George Best, The Best [Goals & Skills]

“A beautiful player. He could score from whatever angle, right side, left side, centre. He was just a marvellous player.” (Denis Law about George Best)

Music: John Coltrane - Witches Pit

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Daniel San
Daniel San:
Immeasurable talent, one of the greatest geniuses in football history.
Jim Snails
Jim Snails:
Put on a pair of 1960s football boots and kick a 1960s football around on a terrible pitch. Then watch this again and appreciate it.
Department S
Department S:
Utter genius. Some years before he died, I was in a bar in the Kings Road in London. George was in there standing alone at the bar. He was meant to be in rehab but was drinking. It didn't take long fir him to be surrounded by fans, all of whom wanted to buy him a drink. Sadly those people didn't realise the damage they were doing.
Julio Zapata
Julio Zapata:
Maradona Good, Pelè Better, George Best
Had the honor of playing against Best, even though I was 3rd string on the bench I was in awe of what this genius could still do after the alcohol ravaged his body and his knees where the size of a water melon ... :( still George put on a show that had me in tears after the game I walked on the pitch and shook his hand saying .. No 1 like you Sir, no 1.. he smiled and patted me on the face, (1980-81 Calgary )
en esa época había que ser bravo, en varias escenas se le ve avanzando entre una lluvia de patadas y planchazos. No podría asegurar que un futbolista de ahora se hubiera adaptado a ese fútbol...
Raymond Vaughan
Raymond Vaughan:
George best every body in the 70.s wanted to see him play brilliant could go around players like a joke never give up even if he lost the ball shame it came to booze which his mother died of aswell wasted career rip George
you can talk about your messis and ronaldos all you want this guy was the best player i ever saw
Karthikeyan K
Karthikeyan K:
dribbling at that speed and having the control of the ball... that's BEST for u!!!! thanks for the video.
Tegar Satriani
Tegar Satriani:
The fifth member of The Beatles
alex ives
alex ives:
man so ahead of his times .
Hilmi Ahmad
Hilmi Ahmad:
Imagine him plays excellently with that field and grass
André Luíz Ricardo de Oliveira
André Luíz Ricardo de Oliveira:
Porra cara, que elegância!
L A:
Love to see the wankers these days do half the stuff best did my father had the privilege to meet the guy.❤️
great channel!
John Coltrane man, great choice.
Quinn Parker
Quinn Parker:
holy sh*t love this song, good choice
Andres Villota
Andres Villota:
When you know how to use your legs and your head
King Of Everything
King Of Everything:
Feel for the game.
johan cruijff
johan cruijff:
Great vid... thanks for the upload :)
rt'09 *pachuau
rt'09 *pachuau:
That tackle at 4:57 would prolly kill the likes of Neymar on the spot🤣🤣
br1 bb
br1 bb:
George Best Rip Campione❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍💐🌸💐🌸💐😢😢😢🤣🤣🤣😥😥😥😭😭😭😞😔😞😔😞
He turns premiere level opposition players into clowns; all around him. Amazing to see!...Him mek man look fool!
wizard Of life
wizard Of life:
Excelente 🔥 Before match or trainin I always watch GOL movie and then put on playlist Delta Parole, Sumersed, SoaD for warmup and then GO GO GOOOLLL!!!!!
Mr. Imarealsuperhero
Mr. Imarealsuperhero:
George Boozed, the best boozer in the world!
Beej J
Beej J:
We all know Best was great - esp as a UK -based player. He was more direct dribbler than using 'crazy' skills (see Pele best bits to see how many tricks and skills he sued in comparison). I see a lot of Best in Maradona's game (who, in turn, added more tricks and skills in general). R9 took the game to a whole new level.
Matheus Neri
Matheus Neri:
Speed kills
Electric footie
Publi-Signal Telli
Publi-Signal Telli:
Grande G. Best ! Forse è l'unico che può stare al tavolo dei Re accanto a Ronaldo Fenomeno, Maradona e Pelé..!
Marcelo Angel Of Death
Marcelo Angel Of Death:
Best era o Garrincha do Manchester United
If George Best was around and playing today, would the media eat him alive for his lifestyle outside the pitch?
DA BEST ! Cheers Georgie !1
Grand Theft Auto V Modz
Grand Theft Auto V Modz:
pls guys i really need it
It is in this video george best first goal? If yes what number is it?
Evariste Arthur Assi
Evariste Arthur Assi:
C'était un footballeur de génie !
Jordi Santacruz Bernabeu
Jordi Santacruz Bernabeu:
Habil, rápido, vertical, fuerte, goleador, tenáz e irrepetible
Álvaro Proaño Avilés
Álvaro Proaño Avilés:
Insanely good
Sean Mullen
Sean Mullen:
I packed George besylt in match attax after watching this vid he was a legend and no1 know the longest He was sober for
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold:
The pitch's back then were so bad I'm surprised there wasn't cow shit all over the place.

Today the grass is smooth as glass.
Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos:
O homem era bom mesmo mas como todo gênio, refém dos seus atos.
Marc Roig Cebrian
Marc Roig Cebrian:
Trane and george!👏👍⚽️🎷
Pablo Tupone
Pablo Tupone:
The best british player of all times
Um jogador de fundamento
Ágil, afiado e habil, nenhum defensor era páreo pra ele, chutava certinho de fora da área chute chapado, era bom cabeceador e a força motriz ofensiva do time do Man.United
alan mctavish
alan mctavish:
[email protected] george best was the greatest player in the world from 1966 to 1972 and we hadnt seen the best of him. I would have to say he was the greatest player of all time becouse of the heavy pitches they played on then with heavier balls no shin pads plus tackling from the back was allowed then! Now a days best would be sensational!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandissimo giocatore e bel video, ma il sottofondo musicale è orrendo. Questione di gusti, naturalmente.
Yahya_Japheth Bathory
Yahya_Japheth Bathory:
He was so selfish..but he was the best❤❤
One of my all time icons as i'm a United fan
Thnx for the upload
francisco servan moreno
francisco servan moreno:
De que planeta viniste, George?
Alfredo Jonstone
Alfredo Jonstone:
The state of some of those "tackles". You would get 5 years for GBh for most of those today.
Steven ::
Steven :::
Que genio
Christopher Mercaldi
Christopher Mercaldi:
I thought he was more well-known as El Beatle? Great vid anw man, love it
Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires:
George Best, The Genius that's the perfect word
francisco servan moreno
francisco servan moreno:
Fallen Ángel. Genius
L A:
The best
bardock 23
bardock 23:
que pedo con el baled
Ashraf Girgis
Ashraf Girgis:
I have best in fifa mobile .
Anisa Ali
Anisa Ali:
George Best be breakin' ankles 'round here. 😂
M Pep
M Pep:
Parece Messi con destellos de Ronaldinho cuando toca y arranca, pero me recuerda mucho más a Paul Scholes
logic 2000
logic 2000:
If only he did not love drinking that much .Best he still the best player of all time even better than messi in my opinion.
rt'09 *pachuau
rt'09 *pachuau:
If his movements were this good on a muddy pitch, with them old fashion boots and footballs, how good he would be today with proper training
Thatmanjoe is in Paris
Thatmanjoe is in Paris:
The only player who has come close is Messi.
muzisyen ruhlu
muzisyen ruhlu:
Baloon he hasn't got ankle
Cuca Beludo
Cuca Beludo:
Pelé é bom
Maradona tbm

Mas George é best
Brinelle Kaduda
Brinelle Kaduda:
George is the reason why Neymar gets roughed up by defenders
Chris West
Chris West:
some say bk in the days of Bestie, defenders whould come crashing in and make the first move. So be it. Only Best though could temp them then take them to the cleaners. Rip bro
leanne collins
leanne collins:
More rubbish music.....
Relatively Irrelevant
Relatively Irrelevant:
the defenders look like bots, falling all over the place on bad pitches
Aziz Sefoure
Aziz Sefoure:
اعظم لاعب في تاريخ بريطانيا
Zoologyrome Mr.
Zoologyrome Mr.:
original wonder boy ! wonderful!! Before Johan Cruyff there was George best.
Nato in Irlanda del Nord nel 1946, ama il calcio fin da bambino, ma il suo esile corpo lo penalizza agli
occhi di molti, che non vedono in lui il talento naturale che poi si rivelerà.
In una partita del Creghag
Boy's Club, squadra giovanile in cui giocava Best, quindicenne, contro il Boysland, con giocatori diciottenni,
George segna ben due gol e viene notato dagli osservatori del Manchester United.
Debuttera' con il Manchester in prima squadra a 17 anni nel dicembre del 1963 , diventa presto una stella della
squadra , nel 1965 vince il campionato inglese e nel 1966 nei quarti di finale di coppa dei Campioni contro
il Benfica di Eusebio e Coluna gioca una partita mostruosa che lo elevano a nuovo astro nascente del football Mondiale ,
Best trascina i suoi ad una clamorosa vittoria esterna per 5-0 e i giornali di tutto il mondo il giorno dopo escono con
a caratteri cubitali , un quotidiano portoghese lo definisce il quinto Beatles , nomignolo rimastogli addosso ,
tuttavia anche per l'assenza di Best in semifinale il Manchester e' sconfitto dal Partizan Belgrado.
Nel 1967 il Manchester riesce a vincere ancora il campionato inglese potendo cosi avere una seconda chance in coppa dei
campioni l'anno a venire , nel 68 arriva in finale a Wembley e l'avversario e'ancora il Benfica di Eusebio e Coluna ,
dopo l'1-1 dei tempi regolamentari e' Best che sigla il 2-1 che mette il via alla vittoria degli inglesi , George gol a
parte gioca una partita stratosferica , a fine anno vince il pallone d'oro , sembra l'inizio di una folgorante carriera
avendo il talento solo 22 anni ma a causa della sua condotta di vita disennata sara' solo l'inizio del baratro.
Best e' un donnaiolo incallito che la notte impazzisce se non riesce a trovare come disse lui stesso << una in cui
intingere il biscotto >> col tempo pero' le sue uscite notturne diventano anche occassioni per bere alcol a litri ,
in breve diventa un alcolizzato molto grave .
Comincia a saltare gli allenamenti e una giornata tipo dei suoi ultimi anni al Manchester era la seguente :
<< al mattino tardi appena alzato mi facevo 3-4 birrette cosi da incominciare bene la giornata , il pranzo era inaffiato
da dell'ottimo vino rosso di buona annata regolarmente selezionato , la cena era accompagnata da del delizioso champagne,
la notte era poi riservata alle uscite notturne in locali dove bere superalcolici a litri e per cercare qualcuna con cui
pucciare il biscotto >>.
Cosi nel 1974 lascia il Manchester a 27 anni e dopo 361 partite e 137 gol , iniziera' una seconda carriera prima in
America , poi in Scozia e in altre squadrette minori del regno unito.
Con L'irlanda del Nord debutta nel 1964 e gioca l'ultima partita nel 1978 non arrivando mai ad una fase finale di un
Mondiale , per lui 37 presenze e 9 goals , durante un Irlanda del Nord - Olanda va a cercare Cruyff in campo facendogli di
proposito un irriverente tunnel dopo di che calcia fuori il pallone e rivolgendosi all'asso olandese gli dice " tu oggi sei il migliore ma solo perche' io non ho piu' tempo".
Considerando pero' il Best dei giorni migliori noi abbiamo un giocatore dotato di sontuosa genialita' e talento
strepitoso , organicamente e' molto forte nonostante le apparenze gracili , e' molto veloce e resistente e stantuffa su
le fasce con pari maestria difendendo come un terzino e attaccando come una furia , rinomate le sue serpentine palla
al piede , la sua tecnica e' magistrale , i suoi dribbling devastanti lasciano interdetti i difensori , e' scaltro
e grintoso , ha tutto ! , deve pero' diventare meno egoista , come lui stesso ammetteva << una volta che finalmente
riuscivo ad entrare in posssesso della palla non avevo nessuna intenzione di cederla a Bobby o ad altri compagni , era
cosa mia e la volevo tenere il piu' possibile >> .
Sa inoltre andare in gol con facilita' , ha il record di 6 goals in una partita di Fa cUp del 1971 e nel 1967/68 ha fatto
33 goals tra coppe e campionato.
Per molti, soprattutto giovanissimi, Best rappresenta la trasgressione, l’eroe dannato immerso in un mix di calcio, donne,
soldi e alcool, l’esaltazione dello sballo, l’eccesso, il mito… Per fare un paragone con la musica Best era il Jim
Morrison del football.
Tutto vero ma io volevo capirne di più e volevo una risposta esauriente alla mia domanda ricorrente:
chi E' George Best ?
e' uno che in campo mette il cuore, la gente lo percepisce e incomincia ad amarlo alla follia. Non solo funambolici,
Non solo funambolici, ubriacanti
dribbling e sublimi goal ma anche tanta generosità, tanta corsa, tanto sudore e mai il piede indietro nei tackle duri.
E’ al tempo stesso primadonna e gregario, due giocatori in uno: la perfezione, il genio.
Il tutto sotto l’aspetto
di un ragazzo gracile, statura 1,72, ma forse proprio per questo leggiadro ed imprendibile nei suoi intuitivi spostamenti.
il suo ultimo tecnico del Manchester disse un giorno << e' uno dei piu' grandi drammi della vita non aver potuto vedere
Gerorge Best in tutto il suo talento >>
Jesús Jose Aveunelly Castro
Jesús Jose Aveunelly Castro:
George best
Messi y Los demas payasos q no se asercan a estas 5 leyendas aunque Messi es actual igual Sera una leyenda cuando deje El futbol
Robert Schwarzseid
Robert Schwarzseid:
Best is the best football player of world football of all time, because he played football best!
No está disponible
john pacino
john pacino:
Georgie Best, an astonishing player of ball dexterity with either feet, backed up with balletic balance , pace, power & a once in a life time, sublime, ball juggling dribbling...Should have matched Johan Cruyff throughout the 1970s for the title of best player in the world being only a year older than Cruyff, but, sadly self destructed after 26 & never really got to see, the full flowering of his brilliance during a players peak years, between 26 to 32, like we did with Cruyff.
Look at this and then tell me that CR7 is better...
no doubt a legend but those who persist to say he's the best ever must ask themselves seriously-its nearly 50 years ago and has football not moved on at all? how would he do today with the technically superior compared to that age?the faster,fitter super athletes today that are hyper fit? take bjorn bjorg,a master of his time but his comeback coincided with a changed game that he couldn't adapt to-is that what happened to best who faded away? Pele scored over 1000 goals and starred in world cups and was consistently great so to compare to these two is a non event. Best was super talented no doubt,exciting and delightful but self destructed with alcohol.
Dinimiz için Allah bize Kafidir
Dinimiz için Allah bize Kafidir:
Ronaldo buna 5 çeker.
percy blakeney
percy blakeney:
The most rock n' roll player in history, known as El Beatle, gets a jazz accompaniment?

Incidentally, just an opinion, the idea of having period appropriate music is a cool one but the jazz you're using just doesn't work. Some kinds of music work with football vids some don't. There are other period styles of music that'd be worth mixing it up with -more rhythmic jazz, a fantastic era for blues, doo-wop etc.?

Anyway, another great video compilation as ever.
Beshmmen production
Beshmmen production:
It's fifa20 defenders..
christ amen
christ amen:
Very bad background music
Bagietka9 1
Bagietka9 1:
tbh, my 8 years old brother would be a better defender than any of those cowboys shown in the video. Dont even compare him to today's worlds greatest ballers
iago 12
iago 12:
too bad this video is not available but R.I.P GEORGE BEST for me his is skills is better than péle because George best always play against professional player's for me the greatest player's of all time is MARADONA, GEORGE BEST and RONALDO THE PHENOMENON