Get Ready for The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Cast Recap | Netflix

Joey King and Joel Courtney from The Kissing Booth movies give a recap of everything that happened in the first Kissing Booth movie so you can be ready to watch The Kissing Booth sequel! The Kissing Booth 2 premieres on July 24.

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Get Ready for The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Cast Recap | Netflix

As Elle makes post-high school plans, she juggles a long-distance romance with Noah, a changing friendship with Lee and an attraction to a new classmate.

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Anda Paulinic
Anda Paulinic:
I just love how they always say “only on Netflix” and then there’s me with like 7 different sites where I can find it for free lmao
Adrian :D
Adrian :D:
“The Kissing Booth is a movie about a girl who falls in love with her BFF’s older brother”

Joel: *THE END*
Desi Gamer
Desi Gamer:
*i am actually seeing Netflix more than my friends in these days*
Princess Stabbity
Princess Stabbity:
The breakup must have been rough if they can't even do promo together.
Gizzele Ramos
Gizzele Ramos:
Does anyone ever wonder why Noah didn’t just put Elle in the guest room?
Aileen M
Aileen M:
Why would I need a recap when I've watched this movie more than 7 times
shawana shahrin rahman
shawana shahrin rahman:
This movie got so common storyline like every Highschool story and we would still watch it on repeat.
"He is impressed by Elle's bravery to wear a skirt" what the heck? So, you're gonna go out with a guy who sexually assaulted you for wearing a short skirt? Are you kidding me?
Khalida Jee Ebrahim
Khalida Jee Ebrahim:
I Can't Wait For This But At The Same Time Im Scared To Watch
i love how they are lowkey roasting the movie but so netflix doesn't notice
Zena almeida-warwin
Zena almeida-warwin:
Who else just came from the trailer?
Cait Hurlee
Cait Hurlee:
Everybody knows these movies are all kinds of toxic, but am I the only one that is ridiculously entertained by them? Low key can’t wait to sit in bed alone a crack up a storm to this all this bs lmaoo
Sky Ramirez
Sky Ramirez:
the way jacob elordi admitted he hated making this movie ...
Emily French
Emily French:
Her back up pants were actually at the dry cleaners not school...
julekha akthar
julekha akthar:
Damn it must’ve been awkward for both Joey and Jacob.
So, a movie that romanticizes sexual assault, possessive friendships and obsessive relationships gets a sequel but Anne with an e which talks about feminism, racism, adoption, foster care, friendships, sexuality and so much more doesn't get a 4th season? Well done Netflix!
Hannah Obeng-Mireku
Hannah Obeng-Mireku:
Who's here like an hour after they uploaded the trailer🙋
Lauren Apostolakis
Lauren Apostolakis:
It makes me uncomfortable that their hair is the same length and idk why
Evelyne Amador
Evelyne Amador:
Why does it sound like they are making fun of the movie
Erin Prendergast
Erin Prendergast:
Hopefully her running improves
Lol 😂 this is why u don’t date costars lol they aren’t even promoting together !!!
Elle: let's do kissing booth again
Corona: I'm gonna teach this teenagers a valuable lesson.
BGM: 🕺🕺⚰️🕺🕺
Thalia Govotsis
Thalia Govotsis:
No one:

Not even jealous Zendaya:

Random girl: ArE yOu fOR seRiOUs
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones:
The fact that noah and elle dated in real life nd had to create a 2nd version of ths movie after they broke up must’ve been weird to film .
Soo Joey and Jacob aren’t gonna promote together? My messy ass was looking forward to this shit 😂
The Relevancy
The Relevancy:
Serious question: People actually watched this and took this seriously enough to which “The Kissing Booth” gets a sequel?
Jaslene Lorenzo
Jaslene Lorenzo:
I don’t understand why she would go out with a guy that legit sexually assaulted her and no one has a problem with it 🤦🏽‍♀️
Mr MakeShft
Mr MakeShft:
So The Kissing both seems like the most PG version of 50 shades
Charlotte F.
Charlotte F.:
Joel looks like he regrets doing this movie, the pain in his eyes lmao
I just wanna know how awkward it was for Jacob and Joey lmao
Ray-Anna Rodney
Ray-Anna Rodney:
Have I watched this movie a million times? Yes didn't stop me from watching the recap tho😂😂😂🥴
Edit: Thanks for the likes😂😂❤
Taetae K
Taetae K:
I’ve seen this movie so many times, i didn’t really need a recap😭
Elly Poem
Elly Poem:
It really speaks volumes that Jacob is never in these promos :(
“How can you say no to those legs?” *well.... yk he did SEXUALLY ASSAULT YOU FOR WEARING A SKIRT!!!* but yeah sure irresistible....
Leslie Zea
Leslie Zea:
⚠️ATTENTION ⚠️at the end of 2020 we are going to yell “JUMANJI” to get out of this year
Shasha Vengesayi
Shasha Vengesayi:
Go to Berkeley sis, Noah ain’t even worth your time
This movie is so bad but you bet I'm going to watch the second one
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"lee lays down the law and that was that"
"just kidding that would be a boring movie"
Misha Patel
Misha Patel:
No I thought that rule was for lee not to date Elle’s little brother.
Morgan's Videos
Morgan's Videos:
First Movie: high budget
Second movie: we wasted all the money on Jacob
Benzene Carson
Benzene Carson:
In another world, Elle falls in love with Lee
Cansın Mete
Cansın Mete:
I don't know why but Lee and Elle match well. Maybe love or friend but they have good chemistry
imyerdad x
imyerdad x:
“a less than desired subject” WOFHAOHRHD IM USING THIS
Carla Vendrell Aguilera
Carla Vendrell Aguilera:
I'm the only one who watches Netflix films while shaving her legs? I just want to know if i'm normal LoL
Geetanshi Goyal
Geetanshi Goyal:
I have literally seen this movie a million times so I don’t think I am gonna need a recap. All set for part 2!!!
Gayzer Beam
Gayzer Beam:
Just put the umbrella academy season 2 trailer already
shut up cause Its hazelnut
shut up cause Its hazelnut:
This Recap had literally all the scenes 😂
Shxty vibes
Shxty vibes:
I’m 100% watching this as soon as it comes out
Carli Ceretti
Carli Ceretti:
I saw that a lot of people get a crap ton of likes for saying random things so

Turtle Thighs
Victoria Milloc
Victoria Milloc:
Is noone gonna talk about the fact that they have literally the same haircut?
Leen Charkie
Leen Charkie:
Anyone watching This after watching kissing booth 2 🤭
Merlin Aguilar
Merlin Aguilar:
Dam that sounds like a Wattpad story
No wait it is 🤦‍♀️ 😂
Reatile Mohoanyane
Reatile Mohoanyane:
The way Joel is low key throwing shade about Noah's impeccable timing 6:02😂😂😂dead
Joe:explains plot
Joel: Noah doing what Noah does best, tackles guys that are weird. 6:21
Someone pls get me Joel😍😂😂😂I love this guy😍😂😂
Joey and Joel just make this film sound so much funnier than you'd think 😂 Also, they're just getting me hype for the sequel ✨😜😂
Angeleena Merrill
Angeleena Merrill:
So when’s three coming out
I can’t wait for July 24 and the trailer drops today ❤️😭🎉 ps.who else wants part 3
Carla Mchx
Carla Mchx:
Do you have questions ? No you don’t.
Mady Valzer
Mady Valzer:
Is no-one gonna talk about how awful this movie was?
Rihanna Doysabas
Rihanna Doysabas:
I just want to see JACOB ELORDIII😭
Plam Zara
Plam Zara:
ngl I don’t know why I pressed on this bec I’m watching the kissing booth as we speak, don’t really need a recap since I’m rewatching it everyday till the second one comes out🙂
Food on My mind
Food on My mind:
Am laughing so hard when Joey said this isn’t game of throne 😂😂😂
Awesome World of Music
Awesome World of Music:
Doesn't the sequel come in 2 weeks? Like, this recap is too early, I'm gonna forget everything by the time the movie comes out
Timyah Whiskey-Pierre
Timyah Whiskey-Pierre:
“Lay hands on Elle” I started to laugh so hard and idk why 😭😂

Edit: “This isn’t Game of Thrones”
I’m laughing even harder 😂
Golden Logic
Golden Logic:
6:26 *"This isn't Game of Thrones!!"* 😂😂😂
April Dameron
April Dameron:
"But gender is a social construct so who cares" =)))
I just KNOW she’s not gonna end up with noah...after I watched the trailer, it’s just how these movies go :(
Sheera Brunson
Sheera Brunson:
Ok but this movie literally lives out Victoria Justice's song "My best friend brother is the one for me"!
Elena Bala
Elena Bala:
I know this movie shows toxic behavior and is so basic but I’m still gonna watch it as soon as it comes out🥴
Faith Maria
Faith Maria:
I really neede this because i literally forgot everything in this movie
Super Lady
Super Lady:
Damn, so Elle gonna finally drop Noah who has anger issues and possessive and Lee who was displeased with their relationship for the wrong reasons and also possessive. Like-
Girl Early
Girl Early:
Who else is excited to see how awkward part 2 will be bc Elle and Noah broke up in real life
Ruby Evans
Ruby Evans:
I honestly thought when she talked about her and Jacob kissing it would bring back memories when her and him dated and would think about getting back together..
Georgina Aras
Georgina Aras:
I rlly wanna know all the rules hahaha
zoe l
zoe l:
genders are social constructs! YES JOEL
Daniel Goleš
Daniel Goleš:
I love how Netflix charges me same price as dude in US but I have fraction of content compared to US dude...
Dimand Queen xoxo
Dimand Queen xoxo:
Me: waiting to get spoilers on The kissing booth 2 and see's this title
💿👄💿 *opens video*
Them: *Talking about the fist kissing booth*

Me: mhh...go on....number 2 please

Them: *end of video* Stay tuned for the sequal

Me:😭😭😭and you do this why
"The Kissing Booth is about a girl who falls in love with her BFF's brother." It also teaches that it's okay for a dude to be violent during fights during a relationship, that giving up your best friend is worth it if you get a hot guy who then moves away, and so many other pretty harmful messages. I'm not saying every aspect of this movie is evil, just wishing that the beautiful messages promoted in other Netflix movies (To All the Boys, where having a fight in a healthy way and figuring out a way through with only words and no ultimatums or throwing things is demonstrated on screen, for example, or The Half of It where we saw a non-sexual male/female friendship based on strong "i feel" type conversations) might have been prioritized here too. Moments where we acknowledge that one person you're dating can't be your everything-only-one, that it's allowed or even encouraged that young women demand no violence in their relationships - these would be really important things to include in this kind of movie, which unintentionally teaches people what to expect (and accept!) in relationships.
Can You Believe It?
Can You Believe It?:
Hi I'm learning English and trying to do contents in English. It's hard but I'm trying :)
Zamariyah Nyshai
Zamariyah Nyshai:
I have watched this movie so many times so I don’t need a recap I can tell u what the movie is about
Dani Vukojevic
Dani Vukojevic:
I love how this movie dismisses the fact the Tupperware( tuppen) sexually assaulted Elle and then noah blames Elle( rape culture). They also make the reason why Lee doesn't want Elle to be with noah because he's insecure rather than being worried about noahs toxic traits. It's a shame that Jacob and Joey are in this cringy movie because they're both talented. And that scene where noah slames on the car and demands Elle gets in the car. And also how did noah fit in less costume, he is like 6 inches taller than him. And as someone who loves painting it pains my heart to see them pouring it on each other, also why is there security at a random green house and not at a national monument, aka Hollywood sign.
Lena Buena
Lena Buena:
‘Are you for serious?’ 🤔🤔😂😂
Jiya Solanki
Jiya Solanki:
Awww I miss Joey and Jacob together,they were literally so cute
Noah’s little smile when he said we will see about that
Cindy Sobtafo
Cindy Sobtafo:
Noah's so toxic, possessive, and dominant like it's crazy
Cari i
Cari i:
Omg I can’t wait to see Elordi again! He’s literally the most handsome man in the world.😍🤤
At least they’re aware that this movie is a remake of every high school movie
So are we finally going to talk about Noah seeing a good therapist for anger therapy? Since his anger is so bad that Lee thinks Noah caused Elle’s face injury? Because love doesn’t heal all trauma like a magic wand. Plus I think Lee made up that siblings rule because he knew Noah needed long term therapy. Thank you for listening to my inquiries, I’ll get off my soap box now.
Gracy M
Gracy M:
I was just hoping that she realizes she belongs with Lee and that's that
Anjanette DG
Anjanette DG:
Oh. I totally forgot that their birthday is the same as mine lol
I love APPPA
I love APPPA:
A moment of silence to anyone who hasn't watched the movie yet
Top Data
Top Data:
i am seeing Netflix more than my friends in these days
I’m so ready. I don’t even care if it’s cheesy, I’m so ready for it.
HelenaAnora Kramath
HelenaAnora Kramath:
6:00 "are you lost babygorl?"
Brenda Haydeé Granados
Brenda Haydeé Granados:
2:04 The two brothers control her life, especially Lee. Even in the trailer for the second film you can see how Lee does it. When will she realize it?
Lati Hearts
Lati Hearts:
If you literally just opened this video and went straight to the comments drop a like😭😭
I’m just hella pissed with the trailer I want to cry 😭
Breanna Bowers
Breanna Bowers:
I would like to point out she didn’t have back up back up pants like Joey said. The “back up back up pants” was actually her skirt
Makenzie Lewis
Makenzie Lewis:
I can’t be the only one that thought the movie wasn’t that bad😂. I mean yea the high school storyline is starting to get repetitive but not every movie is meant to be watched like the writers were trying to create a masterpiece. Sometimes you just gotta watch some movies lightheartedly yk🤷🏾‍♀️😂.
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
"while almost getting caught every five minutes" LMAOOOOOOOOOO AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Puja Goswami
Puja Goswami:
Was waiting fr Noah so I can dump him n find my perfect match 😹🤣😂