Gal Gadot Teaches You Hebrew Slang | Vanity Fair

Gal Gadot schools us in Hebrew slang. From "ma ani, ez?" to "tachles," Gal will leave you saying "ores" after this episode of Slang School.

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Gal Gadot Teaches You Hebrew Slang | Vanity Fair

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Algernon Valdalger
Algernon Valdalger:
Its understandable when she cant really explain it. A lot of slangs are obviously culture-related. Slangs are national inside-jokes
Will W
Will W:
I could listen to her read a Volkswagen repair manual.
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta:
Hey lady.. I came here to learn some Hebrew slangs not to fall in love
Gigi Hadid Egypt
Gigi Hadid Egypt:
Dude I am an arabic speaker and I understand many of the Hebrew words! I didn't realize how similar Hebrew is to arabic😂😂
S Maisha
S Maisha:
1k dislikes? What are u people, goats 😩
Julian Wells
Julian Wells:
Love her laugh. Her smile. Her eyes. Her voice. I bet angels look like her.
Big Solid Boss
Big Solid Boss:
I can master any language if my teacher was like her.
Glacier Studios
Glacier Studios:
Totally here to learn Hebrew slang...

She is beyond beautiful,
מר שיבולת SHIB
מר שיבולת SHIB:
Gal is such an inspiration
“What am I? A goat??” Is also “Why are you skipping me?” Or “Why didn’t you count me in too?”

“OK so there’s three of us here...”
Fourth person: “Hey! I’m here too! What am I? A goat??”
Gabriel Falcão
Gabriel Falcão:
3:44 she meant juice, not Jews.
Time to correct the subtitles...
how is it even possible for someone to look this radiant and beautiful
I want her to narrate my medical school text books
Rhiannon Coburn
Rhiannon Coburn:
Gal is so beautiful, talented, sweet, wholesome, smart, just everything! How is it possible that something this perfect is human
Lady Jay Mac
Lady Jay Mac:
I have been pronouncing her name the French way all this time. As in Bridgette Bardot (Bar-doh). She introduced herself Gal Ga-DOT. I've been saying Ga-Doh all this time
Tim Baker
Tim Baker:
She could be reading the directions on a shampoo bottle, and I'd still be here.
David Birdsong
David Birdsong:
Mom: "The food isn't that hot."
The Food: * picture of Gal Gagot *
Per Lofgren
Per Lofgren:
OY If Gal Gadot started Hebrew lessons on line, Hebrew would be the number one spoken language in the male population
The Klorg
The Klorg:
If you're trying to read the words in Hebrew, remember to read right to left.
Salma Vakil
Salma Vakil:
I'm an Indian and I went to Iraq a couple of years ago, all I heard people say there was "yalla yalla" now I know what it means!😅😅
„tachles“ in hebrew has literally the same meaning as the german „tacheles reden“ how awesome is that
Jason M
Jason M:
“Third time ice cream” is way better than “third time’s a charm.”
Gal Gadot is like the kinda friend that you want to have around everitaem. She's so easy to love~
Toruk Makto
Toruk Makto:
... you forgot "SABABA" which has various meanings e.g. "great time".
Hopefully 2021 will be very "SABABA".
It’s funny, in German we use “Tacheles” (written a little differently) to say the same thing.
"What am I, a goat?"
Means asking - did you forget about me?? not if you think i'm stupid
Suraj George
Suraj George:
Gal Gadot warding off evil eye was the dose of goodness I needed to get through this month.
now I want a reboot of Fran Drescher's "The Nanny" with mrs. Gadot in the title role :-)
Colin Lonn
Colin Lonn:
the most beautiful woman in universe
bella hf
bella hf:
I want gal gadot to teach me hebrew.
Alex Khusanov
Alex Khusanov:
I love her accent when she says "achi" and especially "para para" absolutely beautiful
Rafi Schon Wirtschafter
Rafi Schon Wirtschafter:
The comment section is behaving itself better than I expected.
every time she swipes she either laughs or she says “that’s a good one”.
Chelsey M
Chelsey M:
Her voice, accent, laugh, smile, omg literally perfection 😍
נטע בראנץ
נטע בראנץ:
Tiny correction - "What am I a goat?" Means - what about me? Why I'm not included?
Not what Gal said ❤️🙂
Estefania Salazar
Estefania Salazar:
This woman has such a sweet face... she's beautiful even without makeup.
so Arabic and Hebrew have a lot of words and expressions in common!

Edit: WOW! thank you all for your replies! I have learned a lot and its definitely something I need to look into more! Languages are beautiful no matter how harsh the history <3
Izek Hdz
Izek Hdz:
Just learned me some new foreign words😂
This woman is esh🔥😰
Her accent is ores😩
Afa Alech😭
Emily An
Emily An:
Man, we need more gal gadot in our lives
Israeli wonder women 🔥🎉
This woman has such a charm I fall in love with her every time she talks
Madhumitha Rangaraj
Madhumitha Rangaraj:
At 1:00, there’s a very similar saying in Tamil. “Kannu Paduradhu”. It’s kinda the same reason you would “Touch” or “Knock on Wood” for. The motions Gal makes are also familiar. One may crack their knuckles against the head to ward the evil eye off. It’s a small world after all folks.
Purge Workouts
Purge Workouts:
she's gonna be one of the hottest grandmas ever
Eleni Khouchaba
Eleni Khouchaba:
Yalla is legit used in every middle eastern language lmao
I was smiling for the entire duration of the video just looking at her smile. Jesus she’s gorgeous
No Koo Kool
No Koo Kool:
I'm just here to stare and admire.
MahHeArt_ MahSoLe
MahHeArt_ MahSoLe:
My sister use “Yala”all the time, she’s an OFW and when she came back she uses this and I had no idea what it means 🤣
Why would you want to know
Why would you want to know:
She reminded me of desi aunties removing Nazar at 1:04
Hodaya Siri
Hodaya Siri:
4:26 "I hope I'm being a good teacher here", yes you ARE
Roni Hajaj
Roni Hajaj:
לך תסביר לאמריקאים מה זה אומר "באמא שלך" "דודה שלה שרופה מאהבה" "אחותך הצולעת" "מתה" "בוכה"
Go explain to Americans what it means "in your mother" "her aunt is burned with love" "your lame sister"
"באמא שלך" - In your mother.
Slang in Hebrew which means "Are you serious?" "really?" - Are you serious? Swear on your mother. (A person who is important to you)
"דודה שלה שרופה מאהבה" - her aunt is burned with love.
Slang in Hebrew which means - "I love my niece so much, I 'burn" on her "(usually the phrase in young aunts and less speaks to the previous generation)
"אחותך הצולעת" your lame sister
I do not have much to explain so I will give an example. "Who did this?" (Obvious act) "Your lame sister" (not really his sister, but the answer is obvious)
"מתה", "בוכה", "Dead" "cries"
slang that express such funny situations, that by laughter I am already "crying" or "dead" (laughter)
Felicia Flores
Felicia Flores:
Why is she so perfect? Freaking love her
A lot of similarities between Arabic and Hebrew, I understood a few hehhe!!
Gal Gadot is so pretty, absolute EYE-CANDY Gorgeous! Her eyes smile before her mouth does. She is a happy soul!
Zarathustra's Serpent
Zarathustra's Serpent:
The expression "cow, cow" originates in a parable: An old bull and a young bull walk in a field, when they see a herd of cows coming. The young one gets all excited: "let's run over there and mount them all!" But the old bull says "calm down. Cow by cow, we will screw the entire herd."
Demian Rangel
Demian Rangel:
Besides being super atractive, she looks like the nicest person ever.
Kim Koelzer
Kim Koelzer:
She is just the cutest!
anurag singh
anurag singh:
All this time i was thinking "Dnt Mess with Zohan" was mkaing fun of Hebrew... Actully that how they are.... :D
Gal Gadot is portraying Wonder Woman and Cleopatra. What an icon!
Neon Carbon
Neon Carbon:
I smiled during the entire video. She is so charming!
Gali we are very lucky to have you, Aperach Shel Amedina, god bless you.
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69:
Many of these words are arabic like akhy which means my brother in arabic, khamsa which means five and yalla means let's go it is arabic too
I thought her name was pronounced GAHL G-A-DET. I hate having an Australian accent cause we pronounce stuff so Bogan- like. Her name is so pretty but I just ruined it
Gal Gadot is the most beautiful woman in the world! Drop-dead gorgeous! You are the most, the best, you are everything.
John Michael
John Michael:
I'm pretty sure this woman is perfect lol
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar:
I can listen to her talking for hours🖤
Hassy Boy
Hassy Boy:
I’ve noticed some of these words are the same as the Arabic counterparts.
That’s crazy
ameer mo7md
ameer mo7md:
Im Arab and i love Israel 😍 theirs a lot of similarities between Hebrew and Arabic
Ali Ataie
Ali Ataie:
im surprised , hebrew is so close to persian language , thank u gal gadot
I love how she physically acted out the slang. :)
Actually "ma ani, ez?" can also be used when someone is doing something for everyone around, but forgets you, so you like "what about me?? what am I (for you)? a goat?".
Yes, it's weird.
منوعات الجنون
منوعات الجنون:
0:17 same in Arabic
david rojas
david rojas:
I forgot to mention that the Hebrew Practice Project is FREE. Anyone interested in learning/practicing Hebrew is welome.
Gal Gadot seems like such a cool, down to earth person.
Anytime I see a video of her I click as fast as I can.
v lue
v lue:
This is so cool and interesting! Hebrew sounds amazing.
Amit Verma
Amit Verma:
Gal :- What am I , a goat ?
Me :- Yess, you are G.O.A.T
Stephanie Texeira
Stephanie Texeira:
tachles sounds like talk less, like just get there and that's how I'm going to remember it lol
Am in love with Hebrews ladies
its weirder when you know hebrew.

Trust me.
She’s so beautiful and charming. I love her so much💘
Charles Harris
Charles Harris:
She is like the perfect Wonder woman she's so beautiful and so smart
Lyn se7nstar
Lyn se7nstar:
Almost every Hebrew words is tongue twister to me🤣😛
giant melon
giant melon:
Captions: [speaks Hebrew]
Stephanie Luu
Stephanie Luu:
Hebrew is such a beautiful language. I would feel like someone would be blessing me even if they actually curse me out.
the Ivory king
the Ivory king:
Gal Gadot is so beautiful. 💖👌💓
She is always happy.
Sarah Cutler
Sarah Cutler:
I could listen to her voice all day ❤️
suleman khan
suleman khan:
why she's so cute i like her smile 😍
The best teacher 🖤
i feel like some people won’t laugh at this bc they don’t know the background of it 🥺 but all the people who speak and understand hebrew would hopefully laugh 🥰
That's Rich
That's Rich:
There is a word in my language Urdu "Khulasa" which means summary or in short. I can see it is related to Hebrew word "Takhlis"
Michael Hurley
Michael Hurley:
Can't wait to see the next movie! Hope it comes to theaters!
Gal Gadot : "Am I a good teacher?"

Me to my phone: YES!!!
Quynh Dao
Quynh Dao:
She’s so charming, graceful and gorgeous!
When did people start pluralizing “slang?” It’s slang, not slangs
Kak O
Kak O:
1:55 lol someone wrote “i scream” instead of “ice cream” oof
Durre SB
Durre SB:
It’s so beautiful to hear her speak it, also sounds a bit like Arabic. Yalla!!!
Jomark Magbanua
Jomark Magbanua:
She is the second person I love the most, first is Catriona Gray 😍😍😍😍🥺
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez:
Can't wait to see her in Cleopatra, a role that she was born to play. Haters don't come for me.
Nigerians also say “Am I a goat?”
"I'm feelin a little philosophical right now..."