Germany, US strike Nord Stream 2 compromise deal | DW News

The US and Germany have struck a compromise over the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, according to a joint statement.

The pact comes days after Chancellor Angela Merkel's last official visit to Washington prior to leaving office this September. Officials had talked up the chances of an accord during the visit, and during Joe Biden's tour of Europe in June.

The two countries agreed to support Ukraine and to sanction Russia if it tries to use energy supplies for gaining geopolitical leverage.

"The United States and Germany are united in their determination to hold Russia to account for its aggression and malign activities by imposing costs via sanctions and other tools," the statement read.

"Should Russia attempt to use energy as a weapon or commit further aggressive acts against Ukraine, Germany will take action at the national level and press for effective measures at the European level, including sanctions, to limit Russian export capabilities to Europe in the energy sector, including gas, and/or in other economically relevant sectors," it said.

As part of the deal, Germany agreed to make investments into Ukraine and to actively ensure Moscow and Kyiv extend a gas transit agreement.

Additionally, Germany and the US would invest $1 billion (€0.85 billion) in a "Green Fund" to foster Ukrainian green-tech infrastructure, encompassing renewable energy and related industries, with the goal of improving Ukraine's energy independence.


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US: stop that, you can't do that without my permission
Germany: Hey Russia, did you hear something?
Russia: 97%, 98%, 99%
US: fine, it's only because i allowed it
Irish Nomad
Irish Nomad:
the absolute audacity of the US. Hyprocity at its best. If we want to buy oil from Iran or Cuba its our business. The US buys Russian oil when they are short.
Jens Boettiger
Jens Boettiger:
Why us everyone pretending like it’s ok for the USA to involve itself in this in any way?
EL Dorado
EL Dorado:
The European continent must stand united to develop rapidly for the benefit of the population
Rob 51
Rob 51:
It's a commercial business. - - where the USA gets the right to statements like : we oppose it, its a bad deal. That's interfering, USA have been good at it for decades
J C:
Huh? A pipeline that runs in the Baltic sea from Russia to Germany, finance by companies from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia and Austria. What does is it have to do with USA?
The U.S will tolerate the pipeline?
They were never going to stop it but still act like they somehow decided to allow it. 😂
US : We give up completely.
People dont seem to understand that we need energy to keep the lifestyle we have and want....
Winston Rodrigues
Winston Rodrigues:
Long story short : USA accepted the defeat.
Max Mazourov
Max Mazourov:
And here’s your reason for the current conflict around Ukraine
Germany can only impose sanctions in connection with this pipeline IF they have another alternative to use; next chancellor may want to have some eggs/gas from a different source.
José Albino Santos Nogueira
José Albino Santos Nogueira:
US and Germany strike a deal? Hang on a minute: isn't the building of this pipeline a deal between Germany and Russia? Does this mean that in the future, any deal between the USA and any other country, for example, will have to be approved by Russia too?
ong yy
ong yy:
Please provide subtitles in order to understand fully the whole news
But I haven't given the US my permission to give their permission.
Christopher Adodo
Christopher Adodo:
Greatly impressed with the German leaderships for staying firmly for what they believed is of a long time economy benefits to their people, in spite, of a fierce resistance from the America.
The German government did not allow the geopolitical gamble by America to create a stumbling block to its economic interest. Bravo.
The talk of cutting reliance on fossil fuels is just that, talk.
Jose A Guerra
Jose A Guerra:
If US was true on holding Russian power development we should hold all Russian oil purchases that have almost doubled from a past!
infinity highway
infinity highway:
I thought that was a deal between Russia and Germany 🤔 how pathetic this is, with friends like that u definitely don't need enemies.
gabriel acobian
gabriel acobian:
Mr. Pompeo even said: "we won the war"
сергей макаров
сергей макаров:
I hope that the new Siberian Stream 2, which will come from the same field as the Nord Stream 2, will be more successful and will benefit China and Russia.
Dark matter
Dark matter:
Lol, the US has increased its oil purchase from Russia in the past year alone. So the US can buy Russian petroleum products but the EU can't? Laughable.
John Doe
John Doe:
As always with the US it is: "Free market and freedom for me, not for thee".
Tuti Fruti
Tuti Fruti:
"US allowed..." ❗❓❗ what's there to ALLOW something on a completely different continent that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS❓❗
Peter Magro
Peter Magro:
Germany & Russia have a deal. USA demand to have say in the Baltics far from USA and frankly what is the US interest here?
As a Swede living on the shore off the Baltic sea, this wil pass near Sweden aolng much off the route, it is scary USA not us and the copuntries along teh pipeline get invloved.
4N63L PR1D3
4N63L PR1D3:
US always put their nose not in their business 😂
sunnydays DDT
sunnydays DDT:
Imagine you need permission from another country to build a pipeline in your own country.
Another defeat of the US unfair game
TheDark Dragon
TheDark Dragon:
let's be honest, it's just the fact that USA has lost any credibility and power over europe
Hao Wu
Hao Wu:
if EU got reliable gas supply from russia how can the US sell LNG to EU?
Finally Germany recieve permission from her father
The wolf of Swingthat
The wolf of Swingthat:
next topic : what sanctions will germany put on US for tapping Merkel's phone and undersea cable line... twice?
user 28
user 28:
The US can believe what they want. Just stay out of our business.
S001 W
S001 W:
I guess you will see Germany's name appear on some paper together with US
Next: Germany reach a deal with the USA on Keystone pipeline II which is a joint Canadian/US pipeline.
pedro lopes
pedro lopes:
I find it remarkable that no one is talking about the fact that the entire EU, and Germany in particular have a "zero CO2 emission plan" to be implemented until 2050 or 2075, with gradual reductions of emissions each year. How does a new pipeline for natural gas fits into those plans? if you build a new pipeline that will double the imports capacity of gas from Russia that means that there is no real plan to reduce CO2 emissions otherwise the investment will not be profitable... I suspect there is some sort of political strategy that Germany is playing here. Either to block any real chances of Ukraine accession to the EU (Ukraine no longer has a leverage point in the negotiations) or Germany is trying to make Russia economically dependent on Germany (and later use that dependency as leverage).
Gino Passos
Gino Passos:
A retórica beligerante dos EUA tenta inviabilizar a lógica e benvinda integração econômica da Rússia na UE, na qual poderia ser uma participante essencial, eliminando a razão de ser da OTAN e garantindo um futuro muito mais pacífico. A "diplomacia de sanções" de nada colabora para qualquer mudança positiva na política interna de qualquer país, normalmente tem o efeito oposto, além de arruinar economias que poderiam ser bons parceiros econômicos, ou seja, essas sanções são normalmente um jogo "perde-perde". Apenas o natural processo histórico vai poder ser efetivo nesse sentido, é o que se vê.
All explained
All explained:
How dare Germany and Russia, as two sovereign countries trade with each other without having the OK from the US!
zero zero 7
zero zero 7:
Single cent not involving Why need USA to approve and to agree
The Pacifist
The Pacifist:
US can not even scratch it's own balls. The high headedness is comical.
Mike Steinar
Mike Steinar:
Shame on Germany and USA!
Wai Yin Liew
Wai Yin Liew:
analogy : if you want to renovate your kitchen , can a person living 5 miles away from you have a say or object to your renovation? have some balls Europe NO means NO
Siriyak Cr
Siriyak Cr:
More pipeline will help reduce oil demand and supply and help energy ,this will be reflected as euro over dollar
USA is all about his here:
that no EurAsian challenger emerges capable of dominating EurAsia and thus of also challenging America
Zbignew Brzezinski etc.
What a compromise!
Explorer Adverturer
Explorer Adverturer:
Very Good Germany. Stand on her Principle & eventually successful. US must understand that Free Market does not necessarily means US ONLY market.
Cameron Lowes
Cameron Lowes:
yeah, what a blunder for Germany- you should import oil from the US..( bahahahhahahahaa)
B G:
Why shouldn't Russia and Germany make business deals that are mutually beneficial for both sides? People keep making anti-Russian posts here without even taking the Russian position into consideration. It was the Russians that willingly left Germany and allowed reunification. The Americans still maintain a massive military presence in Germany. It was the Russians that willingly allowed the independence of the former Soviet states allowing them to keep the internal Soviet borders that were arbitrarily drawn at the expense of Russia. It was Russia that took on the Soviet debt rather than straddling the newly indendent states with even more debt by apportionment. Russia was given assurances that its area of influence would be respected and it will be welcomed as an equal by the western powers.

Russia was met with resistance as soon as it weakened. Western powers openly supported anti-Russian leaders and policies within the former Soviet space. Ethnic Russians are treated as second class citizens in the Baltics. Ukraine, which has historically been part of Russia, was overthrown by color revolution funded by the Americans. The Russian language which is used by the majority of the population is effectively banned. The ethnic minority of Russians, which numbers well over 10 million, are not allowed to be taught their native language in schools. This is among other things. Russia has been very diplomatic with its response.

It is clear that the assurances that Russia was given were worth nothing. If the Germans want to have good relations with Russia and conduct trade that mutually benefits both countries than it is a good step towards future mutual respect and trust.
Key words were at the very end... germans and russians want to do business together. Politicians should not dictate to people. That why democracy is different from dictatorships.... politicians should follow to ehat people want.
99% of pipeline completed
US: yeah okay so we are not gonna sanction you anymore
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus:
Middle finger for the entitled US politicians
Peace is found through interdependence. That's how it worked between France and Germany, and with Russia too perhaps.
Ole Olson
Ole Olson:
Would be nice if Biden/Harris took the same stance against dangerous US pipelines, like Line 3 and DAPL, as they do to this Russian pipeline.
Minh Ng
Minh Ng:
This project has nothing to do with the US.
The klaw clippers310
The klaw clippers310:
Dirtier energy than from my country The USA 🇺🇸 and they can disconnect whenever they want
USA: You can view anything as whatever you want to, just keep it to yourself. Nobody else cares.
Yeap Soon
Yeap Soon:
Cooperation is the successful survival strategy.
Tomas Tomas
Tomas Tomas:
I guess they should export wind for the wind mills or Sun ray for the solar panels then..
Танцуй До Утра
Танцуй До Утра:
USA dictate to another state "what to do" jesus, Germany got own sovereign or not?
Lgnote1234 Note
Lgnote1234 Note:
If it was provided by US then it was good if its from russia then its bad deal why this kind of attitude for other countries by us
When will the US pay Iraq reparations?
This didn't age well
Didn't the US trade with the USSR for raw materials and metals? Most countries trade with each other regardless of politics.
KM Wong
KM Wong:
US once again medling with other countries domestic affairs.
Peter Mados
Peter Mados:
The US military projection is awesome, and as long as nobody can come even close to challenge them, they will dictate to the whole world as they wish, according to their economical interests. Interesting to see that out of nowhere, Elon Musk is teaching the super professional german car builders how to make a car, nowhere else but in Germany.... and all at an epic scale.
Even in Soviet times there was no disruption .... Cold War era, but now it is all about economics. USA wants that profits, even when it's Allies will pay more .... think. EU and counties it comprises of are sovereign Nations, don't think so.
Somehow I feel that one is going to come home to rust...
Accountant Asia
Accountant Asia:
Germany and Russia have contract. US must feel jealous about it. Ohh. Felt security threatened about it...???
julon krutor
julon krutor:
Its about time.
so why is the usa in this conversation like it has nothing to do with them?
leung paul
leung paul:
How did citizens of Germany felt over this matter?
Filip Borch-Solem
Filip Borch-Solem:
So much for green energy.
Muhammad Salman
Muhammad Salman:
I dont know what to say as Germany has the most expensive electricity in the world. I would prefer the Gas Stove if it comes cheaper.
ujohn mike
ujohn mike:
LOL, what deal to strike ?.
Just one commercial deal and at over 90% in completion.
Only thing I'd require of Germany to do is conjoined energy market.
If russia at some point turn off gas in one pipeline, other countries reroute their supplies.
Also purchasing gas as singular entity from russia, as right now they play individual EU countries like fiddle when comes to gas.
Sven Frontin-Rollet
Sven Frontin-Rollet:
Ukraine charges an absolute fortune to move gas from Russia 🇷🇺
Paul Pipek
Paul Pipek:
Shame on Germany (but you don't bother), shame on USA. Was Molotow there?
The tables are turning upside down for the US.learn to let go of other things in life
Yurigan Smith
Yurigan Smith:
Good step for Germany.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed:
US is oposing so its good project
They’d be fine with it if it was a US pipeline. So hypocritical. Trying to say Russia could use it as a political tool then giving Germany a sanctions. The chancellor should give the US a stiff middle finger.
dom free
dom free:
If Germany want to pay a price , why not. Move US manufacturing to China then risk disruption of supply chain.
Russia haven't left Crimea. It is still occupying Crimea it invaded. All Western countries have economic sanctions (=economic pressure) on Russia because of that and to make Russia leave Crimea. Nord Stream would clearly be fine if Russia left Crimea which belongs to Ukraine.
andrew Davis
andrew Davis:
After America builds those 3000 LNG ships needed to replace the pipeline gas . They will just buy Yalta gas and sell it as freedom gas .
Objective Argument
Objective Argument:
Why does US citizen elected government have a say about how German citizen keep themselves warm in winter ?? Democracy at its finest?
Can't Ukraine buy its energy elsewhere?
Why does Germany allow the US to have any say in German - Russian economic cooperation?
Nina Williams
Nina Williams:
People complaing about germany asking US on this even tho they are not involved, have no idea about geopolitics.
🗽Del See Oh
🗽Del See Oh:
Could you imagine the US giving a single solitary care about Germany's opinion on an infrastructure project? Lol
Be x dko Limited
Be x dko Limited:
Sanctions has failed 😂😂
How ironic that a pipeline project between Russia and Germany need to be approved by US, and Germany needs to reach a deal with US on this. Where is Germany's sovergenity
Fajar Liong
Fajar Liong:
Basically 🇺🇸 told 🇩🇪 and 🇷🇺 not to do business is what we call "rule based".

This is grandfather rule, or maybe godfather rule, most powerful unwritten law than can be imposed at anytime.
UN law, move aside.
Marno Junta
Marno Junta:
DW is a German channel...right? How come your not asking the more important question. As to why Germany even needs US approval for its own economic decisions.
Włodzimierz Knapik
Włodzimierz Knapik:
Just like in Yalta 1945 - nothing changed.
We don't have any permanent friend & enemy in Gio-politics .First come own national interest .
Best Videos
Best Videos:
so now germany cant do anything without get approved by their master US
Dan Master
Dan Master:
Dependance on russia perfect
Lizzy Marquez
Lizzy Marquez:
I knew there was no way biden won Arizona 😭 🤗 😊 |
IB info-tube
IB info-tube:
Which pipeline or other resource is not a political and strategical Weapon now 🤔
c wasan
c wasan:
This case USA humuliated by Germany and Russia.