GAME RECAP: Wizards 127, Lakers 124

The Wizards defeated the Lakers in overtime, 127-124. Russell Westbrook (32 points, 14 rebounds, 9 assists) and Bradley Beal (33 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists) combined for 65 points in the victory, including all 12 points in overtime for the Wizards. LeBron James tallied 31 points, 9 rebounds and a season-high 13 assists for the Lakers in the losing effort. The Wizards improve to 11-17 on the season, while the Lakers fall to 22-10.

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Dvir A
Dvir A:
0:37 Avdija with good D and pass to westbrook saying : "westbrook in transition"
1:15 Avdija with super important 3 pointers saying : "westbrook with huge assist"
Avdija is so underrated
kingstyle strike
kingstyle strike:
Look at the huge impact of Deni Avdija when he's on the court!
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry:
1:33 The moment Lebron realised that he just gave Skip Bayless an entire segment's worth of material.
King Saix
King Saix:
Lebron should have activated his flopping skills on that last play
King Zee
King Zee:
Common Lebron your just not clutch, do what you do best in the finals seconds of the game pretend to drive to the hoop for a dunk/layup and then dish it in desperation out of bounds and turn it over hehehe
barry coote
barry coote:
Bradley beale on fire this season & westbrook looks happy at Washington..
Mr. Pogi
Mr. Pogi:
instead focusing on how to shoot a freethrow. lebron only focus to recruit a player. take note not just a ordinary player. he want a star player caliber.
John Kavanagh
John Kavanagh:
Funny that the lakers are looking like the lakers before the Ad trade😂🤷🏼‍♂️
She have to say Lebron James and Lakers?
Frank Cadillac
Frank Cadillac:
Jordan : (Closed eyes during freethrow) Swoosh!
Lebron : (Eyes Wide Open) Bricked!
Godfrey Chindolo
Godfrey Chindolo:
If it was da other way round AD without lebron it wud still be da same they work well together dont act like AD can do it alone
Mr. Pogi
Mr. Pogi:
2:15 before that shot lebron is 1/9 from three point line. and still 7 seconds left you make a long shot like that??
With all these bricks lbj will build the new china wall in the usa.. trump approved
Amazing A The Dreamer
Amazing A The Dreamer:
This is not good for the Lakers. If this continues, they’re in big trouble...
Fair play to the Wizards though, where have they been hiding all this time? Hope they can keep this up. 🙂
BoOrel Scoth
BoOrel Scoth:
Lebron se prend pour Lilard !? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zawad Khan
Zawad Khan:
drive and dish by russ was underrated
Lakers cant win with no AD
Lebron MVP probability getting down real quick move AD up show some respect to the superstar of lakers
chding zuure
chding zuure:
2:15 before that shot lebron is 1/9 from three point line. and still 7 seconds left you make a long shot like that??
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Slavko Opojevlic
Slavko Opojevlic:
Such bad covering of the HL by the commentator... No mention of the swings during the game, just telling the audience what's happening on a play that is in front us... She needs to step it up or move away
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic:
Avdija good man
aps jacks
aps jacks:
Without AD Lakers will be lossing, LBJ?
Ulrike Waiser
Ulrike Waiser:
second comment;) yay
Ian Tambasacan
Ian Tambasacan:
no AD no WIN
ÆH 88
ÆH 88:
LBJ went in though.
2quick4 u
2quick4 u:
Without a superstar like A.Davis, Lebron's Lakers would not even make the playoffs, just like in 2019..
David ASM
David ASM:
Jo Ry
Jo Ry:
2:14 I understand now why he always pass the ball on the buzzer beater
Hanzz Virgo
Hanzz Virgo:
No A.D. big big problem for L.A.
if hames passed to da goat it wouldve ended with kaaabooom
X P85
X P85:
lebrick James...
Ysmael Marcial
Ysmael Marcial:
No AD = Problem
Igor Barsowski
Igor Barsowski:
in 3Q: Wizards 53 - 70 Lakers
What sorcery the Wizards have won ? 🌟
I ❤ this game.
Stupid coach let LeBron shoot the buzzer at the end.. The guy with worst shooting percentage, wow, rly
eric john uy
eric john uy:
Bring back jc
bilisha coli
bilisha coli:
Without AD Lakers will be lossing, LBJ?
Mubu Mubu
Mubu Mubu:
That was a bad shot!
Let LeBron age peacefully! Anyways, are people still saying free Beal?
Any idea why did LeBron chuck that stupid three at 2:15 with a whole 7 seconds remaining on the clock?
Westbrick and Lebrick! " Is that you best free-T Shooter " ass: Irving
Kenneth Ong Kang Yi
Kenneth Ong Kang Yi:
Russel Westbrook the MVP man 14 rebounds 33 points wow
Magic come back please ‼️‼️😭💜💛💜💛💜💛💜
ÆH 88
ÆH 88:
I see the Lakers struggling without Anno Domini
Naldy Zaldy
Naldy Zaldy:
No AD no Glory for lakers 😅
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Omg Skip will annihilate goat James epic fail!!
Paul Armon
Paul Armon:
Lebron really gotta work on em free throw, I hate it when skip has something to say 🤦🏽
משה וויסמן
משה וויסמן:
רק דני
Аркадий Белов
Аркадий Белов:
Лейкерс -худшие !!!
Juan C
Juan C:
Los Lakers tienen un grave problema. Cuando se lesionan alguna de sus dos estrellas, el resto del equipo es muy mediocre.
No AD Big problem
Liam Gaming
Liam Gaming:
Lakers 🤦
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons:
Both Lebron and Russ doing what they do best at the free throw line...
erick aranguren
erick aranguren:
Lequeen has few more seconds to bring the ball closer and he took a long range shot? he is on another level (somewhere down the basement) so pls stop comparing him to MJ.
guitara khorou
guitara khorou:
i thought bron carries team, that's what his fanswagons says all the time. just to rub it in, bron carries a team *if only there's a superstar on his team*
John Red
John Red:
Clutch Lebron!!
Christopher Jason Nugroho
Christopher Jason Nugroho:
NICHT Michal Pazdan
NICHT Michal Pazdan:
Bruh Lebrons a great player but his work at the free throw line in clutch situations alway questonable though
Also why didn't Kuzma call a time out when he got the Board or Lebron after the missed free throw
Yuri Galek
Yuri Galek:
L'egoismo di Lebron ha avuto la meglio
King Higgins
King Higgins:
Unacceptable by Lakers standards we need to play better pick up the pace
Rangga Scofield
Rangga Scofield:
You're not ready for this job, Stephanie....
Damn the Lakers SUCK! Without AD 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Filipinas
John Filipinas:
Perhaps, LAKERS coaching staff had headache adter this game, AD is a BIG lost to this lakers team 😔😔
Jeff jones
Jeff jones:
Eugene Murphy
Eugene Murphy:
James is still king
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue:
Avdija good man
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
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Rafael Prestes
Rafael Prestes:
Jazz >>>>Lakers
ill C
ill C:
Lebron has to convince himself that even though he missed them or has teammates opened he is the one who got to take these last shots ! That's what is expected from him at this stage of his career and that's where he still has to improve... and the free throws obviously.
Frank Cadillac
Frank Cadillac:
BacktoBacktoBacK losses. What now lakernation?
Clutch lebron carrying lakers like the GOAT that he is!
Last second in OT with no strategy 🤦‍♂️
BBOO sss
BBOO sss:
Are you kidding me?
Deni scores a clutch 3p
Yet you don't mentioned he's name? This pass was nothing special... Shame
Jake Lam
Jake Lam:
The voice over made this highlight very broing...
shasky taveras
shasky taveras:
I keep saying it, get rid of wesley matthews, he doing nothing!!
akeme rofako
akeme rofako:
Lebron is a bust
Montrez Harrell needs to on more in my opinion. He's so good on the court. And Horton Tucker quite good as well.
Yasser Italy
Yasser Italy:
It is not because of Lebron , Vogel is an ass because he is insisting on using some real trash in his rotation , get rid of Gasol and Matthews you fool they are hurting the team with their awaful play .
jennifer rodriguez
jennifer rodriguez:
its not good to see a championship team and lossing 3 times in a row...
lakers need to workout & make a right move to defend there crown....
hanzo user kulas22
hanzo user kulas22:
Retire now lebron im so dis appointed
splash art
splash art:
why wb doesn't dunk on the matches or at least we cant see on highlights ?
Lebrick James 🧱
Y B:
Why on the NBA last position on critical shot is always forced by the lead player taking a really bad shout just to become a hero (on the 10% it will go in) instead of finding the open available player for much easier shout for 2 points with much better chances for win as this should be the main and only goal, just pointing that at the euroleague the situation is much better.
juan zebastian pipot
juan zebastian pipot:
bron throwing bricks again lol... jordan can shoot tjat haha in buzzer beater lol
Eli Almeida
Eli Almeida:
Lebron the GOAT hahaha
Krisss 84
Krisss 84:
Lucky45 April Diamond
Lucky45 April Diamond:
NO WORRIES My #LakersTeamNBAKingLeBronJames.. Game is just like You lose YOU WIN.. Still Congratulations Lakers Team NBA King LeBron James23 And Good Luck for the next GAMES GO GO GO LAKERSTeamNBAKingLBJ23🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈💓💓💓
Le brick
... this is y he left the last shot to caruso,cause he will brick all the staple center but at least he took the responsability and didnt throw teammate under the bus passing the hot potatoe
Louis Celis
Louis Celis:
It is useless for the supposed king to score so many points per game if he always fails the clucth and even a free kick to win his hand shakes in the clucth throughout his career.

joon lee
joon lee:
LeBron with NO AD is really hard to watch...His stats are good but doesn't lead to wins...kind of like seeing Westbrick when he was the lone star at OKC.
The Man Who Laugh
The Man Who Laugh:
LBJ last game gave the last shot to Caruso.. Now, He tries to be the hero and......... choked!
The real ABI
The real ABI:
For God's sake the man is 36
I told ya, LeBron without Dennis Schröder and AD doesnt looks like a MVP
Melchi Tulio
Melchi Tulio:
Push the panic button. Pretty sure LeBron will be recruiting another Superstar in LA. Need back up😆
Kev D
Kev D:
How many people making comments played in the nba lol. Yeah get real!!!!! If Lebron walked by your house youd be out kissing his arse lol