George Best • Best 20 goals ever!

George 20 goals per personal preference.
George Best...melhores 20 gols por preferência pessoal.
Song: Meiko - Leave The Lights On (Krot Remix)

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Can you imagine the stuff he did that was not recorded? Doesn't bear thinking about.
Hasan Ali Raz
Hasan Ali Raz:
He is one of greatest footballers of all time..
Chris Evans
Chris Evans:
They talk about messi and Rinaldo being great, but Best did it on pitches like paddy fields, and he rode scything tackles in an era of hard tackling tough defenders and still managed to make them look silly and put the ball in the net GENIUS, not only a greatly gifted player, but also as brave as a lion .GEORGE BEST (RIP)
Claudio Cinti
Claudio Cinti:
What a genius. That's not mere football, that's poetry
The Monte-Carlo Gazannova
The Monte-Carlo Gazannova:
2:20 .... every footballer today would have gone to ground and claimed a penalty kick.
Khatchig Berberian
Khatchig Berberian:
Can't imagine best XI in history without Best.
Clive Pinnock
Clive Pinnock:
At 4:22 the modern footballer would have his last rites read to him right there on the pitch after that tackle.
Claudio Melendrez
Claudio Melendrez:
His name was adequate.
Michael Cairns
Michael Cairns:
The greatest United player bar none. Saw him play many times. Martial, Rashford, Lingard, Pogba, Sanchez should all watch videos of him. A great video, shame the same can't be said for the music.
Syed Shahrom
Syed Shahrom:
George the Best.
The greatest ever. Incredible ball control, sensational dribbling skills, long range power, deft touch, unrivalled insight, bravery and tenacity. Every shot in the book plus some that he wrote into the book.
A great compilation, but what's with the soundtrack? Georgie and disco-football do not belong together!
Stephen Mcauley
Stephen Mcauley:
You didn’t need a team when you had gorge best.
blue bird
blue bird:
Best player i've ever seen, .he had everything.
Eternia Collectables (
Eternia Collectables (
just reading article in old book about busby doing team talk against benfica telling manchester united to play tight and defensive to hold onto one goal lead, but George must have had cotton wool in his ears as he scored two goals and set up another.. busby said i should of gone mad at him but how can i shout at George,,,
The thing that makes players from that era head and shoulders above the counterfeits hyped up today is the sheer courage they displayed. People may prefer that has been removed from the game (and admittedly some of it was just plain criminal) but the fact remains that they had to face some fearsome tacklers.
John Brand
John Brand:
George Best was a magician with a football, he was “ simply the Best”
I remember watching some of his best matches when i was growing up, R.I.P George. 👏
Nigel Pugh
Nigel Pugh:
Never get tired of watching this genius!..
Lil Bored
Lil Bored:
The thing is imagine how good he would be on the pitches nowadays, if your a dragon ball fan he would be ultra instinct you wouldn’t be able touch him
Martin Erskine
Martin Erskine:
George Best was simply....the best!
Robin Runciman
Robin Runciman:
The Best Ever !
greatest player that ever wore a man united kit
Adam Powell
Adam Powell:
The way he road tackles. Wow!
Seriously at 38 40 secs that why GEORGE THE BEST left foot kick into his right foot and on to goal genius
Stephen Campbell
Stephen Campbell:
Can't believe how he chipped Pat Jennings virtually on his line. Such brilliant cheek.
Stephen Boyes
Stephen Boyes:
only one george best
George Best is still the BEST! RiP 🙏🏾
Nigel Pugh
Nigel Pugh:
What a fitting surname!!!...absolutely the Best!!... utter genius!...privilege to see these clips of him...xx.
Lance Wafer
Lance Wafer:
I have George best football 2019 cards
Rowdy Yates
Rowdy Yates:
Can't tire of watching this.
[GD] Star
[GD] Star:
*Sad Fact:* He never play a world cup
Greatest ever.
Marc Ibbotson
Marc Ibbotson:
He’s’ the one for the 70’
Sanskar Baral
Sanskar Baral:
And people talk about Pele Maradona Ronaldo Messi. George “BEST”
"The boy, he could boogie
The boy can kick a ball"
If this is him sober I wonder how he would have played with a beer in his hand
Miras M
Miras M:
at 4:20 im pretty sure the most of nowdays players would go for a penaty...f...Neymar etc.
Jake Lambert
Jake Lambert:
GLORY GLORY NORTHERN IRELAND (I’m from Northern Ireland)
May his departed soul rest in peace....... 😢😭
Tremendous footballer. Definitely ahead of his time in displaying the speed, agility and athleticism of the modern game 50+ years ago. Helped by static defending, or maybe it just looks that way. Either they couldn't run with him or he was completely unmarked. Or both.
In Memory of George Best rest in peace
Simon Pearn
Simon Pearn:
No.14??? No.1 spot on!!!
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke:
The goal number 2 versus who is?
Cristóvão Montenegro
Cristóvão Montenegro:
The best ever!
Martin Harrison
Martin Harrison:
Goal number 7 is simply GENIUS!!
ponnalagu manickam
ponnalagu manickam:
My favourite player since the 80s!
Terry Cummins
Terry Cummins:
Fantastic, I love this.
Ikato Yeptho
Ikato Yeptho:
He was one of maradona's inspirational player
Jack Meough
Jack Meough:
Thanks for posting!
Rambo Ramsdale
Rambo Ramsdale:
Charlton Edwards law and Georgie best! were united you can keep the rest!
Billie Bob Streep
Billie Bob Streep:
These are the "best" goals
Aleksandra e Andrei Gazdovici
Aleksandra e Andrei Gazdovici:
Best once said: if i had to bè ugly you probably would never hear about Pelè. He loved too much beautiful women, he spent with them all night long, he drinked hard, he smoked a lot, he was partying very hard, not too much training and still was the Best!(if you really think on that, it's probably impossible to have such a level with a lifestyle like that) P.S.I'm really Sorry for my english,hope you understand what i'm trying to write😅😅
Antonio Martinez Ogayar
Antonio Martinez Ogayar:
Grande George best unico
He was the most underrated ever
I see a lot of George best in mo Salah
By far the greatest player of all time.
Iain Pringle
Iain Pringle:
Pretty random compilation mate 2/10
ber ctn
ber ctn:
Rip one of greatest als time, legendes footbal mondiale, love and respect from 🇹🇷
fabio ibba cannavò
fabio ibba cannavò:
The Van Gogh of the football
Abhi Patil
Abhi Patil:
One of the best what a player damn
anastasios nikolaidis
anastasios nikolaidis:
He looks every where in football game!
A McCarthy
A McCarthy:
Love the music
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander:
Pele who?
My grandads best friend they both owned jaguar xj220 s one was midnight blue one was just normal blue
Did you notice many of his goals were an inch from the inside of the post. BRILLIANT
A genuine football genius.
bangers n mash
bangers n mash:
Best by name, best by nature
Muhtelif Yorumcu
Muhtelif Yorumcu:
Rıdvan DİLMEN 'i gördüm sanki bir an 😄
Sam Ca
Sam Ca:
The footwork on the goal NUM 19 is truly amazing
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman:
Phillip Trynketzn
Phillip Trynketzn:
O rei. O grande. O melhor. O monstro!!!!!!!
The Belfast Boy!
Do you mind
Do you mind:
He was a really good player
Atomic Batteries To Power
Atomic Batteries To Power:
I Love The Old Ones I Love
I Love The Old Ones I Love:
Most Of His Goals...I Like Number 9, 7 And 2
The greatest player EVER
father larryduff
father larryduff:
In my humble opinion, the greatest player of all time
Arran Vid
Arran Vid:
Maybe the best ever
no. 14???
Rowdy Yates
Rowdy Yates:
150 thousand views and 29 thumbs downs, I wonder what those 29 actually think of themselves when looking in the mirror.
Bill Moore
Bill Moore:
Simply the best. ..
Barrios Groupie
Barrios Groupie:
overrated by today's standards
Md Ishtee
Md Ishtee:
A mythical quote ' maradona good, Pele better, George best'.
Canal do Bianco
Canal do Bianco:
Jogava pra caralho!!!!!
Luigi Schiavo
Luigi Schiavo:
Ricordo perfettamente come fosse adesso il nr. 7
Manic 2323
Manic 2323:
why add tinny drum n bass over the commentary?.....ruined it.
Redwan Dennaoui
Redwan Dennaoui:
Now that’s talent
Derek Dust
Derek Dust:
Grand Theft Auto V Modz
Grand Theft Auto V Modz:
pls guys i really need it
It is in this video george best first goal? If yes what number is it?
Maxmud Xareed
Maxmud Xareed:
WHO is messi
D Bhowmik
D Bhowmik:
To me , He is the BEST till date...
WTO Rules
WTO Rules:
i have been in the street he grew up in northern ireland
gordon watson
gordon watson:
The Brst goal scorer, drippler an goal scorer geinus of all time in the world ever.
Andrew On my way
Andrew On my way:
He was without doubt the Best!
Ah best üzümlü kekim.
Who In
Who In:
Very we!!
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Peter Gannon
Peter Gannon:
Mateen Arshad
Mateen Arshad:
I heard that ur five year old nephew was given a Ronald shirt