Gavin MacLeod, 'Love Boat' captain and 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' alum, dies at 90 I ABC7

Gavin MacLeod, the veteran supporting actor who achieved fame as sardonic TV news writer Murray Slaughter on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and stardom playing cheerful Capt. Stubing on "The Love Boat," has died. He was 90.

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jegaraj ramoo
jegaraj ramoo:
RIP. Another great talent has left us. Mr Macleod was brilliant in the Mary Tyler Moore show and love boat. Thank you for the memories.
Coletin exe
Coletin exe:
I hope he rests in peace, sounds like he was a great guy
Edwin Valenzuela
Edwin Valenzuela:
This is a sad day in the cruise industry to lost beloved man who took the greater heights such high level especially The Princess Cruise Line to make The Love Boat one of greatest show ever. They will name a cruise ship after him the S.S. Stubing or S.S. Gavin MacLeod. RIP Captain.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae:
I used to watch the Love Boat every Saturday night. Capt. Stubing was my favorite character. RIP Mr. MacLeod.
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez:
😔 Very sad! Rest in peace Captain.😢
Awwww, Thank you Sir, and Rest In Peace 💜
R.I.P Captain...we all feel the love of those who worked on the show. A love boat with lots of love. A LOVE that will never die in our hearts.
Detroit from Skidrow
Detroit from Skidrow:
`solomonoverhead `
`solomonoverhead `:
Thank you for the memories – Captain Stubing.👨🏼‍✈️Saturday nights, back in the day, were enjoyable seeing you at the helm 🛳. Still watch the repeats on TV 📺, Sunday evenings. “Set a course for romance and adventure aboard a Princess Cruises cruise liner!” Until we meet again, salute.
Good memories watching 'The Love Boat.' 💜🌹
So many gems are going home; 🙏
another from yesterday, music artist, BJ Thomas. 💜🌹
R.I.P. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😢
jr ch.
jr ch.:
Rip he had full life best captain ever rip✌
nemo pouncey
nemo pouncey:
he's riding that loveboat in heaven
Fritz K
Fritz K:
Aw, nooo!
RIP, oh Captain, my Captain…
Darien Chase
Darien Chase:
I just realized that Love Boat is one of the few Hit 70s ABC hour long shows to not get a reboot or movie made from it. Like Starky and Hutch, Wonder Woman, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island and Battlestar Galactica. I guest its only a matter of time. Bon voyage, Captain.👨🏼‍✈️🛳 😇
Charles Leung
Charles Leung:
Farewell Captain. I love cruising after watching the Love Boat.
Chris Newman
Chris Newman:
I remember him from McHale’s navy
Vince Purpura
Vince Purpura:
Ride those positive waves brother.
Jo Gordon
Jo Gordon:
The Ambassador of the cruise industry has died! May his spirit sail on !
Michael Powell
Michael Powell:
Bon Voyage, Capt. Stubing- say hello to Skipper and Gilligan on the open seas in the Great Beyond as well as to your other fellow sailors!!!
Cecilia Oberto
Cecilia Oberto:
Iconic captain
Bonnie Bailey
Bonnie Bailey:
God has a new captain. RIP, Gavin.
Ti Na Na
Ti Na Na: