Further. Faster. | New From Harley-Davidson in 2022

0:00 - United We Ride
1:59 - Further. Faster.
6:25 - King of the Baggers
10:25 - Road Glide ST & Street Glide ST
14:15 - 2022 CVO Lineup
18:21 - Low Rider S & Low Rider ST

25:24 - Apparel & Riding Gear
27:10 - Events & Experiences
28:45 - More to Come

Thank you for joining us for the world premiere of “Further. Faster.” You’ve had your first look at just some of what Harley-Davidson has coming in 2022, from new performance-focused additions to our cruiser and touring lineup, to the dialed-up premium details in our latest CVO family, and the latest accessories, apparel and events. Stay tuned for more exciting new product launches in the coming months. ​

Take an up-close look at the new products featured today at ➡️ https://www.h-d.com/

100+ komentarze:

LowRider ST is so badass. Great job everyone at HD. I used to be a vehement Harley Hater, the past couple of years you guys have really changed my mind, especially regarding the Sportster S/Pan America/Revolution Max. Never thought I'd see the day where Harley Davidson makes more than one bike I really want.Everyone that rides the new Sportster S talks about how awesome it is, finally HD is moving onwards! P.S. I have a gut feeling that HD is going to bring back the XLCR, guess we'll see huh?
Kyle Wyman
Kyle Wyman:
So proud of this team and honored to be the H-D Factory Bagger rider 💪 Can't wait to kick off the season in Daytona!
That Low Rider ST looks enticing! I kinda hoped there would be more going on inside the fairing - speakers, gauges, some touring goodies to put the space to use. But damn it looks nice.
Jacob Higgins
Jacob Higgins:
I think this was a great move all around with the line up. Adding performance models right from the factory in the touring lineup is a great move. The low rider s and st adding to the softail line up to me is an absolute Home Run. 117 straight from the factory on a softail and not to mention the touring oriented model as an option with the ST. Well done harley-davidson 👏 👍. I'm looking forward to the new sporster unveiling. If you have done as good on the new sportster line up as you have with the rest of the models, harley is bringing 🔥
Gimme Some Speed
Gimme Some Speed:
Well done, HD! So glad PERFORMANCE is getting more attention. Putting the 117 into more bikes was a great move.
John T
John T:
That Low Rider ST is looking pretty damned great. Might be my favorite of what they showed here.
Cint Roberts
Cint Roberts:
This change is going to help a little bit. However the only thing that is going to bring in the new riders and future of the company is smaller less intimidating bikes. I believe that if Harley started with mini bikes and possibly small bore dirt bikes then they will have a chance to capture younger riders. Most parents discourage there children from riding street bikes ,but alot of parents are ok if kids play on dirt bikes. If kids were able to grow up on a Harley dirt bike the chances of them transitioning to a street bike goes up exponentially. I don't know why the Harley Davidson CEOs do not add this to there business model The Japanese are very aware of this way of developing brand loyalty.
Evil Inside
Evil Inside:
Welcome back to the game! Great job these last few years, amazing what getting back on the road with your customers can do. Happy to see the brand I have been a part of for 26 yrs is showing the world once again why so many love the bar and shield.
RN in the trenches
RN in the trenches:
Oh man, this has my heart a pumping! CVO's, LRS, all look incredible, can't wait to see what's in store for Sportster. Wonderfully presented H-D!
Thank you for paying attention to your customer base on the FXLRST. Sad that H-D doesnt just listen from the get-go and waits to produce a factory version of what their customers have already been making for years with the aftermarket RT/RP fairings and bags, when they could easily be the trendsetter themselves as they were with the original body design developments that spawned from Project Nova. Please provide more colors than primer colors going forward though. Black is necessary but so is color options for people to reflect their individualism. Nothing you cant fix by supporting your local painter though. Overall this is the right direction to head in H-D... and for the first time in a long time I am interested to see what you guys do in the next year.
John Cimino
John Cimino:
The Motor Company has really made us all proud. One of the best line ups in years. Looking forward to what comes next!
Jon Z
Jon Z:
Low Rider ST. First stock bike I’ve been stoked about in a long time. Great Job!
Army Biker
Army Biker:
Great job Harley-Davidson you listened to us and you delivered. Everybody's super stoked just read the comments you guys knocked it out the park with this lineup 👏👏👏
Erin Karlstad
Erin Karlstad:
I see a Low Rider ST in my garage in the near future....HELL YEAH! I want it, BAD!
Looks like back to back winning years for Harley. You love to see it.
Love it! Great job Design Team.
Big B
Big B:
Nicely done listening to the customers. 100% Harley Davidson for me.
Poppy’s Adventures
Poppy’s Adventures:
Well done Harley, glad to see that Indian Motorcycle’s help you decide to create better bikes for your riders. Now everyone lets just ride and have fun.
Fitzster Moto
Fitzster Moto:
The new Low Rider ST is absolutely stunning! Drop-dead Gorgeous!!!
Blake Mizzi
Blake Mizzi:
What a line up!! Well done HD bravo!!! New ST baggers look awesome, new Low Rider ST looks awesome. Looking forward to more choice in Sporters, even though the Sporter S looks badass. Love all the new colours. Design team at HD is nailing it.
Hrishikesh Patil
Hrishikesh Patil:
I wish you guys the very best for 2022. You've leveled up very well so far. Keep it up 👏🤘
SBMartin Bergeron
SBMartin Bergeron:
Good show, good show. Looks like you guys have assembled a great design team for 2022.
Jesse Abair
Jesse Abair:
I’m thrilled about the developments, and the apparent tone and mindset behind them. It is really exciting seeing the changes coming with a hefty nod to the consumers and what they are driving in regards to bike upgrades.
The ST models speak loudly to the fact that HD is trying capture the big waves in its future business, while making excellent developments, at least on the streets. These changes make so much sense as the company finds the main aftermarket upgrade trends and capitalizes on those opportunities. Determining which of those trends will be most desirable, while also avoiding being too specific and limiting who finds various models appealing, seems a tricky task to accomplish and I really like what I’m seeing.

The dual sport models, even the notion that HD is developing and producing bikes that can rip off road, is a wild and awesome reality. It’s fantastic to see how well those are being accepted by consumers and to see those models are performing so well.

Still maintaining the enticing cruiser allure while implementing more modern technologies in the features and performance of the bikes is way exciting.

I truly hope Harley-Davidson, and every great thing that comes with the brand, the bikes, the culture, and the motor company, never fades or loses its way.
Irish BOB Sister
Irish BOB Sister:
Love, love, LOVE this reveal!! Thank you HDMC!!!! ✌
Awesome video, very well done! I have a new appreciation of the work that goes into the CVO lineup. The 2020 lineup really knocks it out of the park. 👍👍
Glad that you are leaning more to the performance side. Offering the 117 in more models is a good move. However, it is ANNOYING that we keep hearing the claim that the 117 is your largest displacement offering. The 131 is your largest engine and if the 117 is going to be bastardized to be put into the ST line up than the natural progression would be to put your top of the line (131) engine in the CVO, which is the top of the line offering.
Hunter Mees
Hunter Mees:
I LOVE IT! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 well done Harley! The ST models are freaking wicked and I love that style and raw aggression from the performance baggers and Low Rider ST. That "FXRT" fairing looks so good! Im selling my 2020 low s for the '22 low ST.
Wow, this is an amazing year. I'm really excited for the new ST models, and especially the upcoming Sportster models. Very well done HD!
45 Cal Wheelers
45 Cal Wheelers:
Well Done HD super excited and glad to see the performance and effort being put into the product. It’s definitely on point and you have listened and come through. The dealers are going to be busy 👍🏻
Great Job Harley-Davidson!
For the first time in years I'm excited about the launch. Own a 2009 streetbob myself, built into a club style.
Nice to see you adjust your line up to what the public likes to ride. Also the accessories coming with the low rider ST are great!
A bike that doesn't need a lot of work before you can enjoy it to its fullest.
Good job Milwaukee. I believe HD is strongly moving forward and shedding that dark zone from a few years back. Passionate since my first HD toy in mid 50's and my first HD rigid Pan in 67. Very proud of our Detroit's own, Brad Richards...
Kevin DeMatteis
Kevin DeMatteis:
Well done Harley Davidson… great production. I’m sure 2022 will be good to the brand.
Santiago Giménez Utiel
Santiago Giménez Utiel:
In love with the Low Rider ST....congrats!
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 absolutely awesome stuff. extremely excited to see the new bikes on the road and glad to see the motor-co is looking and listening to see what people want 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Great and uplifting presentation. HD has claimed its rightful place of dominance in the motorcycle world. Very exciting stuff with these racing baggers, the Sportster ST and the Road Glide ST, Street Glide ST, and the Low Rider ST. Coupled with Pan America, new motor, and CVO upgrades, it could lead to some big years to come for HD. Well Done HD
Jim Park
Jim Park:
Love the look of the Lowe rider ST! I have a 21 Road Glide Special. I am jealous of the Road Glide ST AND the CVO. I like your marketing to the "new" Harley riders. Keep up the great work!
That Low Rider ST finally hits the nail on the head for what riders have been screaming for at the top of their lungs. Well done!
Chris Ganon
Chris Ganon:
Way to go HD! The ST line is on point. Keep it coming. Some of us aren’t booger eating poker runners that only ride on weekends when the weather is “good”. Give me the big engine, a little extra storage, fairing protection, and great suspension so I can gun back and forth to work without wearing a backpack and tear up the roads on days off. I know there’s other bikes out there that provide the same for less (I also ride an adv. touring bike) but none have the soul of an HD
Incredible thirty minutes enjoyed it all, so nice to see Harley racing and focusing on real riders and not idiot influencers. Seeing those baggers race was just so cool cant wait to see it in person sometime. I was on the fence about the brand of my next bike now it will be a Harley after seeing the direction the company is going.
James stafford
James stafford:
Awesome Job H-D! I love the new Low Riders !
double G Garage
double G Garage:
Well done Harley! Thats what I want to see 😎
william franklin
william franklin:
Awesome presentation! From start to finish, glued to my seat. Makes me feel proud to own a Harley Davidson. If I had to critic the video, I would hit you on the prerecorded exhaust sounds. The exhaust notes in the video were very aggressive with images of stock exhaust. We are standing by for your next big reveal!
Jim M
Jim M:
Way to go Motor Company 👏
Thought you'd be premiering electric since it seems that's where the auto industry is heading. Bikes look great, continuing with the HD history. Hope you can bring in those younger riders. I'm old, and see your marketing is geared towards that generation, which obviously makes sense.
Larry Genta
Larry Genta:
New Leadership has turned it around...FAST. Great video highlighting the great Harley-Davidson Team from factory to the future! Brighter Days ahead for the Iconic Bar & Shield
The orange and black cvo Road glide is my favorite! And the low rider ST looks awesome! Good job this year HD!
It’s good to see Harley finally listen we’ve been asking for the Lowrider ST for a while.
cj hayes
cj hayes:
Good job HD glad you listened to the people putting the 117 into more bikes , also love what you did with the street glide and road glide great job !!!!!!!!
Harley Quebec en Revue
Harley Quebec en Revue:
Excellent présentation, congrats to the team ! I would of added a one minute to the continuing models line so we can better appreciate what’s new and added to the line up. But hey, that’s just my 2 cents. Well done. These new ST intro models are exciting.
With the new Low Rider S there's only one item I would've liked to have seen included from the factory and that is a round TFT display. Everything else is perfect especially the ST.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee:
Wow Harley, you really knocked it out of the park with this lineup. My favorite is the FXLRST. I already have a couple of buddies who are putting money down to pick one up.

While I don't have the budget for one of these new bikes, after I eventually get my feet wet on a used Harley, you better believe I'll be back for something new!
Buzz Lite-beer
Buzz Lite-beer:
The Low Rider ST is so sick. I’ve been wanting to give this treatment to my Dyna.
Port 1
Port 1:
Wow! So pumped! Harley knocked it out of the ballpark this year!👊
Travis K. Walker
Travis K. Walker:
Well done, Harley-Davidson! Love the new bikes and the emphasis on performance. And loved seeing more diversity throughout the process. Way to bring us all along for the ride!
Joey Azim
Joey Azim:
Harley is on the right track. This is their best line up in a while. Good job listening to the market.
Pretty awesome stuff in the works, it seems!! I'll look on from the sidelines for what comes next!
I like where Harley is going with their line up.
I like the new engines, styling etc.
Well done HD.
In one of the most difficult economic times in our history—HD rises to the top.
Love the ST editions!! The lowrider st should’ve came with the audio kit already “ I think “ .. the performance baggers should’ve came with the upgraded suspension “ I think “ .. other than that great bikes 🤙🏼
Buying a road glide special this spring. Love the blacked out look
Corinna in Canada Moto
Corinna in Canada Moto:
amazing!!! Well done Harley, the Low Rider ST looks amazing!!!!
TheVT Adventure
TheVT Adventure:
Was hoping for a new XR1250, smaller Pan Am and a 1250RevoMax into a roadglide style to compete/ crush the Indian Challenger....hopefully coming!
Super exciting. As an FXDL rider, I love that the gauges are finally off the tank and closer to sight-line. I think tank-mounted is cool for nostalgia purposes, but line of sight is much better in every other way. I also think H-D should send a fruit basket to Laidlaw's H-D. Their Coast Glide series is really what gave the modern performance bagger its truest inception and identity. I love that H-D has put that out there for everyday people like me to check out! I can't wait to see these motorcycles in person.
Rick Miskimmin
Rick Miskimmin:
I wish they had done something like this when I was younger! Still very exciting, looking forward to actually seeing the S and ST's first hand.
Hunter Giarrusso
Hunter Giarrusso:
Younger generation is definitely more into performance cruisers than the prior gens were. I love going fast but I also want the comfort and convenience of a cruiser. Good job Harley I’m glad you are finally catering to the younger gen. Might make me finally buy one
Amazing effort and job! Looking forward to going racing again. 🏁
That FXRST looks damn amazing. Would love to get my hands on one.
Fiquei maravilhado com este evento . GRATIDÃO SEMPRE !!!
pablo cruz
pablo cruz:
Wow that lowrider St is sweet looking
Jason Tackett
Jason Tackett:
Finally a Motor Co to be proud of!!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to us, the riders! Your commitment to the “scene” is something that previous management teams missed! I’m guessing you’ll see a huge increase of brand loving guys/ gals back in the dealerships! I for one am moved after watching this.
Chris Childers
Chris Childers:
Thanks to the HD employees for all the hard work and your desire to continue building and designing the best place you can park your ass.
The Jersey J
The Jersey J:
Those CVO's blew me away. The color combos and fit and finish that HD is famous for is over the top this year. Also the "scorched chrome" is just an amazing detail.
I'm impressed.
Dexter Suarez
Dexter Suarez:
I’d like to see Harley begin to offer the same value as their competition in terms of performance when it comes down to their sticker prices.
heritage berlin
heritage berlin:
Great to see the way you merge performance into these postmodern classics.
Richard Ashwood
Richard Ashwood:
This year you’ve built a bike for everyone from the traditional grey beard (like me), to the young bucks, and everyone in between. I’ve been riding Harley- Davidson’s for fifty years and have enjoyed every minute that I’ve spent on them. Y’all have hit a home run with the 2022 line up. I just might have to trade in my old 08 Dyna for one of those Low Rider ST’s. Every time it looks like the Motor Company is in trouble, you guys somehow pull a rabbit out you hat and surprise everyone. I’ve really enjoyed being part of your history from my first XLCH fifty years ago.
Math. R.
Math. R.:
I think FXLDST fairing kit for all pre 2022 Softail would be a great idea. I have a 2021 FLSB and this fairing can fit perfectly on my bike, better than an aftermarket one i guess. Great job HD !
Mike Clark
Mike Clark:
Wonderful! I am currently on my second Harley, a 2016 Heritage Softtail Classic. My first was a 1981 Sportster. This has got me wondering if it’s time for number three!
Nick Basiliou
Nick Basiliou:
Awesome presentation and I’m looking forward to future releases
SAIA NA ESTRADA Com Eliana Malizia
SAIA NA ESTRADA Com Eliana Malizia:
Sensacional! Parabéns pelas novidades !!!
KS Moto Cafe
KS Moto Cafe:
After the LRS announcements, I am hoping we get a reveal or sneak peak of the Bronx or Sportster 975!
F vSP:
It's a shame that such a great sound is no longer allowed in Europe!
Otherwise, I find Heritage Classic to be a really successful and time-spanning motorcycle!
Iñaki Vazquez
Iñaki Vazquez:
Loved it! On the right track. Listening to ALL customers. Feet planted on legacy, eyes aiming to the future! Still expensive, though, but not so much, considering past prices relative to inflation. A Premium Brand, no less.
There is nothing like a Harley Davidson. Great legacy of a great company!
Jón Patrik Lyall
Jón Patrik Lyall:
WOW! Low Rider ST Freaking Awesome!
Anchors Aweigh
Anchors Aweigh:
I cannot predict what the sales will look like but I am very impressed with the 2022 Lineup! Great Job Harley!
white belt for life
white belt for life:
Good stuff... Great Video !
Home Runs hit ! Can't wait to buy my lowriderST ! Thank you Harley Davidson for taking notice of the FXRT faring ... And putting one the lowriderS ,...
Love the Lowrider ST!!!!!!!!!
어디가할리 Where are you going Harley?
어디가할리 Where are you going Harley?:
I fell in love with Lowrider S from the moment I saw the teaser video.
This is the perfect bike for me right now.
Absolutely blown away to see the new fxlrst. So happy Harley listened to the people!! Thank you! I’ll be picking this model up in the near future.
Joe Plem
Joe Plem:
Not everyone wants a 900+ lbs "bagger" . Gotta say they nailed it with this low rider st!!!
Harley Man
Harley Man:
WOW! Where has this CEO been? He's taking the company to the top of the World!!! Keep it up, we riders are watching and are amazed at what HD employees are able to do with Great Management.
Mighty Mouz Moto
Mighty Mouz Moto:
I like the look and features of the the ST. 👍🏽
Daniel Seman
Daniel Seman:
Thanks for listening. Both in product design and marketing. This is way more no-BS, product centred approach that Harley family likes. 2021 launch was a joke compared to this one. 🔥
Aguyin Nc
Aguyin Nc:
Never been a biker or owned a bike myself, but my son owns a Sportster 1200, and these models look great. Glad to see HD continues to move forward.
Petrolhead Fatih P.
Petrolhead Fatih P.:
I love my Sportster S ♥️💪
Andrew Kissel
Andrew Kissel:
Hoping for a revolution powered Bronx 🤞
Low Rider ST looks like one of the first Harley's I've ever liked stock in many years...
Kris Kassens
Kris Kassens:
I'm really enjoying seeing the evolution of HD. They embrace their heritage, but not ignorant to what riders are currently doing in these modern times. They offer classic HD with performance forward improvements, and exciting new models looking into the future
It is a work of art guys. I love the ST a lot
JT Reformed
JT Reformed:
Having ridden nearly everything, Harley Davidson is simply the undisputed king of touring
Love my Sportster S! The lineup is great so far! Hopefully the Bronx is next up!?