Gareth Bale TOP 33 LEGENDARY Goals

Gareth Bale TOP 33 LEGENDARY Goals
#GarethBale #RealMadrid #ThankYouBale

In this video you can watch Gareth Bale best goals scored for Real Madrid. He scored vs Barcelona, Schalke, Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund, Valencia, Villarreal, Liverpool and much more. GARETH BALE SIGNS FOR SPURS

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Nino Productions
Nino Productions:

krutik quiran
krutik quiran:
in all honesty, I feel like he just needs a haircut to be back on top
Darkness is Anonymous
Darkness is Anonymous:
He was worth every penny. I repeat, EVERY SINGLE penny!
Farewell, legend!
sahil kapoor
sahil kapoor:
The last 2 years weren't ideal I'll forget the last 2 years and remember 5 spectacular years. He is in all honesty a real madrid great. From the depths of my heart I wish him the best of luck and from the depths of my heart I thank him for all that he has done for the club

Xhozef Demaj
Xhozef Demaj:
What is Zidane's deal with this guy
If he doesn't get enough minutes how can he prove himself ?
4:43 RIP for that defender.....
brad jb
brad jb:
I hope he can spend the last few years of his career injury-free. One of Madrid's best signings. Stepped up in the biggest moments. Deserves respect. Thank you Bale.
Keannu Bain
Keannu Bain:
These last few months I was very annoyed and wanted him gone. Now I'm kind of sad. Worth every penny and I'm happy we all shared some beautiful moments. Unfortunately he stayed longer than he wanted it seems. Anyway, all the best to Gareth and hopefully he can help Tottenham finally win some silverware. Gracias Gareth y HALA MADRID!
Dier Zieler
Dier Zieler:
There's no other British player like him .... closest player to ronaldo
How did you forget to put his goal vs Atletico in UCL final 2014???????
Carlos Otero
Carlos Otero:
I'm crying man. My favorite player. So Manu good memories.
Bhabin Karki
Bhabin Karki:
He was worth 100M
Your copadelrey final goal against barca
champions league man of the match performance against liverpool
comeback goal against Athletico madrid in CL final
Your every freekicks,those long runs,grounded volleys ,
everything was worth to watch.
real madrid legend❤
Manish Gaur
Manish Gaur:
What he needed was more playing time and support from his manager..
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal:
7:50 you never hear that often
Sad to say but almost none of Bales goals were set up by Ronaldo...pure golassoos but it just makes me think maybe in another universe it was Bale vs Messi...
😂idk I think we could’ve got a lot more out of Bale if egos weren’t a thing and it’s kinda clear to see Ronaldo’s reactions to Bales goals... kinda selfish to me but idk what they had going on
I'm gonna miss this guy on his top moment.
4:46 Gareth bale destroying upcoming generations😂
Bavvarois Joestar
Bavvarois Joestar:



abinash Chakraborty
abinash Chakraborty:
One of the best he is and he will always 🙂💝 no one can replace him ❤️😔
Doctor Mehdi
Doctor Mehdi:
Honestly every Madridista will miss Bale. He was phenomenal during BBC time.
Haekal Jaelani
Haekal Jaelani:
worth every penny
i dont think it's an exaggeration to call Bale a Real Madrid legend with all that he's done for the club
Gracias Bale
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres:
7:29 Does Cristiano regret Bale’s goal?
Neo Sourabh
Neo Sourabh:
7:51 iconic
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah:
I love Bale..
But don't like Madrid..
The way they treated Casillas..Pepe etc
It was wrong
Elmi eid Awdalawi
Elmi eid Awdalawi:
Thank You Bale for everything and every work you done with this great club for the last seven year's we wish's you a good luck for your next steps
Hala Madrid we are Madridistas 4ever
Saumitra Pathak
Saumitra Pathak:
Cannot imagine he is finally leaving us. The BBC has officially ended 😭😭😭😭
The John Cooper Show
The John Cooper Show:
7:31 Ronaldo is upset bale didn’t pass even though he scored
Cloud ffvii PKP
Cloud ffvii PKP:
Zidane didn’t start him for the CL, brings him on and he scored twice - one of which being the greatest ever CL final goal scored.
Teng Teng
Teng Teng:
When he gonna to leave, we just begin to cherish him... people always like this .. Good luck Bale
French Jedi
French Jedi:
Can’t believe there are no goals in here from his 1st time at Spurs, scored some wonder goals!! Welcome home Gareth you legend 👍👍
A Lonely Potato
A Lonely Potato:
4:52 ouch....there goes the family jewels
Sai Kartik Hosur
Sai Kartik Hosur:
Thank you Gareth! I will never forget your special moments you gave Real Madrid! I hope you resurrect your career back at Tottenham Hotspur!
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
Even though he wasn't great in his last season at Madrid....I doubt Madrid ever will have the special moments which he gave us during his time in Madrid.
Bale's departure means that Benzema will be the only player of the once amazing trio-BBC ( especially during the first 3 seasons ) left at Madrid.
Gareth, u will be missed.❤❤
Sadat Omar
Sadat Omar:
It's incredible, he's coming back home! I'm still in disbelief! I have to say the hate Spurs' feel for Madrid fans seems misplaced reading all the positive comments here. You guys seem to understand what a baller he was, and what he did for RM. I think Zidane was a bit of a shit for treating him this way, but hey-ho, at the end of it all he helped bring many trophies to the Bernabeu, and now he gets to come home where he's welcome and much needed, and where there's mad respect for him still.
Jayesh Ranawat
Jayesh Ranawat:
even after all negativity from bale this season I really felt sad after knowing that he is finally leaving GRACIA BALE!
Snehashish Das
Snehashish Das:
Garcias bale❤❤👑
kayk wick
kayk wick:
What a legend
What a player
Excited to see him in
Pablo Sánchez
Pablo Sánchez:
Leaving all polemics aside, that man is a Real Madrid legend and should be remembered as such.
sibt e jaffer
sibt e jaffer:
Even if the whole world is against you I'll still defend your name Bale thank you so much for everything Legend Good luck boy 😭😭😭
FLEX 2000
FLEX 2000:
7:48Legendary Goal Thanks😍😍
Damion Brown
Damion Brown:
This guy is a beast of a player.legend.lethal left foot an that burst a speed omg
bale is a real madrid club legend he has the stats and the trophies to back him up
Peter Phiri
Peter Phiri:
Bale is one of the most interesting arcs I've seen. Everything you need from a winger is absolutely there. It's just a shame that fell out with the club. I really wanted him to be the lead man for the club but hey it is what it is. This is a good move for both Real Madrid and Bale. Finally he can get to enjoy his football. Gracias Bale
Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster:
The last goal for me has to be his best goal ever just because of the technique and also because it was against liverpool in a final 😃
Frengki chanel
Frengki chanel:
Thanks, gareth bale, you've done a great job for real Madrid, although in the end you should be hurting, you deserve a better place bale,
Marlon Brackzon
Marlon Brackzon:
Good player! Real Madrid and fans have some issues!
his first season in madrid , absolute beast ... cdr final goal , cl final goal , what a legend , he has nothing to prove , with a heavy heart lets depart , its good for you legend , gracias bale , for the electrifying performance .
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz:
I think Bale was in his prime in the 2015-16 season, very clinical and important in Champions/La Liga
Suyash Shukla
Suyash Shukla:
He was one of my favorite when I really started watching Football... Sad to see him in this condition...
George Johnson
George Johnson:
Glad he's leaving to join a club that will truly appreciate him!
Labib Salam
Labib Salam:
Gracias Gareth... May the Welsh Dragon thrive where he belongs...
Sujan Thapa
Sujan Thapa:
Gracias Gareth...
thank u for all the wonderful memories!
A gem he was a legend he is!
Victor Fidelis
Victor Fidelis:
8:11 was his greatest moment in UCL
Nina Tries Things
Nina Tries Things:
Gracias Bale! The adrenaline seeing you, Ronaldo and Benzema all running towards the goal is such a treat for any fan. Goodluck in Spurs! 🙏 Hope you tear up the Premiere League!
Amos Rohlua
Amos Rohlua:
Bale in his prime was a masterpiece
Health Matters
Health Matters:
Gracia's to the legend Gareth Bale...
Arun B
Arun B:
One word - LEGEND
Gracias Bale
When I look at other Real players when he scores they just don’t seem very happy to me, especially Ronaldo?🤔
Thanks Bale 🥺❤️❤️
Ilay Castiel
Ilay Castiel:
Sad it's over this way. Buying bale was one of the best decisions Real Madrid has ever made. Helped the team so much.
Will go down as a Real madrid legend, and one of the best wingers the club ever had.
Thank you Gareth Bale
Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh:
Gurminder Sidhu
Gurminder Sidhu:
4:51 Ouch!!!
What a player he was at his prime !
The goals in the copa del rey final and the champions final are just legendary !
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav:
Perez kept him for two seasons to fill cr7's goals void but now it was enough. Best of luck ahead in spurs
Prajwal Embar
Prajwal Embar:
End of an Era!
End of BBC! The Welsh Dragon leaves! Thanks for everything
Adnan Shahid
Adnan Shahid:
Just here after he returned to Spurs
Yeahe boiii #COYS
Rishav Pattnaik
Rishav Pattnaik:
Love him or Hate him , but you will still need him as a man in all the ""IMPORTANT MATCHES"".GRACIAS BALE!!!!!
robert harper
robert harper:
It's really pleasing to see so many Madrid fans thanking him and showing their appreciation! The man is a legend in football, his main failing is that he makes what he does look so simple, but that's just testament to his supreme ability. As a Spurs fan I'm so happy to have him back, and I'm glad he's proven himself amongst the best! Welcome home Garath.
Amonymous Jnr
Amonymous Jnr:
This guy really deserves a farewell❤️😭💯
Verona mehdi
Verona mehdi:
This player make you hate him and love him in the same time ..
Charles Jade
Charles Jade:
Defender broke his own nuts
Salman Saleh
Salman Saleh:
Thank you Bale. To everything you've done in this clup 🙏
Majestic Gamer
Majestic Gamer:
Totally treated poorly and the respect he's due should be doubled. Amazing player, shame that his career was plagued with injuries and no play time. Hopefully Tottenham can help Bale realize all the potential he's missed out on and show everyone in the world he's still got it, if not that he's better.

Thank you for showing us your talent, Gareth.
Gracias Bale, you are a legend of Real Madrid and of World football. Best of luck on your new chapter.
Hanzala Bin Yasir
Hanzala Bin Yasir:
what a legend honestly
i wish he stays even though its unlikely
Gracias Bale
kakashi sempai
kakashi sempai:
Even, he’s gone for only a year and will be back in 2021... where i hope things will get better for him and with Zizou.
But still, spanish media and fans instead of encouraging him more and giving him more credit, they just keep on denigrating the man, it is NOT what he needs 🤦‍♂️ it’s just sad when we see all he’s done for the club.

In fact, i will say thank you Gareth, but i have the strong will to say #Balestillhasmoretogive

We’re waiting for you buddy, you’re not finished yet !

YA_ kiLLs
YA_ kiLLs:
Thank you bale
Garcias Bale
U freakin legend
jesus agulla
jesus agulla:
el madrid se arrepentira de hacerle la vida imposible,estoy seguro! real madrid is making a big mistake specially zinadine zidane.
Manlyman Vergalarga
Manlyman Vergalarga:
Im going to miss your goals, legend. Thanks for the titles
The club didn't treat you as deserved. Thank you for all the amazing moments! Gracias Bale!
Hilda Entigot
Hilda Entigot:
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan
Tigran Ter-Matevosyan:
Bye Legend. Personally I will always appreciate what you have done for our club. #GraciasGareth
Jeevan Thomas
Jeevan Thomas:
Gracias gareth. Leyenda del Realmadrid !
Dew Shishir
Dew Shishir:
Thanks for all the great things you have done for our club.wherever you go my love will always be with you.

Garcias our very own Welsh wizard❤❤
Channel Miskin CM
Channel Miskin CM:
Ronaldo out, James out, Pepe out, Navas out, and now bale out,,
:( Zidane? You okey?
Thank you for everything Bale, he was a major factor in our long 12 year wait for UCL.
Gracias Bale a legend of Real Madrid❤❤❤i am sad that he s leaving but he don t have a choice
Backbencher Boy
Backbencher Boy:
7:16 is one of the most under rated goals of all time
Angel Daniel Menéndez Duarte
Angel Daniel Menéndez Duarte:
4:52 good bye balls
Gracias Gareth! You’ve done great for the club, thanks for everything
Sher Shah Tharakai
Sher Shah Tharakai:
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
back where he belong
5+ downgrade in fifa 21 is fair too

Rodrygo 11🔥🔥🔥
savage boy
savage boy:
Thank you bale you wass our legend ❤️✊
Leonardo Padilla
Leonardo Padilla:
Gracias Bale, for all the beautiful moments we lived with you in the greatest club ❤️
KB 9
KB 9:

Peace Maker
Peace Maker:
Thank you for all the good times Bale!!! You'll be missed in Real Madrid!!! #Meteoro
Faisal Monaf
Faisal Monaf:
Thank you bale for all memories. We want that beast back.
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza:
Gracias campeón 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿, the Cardiff express came and conquered🐲🐲🐲. Injuries may have cut his dominance short, but the memories will live on in the story that is Madridismo #HalaMadrid
Adhfar Aulia Syuhada
Adhfar Aulia Syuhada:
4:52 look at the defender