Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic hands-on

Today we’re getting our first look at the fruits of Samsung’s smartwatch collaboration with Google: the new Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It’s a big deal in wearables, because after years of trying to go it alone with its own Tizen platform on smartwatches, Samsung is finally biting the bullet and collaborating with Google on its operating system.

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100+ komentarze:

Rodríguez Sotelo Carlos Daniel
Rodríguez Sotelo Carlos Daniel:
With the inclussion of google maps the watch does everything a smartwatch should do. The hype is real.
I've always wanted a Samsung watch. Always kept an eye on them. This might be the one I pull the trigger on
Wow 🤩 I’m impressed
Easiest pre-order ever. This is exactly what I've been wanting, thank you Samsung!
Mikael Rehnstrand
Mikael Rehnstrand:
Pre-ordered the 44mm GW 4 since I prefer a sleeker and lighter watch when doing sports. I've had practically all previous models since the first GW was released and am a little bit tired of the design with the bulky rotating bezel. If i had been more focused on elegance in a watch fitting for an office environment i would have gone for the classic version.
The Big Average - Jordan Speck
The Big Average - Jordan Speck:
I'm really interested to get a smart watch again.
I'm just concerned about the size. The 46mm is quite scarce in my market area and alot more expensive. But I'm worried the 42mm will look to small
Okay this guy is cool and clear - easy to follow and entertaining.
Fredrik Seglem
Fredrik Seglem:
They both really look good. Except if you have silver and a white band. But if the classic doesn't have better real life battery-life, I might choose the regular smaller
I've been rocking the Gear S3 Frontier for 4 years and still love it. But this new collab with Google may finally push me to upgrade.
Philippe L.
Philippe L.:
hi thanks for the video and the amazing work, 4 questions : does it support : SMS writing, call answering (even by just bluetooth), SPO2 monitoring not just when sleeping, and fall detection like the watch 3 ?
I have the original Huawei watch from 2015, I never thought I could find a more attractive watch with an AMOLED screen and Wear OS ever again. Finally pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the classic. Still can't believe it took more than 6 years for Samsung to put Wear OS on their smart watches again.
Mickey Garcia
Mickey Garcia:
That’s what the Galaxy watch needed. They really needed some futuristic appeal and they finally did it.
William Jones
William Jones:
Damn I might actually consider getting this now, looks pretty sleek too
King Kea
King Kea:
Really wish they didn't kill their fitness band line. I really like the feature set on this watch - especially the BIA stuff. But I have a preference for the "band" style of smart watch.
I guess the new design (as opposed to the "Classic" version) would be best for me then!
I love Samsung and I have been using their products for about 10 years now. At the moment I have a Samsung galaxy S9+, a Samsung galaxy watch active 2 and no wireless earbuds. After Samsungs upcoming releases, I feel like this is going to be an expensive few months... I want to update EVERYTHING
Stan Dard
Stan Dard:
Best update is 16gb. There has not been any smartwatch for so long, that has more than 4gb of storage and works with android. Finally a good amount of storage for some offline music. I have Gear S3 Frontier now, would like to go cheaper since i don't use it much apart from sports, but no alternatives to Samsung available.
Ronald Solomon
Ronald Solomon:
Very simple question. Do either or both of these watches have an internal loudspeaker? I have one on the original Galaxy watch and it's incredibly useful for answering calls away from your phone and other purposes, but for some reason reviewers don't seem to know enough to look for it. And trying to get an answer from Samsung is hopeless. I'm thinking that the Classic does and the other doesn't, much like the activ didn't, but who knows.
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard:
Dude I'm so hyped the only thing I'm considering right now is whether I need haptics (rotating bezel) or not. I didn't expect the aluminum ones to look so good
Nice an Flowy MMA
Nice an Flowy MMA:
I wish the regular 4 had a rotating bezel not sure I want a classic as I always preferred the active line in previous generations
A great change, But at this point I'm more interested in seeing what Google does with a watch.
Google maps included in a smartwatch will be a game changer!!! I love it. You can't hold your phone anymore here in my country while on your bike, so navigating is a horrible experience, but now you can use your smartwatch for direction's again!
I've been a Watch 3 owner for the past year, the first thing that jumped up and hit me is the fact the watch band is now properly concentric to the body, instead of that awful tangent straight line band which looks cheap and tacky.
TheIrishTRex: there a setting where the screen can be rotated 180 degrees to wear on your right wrist (so buttons face inward)? Unlike Apple Watch, Samsung has avoided left handed users (who often wear their watch on their right wrist) for years.
Yash Patel
Yash Patel:
Am I the only one who thinks the cheaper Galaxy Watch 4 looks better than the more expensive Galaxy Watch 4 Classic?
Tech Henge
Tech Henge:
This watch sets the standard for one of the best stylish smart watches.
I am usually a person who holds on to his tech for at least 2 years. But, just for Google Maps finally coming, I am gonna hop on to the Watch 4 from my Watch 3 as soon as I get a decent deal.
B Olo
B Olo:
I'm excited about both so I'm going to get both versions.. having more than one watch is common so why have only one smart watch?
Josh T
Josh T:
I purchased the Pixel 5 and Galaxy Watch back in Jan 2021 and they work "ok" together. The Galaxy Watch BT range is is roughly 15ft from my phone and the same range over WIFI in an open room with no walls blocking signal. Notifications on the wearable phone app will say it's been pushed to the watch when in reality you do not get a notification on the watch. I would say on average I will get 80-85% of messages/Notification but I would absolutely not count on my watch to receive important notifications and only keep my phone in my pocket. It's also been almost 5mths since the last update for this watch which seems like a long time to me but then again it's my first SmartWatch so maybe thats normal. As much as I hate apple watch's, my Wife's Apple Watch is unfortunately way more reliable than mine. I do however get alot more battery life than she does - I turn mine off every night when I go to bed and I charge my watch every 4-5days (I don't track my sleep)

Hopefully these next Galaxy watch's will work better with my Pixel as it's the only smartwatch design I like (so far) I really don't like the active watch styles.
Carl Eriksson
Carl Eriksson:
I really like the classic silver 46 and will pre order that one. There are still things that I am not happy with.
1/ Battery life " 40 hours "
2/ Armband size 20 mm
3/ You must pay about 50€
If you want to chose another color on your armband.
How ever this Will still be the watch for me. The classic 46 silver with white armband looks gorgeous but it will cost me. I wish all of you out there as nice day.
Best regards,
Carl Eriksson ( Sweden)
In my opinion, the Galaxy Watch4 is the sportier version out of the two until you fit it with a leather strap and a classic watch face. Then it becomes the more classic out of the two models, because of it's cleaner / slimmer design.
Animations and smoothness in general have been a problem. I had active 1 and active 2. Both painstakingly slow compared to an apple watch. I doubt this will change my mind. Apple watch is still miles ahead and this is coming from someone who hasn't been in the apple ecosystem since the iphone 3gs.
Brad Krauss
Brad Krauss:
Samsung is doing great deals on trade ins for last gen watches. $185 for galaxy watch 3, or $100 for original Samsung watch. Plus $50 towards accessories.
The Vision
The Vision:
Samsung is Nailing with the design department
First Samsung Watch and Now Z Flip 3
Zain Ul Abedin Qasmani
Zain Ul Abedin Qasmani:
What about internal loudspeakers and the feature of accepting/declining class on both of these models? Hate it when reviewers don't mention that.
I have never seen Jon Porter before on The Verge. Job well done, Jon! A great addition to The Verge team. Looking forward to more vids from Jon. Keep up the good work. Short and sweet vid with terrific narration.
Sam Clark
Sam Clark:
I think I might be switching back to Android. Pixel 6 + Galaxy Watch 4 Classic sounds like a great combination.
Ro Han
Ro Han:
Most important question (for me): does it finally get google pay (if wanted by user), or will Samsung artificially keep it out? Otherwise thanks, but no thanks - I’ll wait for pixel 6 and pixel watch
This is great. The real problem with Android Wear was the shoddy and inconsistent hardware. I've been using an Apple Watch for ages now, but I hate how little it can do compared to Wear OS (especially now that I don't use any iPhones). I'm glad there is now finally a device with Samsung's design quality and an OS that actually has apps. I really was shocked at how little app support there is for Apple Watches, and I can't wait to ditch the last Apple device that I still use.
Anmol Raj
Anmol Raj:
Samsung's sleep tracking has always been EXCELLENT.
Freddy Azul
Freddy Azul:
Una gran decepción que no incluya el asistente de Google (Bixby = 💩), y que no pueda controlar los dispositivos IOT de Google Home por voz...en eso todavía le llevaría ventaja el TicWatch Pro 3
Paul Ho
Paul Ho:
What an absolute unit. The watch, too. 🥺
I'm looking for a new watch since my old smartwatch 2 is getting closer to total obsolescence every time anything updates but I wasn't expecting to be paying 350$ for those things lol
Darren Gayle
Darren Gayle:
Does it actually track your work outs correctly based on your HR and not just based on a calculation like the GW3 does. It doesn't matter if you left the watch on the side or wear it, the "calories burned" will be exactly the same.
I like the new active series looking watch alot the classic i'll pass since i just got my wach 3 5 months ago and prefer that design a bit more.
All very promising, except lack of commitment on google assistant...and the battery life seems like it might be a step back actually. That could be though the stated life with all of the fancy sensors running continuously.
Guilherme Matheus
Guilherme Matheus:
Samsung Active 2 had fewer sports mode to use, I hope this new OS has more modes for us to use it.
Shane P.
Shane P.:
Wow. This video shows just how behind the industry is compared to Apple Watch in terms of third party support
Colin Mitchell
Colin Mitchell:
Damn, the internals are cool but honestly my mystic black Galaxy Watch 3 looks SO NICE so I don't think I'm ready to upgrade.
Andre Brait
Andre Brait:
What sizes of each watch were shown in each part of the video? That would've been very helpful information.
The silver classic with the white band is 🔥
i wonder will themes purchased on the samsung appstore work on these?
Color Orb
Color Orb:
That Google Assistant update better come out soon. Knowing that GA won't be there at launch has dropped my hype to 0.
B Shah
B Shah:
Thank you, very clear and informative.
giovanni bertelli
giovanni bertelli:
The naming scheme resembles a lot the one of the galaxy gear S2 which was more like the "active" and the gear S2 classic which is the actual "classic"
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith:
Any improvement in the integration with iPhoneOS? That is a large market that is really only being served well by the Apple Watch.
Zoltán Györkei
Zoltán Györkei:
Never been a fan of TouchWiz or OneUI, so I'm wondering if this will allow to disable all the Samsung bloatware and let me use the Google ones (like GPay, GFit). I'm also not really keen on the app drawer that was visible, I'm guessing that is also OneUI specific. But I could live with that, maybe, just let me install Facer and stuff like that.
I just picked up the 46 MM w bezel .
Overall better feeling watch , for me .
Both are nice though
Emir Beytur
Emir Beytur:
Samsung watches are lacking of heart rate monitors and gps tracking unfortunately. I hope they fixed them with this one
Gina Z.
Gina Z.:
I pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the W4 classic. I have an Active 2 that is slow and buggy and I was ready for an upgrade!😊
Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood:
Question, with the older watches are they getting the new operating software, I have a watch 3 and would very much like to swap software so I can get all the extra apps and Google maps
Phil Nguyen
Phil Nguyen:
I wished the older Samsung watches would get the wear os update 🥲
Do you know what's the strap size of the 44mm regular version and 46mm classic version? I'm trying to figure out if my old 22mm strap will be able to use on the new ones. Thanks
Kochurani joseph
Kochurani joseph:
I wish this comes as an update on my S3 frontier
That one is still a beast
Katherine Langford
Katherine Langford:
Not sure to go with bezel or no bezel. I had the Gear and it had no bezel. Which I did enjoy. Now I have one with the bezel and it is nice to scroll and click through. Love both watches and rotate between them.
Kelvin Otieno
Kelvin Otieno:
Honestly if there is no significant improvement in battery life over the watch 3 and active 2 then it would be a real disappointment.
Marin Marin
Marin Marin:
I would like to see the next future galaxy watch s4 ...i would like it much bigger that is and much wider be one of the good looking watch ever...also i am happy with my galaxy watch s4 bought since it come up on the 1st week...LTE one..and is incredible ..almost 3 years old watch..i can't wait for the next future one xxxx
Rddubb wright
Rddubb wright:
Samsung need to put a bigger battery in their watch so it can last 3 to 4 days on normal use 48 hours isn't ground breaking!
Been waiting for this to pair with my S21 ultra
Taylor Brisk
Taylor Brisk:
The only two features these smart watches lack is a front facing camera for video calls and a Flashlight as powerful as the phone, on the left side of the watch watch. Using the screen as a light isn't as convenient as how bright the light on the back of Samsung phones are
Cris Garcia 6
Cris Garcia 6:
Around October, I was thinking about getting the Galaxy Watch 4 Non-classic.
Bishop Adesanya
Bishop Adesanya:
Seriously Samsung sold me on this just wondering it functionality with iphone ecosystems in terms of messages and others...but lowkey considering switching back to android
Nolaman 1970
Nolaman 1970:
Pre-ordered my 42mm 4 classic already, returning my refurbished 3 I just bought for $200. Can't wait!!!
FYI several of the health features are only available if you also have a Samsung phone. Apparently the app needed to run the features is only on the Galaxy app store.
Gonna hold on to my Watch 3. Gonna wait for the series 5 or 6.
A'Lexuz M
A'Lexuz M:
I want the classic but can we get gold??? Literally the Galaxy Watch gold should be standard in both smaller and larger classic bezel sizes it just perfect
Robert Capezzuto
Robert Capezzuto:
i'm still on the fence because i love my watch active 2, but if i can still use samsung health and all my watch faces i bought i might consider it
4:11 is exactly the reason I am going with the Watch 4 and not the classic. Look at how sleek and modern they look. The Classic 4 looks so dated and hideous with that monstrosity of a bezel.
Harry Aivaliotis
Harry Aivaliotis:
With Google maps and Google pay on the watch, Samsung finally nailed it.
Yatharth Bakshi
Yatharth Bakshi:
1:50 Dang, I love the expansive screen size of 44 millilitres.
Until it has Google Assistant I will not purchase. I have been waiting for this a while, so definitely disappointed they won’t commit to that.
Harry T.
Harry T.:
What is the watch band size for the Galaxy Watch 4? 20mm? 22mm? Thank you in advance.
John Salazar
John Salazar:
Question is, are they compatible with all Android Phones? I had a watch 2 which stopped working with my phone when samsung updated their app. So I bought a watch 3 but once again the app was not compatible with my SAMSUNG phone because Tmobile hasn't push an update to it.
na na
na na:
I pulled the trigger on the 44mm classic today on pre order. Psyched, nice unit.
Don GG
Don GG:
I need more context as to how they have the same screen throughout all sizes.
Arne Brynjar
Arne Brynjar:
I demand more videos with this guy.
Jason Dranoff
Jason Dranoff:
Does it work fully with Google messages like the old Samsung watch did with Samsung messages? It worked with Samsung messages but you had less functionality
is the always on display brighter? Hoe does navigating without the bezel work? is it good?
Demetri Zuev
Demetri Zuev:
The most pressing question is

Will my watch finally stop vibrating when getting a call while not sitting on my wrist? 🤯
Very good almost up to the point of saying the classic has a slightly bigger battery, I thought I didn’t need the bigger size and bezel if everything was the same up until the battery size. Now I’m stumped and want to know how much bigger is the battery
Sleep tracking, snoring tracking and oxygen tracking in combination are important to detect diseases like sleep apnoea syndrome, which increases the risk for vascular diseases immensely. So yes it is definitely more than a gimmick!
Feep In
Feep In:
Wear OS in a Galaxy Watch is the best thing. Make love Google and Samsung
Nice crisp review. Helped me a lot. Thx and a new subscriber I now am.
Akram Ehab
Akram Ehab:
Well, I watch The Verge for the tech news. But I lowkey love watching their Samsung-related videos for the Bixby salty comments.
Mitchell Toland Jr.
Mitchell Toland Jr.:
If it truly doesn’t have Google Assistant out of the box than that is a huge miss.
Moses GTC
Moses GTC:
Will the watch work with non Samsung phone? Like health features blood pressure, ecg
Chirag Arora
Chirag Arora:
Okay then let's consider buying when they do get Google Assistant.
Lee Rodriguez
Lee Rodriguez:
The Watch3 saved my life. My oxygen was dipping very low when I was asleep. I didn't know why I was always waking up feeling drunken and light headed. I purchased the Watch3 three. Whenever I would wake up from sleep and in the morning, I would quickly check my blood oxygen saturation. My saturation was running close to 80% every night! I had tests done it the hospital and I now have to use a ventilator to breathe for me when I sleep. My doctor told me I stop breathing and also I breath very slowly.
Next, was my heart. My heart was beating extremely fast -- somewhere around 140 bpm asleep and awake. This is the speed of a person running a marathon without practice. The watch automatically checked my heart rate throughout the day and at night. Now, I am on a very high dose of beta blockers and medication to keep my heart rate normal.
I just pre-ordered a Watch4. With the new features, I know I will benefit although I do hope I do not find any more health problems!
Not sure whether to pick up one of these or wait for an offering from Google - currently a Pixel user. Any thoughts?
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
I want the classic but can we get gold??? Literally the Galaxy Watch gold should be standard in both smaller and larger classic bezel sizes it just perfect
Richard Latimer
Richard Latimer:
Bring back the Gear S!!! It was the best watch ever made!!