GAME OVER! Amber Heard’s New Lawyer Reveals Why He Won’t Continue Working With Amber

GAME OVER! Amber Heard’s New Lawyer Reveals Why He Won’t Continue Working With Amber

Out with the old and in with the new. Amber has finally fired her incompetent and comedic attorney Elaine Bredehoft but from what her new lawyer has said, it seems like he isn’t too happy to be working with Amber either, so will he leave too?
Amber Heard hired new legal counsel to appeal the verdict in Johnny Depp's defamation trial. A spokesperson for the actress announced she retained David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown of law firm Ballard Spahr to lead her counsel. Ben Rottenborn will continue as co-counsel, while Elaine Charlson Bredehoft will step down. But there is a twist in the tail!
Amber Heard is switching legal counsel going into her appeal of the Johnny Depp defamation trial verdict, but her new attorneys don’t seem too keen on representing her. The new lawyers are named David L. Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown and they belong to the prestigious Ballard Spahr legal firm.

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56 komentarze:

Melanie Miller
Melanie Miller:
Why would you help abuser win against a person who she abuse, doesn't make sense 🤔
Mabel Regimal
Mabel Regimal:
Here's a question! If Amber is so broke or bankrupt that she doesn't even (according to these posts) have a place to live, how can she afford all these lawyers and PR people and what lawyer would sign on with her knowing she has no money to pay them?
Poor Elaine...I honestly believe she was just really trying to hold up her own reputation and serve her client as asked.... but was so severely lied to by her own client that she made an utter fool out of herself.
Jade Hidalgo
Jade Hidalgo:
It’s my understanding she can not present “new evidence” in the appeal
Elzbieta Giebartowska
Elzbieta Giebartowska:
Any lawyer who does not want to have their reputation to suffer ought to be vary cautious.
Marie Turnage-Jensen
Marie Turnage-Jensen:
It's a joke. Elaine can no longer be part of representing AH. Elaine is not an appellate court lawyer. One trial lawyer needs to be part of the appeal team.
The total joke is that there is nothing to appeal. Nothing at all! That's the frustration for any lawyer.
Psychological Projectionist
Psychological Projectionist:
It is a case with important first amendment implications for all Americans FACT
It is important to show what is NOT a first amendment right.
You do not have the right to make make sh!t up about someone and then call out their industry for not supporting you facing the "wrath" of a public turning on you for lying. Especially after causing them actual bodily harm.
Sarah Dominick
Sarah Dominick:
AH has a habit of thinking she knows better than everyone what to do. I expect her new lawyers are finding this out. But I think they will represent her but not pro bono. If she runs out of money, they'll stall.
Psychological Projectionist
Psychological Projectionist:
Amber's allegations were numerous. The fact that she hasn't been able to provide convincing evidence for a single incident. At the same time there was considerable evidence of her abuse of JD; her dishonesty and her causing injury to JD.
jeanLuc Dom
jeanLuc Dom:
Which lawyer can explain : how does a 36 years old human being take crap on the bed of the master bedroom of a luxury penthouse! Thank God JD managed to sell it!
Gill Davis
Gill Davis:
I don't see where her lawyers say anything like they don't want to represent her. More is the pity as she is guilty as charged.
Kelye Croft
Kelye Croft:
one of her new lawyers is so creepy, she won’t wine she defamed , all evidence came up in court and it was found guilty, now she is playing the sympathy trick, won’t work, and only job she will ever get now is working on her back
Andrea Lambert
Andrea Lambert:
How is she affording these attorneys because you know it's gonna cost millions. Thought she was broke AF? If she has millions for attorneys, she has the money to pay JD what she owes him. And what happened to her being required to put up the full judgement against her + plus interest in order to appeal?
Charlotte Gibson
Charlotte Gibson:
Why would they agree to even represent her. Now her free money is running its course. They really r covering her so ins can get their money cause they can't get it from Amber. I think ins company is hiring this firm.
Hate to break it to the new lawyers, but no deference was given to popularity in the case JD won and that there is no right to free speech when it’s defamatory and damaging, done with malice. That’s not free speech.
Kelly Scott Stone
Kelly Scott Stone:
Why did they take her as a new client in the first place! That’s bull crap they wouldn’t have taken her on and surely they no what’s going on with her I mean everyone does!
madman bazemore
madman bazemore:
Ambers lawyers will leave her after the get payed or before if she can't pay them🔥
Wicked Bird
Wicked Bird:
6:54 Oh no, Without Elaine, we won’t get more testimony about the Muffin Man in the appeal.
philomena williams
philomena williams:
It takes a magical law firm to save a burning sinking ship.
Sandra Silvestri
Sandra Silvestri:
Inside news 'They are not allowing her to appeal'
The "Appeal it" court! HAHAHA! 😂
Veronica Jauregui
Veronica Jauregui:
So sick hearing about AH. Put AH in JAIL once and for all!!!!
P Burt
P Burt:
These attorneys are going to loose their good name representing Amber
She has a settlement to pay, her insurance will not cover it and is now suing her for monies paid out, on top of that she has to pay her last lawyers so she has now hired new lawyers and she has to pay for them. Her Insurance wont cover them so who is? Question follow the money who is paying for her now plus trips overseas and the new court case trying to get the verdict overturned. This women must have a black book on a lot of people?
Leah Bloom
Leah Bloom:
Ok, so I'm embarrassingly addicted to this trial.. I can't seem to let it go, even though the beat man won... but I am SSOOOO sick of that quote; not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning.. or something..and
Rene Billones
Rene Billones:
If you are a lawyer and you believe that pledged and donation are synonymous,,, then you are a joke and not a lawyer
Debbie Potwin
Debbie Potwin:
Oh look 👀
Some of Amber's
Mummified victims displayed behind her at the 5:52 spot in the video...
She's such an evil creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzie Phillips
Suzie Phillips:
Oh wow, Amber is usually so sweet to everyone! Has to be you!!

P.S. Don't piss her off, or she will clock you while cackling like a jackal!!!
Phranny Plumm
Phranny Plumm:
This appeal WILL be dropped by heard bcz she doesn’t have 10 mil to put in escrow
Cristle Johnson
Cristle Johnson:
I wish these things said more than the nothing they say, but the lawyers and behavioralists aren't talking about her anymore.
Lisa Casale
Lisa Casale:
Please stop mis pronouncing "apellate"
I would fire her too!
hugh boyle
hugh boyle:
They have agreed to represent Amber so that is what they will do payment or not. You title is wrong
I wish this lady knew how to pronounce appellate.
Overlord Kartoffelkopf
Overlord Kartoffelkopf:
Appellate. Not appeal-ate
So no real info here.
Boycott Loreal!
You have the wrong David (from CNN) pictured on your site with AH
Beth Germanetti
Beth Germanetti:
Listen to your inner voice dude. Run, do not walk
Ryan Sandilands
Ryan Sandilands:
I think it’s sad this narrator has no idea on the law and cannot pronounce the word appellate. This is a poor quality vid.
Bobbi Cat
Bobbi Cat:
Have you noticed that anyone who gets unloved with Amber in any context, whether a husband, lover, friend or work associate…pays a heavy price ?
STOP clickbaiting.
I wouldn't call this 'current news' lol. & your title is incorrect lol. No sub from me. Peace.
Ronnie Bar
Ronnie Bar:
P Burt
P Burt:
Elaine is a joke
Sharon D A
Sharon D A:
Doesn't she still have to oay Johnny first???
Dr. Brown:
Dr. Brown::
Wrong axelrod
Helena Hanbasquet
Helena Hanbasquet:
Elaine *Pledged* her support. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hot Mocha Cake
Hot Mocha Cake:
Your video effects guy needs to get his transitions right!!
Amanda Slade
Amanda Slade:
Nothing about the headline, pathetic
Lisa Posada
Lisa Posada:
Is the she lying
petet fisher
petet fisher:
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Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine CountryGirll.Space Brünette und eine andereb Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Анна Фросс
Анна Фросс:
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Carol Martin
Carol Martin:
Same crap over and iver for u tube hits its so boring