Gachot On The Jail Time Which Handed Schumacher His F1 Debut | Beyond The Grid | Official F1 Podcast

30 years on from Michael Schumacher's F1 debut, Bertrand Gachot talks about his prison sentence which handed Michael Schumacher his first F1 start. He goes on to talk about his career in motorsport, including a Le Mans victory!

0:00 Introduction
3:32 Bertrand’s mistake and how it changed the course of F1 history
10:53 Bertrand on prison life
19:55 Gachot out. Schumacher in

24:19 Bertrand’s fight back to F1
29:28 Le Mans victory
31:09 Bertrand begins: his early F1 drives
35:33 Keeping up with Kristensen
39:21 Bertrand the team boss
43:15 Running a business
50:08 2021 Prediction
54:12 Your messages

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david orama
david orama:
Every F1 driver is remarkable. It’s a shame Gachot is remembered firstly for losing his Jordan seat to Schumacher and ending up in jail.
Lukas Eberhardt
Lukas Eberhardt:
The way Bertrand told these stories was really gripping
Antony Maussen
Antony Maussen:
This is a delightfully unexpected surprise interview. Thank you! Hoping to hear from more forgotten and less common interviews from Peter Sauber, Paul Stoddart and Giancarlo Minardi. Or even some of the pay drivers of the 90s to spill some of the antics like the Pacific and Forti sponsor issues.
This is example how the life can be. Days in lights shine, moments after one leg at the graveyard... Best of luck Bertrand! One of the best episodes thank you very much TC and F1.
Double Apex
Double Apex:
That's a brilliant interview, nice one TC. We hung on his every word.
It was funny how surprised he was to learn about your knowledge of the sport.
f1central 44
f1central 44:
The way Tom goes into an advert.
A very stressful time for Bertrant. Speaking of stress.....
Brian Spurr
Brian Spurr:
Fantastic interview, great respect to Bertrand.
The title of this podcast really intrigued me and hearing this makes me think that history might have been very different if Gachot was never put in prison
What a gent! I'd love to see Gachot commentate some grand prix!
Audy Bharksuwana
Audy Bharksuwana:
This is definitely one of the things I love about BTG. Insightful interviews with F1's "forgotten" few. That and I think letting TC do the podcast is the best decision ever.
Always great questions that make the interviewees feel safe and comfortable enough to tell their stories.
James Mayes
James Mayes:
Bit unkind to poor Ukyo Katayama, he actually out qualified Gachot a few times in 92, was a much better driver than he was ever given credit for
Sprint Charger
Sprint Charger:
This episode is stellar.
J M:
Wow, probably the most fascinating episode ever! What a geezer! 🤯
Hey You
Hey You:
Great interview....Loved those days of F1 (80's and 90's)
Class act. I wish this man, whom i had never heard of before this podcast, the best. I will now try his brand of drink. Cheers sir!
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S.:
I could have listened hours to this guy. what a man. Thanks for the interview
Tooken Hem
Tooken Hem:
so insightful, this was one of the best podcasts, WOW
One of the best interviews so far, great stories!
Always wanted to know more about that story. Now I do. Fascinating and remarkably honest
Arthur Teo
Arthur Teo:
Betrand Gachot (BG)was so unfortunate it still hurts thinking about what happened to him. He did nothing wrong. It was purely self defence on his part. BG could have been great if not for the bad luck he suffered. He will always be loved and respected.
One of the best interviews so far
Was waiting for this one and the stories are great.
Ello! I'm a recent fan of F1 and really love the direction you've taken the sport! It's really enjoyable!

Much love, an F1 fan! <3
Arthur Teo
Arthur Teo:
I respect Bertrand Gachot even more now: what an honourable and colourful character.
Leon Schell
Leon Schell:
“Things were going so well.” Things happen so we can step back and take a path that’s better for our spirit.
01:28, Of course he'd remember it like it was yesterday. It was a moment of madness, that effectively ruined his racing career.
Clear was the top, until this geezer. Best guest ever. Top man.
Moeed Chughtai
Moeed Chughtai:
Seems like a nice guy to be fair
Dipling. Pitzler
Dipling. Pitzler:
Funny how every time I think of Spa in Belgium and Michael Schumacher I have to think of this bitter story of Bertrand Gachot and the incident in London, I think there are not many French racing drivers than Gachot that pop into your mind other than Prost of course !
john morrison
john morrison:
Brilliant interview 👍👍
Things would've been sooo soooooooooo different. The taxi driver was the one that attacked first
Paul Ryder
Paul Ryder:
Great conversation. I really enjoyed that.
That was a really interesting talk with Bertrand. Can you do a podcast with Nigel Stepney next?
Aimad Belhassan
Aimad Belhassan:
Wonderful story love it!!
Eddie played Bertrand, then got played himself with regards to Schumi.

dev ravi
dev ravi:
i do feel bad for this man tho but like still mscs debut was MAD
Not a cry baby, this man.
Like the guy 👍
When he says tear gas, is he talking about pepper spray? 2 years sentence is messed up
He made the 787b a legend
Fear the rotary
Jean Gagnier
Jean Gagnier:
Man, how tired must he be of getting called Bertrand Cachot.
Fawwaz Rafif
Fawwaz Rafif:
We have to thank him for assaulting that Taxi driver lol
Dave BluesGeek
Dave BluesGeek:
Wooooooooo!!!! I waited 3 years for this🤩🤩🤩🤩
Akash R
Akash R:
Me seeing " jail" assuming it's abt Toto and Stroll
Aaron Ventosa
Aaron Ventosa:
Gachot is the F1's OG
Alex Kalpaxidis
Alex Kalpaxidis:
Hi Tom .....

I really love all of your podcast s, could you somehow invite guests like ?

Karl Wendliger ?
Frentzen ?
JJ. Lehto ?
Fisichella ?

Thank you anyway for the podcasts 👍👍👍
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Thomas Conway
Thomas Conway:
Wowww…. thank you for posting 🙏
Yeashalan Vasanthan
Yeashalan Vasanthan:
emily sofie
emily sofie:
Schuhmacher GOAT
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha:
The only Driver from Europe to Race in F1... Kinda
mark duchey
mark duchey:
Best episode
Nice geezer!!
Emi. Schoen
Emi. Schoen:
Not me reading Jail and directly thinking about Toto😂
Night Timer
Night Timer:
Formula 1 channel is so close from 6M subscribers
MR betamax
MR betamax:
Seems like yesterday 30 years just ran out the door...
Franco Agsaulio
Franco Agsaulio:
Can Joe be an F1 driver 🤔
Esa Metsälä
Esa Metsälä:
Posting this just as Lawrence stroll and toto Wolff are maybe facing jail time 👀
Daniel Gideon
Daniel Gideon:
The Red Bull Racing are preparing for their 50th Honda race and they want to finish the championship well with motors Honda and win their first championship title for themselves.
Floyd Respecter
Floyd Respecter:
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Dunno how
Dunno how:
It was meant to be
Y'all got some more of that stuff called "beyond the grid" ?
Mano Luisi
Mano Luisi:
closed captions please (hard of hearing)
Jay A M
Jay A M:
Who fights in Brixton?🙄😃
6 million subs for f1 any hour now
bruh this is podcast
Floyd Respecter
Floyd Respecter:
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🇭🇺 Bottas terrorism
Peter McM
Peter McM:
I think we all know why they posted this now...
Dat dogg George
Dat dogg George:
sne3zy bo1
sne3zy bo1:
This is interesting...
Mountain Man
Mountain Man:
I actually didn't even know this
Just don't use Pepper Spray.
Hmmm... Interesting!
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus:
Ooh, they be talking to criminals now! Is this FORMULA 1 or The Breakfast Club?
Couldn't they do the audio quality even worse?
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys:
Today's jail is called 'Alpha Tauri'
M T:
The truth about Schumacher's first career has been revealed by those who saw the contracts his teammates had to sign but aren't held back by non discloser agreement's leaving them open to legal action being taken against them if they spill the beans. Schumacher's teammate's are obviously afraid of telling the truth because of these NDA's:

"At the time I handled people like Rubens Barrichello, Eddie Irvine, Giancarlo Fisichella and Jean Alesi, and every time we went to sign a contract with Michael Schumacher or Ferrari it always had conditions in it" - Eddie Jordon.

"Whether I signed with Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello or whoever they were - there was a clause there that they always had to play second-fiddle to Michael Schumacher.' Eddie Jordan

"I had an opportunity to go to Ferrari but the contract that was offered by Jean was that if Michael was 5th and I was 4th, I had to move over, and, if I was 1st and he was 2nd, I had to move over.I couldn't sign a contract that committed me to being a #2" - David Coulthard.

"At Ferrari, the contract that was offered effectively made me, on paper, number two to Michael. I’ve no doubt that Michael was the stronger driver out of the two because I recognise he was a better overall package than I was but at that stage of my career, I just couldn’t accept signing a number two contract.- David Coulthard

The great Sir Frank William's also revealed the truth about how Schumacher's teammates weren't allowed to compete against him on a level playing field: "I'd like to see the two of them race. Ferrari have never allowed Barrichello to race Michael on level terms. It would be helpful to the sport in terms of boosting its global appeal if Ferrari were to let Michael be challenged by his teammate. It is well know in the paddock that Michael has had a requirement in his contract since the start of the 1993 season to present which will not allow his teammate to race him"

Frank knows the score. Schumacher's first career is built on a lie and everyone in the paddock knows it.
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اللهم اسعد من اسعدوني 🤲 اللهم ارزق كل ساهم في رزقنا اني وخوتي الايتام اللهم ادخل عليه السعاده مثل ما ادخلها علينا…
alf m
alf m:
Celestial Go
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Takanori Atsumi
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Emilia Nowak
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Supreme Gaming
Supreme Gaming:
Nitiin .M. Kumar
Nitiin .M. Kumar:
If Fraudsell doesn't get sacked within the next 24 hours I am no longer a Williams fan. I can't stand bottlers at my Team. Bring Maldonado and we will win WCC and WDC, because under this clown, all we're winning is a Fraudsell tap-in every year.
Floyd Respecter
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