G2 vs FNC Highlights ALL GAMES | LEC GRAND FINAL Playoffs Summer 2020 | G2 vs FNC

G2 vs FNC Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, ALL GAMES | LEC GRAND FINAL Playoffs Summer 2020 | G2 vs FNC

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100+ komentarze:

Ali Sav
Ali Sav:
Literally nobody:
Selfmade: face checks every bush
Justus Charlton Ong
Justus Charlton Ong:
Interviewer: "So how did G2 become the best Western team in history?"
Ocelote: "Idk man, we have 2 mid laners and 1 of them is autofilled ADC, you tell me."
Emanuel Ramirez
Emanuel Ramirez:
Nemesis got mid diffed into oblivion lol
Thomas Dyna
Thomas Dyna:
Damn that hook 32:10 from Mikyx is insane, it helps Wunder to continue tp to take down the base
leet cw
leet cw:
Disappointed but not surprised.
Thomas Dyna
Thomas Dyna:
This guy, Wunder, does lots of wonders for his teammate now. Damn how is he so good? I mean his pool champ is so flexing.
Someone Random
Someone Random:
I feel like Rekkles and Selfmade tried to salvage this series so hard. But Wunder and Caps are WAY better than their counterparts.
GG fnc.
Chris This
Chris This:
Mid diff.
Fnatic being 3-0d in finals has to be a meme at this point
Oscar Larsen
Oscar Larsen:
How to win LEC? Well you actully just need Caps
FNC choking against G2 in the Finals
Woah Kaza fast af faster than the GAMES KEKW, G2 meme team kinda predicted this 👁 👄 👁
M A:
Let’s gratz Bwipo for winning the trophy too. He deserved it.
Markus Lembke
Markus Lembke:
Better than last year, but still the same core issues.
RIdiculously huge mid diff, big top diff
Last final was Rekkles + Selfmade vs 8
This final was Rekkles vs 9
Those hype casters hype waaay too much. Everything is "unbelievble, "Insane" when nothing really is happening. I think it just takes the credibility away from actual insane plays.
33:26 that's a happy face there
mary jane
mary jane:
"the greatest team we have ever produced in Yyurruhp"
Sumday _
Sumday _:
Wunder & Caps spicy 🌶
Maxime Paquette
Maxime Paquette:
29:38 Hyllisang flashing an autoattack on a pink ward, ouf gbaited
32:30 Mikyx is like "Chill guys, we have a lot of these"
Stefan Stefaniak
Stefan Stefaniak:
TOP diff devastating
MID diff beyond comparison
im no genius when it comes to league but i really think that, that zilean is a troll. The fight in dragon he literally walks up to the enemy, uses his ult to himself when he realize he's surrounded then died. Not the pick but the player itself
Georgi Bisolnev
Georgi Bisolnev:
G2 on a rampage with those titles
LCK 3-0 grand finals
LEC 3-0 grand finals
let’s see if LCS will follow the same or not
Khoa Nguyễn
Khoa Nguyễn:
After everything happened, G2 won once again
idk why they put bwipo on gangplank , ornn , zilean . That player is so aggresive and its such a good carry . they waste his potential . i remember how he was the best aatrox player in region . give him a carry for gods sake . something like camille , aatrox , irelia , jayce , kayle , darius . stop put him on utility champs . it doesnt suit his style at all
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell:
Lol at game 2. Having all that gold on corki and still cant win fnc literally wins games off of luck because they never close games themselves
Kotorias lee
Kotorias lee:
lose with dragon soul idk anymore i really tot fnc have sec game they threw so hard
MC Virtual
MC Virtual:
G2: Caps choose us
Tuusula JoTe
Tuusula JoTe:
If you lose, you're out.
That's how it should go
해설자 래핑 미쳤다 도랐다 마시따!
Anh Đức Vũ
Anh Đức Vũ:
MVP of all the games: CAPS
Nick Ha
Nick Ha:
26:41 bruh that bard q just passed the minion
Bedirhan Demir
Bedirhan Demir:
Just like this video and appreciate the speed and quality of this guy. Thanks Kaza.
frederick soriano
frederick soriano:
caps played so godly ... fnc cant do something bout that
Jie Yi Lee
Jie Yi Lee:
Yo, where that troll who said he won't watch LEC if G2 won again?
Matt Keller
Matt Keller:
Gotta see that Caps Showmaker matchup at worlds. That shit will be fire especially in a Bo5
Sad series for Fnatic fans :(
Shauncy Legaspi
Shauncy Legaspi:
Congrats G2 on winning the LEC 2020 Summer Split
Isam Cuadra
Isam Cuadra:
G2: Planned..
Warte Gawad
Warte Gawad:
Gotta love Bwipo. *The Huni of EU*
Felici Hugo
Felici Hugo:
Yeah WP G2 :) ! And Thanks G2 Perkz for highlighting fans, that was very kind and mature. he deserve MVP with that move :P. Good trip in China and GL HF !!
돌고 돌아 또 지투 우승이야 !!
Draco98911 H1
Draco98911 H1:
Shout out to rogue for helping G2
Viont Gaming
Viont Gaming:
change Caps for namesis, to gap,
caps: i'm not salty
Hi There
Hi There:
Damn that last game was filled with famous FNC ints.
Matevz Rom
Matevz Rom:
In first game fnc missplayed a lot: grag e flash on bot on lvl 5 ashe got fucked by shen standing next to grag ending in grag flashing for auto, next nauti hooking perkz out of grag r that would bring ashe into jhin 4th shot.. unlucky
29:30 what a commentary !
Roderick Leoparte
Roderick Leoparte:
nothing new, selfmade's overrated and played aggresively w/c is predictable, jankos consistency proves to be better, nemesis always wanna prove that hes better than caps, bruh. mid diff is huge, and rekkless should find another team to shift the fnatic fanbase, just saying hehe
Man you are fast! Thanks!
Boni Alvarez
Boni Alvarez:
Real finals RGE VS G2
nothing new.
after a great game 1 i had high expectation for the rest of the games but halfway in game 2 it was obvious it was going downhill for fnc.
GGs. Feels bad for Fnatic but G2's usually the team that comes in clutch when their backs are against the wall. Still, even if it was a 3-0, that was a close match so I hope Fnatic will come back stronger from here.
Brayden Grant
Brayden Grant:
Yikes when anyone but bjergsen plays zilian they all play so bad
8:47: Wunder 😌
Maxime Paquette
Maxime Paquette:
33:12 biggest hook from mikyx !
Caps is absolutely massive, not trying to diminish his team's contribution, just saying the guy really shines. *_*
nous voulons desprytekpourteto
nous voulons desprytekpourteto:
What a game 1 omg i almost had a eart attack
Jmerson Corpuz
Jmerson Corpuz:
TSM helps G2 and TSM the champions
opkj ru
opkj ru:
어우지였네 결국;; 로그말고는 이길팀 없어보이긴 했음
Eddy Malou
Eddy Malou:
1 week ago :
no one :
actually no one :

Riot : hehe
Caps on Syndra and Leblanc 🔥🔥🔥
Does anybody notice the darkness of this vid compared to other league vids? I get the same issue when I record with nvidia shadowplay and upload to youtube.
Anthony C
Anthony C:
Spica started the shen jungle. NA actually started a new meta. I'm actually surprised. This was Jankos first time playing it and its a day after spica played it and stomped his opponent.
Hassan Subhan
Hassan Subhan:
Spring finals :
LEC = 3:0
LCS = 3:0
LCK = 3:0
LPL = 3:2

Summer :
LEC = 3:0
LCS = ?
LCK = 3:0
LPL = 3:2
Looking at another repeat for lcs?
Didn't know Eminem was casting at 8:45
Self made and bwipo has thrown a lot in the first two games, last game their performance was very bad.
I mean you are playing at a professional level, you don’t go face check a bush at min 40 when you are being pushed in ffs selfmade.
And bwipo in game 2 kept getting caught every team fight and waste the ult on him self SMH.
Wojciech Kolek
Wojciech Kolek:
Caps was monster this day. Jankos wasn't worse at all. GG Boys
Szymon Mrowiec
Szymon Mrowiec:
21:17 caps cam
Hyli scores 2/9 1/5 0/8 imagine bard 0/8
Oh my goodness Hyli
How the fk FNC lose Game 2, they had the comp, the tempo and late game, absolutely trash team, trash bwipo and selfmade
Erwin Lumayno
Erwin Lumayno:
hahah over confident FNC. lol🤪🤪
At this point, you should just put Bwipo on a carry, and Rekkles on a support ADC like Senna. Rekkles has one of the lowest Damage Shares as an ADC in the entire league :/. He's like 8th if I recall correctly. The only thing going for him is his KDA really.
FNC trains the new players, the other teams perfect them.

Sad thing but it's the mercato rule
Victor Trần
Victor Trần:
can't wait for world.
hhahaha good to see
David Huang
David Huang:
watch G2 get stomped by the chinese and koreans ,later worlds.lol zzzzz
fun fact: as soon as rekkles joined fnatic the stopped winning any competitions, guy is cursed
ᄋ ᄋᄋᄋ
ᄋ ᄋᄋᄋ:
이새끼들읔 게임 ㅈㄴ대충하는것같냐 ㅋㅋㅋ 개던지네 이기든지든
Romar Padilla
Romar Padilla:
WOW! g2 and FNC are really made for this type of scenarios! Swear, every finals it was like Fnc and G2
Fnatic les ganó en semifinales y pasaron igualmente final, pésimo como decidieron hacer esta liga, Rogué vs Fnatic era la final
umar khan
umar khan:
The last game fanatic draft was was so bad
Nguyễn Phạm
Nguyễn Phạm:
The era of FNC in LEC ended when Cap went to G2 and the new dynasty of G2 was started. But unlike FNC, G2 dynasty was not just in LEC, they became one of the strongest team in the world. So I guess Cap's decision was right
Rammu Ammu
Rammu Ammu:
Why didn't skt t1 play?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
bwipo = greekgodx
El tercer game es pornografico, una meada de pies a cabeza
3BouSs Gaming
3BouSs Gaming:
I would not believe a team with that advantages in game2 would lose, draft, gold, exp u name it, they had it all and still they managed to lose.
its kinda sad to for any FNC fan to see this happening all over again.
9:54 wtf eminem
Denis Cordova
Denis Cordova:
ten one
ten one:
Fanatic top, jungle, and support playing solo queue
Tim Ekhov
Tim Ekhov:
Is Bwipo an auto filled plat player?
that play at 10:28 proves why wunder is the best EU toplaner
jaynie nonnemacher
jaynie nonnemacher:
dead by daylight
Sunny Macwan
Sunny Macwan:
Game 1 G2 tried hard to int but fnc inted harder
V A:
Hyli throws hard
Peter Gammons
Peter Gammons:
Feel so bad for Rekkles and nemesis, rest of the team so bad..
Christian Dizon
Christian Dizon:
So hard as a Nemesis fanboy to see him get outclassed so HARD by Caps. I hope someday he gets close to Caps's level so the next time they met it will be more intense.
Jerry Wu
Jerry Wu:
they are the second team to lift the trophy back to back to back to back