George Russell REPLACES Lewis Hamilton for the Sakhir Grand Prix

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George Russell will replace Lewis Hamilton for the Sakhir Grand Prix. Damn.

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Brandon Stevens
Brandon Stevens:
This weekend we need George, Lando and Alex on the podium
George vs Verstappen...
George vs Le Clerc...
George vs Ricciardo...
George vs Albon...

The possibilities...
Cletus Spuckler
Cletus Spuckler:
If George somehow manages to beat Bottas in the race, that would be utter humiliating and devastating for Valteri's confidence going into next season. 😳
Russell is close to breaking to the record for the longest streak of out qualifying his teammate, can he out qualifying Bottas??
The struggle as an American staying up due to the sheer amount of news coming out tonight, every time I’m about to sleep there is _another_ big news story
Nigel 263
Nigel 263:
Was hoping they’d go with Matt Gallagher but George is fine too
Vicarious Dorian
Vicarious Dorian:
I’m so happy for George, he can finally compete with the front of the pack like everyone knows he can.
Jack Porter
Jack Porter:
So hyped for George!!!!!
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos:
Imagine going from having 0 points to your name to all of a sudden having 25 points next weekend 👀
When you done a PowerPoint to toto and result ahaha
I hope russel beats bottas in Qualifiers he need to keep his streak
Dr. RJ
Dr. RJ:
I really hope the George gets P1 that would be *AMAZING*
Ibrahim Kargbo
Ibrahim Kargbo:
Will f1 become a billion dollar playground for father and sons
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
Brilliant move by Mercedes. Adds real excitement to the weekend!
JT4566 !
JT4566 !:
Imagine hearing Bono say to George 'GET IN THERE GEORGE!' the scenes
Remo Dluna
Remo Dluna:
Im just scared that George’s qualifying record will be broken
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford:
Video Idea: Designing George Russell a helmet for Sakhir Grand Prix.
"What could merc have won by bringing Hulk in?"
My heart :'(
Cliff Cheung
Cliff Cheung:
Bottas is going to be choked if he Russel outscores him
I just want a podium with leclerc, lando, george, albon or sainz on it
Mac Catt
Mac Catt:
Not to forget George muscled his way to first in the Vitual GP series earlier in the year, in the same car as Lando, Albon, Leclec etc.
Bay Sea
Bay Sea:
I’m disappointed. Didn’t show us the race he organised first :(
M. Long
M. Long:
Clearly he nailed his PowerPoint Presentation to Toto
AJ Adewale
AJ Adewale:
0:07 that "hello everyone" sounded so much like Alex jaques it was creepy
Sander Lattinne
Sander Lattinne:
U have to feel for the waffle
Casey Rauchwarter
Casey Rauchwarter:
This is shaping up to be the most exciting race of the year. 2 replacement drivers making their debuts, a young star gets a chance in the top car, unique track layout.
Shanyu Hundekari
Shanyu Hundekari:
Georgie's gonna get that win 💪💪
Could this mean.. points?
Only sad thing is, his qualifying streak might actually come to an end... Even though he is a beast in quali it's still his first time in that car
muhdfuad 24
muhdfuad 24:
George Russell is quickkkk
Imagine the pressure when everyone is saying "Yeah yeah everyone could win in that car", you get to drive it all of a sudden. What's harder cope with, prove everyone right or wrong?
User 1
User 1:
Carlos replying to Lando banter, that it is not defending when it is blue flags
Wtf was that start😂😂
I hope he can handle the pressure
36-0 is on risk with him having to out qualify Bottas. :o
I Tattoo74
I Tattoo74:
0:03 great impression
wow. 3 teams need replacements for 1 race. Haas Mercedes Williams.
Marc Helmberger
Marc Helmberger:
I really like George as a person, I’m absolutely convinced he’s a top bloke, but I don’t even see him on the podium next week. My guess is
Gasly (yes I’m clueless and need psychological attention asap)
ace matthew ocampo
ace matthew ocampo:
Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s like monica screaming “seven” after hearing george gets to prove himself in a merc then more yes for aitken. Medium yes for mick. Sorry but we all know it’s mick who’s going to get that other seat. The question is who is the 1st driver at haas. Van doorne is testing in valenca for merc in formula e
Shivam Kamdi
Shivam Kamdi:
I'm so happy for this weekend!
David S
David S:
I cant wait for Alex to keep getting better 💪
Sam Shaker
Sam Shaker:
Loving the keemstar shade from the off 😂😭
Nicholas Collins
Nicholas Collins:
Amazing news!
Arthur Teo
Arthur Teo:
At Least a Podium is expected of George Russell and finally Latifi is presented the opportunity to qualify nineteenth for a change.
Dinko Banožić
Dinko Banožić:
At least i know he will be in Q3
Brian Susbielles
Brian Susbielles:
You're letting that beard grow, Tommo??
luka _
luka _:
Susanna J
Susanna J:
Kieren Ferguson
Kieren Ferguson:
Imagine Georges first point is a win
Garage Qeys
Garage Qeys:
George, is going to prove there's more to this than just the car... I predict he'll qualify 5th/6th. If he does? He could get a podium at least. Anything less is a fail. He's now with the #1 F1 TEAM OF ALL-TIME.
Got a feeling Hamilton requested for George to replace him.
Taylor Peck
Taylor Peck:
Bruv, where can I get that shirt?
taranom saberi
taranom saberi:
I always overthink when I want to subscribe to a channel. I watch a thousand videos as the days pass, and at one point I'm like "Wait. I HAVEN'T subscribed?!" And then I subscribe immediately. Now's that point for your channel. Love your content :)
Imagine if Georges first points are a win
Tarun Ephrem
Tarun Ephrem:
THIS COULD BE HIS BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was selfishly hoping for Stoffel to be the replacement so that McLaren have an outside podium chance but I really hope Russel pops it in P3.
Shay G
Shay G:
I have viewed 7 minutes, sorry no new unknown information or interesting commentary / insights in this broadcast ....
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish:
Hamilton jumped into the mclaren and beat alonso, so why cant russel do the same
Howard Luther Gilson IV
Howard Luther Gilson IV:
Love, in the middle of F1 news, you comment on graphics. I also have a graphic design background, so I appreciate it.
Excited for everyone involved in the news today, except for Hamilton. Its a bummer he can't race, but this gives Russell a unique opportunity.
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander:
Seeing george in the mercedes fire suit. This man is about to take all of the opportunity
Lasse Krag
Lasse Krag:
Aitken q2?
The only time I will ever be a Mercedes fan
Water bottle
Water bottle:
Morgan Jones-Golden
Morgan Jones-Golden:
fitipaldi when no one is talking about him :(((
Idriss bennazzi
Idriss bennazzi:
Are u not gonna review the Bahrain gp?
Honza Slepička
Honza Slepička:
Good performance for Albon? 30 seconds behind verstappen? when it happens to bottas with hamilton, everybody hates bottas
r k
r k:
so you think he'll score his first point in F1 this weekend ?
Danijel Ujčič
Danijel Ujčič:
Why did you have to write "replaces" in all caps?
You don't have to "do a Daily Mail" :-(
Aaron Washington
Aaron Washington:
George the FORCE about to win a GP. I'm calling it.
So happy for George
Ian Ristanto
Ian Ristanto:
I hope mr. Saturday63 gets his first point, first podium and first win all at once
I can't wait
Jacob Givens
Jacob Givens:
Does this race and George’s experience in the Mercedes help Williams with some improvements to their 2021 car?
Anton Sax
Anton Sax:
Mayur Talware
Mayur Talware:
President of Bobonia
President of Bobonia:
When you realise that the qualifying streak against his teammate will probably end
George is about to feel real power driving that merc
1 personne there
Bert Demeulemeester
Bert Demeulemeester:
Kristijan Cerovski
Kristijan Cerovski:
Well.. there was the most epic presesntations Russel ever did
Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells:
This was released 4 in the morning in the morning in America
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown:
Good morning
dev ravi
dev ravi:
i wanted nico :(
Jeremy Gatewood
Jeremy Gatewood:
Moons out and away we go to school😥
Kadrinho GM
Kadrinho GM:
i feel like he is going to win talking about russel
Justin Sane
Justin Sane:
Hulkenberg won’t get his chance?? What about the decade he was in f1, time we moved on from the deadwood.
Adam Markey
Adam Markey:
sean burke
sean burke:
It's all well an good, super happy for Jack also which I believe he isn't the problem this year, it's the Campos car that is shocking... But the question now stands, whose replacing Aitken in F2? It's a ripple effect now. You think Vips will be up for it?
King Shark
King Shark:
4:35 Not even mentioning Mazepin? He is always sidelined because he is a pay driver, but he does have talent.
Gustav Svensson
Gustav Svensson:
Wanted hulk for the memes...
Nicholas Lemos de Carvalho
Nicholas Lemos de Carvalho:
Everytime I says something good about George in a Race, something goes wrong. Then I will say nothing about this. I will say nothing until the end of the race.

Just wishing him some luck
Wilson Wilson
Wilson Wilson:
Mr Saturday vs Mr Saturday
Sameer Havaldar
Sameer Havaldar:
Russell mercedes slow don't in Lewis Hamilton Mercedes fast alwyes miss week again...??
Charlotte la
Charlotte la:
A PowerPoint presentation shall be made after the race XD
Why do you pronounce valtteri like that?
It would be awesome for his first points in f1 to be a podium or even a win.
Come on George! Win it for yourself for damn sure!!
So happy for george getting his chance and mick being announced in f1! But, honestly, really pissed off that perez most likely is gonna be out for next year, 1000000% deserves a seat. One of the Top 5 drivers in F1 atm!