Gareth Bale - Most Insane Skills/Speed & Goals Ever |HD|

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When he is at his best, he is the worlds best player. Sadly injuries has stopped his momentum!
Junaid Desai
Junaid Desai:
Madrid didn't deserve Bale. Awful fanbase.

Bale is an extraordinary player. So fast
Who's watching this before his move back to Spurs?
Jack Wrigth
Jack Wrigth:
He is actually to underrated
Sai Kartik Hosur
Sai Kartik Hosur:
Arsenal fans must have celebrated the day Gareth Bale left Tottenham Hotspur.
Amaranth Murugan
Amaranth Murugan:
He can easily score 35+ goals per season if he stays fit throughout the season.
4-Ringed Gaming
4-Ringed Gaming:
Just like Brazilian Ronaldo. Great exceptional player, but brought down due to injuries... Sad, so sad...
Jase 87
Jase 87:
La Liga🏆
Super Cup🏆🏆🏆
Spanish Cup🏆
CWC 🏆🏆🏆🏆

...and he's far from finished.
Yiğit Özdemir
Yiğit Özdemir:
he is a better footballer than neymar.
Amazed 17
Amazed 17:
Madrid doesn't deserve him. Madrid is spoiling his career. He deserves respect.
He made the best goal ever in a CL final
K D V:
Bale will always be no.3 for me after Ronaldo and Messi. Bale at prime was an absolute *BEAST* and yeah, I mean above Robben, Hazard and Diveymar
Jason Sazo
Jason Sazo:
Regardless of skill, bale is an exceptional athlete
Car Freakx
Car Freakx:
Bale is something else...

One of the best players I’ve ever seen

He is too underrated
HaveAWonderfulDay ́• ل •`
HaveAWonderfulDay ́• ل •`:
Show this to Zinedine Zidane! (someone!?)
Dance Gods
Dance Gods:
Bale with short hair>> Bale with long hair
Sahib Aden
Sahib Aden:
Everybody's talkin about how good or bad Bale is, nobody's talking about how well synchronized this compilation is. Perfectly synced with the music. Amazing work man.
bale is a great player but is quite sensitive to criticism. I will back him all day tho
i totally forgot how good he was damn
V 23
V 23:
Legend , Gareth Bale best number 11 ever.
Sayan Chaudhuri
Sayan Chaudhuri:
9:19 Did I just see double nutmeg !
Regu Leo
Regu Leo:
One of the most important players in Real Madrid's history with injuries and everything. Had he managed to stay fit for a season, he would have easily been the solid #3 above Neymar, Suarez, Mbappe, Lewa, Modric or anyone.
SG, TCL 08
SG, TCL 08:
Your my no.1 football player so Bale, show me you’re still alive ma hero
David Cochrane
David Cochrane:
Team Smooth
Team Smooth:
The second song by *Big Sean* is dedicated to *Zidane* by Bale 😂

Nice looking out by TeoCRi🤣
Mohamed Omar
Mohamed Omar:
Zidane needs to see this video to let bale to stay at RM.
Pizza Parković
Pizza Parković:
Fastest footballer ever I reckon
Gotze Doka
Gotze Doka:
i can't hate bale💗 but injuries🙄n has alwys faith in him still
2:33 i think my jaw broke the ground
He is easily one of the best player in this generation so underated
Shofi Hero
Shofi Hero:
He's a rocket
zubeir Abdinasir
zubeir Abdinasir:
This was when bale was bale
Regina Eickmann
Regina Eickmann:
What a Player. Wow!!!
3:59 WTF he make it look like he is jogging
He must return to england!
Veorra r
Veorra r:
Ohhh that Bale!
ND9 Productions
ND9 Productions:
100 goals for REAL
Mr Pie
Mr Pie:
I love being Welsh I'm just mad Madrid bought bale and leave him on bench and let him only play like 20 minutes per season Madrid never deserved him his true home is Tottenham

I also support tottenham
Xcel Clan
Xcel Clan:
Could be on the same class as messi and Ronaldo if it wasn’t for injuries, I’m welsh so I’m very happy we have him
Cahit Sarıkaya
Cahit Sarıkaya:
İ feel bad for bale
Chris Mascarenhas
Chris Mascarenhas:
He just needed a super coach at Madrid to think not to use him as a right winger and put him as a striker in a forward line like

Andreas Zieglmeier
Andreas Zieglmeier:
This Video Made me realise that i've Always undererstimated this guys ability. His speed and the way He just strives towards the Goal is unique. I think i might have found a new favourite Player .
The Cisco Kid
The Cisco Kid:
Some amazing skill, pace, power. Deserves more credit and is worthy of being mentioned alongside Messi and Ronaldo.
Kapila Kharola
Kapila Kharola:
Remember 2018 final match
That was Gareth bale
Akshat Patil
Akshat Patil:
He deserves to be in the GOAT list
his playing style reminds me of Lebron James. Just overpowering fools.
Phil Kilbride
Phil Kilbride:
Shame about the music - was enjoying showing my son how incredible bale is
ShaDovEkilleR !!
ShaDovEkilleR !!:
His runs makes me mad and that’s the reason I inspire him
Car Freakx
Car Freakx:
85 rated

You know what FIFA
Yigit Ozdemir
Yigit Ozdemir:
Dribbling master he is legend
Chang-Jung Karki
Chang-Jung Karki:
He is so much underrated player. He needs to be groomed well. He is energetic and has an extraordinary talent.
Shahmeer Albalushi
Shahmeer Albalushi:
Gareth bale you are awesome a wonderful talent you are my one and only favorite player we want you to come again in form plaese
Free Bird
Free Bird:
If Bale spent as much time working on his pace as he did with golf, he might still be one of the best players in the world
Арсалан Дамдинжапов
Арсалан Дамдинжапов:
It makes me tingle when Bale develops his speed and makes score (Bale's fan)
Megat Afiq
Megat Afiq:
Perfect player.. The only thing is his fitness
llluminati Organization
llluminati Organization:
Alphonso davie 22.98mph
Mbappe 22.4 mph
G.bale 26 .22 mph
C. Ronaldo 25 . 92 mph
Usain bolt 30.13 mph
Covid 1 god level per
Time to come home ! Tottenham loves you !
Binsen Keller
Binsen Keller:
Just amazing edit 🔥
jyulz Ree
jyulz Ree:
Bale is a killer player way underrated smh fast as lightning great skillz
negotiate shabangu
negotiate shabangu:
Speed kills. He reminds me of Zidane in terms of skills
Abdur Rahman
Abdur Rahman:
What a player....👍👌
ME A3 6042 Deepanshu
ME A3 6042 Deepanshu:
Only diff between bale and ronaldo is hardwork and injury prevention
Tele Thuggie
Tele Thuggie:
He should ho to Bayern München. He would be the perfect Player for them after Robben and Ribery left
Mr Pie
Mr Pie:
Bale's speed,strength and accuracy make Tottenham wish he was still in there team.
Lucas Striker9
Lucas Striker9:
He's tall , he's so fast
Three steps other players
And he only only and overcome others
Faisal Khamdan
Faisal Khamdan:
I bet bale would love seeing this vid
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
Saurez Neymar where brilliant but for me he was the closest to a player I thought would be able to break the Ronaldo/Messi duopoly. Despite the injuries, the guy is phenomenal. Can legit turn any big on its head with his moments of brilliance 🔥 His 29. Really hope we get 2 years of him being fit and actually getting the respect that he deserves.
Robert Shon
Robert Shon:
I am fan of tottenham(recently started to watch EPL) And kind of surprised at bale when he was at real madrid. For now I hope he plays well in tottenham and keep advanced.
Robin Kerr
Robin Kerr:
He reminds me of Zizou who I miss on the field. Class
Caner Topçu
Caner Topçu:
I used to tell my friends that Bale will be one of the greatest players in future while i was playing Cm 2008, they said that they dont even know him. Now they must know of this one of the most known footballers lol
What a editing bro beautiful
Madrid didnt deserve him from this video he looks on the level of ronaldo
Goodman Mandlenkosi
Goodman Mandlenkosi:
Bale 11 Top player underrated
he's comin come coys!
Gajaba Senanayaka
Gajaba Senanayaka:
Ritwaj Shukla
Ritwaj Shukla:
You were the final piece of the jigsaw of this extremely successful Real Madrid team. You will go down as a real Madrid legend.
Gracias Bale!
can't wait to see him being appreciated once again in a spurs shirt
Potato Bolonyez
Potato Bolonyez:
4:09 Lukita and Bale <3
Logan Browning
Logan Browning:
when he cuts in on his left foot its so deadly
Conal Irvine
Conal Irvine:
Who’s here when he might be coming back 😊
Deniz Özkan
Deniz Özkan:
1:17 💎
Form Up On Me!!!!
Form Up On Me!!!!:
All I seen is speed speed speed and speed
Bale the beast 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
El inicio de una leyenda 0:08
Antonio Daniel Da Silva Oliveira
Antonio Daniel Da Silva Oliveira:
This guy is incredible, when he is on his higher level, he is the third best in the world currently. Just behinds Messi and Cristiano
Great clips, unbearable 'music' as usual.
Li Chen
Li Chen:
what a beast!
Loza Valencia
Loza Valencia:
Amazing video bro, Bale is a good player
When you're always the fastest person in the stadium, you pass the ball to yourself
Abid Mahajun
Abid Mahajun:
We have to admit that 2nd Galaticos era is over. As a madrista, I want to thank cr7 bale benzema and other galaticos for great era.

Waiting for the 3rd Galaticos.
What was, what could have been. Zidane will go down as one of the best players to have played, and one of the best managers of Real Madrid, but for all his success he disastrously mishandled Bale.
I hope somebody will train him hard to get him back to his old fitness.Then Bale will be Bale.Surely.
The hood
The hood:
best player in Madrid right now, contributes defensively and does his job as a winger too
Mattia Etzi
Mattia Etzi:
Wasted at Real Madrid
Fabio R
Fabio R:
I think he would be the best if he renamed to Baledinho, the "dinho" is missing
The CreativeMan
The CreativeMan:
Bale greatest player of all time 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Loq Android
Loq Android:
Amazing player. I m a bit sad of how he is wasting his potential
Catalin Ciolacu
Catalin Ciolacu:
Perfect player,wrong team!
Omid Noori
Omid Noori:
Bale = Bugatti ❤
Lewis Lehner
Lewis Lehner:
Morgan Stokes
Morgan Stokes:
Thing is, in the market right now, as insensitive as it is, regarding age, price and injury pronneses, there are way better player at disposal. I love bale. Seriously the guy is a machine. But... I would rather sign jadon Sancho for example. Bale should definitely leave madrid and join man utd. Win win situation.