well done.
M R:
On Friday, in the middle of this awful pandemic (before curfew and following all rules, masks, social distancing, etc, etc...) my husband and I went to a wonderful old cinema here in Barcelona called Phenomena and saw Hannah and her Sisters, it was so wonderful! We saw Manhattan in that cinema a few weeks ago. I hope they'll show Husbands and Wives, another favorite of ours.
Hagbard Celine
Hagbard Celine:
Nature works in a way where the alpha male always has the advantage, then came along Woody and put a spanner in the works..
Daniyal Raza Kazmi
Daniyal Raza Kazmi:
Woody Allen, is funny as hell. Such refreshing to listen to one of the greatest American writer.
Priceless interview with an amazing man.. Thank you, Lawrence🥰
"So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time..."
What he says about the sun is exactly how I feel, it’s about the color palette, mood and softness, harsh sun is horrendous light and creates uneventful moods.
Keep this up Mr. Lawrence! Much love💙
Enjoyed this interview tremendously, thank you! A real treasure!
A T:
Doesn’t matter you like his movies or not
Just the fact at this age he is still creating is unsolved puzzle.
Cristian D'Aloisio
Cristian D'Aloisio:
What a great interview, what a treat. Thanks!
Moreover audio and video quality are great too.
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
"The artist's job ... is to try, given the bleakness of the Universe and the fate of man and the emptiness and meaninglessness of it, to find a reason to go on" / What a wonderful quote! I totally agree!
Was a joy to listen to, remarkable discussion Lawrence thanks for sharing!
Rick Jones
Rick Jones:
One of the great directors... up there with Wells, Hitchcock,Bergman, Huston, Kubrick etc and the man has the gift of laughter
Brian Case
Brian Case:
OMG, this was excellent. I mean, it's almost like a woody allen movie in and of itself. I was laughing my ass off most of the time. Thanks for this! I should add that this came at a critical moment for me during this wretched pandemic. Harrumph. You may have saved my life.
Leandro Valério Pullig
Leandro Valério Pullig:
01:45:18 "Aubade" (first published 1977) - Philip Larkin. For anyone puzzled by the reference.
Sandrina Ferreri
Sandrina Ferreri:
Kamila Pavlova
Kamila Pavlova:
Amazing interview, loved it!
Sandrina Ferreri
Sandrina Ferreri:
Woody is sharper at however old he is now than most of us have ever been - amazing
Peek Bee
Peek Bee:
Thank you for doing this.
Elena Fusaroli
Elena Fusaroli:
A new interview with Woody in 2021?! Wow, so many thanks from Italy for doing this and sharing it!
Woody's point of view was always so clearly and uniquely displayed in his movies and comedy. So many gems came from the mind of this person, and they were so helpful to many of us as a distraction from our human misery. So, many thanks Woody. Mission accomplished!
Purple Rose of Cairo, Alice (easily my favorite, and I even don't really know why), Annie and I, Sleeper, Play it again Sam, Deconstructing Harry... so many beautiful, meaningful, simply displayed works of art. And at his age he was willing to do such a long interview, this was generous of him.
Oh, what a great artist, seriously. He is starting to age and that makes me a bit sad and nostalgic.
The Front is a masterpiece and a very underrated movie on McCarthyism; if you missed it, you really need to watch it!
Thanks a lot for this gem, I really enjoyed it.
Rafael Dutra Assis
Rafael Dutra Assis:
Amazing interview!
Allen's book, Apropos of Nothing, is great.
I totally agree with your point about Camus, I think that the Myth of Sysiphus is a metaphor for human life, especially when Camus ends the essay saying that we have to think that Sysiphus is happy. This is especially true for artists. The world is ransom and absurd. We each find our own meaning. In the case of a filmmaker, when he's finished a film, the rock has rolled to the top of the hill, and he's happy. Now he has to go back down the hill and begin the process all over again, begin his next film, begin rolling the rock up the hill.
I listen to this conversation about once a week.
Loving it!
Tabor Talk
Tabor Talk:
Oh wow - I just finished listening to the audio only of this Woody Allen episode... I didn’t know the video was available... I’ll watch again.. great episode.. Woody is fantastic here - funny, relaxed, philosophical... thumbs up!
Sandy Galbraith
Sandy Galbraith:
That was a joy to watch and listen to. A very good line of questioning that brought out thoughtful and insightful responses from Woody. Well done to both of you.
Youssef Malki
Youssef Malki:
You bet your ass i want this guitar Class!
Ewa Pilates
Ewa Pilates:
Woody Allen is my hero, love him, hope his next movie is underway, I saw him life playing jazz at the Rosewood C Hotel NY in 2015.
Aadhav Aady
Aadhav Aady:
thank you so much origin podcast, thank you so so soooooo much, we need more love for woody like this
b lasangna
b lasangna:
It's really hard to convince someone to be optimistic. Especially when he doesn't want to.
Oooo, thank you so much Dr. Lawrence Krauss !!!!!!!! <3
I loved it, thank you. Subscribed !
Daniel John Williams
Daniel John Williams:
Just a wonderful interview!
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Thank you for this great distraction. Love it!
Nelson Galvan
Nelson Galvan:
Woody Allen: an honest atheist.
No. 759
No. 759:
Thank God for WA!
That is great. I love Woody Allen.
Lawrence is (I believe) nervous and Woody is being gracious. I would have enjoyed hearing more from Woody Allen. Liked it though!
Mike G
Mike G:
Woody "I Think, Therefore I Suffer" Allen
I must admit I haven't seen a single movie of Woody Allen due to growing up in a strict, dysfunctional, religious household. Now, being almost 50 years old, I am enjoying as much as I can catching up with all that I missed.
Thank You both!!!
Very interesting interview. Should have more views. Felt like 15-20 minutes at best.
Autéur Livré
Autéur Livré:
omigod, he's hilarious!
Two geniuses!
mary webber
mary webber:
Loved his book!
I love how well grounded, and humble, and centered Woody Allen is. I'm sure that's been key to how prolific he has been, not worrying about what people say about him, or think about him, or his work, or what awards he might win, etc., etc. Very healthy attitude that I think more artists should emulate.
Seriously, thank you so much for this. Huge Allen fan.
Brian Battles
Brian Battles:
"I'm sure they'll all asleep by now, and if they're not they should be!" Best line in the interview! 😁😄
What a treat ! cheers Lawrence !
Daniyal Raza Kazmi
Daniyal Raza Kazmi:
Woody Allen is awesome.
Lawernce I think your'e a wonderful wonderful interviewer! You did an outstanding job presenting all these quotes of woody to him. It made the discussion much deeper and facinating listening to. Thank you for this very nice distraction
Karen Bashley
Karen Bashley:
Look at you insighting change! LOLAL <3
jayne taylor
jayne taylor:
I just wanted to listen to Woody and wished the interviewer would sit back and listen.
E Jay
E Jay:
Hey Mr Krauss!
Thanks for posting this!
How about making a podcast where you discuss consciousness in depth with Sam Harris.
Keep up the great work!

Eleo (Norway)
I love Woody Allen ❤️
Adam V.D.M
Adam V.D.M:
Amazing intro man!
Loving these interviews, have you asked John Waters?
Tommy Hermansen
Tommy Hermansen:
I also hated reading pointless stories back in the school days. I ended up loving mathematical logic, Boolean algebra and electronics though.
Andy H
Andy H:
W.A. humor type is the best humor type.
He directs actors the best or all directors i saw directing.
soroush bahrami
soroush bahrami:
Thank you so much for doing this Lawrence
Christopher M
Christopher M:
Best WA interview I've ever heard.
Laurent D'Hondt
Laurent D'Hondt:
Great talk, loved it
Michael McIntosh Drums
Michael McIntosh Drums:
By the way, I really enjoyed this. 👍
Harshal Alurkar
Harshal Alurkar:
Such an inspiring, insightful treasure trove. Thank you Mr. Allen, Mr. Krauss & the team for these ruminations that I shall absorb forever.
Two of my most favourite people on the planet, Professor Krauss and Woody Allen!
Thanks Lawrence!
This is a good conversation, logic + dialog = brilliance.
King Chandler Brown IV
King Chandler Brown IV:
This us AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micah Van Hove
Micah Van Hove:
lovely thanks. When was this recorded?
Triple Crown
Triple Crown:
I don't know who you are, Mr. Krauss, but you're a wonderful interviewer. I plan on listening to your YT catalogue, as well as researching into your bio. TY for this interview & your channel.
Claudia Arteaga
Claudia Arteaga:
Woody Allen is fantastic, very intelligent man. Unfortunately, Mr. Krauss talks way to much, in particular by the end of the interview.
Michael Z
Michael Z:
Nice, casual interview. Would have liked to hear more about his creative process and films.
Kahlo Diego
Kahlo Diego:
I want your glasses.
Cher Siegel
Cher Siegel:
I agree with Woody! I’m anxious about the end of life too
Enjoyed this.
spb 78
spb 78:
17 minutes in and I’ve already had to look up four references or words I didn’t otherwise know. Thank you Woody Allen!
John Hester
John Hester:
So glad you are continuing to do the Origins project. Discovered when you were doing them at the University.
Robert Kahn
Robert Kahn:
Such a great character. Always interesting.
When they get into the topics about science and the universe, the interviewer starts to have too much presence in the interview. It’s not fun to hear his thoughts as much as Woody’s
Chef Kitchen
Chef Kitchen:
One comment for Woody ? Thank you Woody for many hours of entertainment !
Can’t imagine woody a messenger lol
Craig Crook
Craig Crook:
Let the people you interview breath more.
AD Electronic Teardowns
AD Electronic Teardowns:
I like his films, especially the early funny ones...
rick gray
rick gray:
one of the best interviews i've ever listened to, both what was said by both lawrence and woody but mostly mr krauss's skill as an interviewer. yes, there was too much interruption at times but..... a good time spent
Antonia Tejeda Barros
Antonia Tejeda Barros:
I loved the conversation about the sun. Woody has always worked with the best cinematographers: Ghislain Cloquet, Gordon Willis (Prince of Darkness), Carlo Di Palma, Sven Nykvist, Zhao Fei, Darius Khondji, Vilmos Zsigmond, Remi Adefarasin, Javier Aguirresarobe, and Vittorio Storaro. Such an honor for them!
1:35:52 I think Woody would do a good Robert De Niro impression.
King Chandler Brown IV
King Chandler Brown IV:
Great stuff!!!!!!!