George Best • Legendary Dribbling Skills

A short video showcasing George Best's amazing dribbling skills. Heard he is going to be a Legend on FIFA! R.I.P George Best

Pele good, Maradona better, George Best

xKore ft. Zoe & Naomi - Need You [Centra 100BPM Remix]

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Amazing vídeo , Great Player
Martin Voelker
Martin Voelker:
"I spent a lot of my money on alcohol, women and fast cars ... As for the rest – I just wasted it."

George Best, Manchester United
Maradona brought me here. They can now play together. RIP the two legends 🙏
Isa Samad
Isa Samad:
He plays like he is being controlled by a sweaty fifa player
Amanda Ros
Amanda Ros:
Rest In Peace johan Cruyff and George best you’ll never be forgotten
He played like that on pitches that were basically farmers fields, mud baths with puddles and bumps everywhere. Can you imagine him on today's pitches that are like carpets? Amazing ability.
Graham Watts
Graham Watts:
Where are the dives? Why is there no rolling around on the floor like he has been shot? All modern day footballers should have to watch this as a reminder of what football used to be!
I grew up in Brazil in the 70’s and George Best was frequently mentioned as one of the greatest players of the 60’s and early 70’s by the specialized media at the time. Even Pelé acknowledged the greatness of Best’s skills. As a Brazilian, I see him as sort of an European version of Garrincha. Not only he had great dribbling skills, but unfortunately, like Garrincha, he had a weak spot for alcohol.
"Take his legs!"

"I'm trying!"

"He's too fast!"
He may not have had the most successful career and he never played in the finals of a major international tournament but even as a Liverpool fan I can acknowledge that he is probably the most naturally talented/skillful footballer ever seen In Britain.
cypher elite
cypher elite:
My man was drunk and still turns up and wins the game.
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
In terms of just pure ball control and dribbling, George Best is probably the greatest dribbler there has ever been considering he literally played on corn fields...
Even as Liverpool fan I've always said he's one of the greatest the world has ever seen.
Tim Chan
Tim Chan:
Today's value 300 million quid.
Mario Ferreira
Mario Ferreira:
George Best rest in peace, we the Brazilians loves you. You were one of the kind.
John Cherry
John Cherry:
Terrible pitches, hard defenders and bad tackles, but he never rolled or writhed about like the ballet dancers of today.
Ulster is British
Ulster is British:
Imagine the best ever being called best....🤗💃🎉
Michael Pinon
Michael Pinon:
Feels like you’re watching a version of Messi in the 60s/70s.
Now you can play with Maradona in heaven 🖤💔
The best of all time. Love from Dublin
cousin leigh
cousin leigh:
Best player never to play at a World Cup
He took his shoes off 😂
The greatest footballer ever - look at the tackles he was subjected to and the ploughed fields he had to play on. We’ve never seen anyone comparable since.
Best,eusebio, Diego, Cruyff. Four of my favourite ballers ever have gone. Damn,its sad,god bless us all
The music goes perfectly with Best’s speed dribbling
Doug Reed
Doug Reed:
Forget about Messi & Ronaldo, George the"best"ever the Rory Gallagher of football!!!
Alistair Mulhearn
Alistair Mulhearn:
Can you imagine how great a player he would be now playing on parks with the condition they are kept now.
George Best,the greatest of all time.He will forever be in our Hearts.😢❤💚🙏🏼
Organic Kevin
Organic Kevin:
a lot of those tackles he rode, would involve a straight red card today.
massimo celano
massimo celano:
The original middle winger, very impressive, Legend
Ian Docherty
Ian Docherty:
Just imagine how he'd be with the modern ball, pitches and today's less physical defending.
Pacy Hearts
Pacy Hearts:
For me the best in history
Simon Benjamin
Simon Benjamin:
-“Georgie, Georgie, they call you the Belfast Boy”
One of the best footballers ever, top fella too.
Garry Green
Garry Green:
He was really the very best, wasn’t he ... one of a kind.
djibbril f
djibbril f:
The Snookerist
The Snookerist:
Forget the rest, George was Best.
I can't believe he did this in that era, where the ball was a cannon ball, the pitch was Sunday league level
His name says it all: "George".
The clip with him in America in the beginning . He broke the whole teams ankles. Lol They stood there and watched him do it. lol
Dave Woods
Dave Woods:
The guy was exceptional. Someday all children will be encouraged to practice for hours to make their weaker foot as good as their stronger one. Best did. My money says Messi did too.
Peter Sofianos
Peter Sofianos:
He will never be forgotten🥺❤️
Don't compare Messi and Ronaldo to Best. He played on cow fields they play on carpet, different game nowadays
Raheel Safdar
Raheel Safdar:
What an amazing skillful player.
the first footballer to wear the legendary united's no.7
Dragon Overlord
Dragon Overlord:
He is one of the best
It is in his name
Luther Buckhurst
Luther Buckhurst:
I'm a Chelsea fan, I was at Stamford Bridge on one of those clips, George Best started his dribble in his own half and went straight pass the whole Chelsea team and scored, we all applauded.
red devil
red devil:
As a United fan am proud that we had 2 of the best ever players in the world, George Best and Cristiano Ronaldo.
A player so two footed like him would easily cost 200m+ in current artificial transfer market.
Jim Slicer
Jim Slicer:
most inapporopiate music on one of these vids i've heard in a while, had to mute it
Can you imagine how good he would be on todays pitches and rules about tackling. He'd make Messi and Ronaldo look like amateurs. Insane dribbling ability. Most of the time he was pissed!
Tony John
Tony John:
No protection from the referees, playing on a sea of mud, a heavy ball. How much would he be worth today ?
John Davies
John Davies:
didnt care about hard tackles didnt dive and make a scene got up and played on, on shitty old pitches with heavy footballs brave as fuck, more skill than anybody in todays game imo
Glenn B
Glenn B:
Have to play hunched up like that when the field is a mud puddle,if he played today, he'd look like Ronaldo CR7, probably one of the best, George Best
alvaro sanchis
alvaro sanchis:
the best ever! a lot times when i see cruyff dribling reminds me of best, a legend for sure!! will never be forgotten to whoever got the chance to see him,i didn't only videos like this one
joseph boateng
joseph boateng:
1:38 the goalkeeper trying to dive into a swimming pool 😂
The Great Pïckle
The Great Pïckle:
Pre Game ritual
Post game ritual
"Hey ladies wanna celebrate my *win* ?"
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned:
He played in a time when the pitches were shit and every tackle coming in was a leg breaker....Legend.
Chris Maynard
Chris Maynard:
George could do it all. Remember watching him in 1970 when Man U played very badly (defensive errors) and lost 4-0 at Ipswich but Best was constantly back in midfield and defence working himself into the ground trying to get them back into the game. Yes, he was even a hard worker to as apart from his natural skill. He didn't just stand on the wing waiting for the ball and not tracking back. He would have been brilliant in ANY modern team today ?
Materazzi Sound
Materazzi Sound:
The best football player! Drink and play! Only George Best! 💪
keith lambe
keith lambe:
If he lost the ball he wouldn't give up until he got it back.People forget that part of his playing
Localflow Web Design
Localflow Web Design:
Imagine the stuff never captured by tv
Same level with maradona messi romario ronaldo(bazil)
These guys’s dribble lead the circumstance around the ball.
Different with others which need a empty space.
Ger Malcolm
Ger Malcolm:
And his speed!
ARIO 1970
ARIO 1970:
George THE BEST.......RIP 🇮🇹
Nicholas Roberts
Nicholas Roberts:
George on a night out with Marshy was worried about playing for Fulham the next day and letting the side down . He decided to go back to the hotel for early nite. He asked the nite porter for an early morning call, what time do you want George? he replied 7.30am to which the porter said its 7.40am now.
Person wagysysititit Foolishtrish
Person wagysysititit Foolishtrish:
4:03 disallowed goal against goalkeeper Gordon banks
Rob Syer Gaming
Rob Syer Gaming:
His surname sum up his talent.
beglar kacharava
beglar kacharava:
very old said : "pele good , maradona better, george best" RIP
Paw X Paw
Paw X Paw:
Best by name / nature. Never see his like again..
A defenders worst nightmare
Lucas Mantey
Lucas Mantey:
Legend. True Absolutely Legend
Jst 12
Jst 12:
I didnt know what to expect but holy shit. what a player ! definitely one of the best ever.
Amazing skill with great timing and great execution, this is the kind of thing most of the "dribbling dude" should focus more on.
4:01 was that Gordon Banks? 😮
Gizmo Gizmo
Gizmo Gizmo:
Holy shit. If his prime lasted just a few more years, he wouldve easily been the best player of all time. Hands down, the Best.
Mr Skadoodle
Mr Skadoodle:
Best player of all time, even pele said so, feel free to change my mind.
Sabahan Sabahan
Sabahan Sabahan:
The 'Best', he still one of the best super giga player in the world! That's why his name with a word of 'BEST!' Only we feel so sad that he had never ever played in the world cupper!
P/s : He was so handsome too!
Love is the Truth
Love is the Truth:
one of the best ever! ✌️from Croatia
David Forster
David Forster:
Maradona's favourite player of all time is George best. Says it all really
Teleko Zeleke
Teleko Zeleke:
Watch 2:41!!!! RIP to the defender. The best skill I have ever seen
Absolutely like Messi,,the then Messi
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
Ok one of the greatest to play the sport
But I’m more impressed by the fact that he banged two miss world
João Rodrigues
João Rodrigues:
One of the Greasted Ever. Great George Best.
ghreat skills considering he's playing with a medicine ball on a bog.
Issac C
Issac C:
Imagine how good he would be with today’s training
Caoimhín Ó Caoimh
Caoimhín Ó Caoimh:
His play style back then was literally decades ahead of others
George Best never collapsed in a screaming heap in the penalty box when an opponent breathed on him - or even hacked him.
Skill, confidence, talent.
Marco Ecoretti
Marco Ecoretti:
"I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
The only Man U player I'll say; You got my deepest Respect George❤. You was a Gods gift to football and a real badboy. RIP MASTER
Leeds for life
Jose Galván
Jose Galván:
"mi fortuna la gasté en autos de lujo, mujeres y alcohol,el resto lo malgasté" George Best.
What a legend! Saw him play several times. The greatest player Britain has ever produced. The BEST!
I have george best icons in fifa mobile now he is the best ❤
Hayley Stanley
Hayley Stanley:
the greatest off all time, why wasnt he English ahhhhhhhhhhh
Ricardo Oliveira Gomes
Ricardo Oliveira Gomes:
Dan London
Dan London:
One memory I’ll always have is my now late grandfather telling me about the best performance in sport he had seen after he watched Northampton vs Man Utd in the FA cup and best scored six, that was coming from a massive Liverpool fan! Genius
He was insanely perfect
1:22 - 1:30 Damn beautiful!!!
I had to take speed to 0,75 sometimes tjeezzz